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  1. Astral Chain: Platinum Games's newest IP

    This game is right up my alley (especially since I loved NieR: Automata). Will be paying attention to it as it comes. Wonder how long the game was in development since a release date was announced in its reveal.
  2. Watch as the reveal of the Smash Bros character in this direct that is absolutely unexpected like Joker overshadows footage of Three Houses! It'll be interesting how things turn out on the internet and forums after this direct, this forum included.
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    "Being able to imagine a world in your head is one thing. Trying to write about it on a paper is a another thing.", as I once heard.
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Something is happening alright....
  5. Yeah. The moment pre-orders go up, jump at it. Waited too long in the case of Fates and was rewarded with unavailable online stock and the closest available physical retailer being 100+(!) miles away. Recommend using some online tracker to catch any available shipments.
  6. Worth noting the 13th comes from King Zell, a prominent ResetEra user who has a nearly spotless track record with Nintendo. He has hinted at TWEWY Final Remix, Animal Crossing Switch, and the Indies Showcase in the past.
  7. A prominent user on ResetEra has teased the direct: “13 is your lucky number.... and am out.”
  8. While we are on the topic of MU characters, what are your thoughts on how Atlus handles their Persona MU characters? I am asking this since they seem to be some of most popular player characters in Japanese games.
  9. Rumors Post: (2/8/2019): Prominent ResetEra user "King Zell" , who has a near-spotless track record regarding Nintendo, as well as fellow user NateDrake and admin Emily, teases happenings on the 13th. Whether it is February 13th is the date is not fully known (Source)
  10. 2/3/2019: I hope the title is clear. I apologize if I cause any unwarranted excitement. Due to some users here thirsty for a direct and using other threads to discuss information pertaining to it, and a lack of a general thread on this forum to discuss and speculate on both the date of and the contents of the first Nintendo Direct of this year, this speculation and discussion thread has been created with permission from the mods. That said, when a direct, date, and time are officially announced, this thread will become the official thread for the direct, with this OP and thread title updated to reflect the changes. For now, feel free to use this thread to discuss and speculate on both the date and the contents for the unannounced first direct of 2019. For an official 2019 software lineup from Nintendo, check the current Earnings Release (here, pages 6-8, not counting title page).
  11. I understand people are thirsty for a direct, but come on, don't resort to posting clickbait. The direct will come when it comes. By the way, as the OP of this thread, I don't think this is the best thread to discuss when the next Nintendo Direct will show up.
  12. I disagree with the last sentence. The move from a handheld system to console system is absolutely daunting, especially if most of the developers aren't involved on or experienced with console software projects. Just ask the Pokemon Company how development on "Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee" was. Do remember that this is also the first HD installment in the series and the first console installment in 12-13 years. Both the game development cycle and the staff has changed since then (especially the latter as the series shifted to handhelds) and if Game Freak's time developing "Let's Go" is anything to go by, IntSys might be in for an equally as difficult, if not more difficult time than Game Freak especially since "Three Houses" appears to be shaping up to be perhaps the biggest game in the series, even more so than "Radiant Dawn". Sometimes developers may choose to work on a "test" project before working on a new installment in a series, especially if the team doesn't have a lot of work or experience in a new console medium, such as with Atlus' Persona team developing the original "Catherine" before working on "Persona 5". It's also worth noting that Atlus considers "Catherine" to have the most difficult development period, which isn't all too surprising considering it was their first HD game. The rough footage in the initial trailer doesn't really surprise me since it is the Fire Emblem development team's first HD console-level game (not sure about the staff overlap or the development experience "Color Splash" provided).
  13. Thanks to everyone who answered the poll and responded! If people and mods are okay with it, I will have another pre-release poll out in the next month or two. Should any new info be revealed from now until mid-February, I will not immediately release the poll in order to allow time for users to formulate their thoughts and be generally free from the immediate hype-salt kneejerk cycle.