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  1. Additional FEW Amiibo?

    Yee I am hopeful that they do decide to make at least a mini line for FEW don't get me wrong I just doubt it will happen tbh
  2. Maribelle being added to the game plz uwu but on the real whatevs they give I'll be happy always got uses for orbs, feathers badges etc
  3. Additional FEW Amiibo?

    @Zangetsu that is on me I was talking in relation to Zelda and didn't specify was referring to Impa in the Zelda series ^^
  4. Additional FEW Amiibo?

    i meant moreso the fact that it came out with a Warriors game when the bigger franchise didn't even get an amiibo for the 4th most recurring character in the series with its warriors game cause I also saw Chrom coming as an amiibo. Amiibo came out a few months after also locking the spinner behind the Link amiibo which was something... and no amiibo through the span of the games dlc and then no amiibo for Hyrule Warriors Legends either so I am skeptical about Nintendo making amiibo for a warriors game when they didn't do it for one of their biggest franchises
  5. Additional FEW Amiibo?

    In my opinion I think its a miracle that Chrom and Tiki even got amiibo and I don't see any more coming from this game when Zelda didn't get any amiibo to coincide with Hyrule warriors like not even Impa.
  6. Bayonetta 3, 1 & 2 coming to Switch

    Can't wait for it love the Bayonetta series (now just need Okami 2 and no Okamiden does not count :x)
  7. Shepard reinforcements: Marribelle (colourless mounted staff), Miriel (Red infantry mage), Sumia (blue flier), Vaike (infantry axe)
  8. Overall Favorites: Pegasus Knight(s)

    Palla full stop
  9. Overall Favorites: The Holy Faithful

    Silque, Tatiana and Serra for me
  10. Overall Favorites: Mages

    ^ Oh I was not aware XD
  11. Overall Favorites: Bow Users

    Setsuna for being ultimately adorable
  12. Overall Favorites: Mages

    I like so many of them my lord ultimately went with Ilyana :x
  13. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!
  14. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Seems to be Spoilers if you don't want to know them :x
  15. Can thoroughly say I am excited for this update! but also quick question can anyone link me the channel I can't find the channel but I want to finish the stream :x (internet gave out due to a storm)