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  1. So, looking for Xander/Micaiah, I’ve gotten Leif, Gray and Lute (full pull in the one with gray, 4% I think). I think my game doesn’t know what a focus unit is xD Well, I can consider the banner ended anyway
  2. Building low tier units

    @Garlyle, actually he’s +6! But yeah, 39 attack. For that time, my Arena team had some issues with green mages (B!Ike/Fjorm couldn’t do much to them and M!Marth didn’t had DC by that time), although now he’s there for general mage tanking/killing. B!Ike has Infantry Pulse, so Niles takes 0 damage and them procede to Iceberg into oblivion the enemy mage. He’s also great in PvE, f.e. Infernal Julius could only scratch him when activating his special. Now that Arena is about killing with bonus units, I’m considering to change the SS to either Def Ploy/Spd Ploy (only for Arena, not PvE) to make things easier. But since Fjorm is not anymore in my Arena core (now B!Ike +10/M!Marth +6/Niles +6) he still may want DD to let me deal with any red/blue mage (although there are not much of them in my ~720 scores)
  3. Building low tier units

    I made this thing a while ago (still stuck at +6 u.u ): Now he has 43 Res, to ploy thing even better! I’m considering to switch DD SS for another ploy 🤔 Also, I’ve built Palla, Subaki and I’m working with Donnel, but can’t upload new photos right now
  4. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    Well, Lachesis maxed in my last run yesterday, so I’ll replace her today with Lissa until Joshua maxes HM too. Then, I’ll change to armors (to get some SP on Arden)
  5. Wow, it seems that a lot lf people (like a 15%) is choosing the wrong answer today (the lime green stone, which is Tiki’s Breath of Fog, not Great Flame)
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I’ll consider it, although I’m happy with the Area covered with Growing since it makes easier to break QR range in the enemies that are not the attacked one
  7. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    So I’ve made a new run now that my Alfonse has double brazen. 3660, a new highscore, but not enough to keep T20 it seems (~6200). However, now I’m even happier to have given Alfonse his Def refine. With bonus stats, he has even survived 5*+10 Hardin (a sudden Galeforce ended with Hardin Bold Fighting my Alfonse, who survived). In some matches he even murdered all the enemy team (2/5 I think). Just, wow. Btw, I think I’ll be able to give Masked Marth another merge before this season ends, so who knows if I could improve that score. If only I had dual rally and swordbreaker fodder for Alfonse. Currently running this set: Fólkvangr/Pivot/Growing Wind Brazen Atk/Def - Axebreaker - Drive Res Heavy Blade Also, seeing how Alfonse can even survive Hardin, it seems that I’ll have to work a bit more on the counter defense team 🤔
  8. I got a 4* Lon’zu in his own banner, I know that feel :(
  9. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Well, it seems that my defense team of Sapphire Lance Swordbreaker 4* Clive, 5* Lancebreaker QP Moonbow Rein and 5*+1 Ninian, with Alfonse as the bonus unit is working better than my last Rein/B!Lyn/Axura/bonus, since I’ve got a def win! I think I’ll start to do this, 3 units to counter the bonus + the bonus unit
  10. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    Running a team of Sharena/Joshua/Inigo/Lachesis until Lachesis max HM (she is my 4* one from a long time ago, currently at 4800 and has capped several times before). Then, maybe I’ll switch to Arden + Armors (maybe that way I’ll finally build Arden).
  11. +Res/-Spe, is not good, but at least is not -Atk. Maybe with QR he can do something. I’ve got M!Grima and Ares, but from their respective banners with have been running during the daily banners period
  12. In other news, I got a free 5* Ares today, so that means that I have 20K feathers less to spend in my wishlist xD
  13. Congrats @mampfoid! It’s so beautiful to see the shining gold border, isn’t it! :D
  14. Echoes. There are still some characters I’d like to see in the game, such as Kliff (how could be left out when they added all the villagers?), Python, Deen, Sylque, Jesse...
  15. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Hey guys, having in mind that now Arena is going to be seen as “kill as many enemies as possible with your bonus unit”, do you think that building a team to counter the current Askr bonus unit would be useful for defense? For example, I’ve set up this for tomorrow: Reinhardt, Ninian, Clive (Sapphire Lance + Swordbreaker) and Alfonse as my bonus unit (which will be changed if I have any blue bonus unit)