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  1. Can thoroughly say I am excited for this update! but also quick question can anyone link me the channel I can't find the channel but I want to finish the stream :x (internet gave out due to a storm)
  2. Gonna be pulling for Mia and maaaybeee Lute but probably just Mia
  3. Yeah he is but the one I pulled is +def -atk and I just don't want to see him cause he ruined my pity rate for elincia :x
  4. Whats a good unit to use the Wao Dao +?
  5. I honestly just want Maribelle added but healers kinda suck in this game :x
  6. Howdy!

    Greetings! ^^ Who's your favorite character? :o
  7. Your Favorite Character From Each Game You've Played

    9/10: Ilyana (Just got these recently but I already love her too much) Awakening: Maribelle Fates: Felicia/Setsuna Echoes: Palla
  8. Valkyrie are my favorite class more so the tome wielding ones
  9. Tiki is super fun to play as.

    I'm super glad you enjoy her ^^ I personally do not but that being said I also detested Young Link in Hyrule warriors and they are the same principle in their form of fighting so I'm not surprised by this X3
  10. Characters I like Maribelle: I related to Maribelle a ton (never had many friends and was often curt without intending to) Niime: I have no clue if Niime is hated or just not brought up much but after seeing her supports with Faye I fell in love with her Setsuna: I honestly just love her no clue why just do Orochi: I absolutely loved her playful nature which I guess could be seen as her having malicious intent I suppose Characters I dislike Takumi: No clue why but I never once liked Takumi in any of my of fates excursions Chrom: Same as Takumi I just absolutely detest Chrom I think it has something to do with me finding him super boring and in my first time playing awakening I didn't know about the marriage so my tactician ended up married to chrom for story purposes (was at A rank with Stahl at the time who is my favorite male from Awakening) Camilla: This one is mostly due to how they just glossed over the concubine wars which I feel would have been an epic thing to delve more into, for not just Camilla but all of the Nohr royals but it was just mentioned briefly. :/
  11. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    I honestly want a decent Felicia (honestly any that isn't -spd) .-. stopped pulling for her and have started just saving my orbs after I got 4 -spd ones
  12. Super Mario Odyssey is here!

    Ah I have to wait to get it sadly :< can't wait tho 2 weeks for me
  13. I want Awakening for my bias been saving orbs for Maribelle >.> so yeah bias
  14. Favorite is a tie between Cordelia Lissa and Sakura Least favorite : Frederick
  15. Fates Setsuna Reina Orochi/Hayato using the animal spirits Awakening Maribelle Sumia Cherche Shadow Dragon Whitewings as a trio Camus Nagi