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  1. Castle Code: 15324-73041-59180-17107 Castle Name: Kogarasumaru Birthright Path Materials: Pearl and Rice Current Team and Skills: Corrin: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Swordfaire Azura: Aptitude, Replicate, Movement+1, Renewal, Lancefaire Felicia: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Live to Serve, Shurikenfaire Orochi: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Tomefaire Hana: Aptitude, Replicate, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Swordfaire Subaki: Aptitude, Replicate, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Lancefaire Hinoka: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Renewal, Lancefaire Rinkah: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Renewal, Axefaire Oboro: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Lancefaire Azama: Aptitude, Replicate, Live to Serve, Renewal
  2. I was just watching some jdorama before getting some sleep—any recommendations are welcome.
  3. My bad, I was under the impression you got it already but loading it again is no trouble at all. Doing it right away; please check again in some minutes~ Update: Left both, Renewal and Lifetaker equipped on Subaki, and updated again.
  4. I switched team members and added some skills you listed there. Basically, Lifetaker, Renewal, Live to Serve and Sol on some specific characters. PS: this time I made sure to update data properly :3
  5. Everybody's getting it! Weee~~ x3
  6. @Phazon Archon I managed to pick the skill up from your Court >,< Many thanks, good sir! I've been looking for it for a few days now. And sorry about my mistake earlier today; I hope you end up getting it later from either my castle (I'm leaving the roster as is) or the one listed under the name Replicate—at the bottom of the available options.
  7. That's odd. I'm back home now and checking my team as I type here. Will update shortly. Update: Silly me. I think it's because I had to select "Update" on the first menu and didn't do so. And I had checked your castle before posting so I'll have to check it again tomorrow for her Replicate; but I'm so excited already~~ xD Update 2: If you search castles by the name "Replicate" (without quote marks) the option at the bottom includes Subaki with Replicate.
  8. Hi! Does anyone happen to have Hana with replicate? I don't mind if it's an easy win or not, so if you guys know of any such sample would you please point me in the right direction. FWIW my castle address is 15324-73041-59180-17107 and the team is on hold. Corrin: Aptitude, Nobility, Swordfaire, Lifetaker, Deathblow. Azura: Aptitude, Inspiring Song, Movement+1, Renewal, Replicate. Felicia: Aptitude, Live to Serve, Shurikenfaire, Deathblow, Replicate. Orochi: Aptitude, Tomefaire, Magic+2, Lifetaker, Replicate. Hana: Aptitude, Duelist Blow, Rend Heaven, Swordfaire, Lifetaker. Subaki: Aptitude, Lancefaire, Rend Heaven, Renewal, Replicate. Hinoka: Aptitude, Lancefaire, Renewal, Death Blow, Replicate. Rinkah: Aptitude, Axefaire, Renewal, Death Blow, Replicate. Oboro: Aptitude, Lancefaire, Lifetaker, Death Blow, Replicate. Mozu: Aptitude, Armored Blow, Certain Blow, Death Blow, Replicate.