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  1. Sacred Stones Redraws

    Here is my final sketch for Eirika, I tried to follow Jules' advice as much as I could and added some details. Damn I'm so slow on digital... I really need to sketch faster omg, but I don't see anything if I don't clean it up . Also I gotta learn about how to do the wrinkles on fabric and work on my spatial vision.
  2. Sacred Stones Revamp

    Already did haha, couldn't wait for someone to critique my first sketch so I put it up last night before going to sleep.
  3. Sacred Stones Redraws

    Wow thank you so much, I don't mind you going over it. In fact I prefer it, that way I know how to fix things. I do see that she seems like she is about to squat in mine and I like how your fix looks. For the spine I think I understand what you are saying, but It kinda looks weird to me. Maybe it's just me though. Thank you again for you help! (Crap I just noticed that I forgot the cape plus I really need to do something with those gloves, they look like those to do the dishes lol)
  4. Sacred Stones Redraws

    Hello everyone! So I started a project to revamp Sacred Stones as an android game redoing the graphics and other stuff (you can read more about it here). It is in very early stages and the main goal is to improve my skills on drawing digitally and coding. I did traditional art two hours a week as an extracurricular from age 8 to age 14 but it wasn't anything technical, we would pick a drawing and the teacher would help us if we got stuck. Then I stopped completely until this year (age 19-20), so I'm pretty rusty (not that I was good or anything haha). Anyway, I will post here my redraws for this project. First, I sketched my first redraw of the first frame of Eirika's battle animation and I wanted get some critiques before I start with the lineart. It is my second piece of digital art, the first being my profile pic. I did kid Izuku with Clip Studio and for Eirika. I'm using PS because I found out that Clip Studio doesn't make use of the inclination sensibility of the wacom intuos pro (which I got for my birthday). Izuku was made copying entirely from one reference, not tracing though (but I did use the colorpicker because I am helpless picking colors). Eirika is made up using multiple references so it will probably have a lot of mistakes. I plan to add some more detail, but I hope you guys can help me to check the anatomy and perspective. Hope you like it! From from left to right the original, a scaled one I did to match anatomy and mi redraw (the straight line coming from her hand is to see where the sword would go since I want to change it at least when she uses Sieglinde).
  5. Sacred Stones Revamp

    Well the main goal of this project is to hone my skills, so even if I don't get to publish it, it won't be a waste of time. Also even if I can't get it to play store (which I should be able to as long as I don't get money from it) I can just upload it anywhere as an apk file. I understand that it is not the same releasing a hack since they are not realeased through official channels but aside from that (again I could do it the same by uploading the apk anywhere), what makes my project so different from those? Ok, I want to use the same story as the one nintendo used. Does that alone make it a completely different situation? With a hack you are still using a part or most of their base animations, coding, gameplay, concept, items, classes, music and their name. Anyway, I am counting the eggs before they hatch, it will be long until I have something worth suing. One last thing, should I upload the artwork I do for this here or can I make a new thread in the creative work for it? Since I want to improve it would be nice to get criticisms and maybe some help from artists there (as I guess few artists visit this thread haha)
  6. Sacred Stones Revamp

    I wouldn't make the character quintessential to the story, I would just change it enough so that their presence doesn't feel awkward. Also this is highly hypothetical, I'm just brainstorming here, my goal now is to get something playable. As I said making a whole new story is ruled out for now, since my storytelling skills are quite subpar. I'm sure you didn't mean it to be like that, but I find that last sentence to be quite discouraging. Of course it's the truth, but you don't need to say it like we are boring, meaningless people. I for one feel offended. Anyway, I don't want to start an argument off of this so I am gonna stop right there.
  7. Sacred Stones Revamp

    I think I'm gonna go awakening style since I prefer them to be a playable character, and since I want to build the code from scratch it may be not so terrible to code. I guess it would disturb the balance of the game, so I would need to give the enemies an edge to rebalance. Please elaborate
  8. Sacred Stones Revamp

    I think I will start doing the revamp for now, then when I get more confident I will decide wheter I continue and finish it or start a new original project. Besides, the gameplay coding would probably be useful either way. As for the copyright issue I guess even if I do the revamp, it will be ok as long as I don't get money form it or I just release it as an apk and don't submit it to Google Play. You just gave me a great idea: what about introducing My Unit like the modern FE and changing the story a bit to introduce him/her?
  9. Sacred Stones Revamp

