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  1. The Selective FE8 PME!

    Changes: -Knights can equip bows and have the bow knight animation -Same changes with the General -Have a bow with 1-2 range(I just love hacks with them)
  2. FE8 - Rewrite (Prologue-Route Split)

    Hello Terp, I am curious if you are planning to add some custom classes like Halberdiers, bow knights/generals etc. And I looking forward to the dialogue/story changes, I like FE8 but it has some issues with character development and the story
  3. Staff of Ages (Version 2.1 is here!)

    Ive played this again and thank god Zim and team. You guys made Seneka's dialogue with the queen more depth, its like I understand and can sympathize with Seneka's view on the current state of the kingdom but he still rushed his actions nonetheless. Im looking forward with his development in the future.
  4. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    @DDDHunter There is a bug where the battle music stops when the High Magus attacks
  5. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Ok I used some Codebreaker codes in order to just see some of the tier 3 classes and here they are Guardian - Black Knight(This is only for Seth) General - King(King Zephiel sprite, btw it makes me happy being able to use this unit) Sword Saint - Blade Goddess(Basically the promoted Lyn from FE7 wielding Sol Katti and can wield axes as well) Bishop - High Priest( Druid - Nergal Sprite Sage - High Magus( Ranger - Just a Nomad trooper sprite
  6. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    W8 so how do u get chapter 1x and 4x? I played normally but i did not get it.