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  1. Why the hell did this guy get banned? Was it because of my Waha Punishment ? I think it was...

  2. You and the gift wrapper are the same're a troll. And BTW never PM me again.

  3. Why do people keep saying Raisin Bagel to you?

  4. My New Sprite :D

    Hero of Time, Cam, and Seph, I've learned to just ignore you guys. It's way better than my last one and I dont care what you think.
  5. My New Sprite :D

    I really hope I've improved a little bit.
  6. You still doin that FE7 HHM thing?

  7. Mwahahaha! We are of the ranks of people so devoted to being a Tales fan that we make our name on a Fire Emblem Forum a Tales Character!


  9. Lol, I was bored.

    Well then bleh to you too then, sir.