    I did think about doing something original, but being creative is not my forte and I am specially bad at storytelling. That added to the fact that English is not my first language kinda pushed the revamp idea. I will reconsider doing it tho, at least I hope that there is no problem in copying the concept only (just as there are endless pokemon "like " games) I used to think I was a genius (I was quite arrogant, probably still am haha) but when I got to college it hit me that actually high school in my country is too easy. It's my third year in college, so I am aware that I will have almost no time.
  10. Sacred Stones Revamp

    Is it thaaaat bad?
  11. Sacred Stones Revamp

    Hi all, I have been thinking of doing a revamp of the FE8, mainly redo the graphics and audio. I know its not the most popular FE but it was the first one I played and probably the only one (of the ones I played) that would benefit greatly from a remake. First of all, I want to clarify that this is on very early stages and will probably take years to complete. That being said, the plan is to code it from scratch. Why? Because I have been learning code for a while know but I have never used it on an actual big project, so to practice and maybe even learn more code in the way I came up with this. Also I always wanted to make an app so I plan to make it for Android. On the artsy side, I also want to practice my art skills with this, I am no artist but I can defend myself with a reference, so I thought that maybe taking the pixelated sprites and animations as references, redoing them in high res and adding elements to them would be a nice way to build towards being less reference reliant. So this project pretty much is aimed to hone my skills on art and coding, that is why for now I plan to do it by myself. Yeah I know it will take forever if I do it alone, but is only temporary, until I find my skills honed enough to be working with people without asking about everything I don't know. Except audio remakers, any remakes of FE8 audio tracks will be appreciated. Anyway, most certainly, no one will commit to this project until I show some progress, but one can hope right? Anyhow plans for the future might be revamping other fire emblems and making a fire emblem editor but more user friendly (like no coding needed friendly). But those are only pie in the sky. I might do some progress this week since I have not started college yet, but once I start college on 25 this month this will probably slow down or halt completely, since I am double majoring on Math and Physics and its pretty exhausting for me. (Personal problems time!) That is why I am learning to code more and also honing my art skills, because even thought I don't dislike my majors I don't find excitement in them anymore, so I am trying new things to see whether I like them or not. I will probably finish my majors, mainly because for now I don't have any other options in mind and well, I keep telling myself that whatever I do math and physics will be useful. Back to the topic, I said that I maight do some progress this weeek but probably won't since I am familiarising myself with Java syntax, android developing as well as human anatomy for the artsy side. Well that was a long and messy post and extremely one sided (sorry about that!), anyway I hope I can get something done and, if things go well, get your help in this in the future. Almost forgot, does anyone know whether I will get sued if I put this (once its done) on Google Play?. I looked up that nintendo does not grant copyright permissions, but I dont know if intelligent systems is the same or what. This is highly hypothetical, but if I got sued (probably would) would it be serious or just a little fine?. Even though we are really far from that, I may not do it on android if I cant put it on Google Play so I wanted to know as soon as possible. Perhaps we have some fellow Forest inhabitant lawyers that can shed some light on this? Priwinn Artwork thread for this project
  12. Hello there!

    Thank you!
  13. Hello there!

    Hi all, I have been playing Fire Emblem since I was 8(ish?), but it was Sacred Stones, which everyone seems to put at the bottom of difficulty lists, so I guess I was lucky that I got the easy one haha. Then I went on to Radiant Dawn which I absolutely LOVED and probably completed a few times on easy maybe once or twice on normal and finally on hard mode (yay!), over the span of a few years. During those years I also played the translated version of shadow dragon but didnt really like it. But then I just stopped, high school got in the way, League of Legends got in the way (and still is in the way) and also I didn't get the 3DS. (Timeskip of 5 years to present day) Fire Emblem Heroes appeared in my suggested downloads while I was fed up of sticking my nose into my notes of college for finals (bad time, right?). And so it reminded me of the great time I spent playing this awesome franchise and I revisited my Fire Emblem Sacred Stones and got a friend to lend me his 3DS and Awakening. (Whew, that was a long story, hehe) So I have a project in mind which mainly includes revamping FE8 (and in the future maybe other fire emblems, map editor, etc) into an android game (not with an emulator), actually coding from scratch and redoing the graphics. I will write more about it someday in the fan projects section (hope its the right forum). I know its an ambitious plan but I am willing to take on the challenge. All in all I've actually been taking information from Serenes since my first years into FE, but never actually signed up. So here I am, glad to meet you all. PD: Please excuse my poor English and/or writing. Priwinn