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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I PULLED, in the first and second summoning session - Mage Eirika and Legendary Lyn! The two units I wanted most! I kept pulling reds for fallen celica, but got legendary ike instead!
  2. Bound Hero Battle: The Divine (Tiki & Nowi)

    I cleared infernal (one of the only times I've been able to clear infernal on a BHB) with Paladin Chrom/Brave Lucina/Deirdre/Performing Azura! It was satisfying.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    I had saved up 80 orbs from in game events, and managed to get a 5* Titania (Didn't have her at 5 stars yet!) 5* Hardin - on a "there were 4 colorless and 1 blue, so i guess i'll pull blue - (-ATK/+SPD) 5* Grima - on my very last orb - (+HP/-SPD) No Celica, but I got 2 more units that I didn't have, so that's fine with me! Hopefully Celica drops in the 4-5* pool
  4. Official Pull Topic

    I pulled LITERALLY 3 SIEGBERTS instead of Legendary Ike. Spent all 240 orbs. I'm dead inside.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    GOT MICAIAH AND SOTHE AFTER ONLY 60 ORBS. Sothe was my pity rate, and then Micaiah was the first pull from the next summon circle!!
  6. Official Pull Topic

    In trying to get Shiro, I managed to pull Soleil, Hinoka, and Roy all at 5 stars. Which was cool. And then I pulled Shiro. Sure, I used all of my orbs, but it was worth it.
  7. What's your feather roadmap look like?

    Wait how are you getting so many feathers per month? Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Okay, so after many pity-rate breakers (including 5* Cain, Sigurd, Ryoma, and Lucina) I got Halloween Nowi! She's +atk/-spd, but I have her! I now have all four halloween units so I can go back to saving orbs. yay!
  9. Official Pull Topic

    After spending money on orbs and pulling for Halloween Nowi, my rate was instead spooked by 5-star Cain and 5-star Sigurd. That's cool?
  10. Official Pull Topic

    In my free pull, I got Halloween Jakob! Then, after 182+some orbs I bought (around 60) I got Halloween Henry Seliph Halloween Sakura Plus a bunch of SI fodder...and Fir. Now to build up orbs and see who the new units are in the middle of the month before trying to get Halloween Nowi again.
  11. Cleaning up my Inventory

    Thanks everyone this helped out. My lists were all characters that were duplicates already, but the advice is heavily appreciated :D
  12. Cleaning up my Inventory

    Hi, fairly new to forums but not to FE Heroes. My Inventory has gotten very full, and I don't know which units would have better SI potential, and which units I should just send home for feathers so I was hoping for y'alls help! Here's my list Thanks for the help y'all!
  13. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Thank you so much!
  14. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Someone earlier had said that you can get around 200 orbs per month for F2P? How is that? Am I just doing math and stuff wrong? Thanks!
  15. Payless 2 Win

    Has anyone used this service before? Is it legit or should I avoid it? I would like orbs but also don't like breaking my bank haha. Thanks!