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  1. Nice new avatar @mampfoid, as usual 😁
  2. Thanks! And sure, he was great even at the end
  3. Sure, all you say is true, my question was more about if the stat spread of Seth in the SS was similar to what we can find in his Heroes self, or if at least there was an explication about him being so mediocre if both stat spreads are similar
  4. On the topic of stat spreads, is there anything that could explain (the same way that has been used before for Haar, Florina etc before) why Seth isn’t a god here or at least one of the best sword cavaliers? Maybe something related with his SS stats? Just for the sake of curiosity
  5. She’s +Res. I’ve given her both: Berkut’s Lance (Res)/Rally Def-Res/Aether/Distant Counter/Wary Figther/Panic Ploy Luncheon Lance+ (Atk)/Swap/Bonfire/Distant Counter/Vantage/Drive Speed She also has Ward/Hone/Fortify Armor and the non + versions of Brave Lance and Heavy Spear
  6. Congrats! I haven’t report updates, but I finished my +10 Effie! Next one in line is Aversa, currently +6
  7. Wow, I usually pass on seasonals, but this time, the theme, the characters, the clothes, not having a Mythic Hero Banner... I think I’m going to pull Red/Green/Blue
  8. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    While I don’t see as bad having Seasonals this year opposed to last year (we’re getting 5-6 new characters every month), not having demotes from them (which could have been made up by demoting some Book 1 5*) and not progressing the story are two big NO to the increase of their amount.
  9. I wonder why do they bother programming units to unlock skills at 4* if they’re not going to demote them anyway
  10. Wow, really nice, I wanted that skill and now I’ve 2 sources for it available
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    So far I’ve got a -40 def, a full def which counted as 0 and 2 defense wins with my new team (although I’m not sure if the last one is for today or yesterday). Special Spiral Sothe is as devasting as I expected in a mode full with low def units
  12. Which skill does Thea have at 4*? The stance or the seal?
  13. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    Got Caineghis in one of the free tickets, +HP/-Res. Not bad
  14. Groom Reinhardt, Bride F!Grima and Groom Surtr
  15. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    So, beast again...well, this means an easy skip again. Nice to see a 4/5 male ratio including the GHB. But for me, the best about this banner is that now Ranulf and Haar are out of the run for Farfetched Heroes 3. Just let’s hope Lif is out too. Also, although they have crappy skills (excluding the obvious whale bait), I don’t think there will be any demote. We all know yet how Greedy Systems work. And I’m still not too convinced that we’ll get demotes in the FE6 banner.