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  1. Oh darn that was simple. Thanks for solving my greatest mystery. In this case, my Reinhardt is purely average.
  2. Hello all, Maybe I'm unclear here but everytime I look at a guide to see if the stats are above average, the attack number is usually a lot lower than what it is in the game. IS there a conversion table or am I look at it wrong? Ex. My 4 star Reinhardt is HP:15 ATK:17 SPD:5 DEF 4: RES:8 vs. https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/hero/reinhardt which shows him as average for all skills but the attack doesn't match.
  3. Just pulled this Nowi. Any good? And any builds?
  4. Quoting to bring to next page for some help on who to focus
  5. Thanks for your help. Still trying to grasp the game's units. Recently I pulled some other stuff. Any thoughts on who to focus?
  6. Just pulled a Tiki. Is she a better option than the above?
  7. So of all the range I have for fire, I have Lilina, Sophia, Henry, and Tharja. For Water, I have Mae, and Robin. Green is Soren. Any one i should focus? or what order?
  8. Thanks! Yea I have a few more characters to level i think but I just wanted to get some feedback because I want to replace Lyn. That way, I can run Olivia, Ninian, Hector, BH!Lyn?
  9. Is Olivia or Eirika worth levelling? Or even Lilina? I'm still not sure what to be levelling on my team :D
  10. No favourites so that means I can just pull whoever :) I guess I'll keep running BH Lyn, Hector, and Ninian until I find anything under your range nuke list =)
  11. Thanks for your help here. I understand that I need to eventually go range and work on that and I guess Hector will do for now :) Based on your list, BH!Lyn and Ninian can stay. Need to round out the rest with ideally the ranged on your list but for now I can use Luke or Mae for Lyn. Any tips on summoning and where to/should i hoard orbs for specific events and stuff? Ex. Takumi I heard is really good but hard to get.
  12. Hello all, I'm new to the game and to the series and thought I'd try it out. I've been reading some guides online and some tierlists but hoping that you guys can make sense of what I have here. I am currently running a team with Hector, Lyn (Brave Heroes), Lyn, and Ninian. I am using Ninian to push Hector around. Below are the characters I currently have. Tips and thoughts are recommended! :)