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  1. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Don't worry, there's no problem at all in switching devices/platform. Just, you won't be able to use the orbs you acquired on a platform on another. MEMU has a feature to record input, so no third party app needed
  2. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    No I started right after it I already had some units at 4.000 HM before that. I did used Chain Challenge 1&2 when there was nothing to do with stamina. But it was nowhere as efficient as now with the GHB/BHB.
  3. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    It's working with my Nowi+7 (+Res -Hp) with the classic build: Lightning+ (Def refine)/Steady Breath/QR3/Aether/Close Def Seal. Exactly as described ! Just had to give Slot1 or Slot3 Def Tactic Seal. Thanks for the strategy ! Unfortunately my other account's Nowi+3 with Warding breath couldn't do it . So I think Steady breath is mandatory here. I have 110+ maxed HM units now
  4. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    I used Nowi and it worked perfectly after some tweaking ! I needed on her: 34 RES or you will get Speed/Attack/Res Ployed by Saias. 32 SPD to double the red swords. An Hone Attack buff to secure ORKO So my formation: Slot1: Random Slot2: Random + Fortify RES/Drive RES/Tactic RES skill + Hone Attack Seal Slot3: Nowi + Panic Ploy seal Slot4: Random + Hone SPD Seal My Nowi is only +3 so you might not need all these buff if yours is higher Thanks Ninferno for the awesome strategy !
  5. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Thanks for trying. I guess it just doesn't work. For those who got stuck like me and don't want to reinstall the ova, here's how to reset back to OpenGL: In Windows Explorer go to your VMs folder (mine is "D:\MEmu\MemuHyperv VMs\MEmu_1". Careful if you have multiple VMs). Open the .memu file (mine is "MEmu_1.memu") as administrator. Delete this line that was added when you switched to DirectX: <GuestProperty name="graphics_render_mode" value="1" ... If it doesn't work, open a command line as administrator in the MEmuHyperv folder (mine is "D:\Memu\MEmuHyperv"). Use this command: MEmuManage guestproperty delete <yourVMname> graphics_render_mode It should launch again in compatible OpenGL mode.
  6. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Is it possible to run MEmu in performance mode (directx) ? Whenever I try, it will restart and load indefinitely. Compatible mode (OpenGL) is working flawlessly. The reason is I want to run two instances at the same time and it gets a bit slow. Thanks everyone for all the hard work !
  7. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!
  8. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    Thanks a lot NInferno for the Bluestacks method. It works like a charm ! Playing with japanese voices and english text Btw is there someone using Autohotkey with this CN version of Bluestacks ? I couldn't make my script work (when it worked flawlessly in the normal version). EDIT: Found reason: just need to run script as Administrator.