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  1. Personally, if Shadow Dragon had New Mystery's additional preparations features (convos, training, item rewards) then it'd easily be my preferred of the two.
  2. also his res is lower than his defence so try attacking with a mage if you have one
  3. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    everything about this is terrible and i love it
  4. General US Politics

    i feel like im watching alternate reality game of thrones
  5. The OP says to patch on top of the 3.01 of the Heroes of Light and Shadow translation.
  6. Don't Count the Mods Out

    16 nintendo is what genesisnt
  7. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    fire emblem 12 soundtrack, i think that speaks for itself
  8. Count to 802,701!

    28924 why does this exist
  9. Don't Count the Mods Out

  10. Don't Count the Mods Out

    90 day free trial! Get yours here today!
  11. Comment the opposite of your username!

    how do you invert a three letter username
  12. Topic of Marriage, Supports, and Children.

    Call me old-fashioned but the concept of the Avatar potentially marrying their adoptive siblings or their cousin... that kinda grosses me out.
  13. The Last To Post Wins!

    lyndis confirmed