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  1. Wow, IS really needs to do something about new ways to obtain skills. There is almost no interesting skills in the 3*-4* pool units, and many of them literally give nothing even slightly useful. I’ve just upgraded a Peri to 5* and given her Darting Blow and Escape Route because I literally had that or give Zephiel Aether or Niles the +8 merge with the feathers.
  2. Aether Raids General Thread

    Somehow I’m managing to stay in the line between drop and not drop (l’ve lost some matches today). If I stay, I need to run as much as possible to get T21 next week, because no light seasons are a pain to keep a tier
  3. Hey guys! So, since I’ve seen that this topic is starting to appear in the schedule thread, I think maybe we should move the discussion to somewhere else, like this thread. Before giving my and your opinion, please, take into consideration a few things: - Try to make it apport something, not just saying ‘I hate collabs and should be vanished’ or ‘I’d throw all my money to it’. - Give reasons why you want them or not. - Try to say a way to implement them or not, dependind on what did you decided previously. So, with that said, this is my opinion: Right now, I don’t want to see a collab with Smash or any other game in FEH. That comes from a few points: - There are still many important characters to be added to the game. - Those important characters are yet getting slowed by special heroes focii, which are increasing every year, or at least seem to be doing so. - Special Heroes focii don’t come with a story chapter (I think that we can assume that Collab heroes would be a Special Heroes focus that would not replace any of the yearly repeated focii), and story is still playing at a glacial path. - Maybe not the majority, but many players could see the inmersion sense broken while seeing things like Pikachu and Mario in this game (because let’s be honest, IS would do such a stupid thing instead of only adding TLoZ, Kid Icarius and Xenoblade characters). BUT, if a collab had to happen, I would prefer if: - Instead of adding the characters, FE characters dressed up like a cosplay of them. There are enough things in FE world to emulate what Pikachu/Mario/Samus can do without adding them to the game. - Bonus points if they are not Camilla/Chrom/Lyn/etc. - Cosplays would not break so much the inmersion, or at least not more than Santa Robin, Halloween Mía, Summer Cordelia, etc. So, what do you think guys?
  4. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    Well, if I exclude BIG bosses from the games that I’ve played (can’t say about Tellius/Jugdral) and legends (since I hope that characters like Athos, Gotoh... will be our Mythic heroes), some heroes I’d add would be: Mycen: he hidden Alm in a town in a way that no one even knew that he was Rudolf’s son. He has a lot of screen time too, in the village, in Zofia’s castle and in Rigel’s castle. Rudolf: since he’s not the final big bad guy, I’ll add him here. There’s an explaination for why he started the war, why he left his son and come on, he can use the falchion, that must mean something. Marcus: as others have said, it’s the paladin from both Eliwood and Roy. He should already be in the game. Bonus points if he’s Old Marcus with a sword to complete the old jagens weapon triangle. Coyote Hardin: I consider him a different character from Dark Emperor Hardin. Coyote has a lot of screen time and unlike Nyna, he’s a playable character. Although for those of you asking for her, Coyote could bring a banner with Coyote/Nyna/Wolf. Basilio/Flavia: they both have much screen time, they provide Chrom with as many resources as he needs, they join you and they play a major role while pretending that Basilio is dead like in the future. Iago/Hans: they could be added as GHB instead of in a banner. Unlike most sorcerer or their equivalent in other classes, Iago/Hans aren’t the second to last boss. Well, at least in conquest they aren’t even bosses. Also with so many screen time giving us the middle finger, who wouldn’t want to beat them over and over in Heroes?
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    Well, it seems that this will be a hard week, like two ago, to maintain this time T20. With today’s lose, I might end today in demotion, which means that I have to make even more points tomorrow to make up for this mess -.-
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yay, so I’m finally going up to T20. Even without the extra day I’d have reached it by 50 points (370 now, the fountain upgrade let me play 3 times today lol). Also, first week with 0 remaining aether after the last match. Now time to try not to drop until the next Light session.
  7. I just hope that FEH NEVER ads a character from a non-FE game. I would be okey (although I prefer it not to happen) if they added characters from TMS, but from Smash? If I wanted them I’d play Smash and not FEH xD Btw, this calendar feels a bit empty, but I think that can be because the last one was oversaturated. I think I’ll visit customer support once again to say my opinion...although I’m sure they won’t read complains from a F2P xD
  8. Aether Raids General Thread

    Wow, made today 2 161 points victories. Maybe I still can climb to T20, although I have to count for -80 every day
  9. Edit: strange retarded galeforce lol
  10. Does anyone knows what does tailtiu’s refine do? And which skill does Naesalan gives at 4*?
  11. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    Yay, I missed today's only multiplier and here I am waiting with 1800 flags, 300 more that I can get from Training Tower and only 4 and a half hours before I go to sleep. This looks great, yes...
  12. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    3702 with Sharena. I'm not sure if that will even serve to stay in T20 -.- Last week I stayed with 3718, but I was in promotion to T21 until the last day. Not sure if I want to re-do arena today or tomorrow, though
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yay, it seems that even with light blessings I won’t be able to reach T20 -.-
  14. Yes, I joined the Surtr master race with my saved orbs. Even my -Atk does great!