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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Brave Ike +10: Urvan, Rally Spe/Def, Aether, Steady Breath, Beorc's Blessing, Infantry Pulse, Quick Riposte M!Marth +7: Sealed Falchion, Reposition, Aether, Distant Counter, Vantage, Atk Smoke, Heavy Blade Donnel +4 [Earth Blessing]: Slaying Lance + [Def], Reposition, Aether, Steady Breath, Quick Riposte, Drive Atk, Drive Atk L!Tiki +0: Divine Mist, Swap, Aether, Fierce Breath, Bold Fighter, With Everyone!, Armor Boots Ike, and Martha have Water Blessing, since they are part of my Fjorm team. I'm usually facing teams around 730-732 points and giving all the kills to Tiki, except 1-2 per full run that can't be feed.
  2. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    So, I did another run and got again 3710 points. Currently rank 4852. The treshold is currently rank 5207. Should I try again or is it enough?
  3. Heroic Feats

    Have we already beaten the challenge before it has finished? At least that is what it seems by seing the notification on Twitter
  4. Guys, I need your opinion about a few things, since atm I have no more copies of my current merge projects: 1. I have a merge project of Donnel, currently at +4 with all his definitive skills. His BST is 162~163. I have a 5* Effie (although with bad nature) and 8 Effie copies (being neutral the best one). Her BST is 167~169. Should I consider to start merging her or would the difference be too small to be worth? She’s a character I like, but there are also othe characters that I like too. 2. In case that I start merging Effie, I’m not going to sack a Berkut for his lance. Is there any other lance that would be useful while scoring high in Arena? I’ve been thinking about Casablanca (so I could pass Goad Armor too), but I’m not sure if Slaying Lance would be better. 3. Now that we have received another copy of Berkut, I would consider to start merging him. Which skills would you give him? I’m not sure if he would want Distant Counter on his A slot. Although having nice res, he has very low speed and B!Tome Breaker is not available in the regular summoning pool, so blue mages will destroy him anyway. Could he make good use of Darting Stance and some sort of offensive/mixed stance in their S/A slots? 4. Is ir worthy to invest 20K feathers in giving Brave Heroes Celica Armorsmasher when I’d probably use her with that in AA? More when I have things like Armorsmasher Axe Breaker Tobin or Ruby Sword Axe Breaker Seth. Maybe she could be a Zelgius/H!Myrrh check? 5. Would Xander and Camus prefer Mirror Stance, Sturdy Stance or Bracen Atk/Def in their A slot? The have similar spread, changing some def from Xander to Camus’ speed, which is still low (33). I was wondering if they could run a triple stance set (double stance in A plus Darting Stance in S). 6. Another current project that I have is to build a copy of every charcter that I pull, even if it’s only at 4* level 40 +0 (Although this ones are the ones that I’ll promote later, if not, they get merges). For swords/lances/axes is very easy to give them a budget build. Just slap on them a gem weapon, a breaker, armored blow, moonbow/glimmer and they’re ready to go for AA. The thing is that I’m having some issued deciding how to make a budget build of mages and staves. For example, I have 2 raudrraven mages (3 when I promote Lyon), so giving Raigh the same set when I face almost no archers in AA would feel as wasting TA fodder. The thing is that I don’t see this kind of mages being useful with a blade tome (more when my fully built Tharja has problems in AA). And for staves, don’t really know what to do with them as 4*. Any ideas for this whole topic?
  5. On the other hand @Mau, cutting 3 banners slows down how often characters are focus unit in a banner, since there are less banners to be in. Okey, so now you have the unit you want to summon every month and I'm 4 months without a unit I want to summon. Is that any better or just being selfish? Also, if you want to play as a F2P, maybe you should think if you REALLY need to summon so many "wanted" units in that moment. Do you really want them or you want them because they are there? Think about it. For example, my reasoning about Ophelia in her banner: Is Ophelia cool? Yes. Is a good unit? Yes. How many blue mages I have built at 5*? Linde, Mae, Tailtiu and Lute. Would I spend orbs for Ophelia or 20K feathers in Saias (and now, in Odin too)? Saias. Conclusion: Do I NEED to summon Ophelia? No. Extra: she shared colour with the obvious demotion. The same goes for Alm (my favourite lord), Alt!Hinoka (amazing art), PA!Olivia (I love her art and I like her as a character), Leo, Niles (when he has been on a banner as a 5*, to save feathers)... If you REALLY can't live without getting them and having to wait is such a problem, go the whale way. There's nothing bad with it. They let us continue playing, which is good. I don't care not being able to enter tier 21 because they are the ones who deserve it, not me. Also, a final tip. If you are doubting between two units, priorize the ones that are not in the regular summoning pool. You can always get them as pity breakers
  6. @Zangetsu, about the reddit you shared, I laughed so hard in point 3. Not being able to get a single 5* being F2P...I’m F2P and I’ve got: - 11 in September LH Banner - 4 in Halloween 2018 - 1 in Halloween 2017 And there’s still half month to go. And it’s not like I get much less every month, unless I’m saving orbs for some specific hero. Also, I’m not sure we get even 300 orbs a month, I think they’re a bit less xD
  7. Heroic Feats

    I usually use infantry characters, so this is my best time to help!
  8. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    @Diovani Bressan, if you tell me that he isn't Lloyd, I have 0 problems with his artwork. As I said, I don't find it ugly, just that he doesn't seem to be Lloyd
  9. Artists you really like in FEH?

    Hidari. I love Shadows of Valentia art style, so seing Brave Celica drawn in it was gorgeus. I wish there were more characters, preferibly from other games than Echoes
  10. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    On the other hand, the one I like the most of the three is her, since opposite to Catria, she hasn't been lolified (I don't want it to sound despective or bad, just that I don't find a better way to say it). The same happens to Mae. But this is all personal opinion, and we are all free to have different likes. Some arts that I dislike (appart from Lachesis and Mae, who have been explained yet) are (not because of the artist, but how their art style applies to the character, or has something that seems strange): - Camus: maybe it's just me, but I find that either his head is too small or his arms are too wide. - Young Ike: I find his head too circular, while I think it had some sharps in Path of Radiance. - Summer Innes: Why is his hair of a different colour? - Lloyd: I don't find his art bad, the problem is that he is way too different from his original design. - Nina: isn't her neck too long? - Saber: being one of my favourites design from Echoes, there's something in his face in Heroes that makes me dislike him. - Sophia: same problem as Nina. This is only my personal opinion. I don't find this a bad thread, just it needs people to explain and discuss in a good way why they dislike said arts.
  11. I love the Herodex name xD Did we have to wait a day for the results during the last round of Heroic Feats?
  12. Don’t forget Vantage for non-armor units
  13. Heroic Feats

    The problem is, that if I saw it right, today is the last day. Even multiplier doesn’t seem enough to me :(
  14. Heroic Feats

    So yesterday we were still halfway. Do you think we’ll reach the goal?
  15. So, M!Morgan joins the list of red pity breakers searching for H!Myrrh, with Zelgius, Ayra and Brave Celica (you can add Sigurd from the free in the other halloween banner if you want). Why can’t I get a single red focus unit? T.T Edit: at least they’re showing up at 3~3’5%