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  1. Quoting to bring to next page for some help on who to focus
  2. Thanks for your help. Still trying to grasp the game's units. Recently I pulled some other stuff. Any thoughts on who to focus?
  3. Just pulled a Tiki. Is she a better option than the above?
  4. So of all the range I have for fire, I have Lilina, Sophia, Henry, and Tharja. For Water, I have Mae, and Robin. Green is Soren. Any one i should focus? or what order?
  5. Thanks! Yea I have a few more characters to level i think but I just wanted to get some feedback because I want to replace Lyn. That way, I can run Olivia, Ninian, Hector, BH!Lyn?
  6. Is Olivia or Eirika worth levelling? Or even Lilina? I'm still not sure what to be levelling on my team :D
  7. No favourites so that means I can just pull whoever :) I guess I'll keep running BH Lyn, Hector, and Ninian until I find anything under your range nuke list =)
  8. Thanks for your help here. I understand that I need to eventually go range and work on that and I guess Hector will do for now :) Based on your list, BH!Lyn and Ninian can stay. Need to round out the rest with ideally the ranged on your list but for now I can use Luke or Mae for Lyn. Any tips on summoning and where to/should i hoard orbs for specific events and stuff? Ex. Takumi I heard is really good but hard to get.
  9. New to this game and thought i'd try it out. My 5* are: Hector Lyn (Brave Heroes) Ninian Lyn x2 Luke Hinoka Klein Genny Currently using Hector, Lyn x2 and Ninian. Should I be focusing on anything else?
  10. My ID is 0015708271 and I'm new to the series :O