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  1. Legendary Hero Speculation

    I’d like to see Legendary Alm. Although his Royal Blade (is this its English name? Since it sounds like the Lloyd’s one) would be cool, he would be a red sword again, and now that they have added Double Lion to the Falchion refine, I don’t think this rigelian sword would have any distinctive skill. So, instead of that, Bow Alm would be pretty cool. Maybe give him Blessed Bow (although I don’t know what effect could they give to it, since there’s no monsters in this game), it glows!
  2. I'm taking my time to clear the GHB elite quests. Being there for a year means that I don't need to waste some stamina potions or resources in completing them. Just 2-3 for a day if there's nothing else to do (like TT for example now). If I need orbs or want to give another +1 to my Michalis, then I'll start to take them seriously, but now it's just something for those no-events day
  3. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    At least Zelgius in Lunatic 7 has an assist. In lunatic 5 he doesn't have any weapon or assist (although he's always using panic ploy on my blade horses -.-)
  4. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I haven’t but because I think there are other important things imo to say in a feedback (and I’ve done), and sending many feedbacks in a short period of time could be seen less serious. Also, that wouldn’t help for this year.
  5. Thanks @XRay, I'll take a look now to make the calcs! Edit: both Fury and TA let Tiki hard counter Gronnblade users with full buffs and +10. With TA she can run both G Tome Breaker or Quick Riposte; however, with Fury the only option is G Tome Breaker. I think I'll go this way until I get a Roy for TA fodder, but TA G Tome Breaker sounds really, really good, tbh.
  6. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Also, it may be people like me that don’t forget the event but just don’t care about it. I mean, if I’m not getting the character I really want, why would I bother on voting?
  7. I need some calcs, but I've heard that Kagerochart isn't working well, so I ask here. My Green/Red/Blue infantry core is working more or less properly. Everyone can deal with the things they are supposed to. The main problem comes from Celica. She has to deal with G Tome units and she covers that without any problem (since she has bad IV's, I went for double DD + G Tome Breaker). However, I don't really find comfortable using mages, as they can't hit enemies that are at 1 range or respond to their attacks and they also give me some issues about positioning when I want to attack/bait (my playstile involves a lot of baiting). So, I've thought 2 alternatives, but I need to now if they can survive Gronnblade users +10 with full buffs. This units would want to fulfill Celica's role in the party, but being able to counterattack at 1-2 range. First one would be Masked Marth 5*+4 (supposing that Hector is the free unit, this also would lead me to vote the 4 days for him). With Distant Counter and G Tome Breaker, and with the Awakening's Falchion upgrade, maybe with Distant Defense as her Sacred Seal. I need some advice too. I can't make her +5 since I couldn't get the first TT's 5*. The second one would be Adult Tiki. Here I don't even know what to put her, if TA or Fury (SB is not an option) and if G Tome Breaker would be useful or not. So, could you give me some advice?
  8. What's your preferred seasonal aesthetic?

    A few things I'd like to see in seasonals are: -A full banner of guys dressed one as a groom, other 2 propertly dressed as assistant to a weeding and a fourth one made completely a mess representing the after party situation (you know, the shirt half opened, the tie opened or put in the head...) to acompany the brides one. -A banner based on Oktoberfest. Just imagine those girls with the bavarian dress and the beer. Also, guys would like quite funny. Now that I think, I could try to paint those things when I have enough time...inspiration has finally come!
  9. What's your preferred seasonal aesthetic?

    Literal interpretation, fanservice and memes. I don’t care if its fanservice for guys or girls, I just find it funny to imagine them fighting like that xd Also memes, I’d love a banner with things like Seasonal Wrys or Seasonal Bartre :D ... or Chrom attacking enemies with a rope, cause you know, bonds give you strength
  10. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Nice, I managed to enter tier 20 with the 4900 points I told the other day. So that means that this week I only need to do 4000 points for the rewards, a relax week 😌
  11. Illusory Dungeon!

    So our reward is to watch our teams drown their ponies...that's nice :D Also, RIP Amelia, with her armor she probably drowned too xd
  12. Hey guys, since B!Lyn was in the first Legendary Hero Banner, B!Roy was in the second and B!Lucina has been in the third, I think B!Ike should appear in the next one. With Guntrha confirmed to be in it too, which are the chances of Summer Tiki being the third one there? As this is probably the last time in a while to see B!Ike as a focus unit (although not with the best of the rates, tbh) I feel almost forced to pull (although this time I'll have half of the orbs I'd during Hero Fest with less focus %, 2.67 instead of 5) to get one more copy and get him to +5 (since he's my highest 5* merged unit atm at +4). Also, knowing how LHB works, I wouldn't mind to get my pity broken by Guntrha, as I don't have her, but what worries me is the third spot: it could be Summer Tiki (which would be nice, as you never have enough axe users), Summer Elise (which I don't have, but I feel is just a different looking Nino, so I don't need her) or Performing Arts Inigo (which I have and while a merge wouldn't be bad, is not something that would make a difference anyway). So, what do you think? Is there any other option that I may have forgotten? Also, could be known what could be the possibility of a green orb being a 5*?
  13. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    Did the Armor Quest with BK/Hector/C!Robin/H!Jakob (this one did literally nothing) and the Infantry Quest with Celica (double DD, G Tome Breaker, Threaten Res), Mae (Darting Blow, Desperation, Threaten Res), Joshua (Def Ploy) and Wrys. I can't do the other too, I've no place to bait with horses (would need a red horse with very high res and HP/def to survive Xander and/or the Gronnwolf cavalier) or with fliers (same problem here) @Nanima, it's not gone for a year, it comes every week during a year! That's why they give you 365 days to complete the quests instead of 24 hours
  14. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Since many of you would remember, a few weeks ago the number of bonus units from Hero Battles was reduced from 2 to 1. Now that they’ve introduced daily GHB, do you think those units will take the spot from the former ones, so now the bonus would include 1 Hero Battle unit, 1 GHB unit and 1 of Askr trio + Fjorm?
  15. @Anacybele I know that Fjorm, Alfonse and Sharena aren’t bonus unit this week. But there’s a rotation between Anna-Sharena-Alfonse-Fjorm, so always one of them is a bonus hero. So, if you have the 4 leveled up to 5* level 40, and with a bit of SI, you can have a guaranteed bonus unit every week