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  1. Topic of Marriage, Supports, and Children.

    I completely agree. But you know what grosses me out even more? Them marrying their adoptive siblings' kid.
  2. The Pairing Thread

    I don't think I noticed that. Regardless, I'm really sorry I reacted that way... I should stop getting mad over people's opinions, especially when they're trying to help me. I try to stay out of internet fights, so I really didn't mean to start one. I should keep my temper in check.
  3. The Pairing Thread

    I doubt it will make a big difference. I seriously wish I haven't brought up the convinience factor. Sumia!Lucina!Morgan and Chrom!Cynthia!Morgan are, in the end of the day, the same thing. It's a matter of aesthetics, and I personally prefer Cynthia's personality over Lucina's. The only difference is that Cynthia lacks Dual Strike+ but Robin doesn't have to be the unit who gets to take advantage of that.
  4. The Pairing Thread

    We are two different people. I already bought this DLC when I was desperate on ending my grinding session im my last playthrough. Okay, I checked and you were right about Chrom's other kids not passing down Aether/RK if it's not in the 5th slot so I'll give you that. But I don't think of moving it is as such a hassle. So no, I'm not going to marry Lucina over Cynthia just for an easy access to a skill that sees limited use when I can just assign her a skill that functions simillarly without having to reclass at all, over quick Galeforce. Sorry if I came off as harsh, that's what I'm like when I wake up.
  5. The Pairing Thread

    Preeeetty sure any of Chrom's kids pass down Aether/RK regardless of their bottom skill on the list. And if I'm wrong... I can just move it to the bottom. It's not that hard. As for Veteran, I have access to Paragon Scrolls, which are easy to get, so I don't need Veteran.
  6. The Pairing Thread

    That's a good point. But I'd rather have my Galeforce sooner. Thanks for the help though, I appriciate it.
  7. The Pairing Thread

    Hmmm... That sounds tempting, to say the least. But then, other units can take advantage of it as well... So I think I'll just let Laurent have Lucina (I actually paired them up together in my last file, not knowing that. But that wasn't a good run since Lonq'u and Vaike were bench dads alongside Fred) and marry Robin to Cynthia instead, partially to make my life easier since I won't have to second seal Morgan to get Galeforce (That's just me being lazy). That, and I don't really like the Robin x Lucina pairing aesthetically. Dunno why but I never did. I'll go +Mag -Def because the mods Morgan gets are more appealing to me.
  8. The Pairing Thread

    Yeah, I guess you're right on Kjelle and Noire. Kjelle doesn't want anything from him since she has no use for Troubadour or Thief, and Noire without Galeforce can work from what I've read in this thread, and she should be right at home with a mag dad, but Henry doesn't give Tomefaire. Hmm... Do Lucina and Cynthia offer anything different from one another? Because I am aware of the fact they offer the same mods and both pass down Aether... But which one is a better partner for Robin? Are they the same in that regard too, or do they offer anything different? Pair up seems to be really important in Apo (Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot, I have alot to learn since I've only played casually so far).
  9. The Pairing Thread

    I see. It's good to know that all of my pairings are good. I figured Henry!Inigo would be more physically oriented. Henry has +1 mod for both Str and Mag so I figured it would work. Actually, that's something I want to ask - is any of Henry's kids actually bad? He has mods that work for pretty much anyone (with his only negatives being -2 lck and -1 res IIRC, and a neutral spd) and gives a proc to kids who need it, as well as Hex/Anthema for Berserkers (I gathered from reading some of the previous pages that Berserkers have shit skill, I don't actually have much knowledge on the subject). Also, while I'm at it, I'd like to know which of the kids would make a good parent for Morgan (as well as which Asset/Flaw to pick for that). If it's not too much of a bother, that is.
  10. The Pairing Thread

    Okay, so I'm planning a hypothetical future run for Awakening, and since I'm completely ignorant about the definiton of a good child in Awakening (Appearently, Gregor!Laurent is good, I never would've guessed), I decided to go here. Here's what I've been thinking about. Is this good? I'm not necessarily optimizing but I would like to do something close to that.
  11. Topic of Marriage, Supports, and Children.

    Okay so I changed my pairings a little bit. It's a rather small change but I still feel like updating you guys. Warning: Lots of text so I'm putting this in spoiler. Not sure my OCD will forgive me for having 4 Hoshido x Nohr pairings and 3 Nohr x Hoshido pairings though.
  12. Topic of Marriage, Supports, and Children.

    I'm not too bothered by Beruka not getting a new class, because again, this list isn't optimal (Otherwise I wouldn't pair up Takumi with Oboro). I should probably mention that I'm planning to pass down skills that the kids don't otherwise have access to (Which is part of the reason I decided on Kagero!Mitama over Effie!Mitama, since while it would be akward to learn, Kagero can buddy Rinkah for Death Blow access), so I probably won't pass down HP+5 to Percy since he can get it pretty easily. But thanks for telling me, I'll make sure to reclass into Fighter once I get him for this HP+5. As for Kaden/Azura, thanks for the offer, but I'm not too stressed about changing it as much as I'm thinking about the points you're making, because Revelations pairings is a topic I spend way too much time thinking about (I spend most of my free time staring at the celling rather than progressing in Conquest because of that), so I try to change it as little as possible. As for your suggestions, I specifically want Subaki to be with Selena in this playthrough because while I know it's not the best pairing, I still want to do it for the Awakening throwback. I also have an issue with Subaki/Azura since Subaki passes down Samurai to Shigure, and it's the only class he gets from an A+ support, so as a result he will only have 4 classes to access. My issue with Kaden/Peri will probably sound silly, but I really don't want Kaden (one of my favorite characters) to marry Peri (one of my least favorites). I don't like Keaton x Peri/Camilla and Takumi x Camilla for the same reason, despite being really good in-game. I'm also very picky on the amount of Revelation exclusive pairings I have, so there is that. Silly, but that's just what I'm like - I care about gameplay alot, but in the end, I prioritize story elements. Sorry if I came off as prickish in any way. I also apologize if I wasted your time.
  13. Topic of Marriage, Supports, and Children.

    Thanks for the criticism, but I actually changed alot of my pairings a few days ago. Unchanged from before: Jakob x Felicia Silas x Hinoka Kaze x Mozu Ryoma x Camilla Takumi x Oboro Saizo x Orochi Kaden x Azura (I'm open to changing this one but I don't know what to change into) Azama x Kagero Hayato x Nyx Xander x Charlotte Leo x Sakura Odin x Elise Laslow x Hana (was thinking about having Hana buddy Effie and pass down Pavise, but Renewal seems like a good skill to pass down as well) Niles x Setsuna Changed pairings: Hinata x Peri Subaki x Selena (I originally wanted to do this one, and now I can) Benny x Rinkah (Same def mod as Beruka, but also an extra point in resistance, though its growth is... Not great) Keaton x Beruka (One of Beruka's better kids. Speed issues can be fixed by having Keaton buddy Benny and pass down Wary Fighter) Arthur x Effie And I decided Corrin will marry Mitama and I will choose Lancer as his talent, because Mitama needs a better class. I should mention that this list isn't optimal. This is mostly for fun more than anything, while still trying to make most of the kids good.
  14. Topic of Marriage, Supports, and Children.

    Welp, the thread I made a few days ago was not helpful. I'll try my luck here. Anyway, I'm currently planning my pairings for my Revelation run. The kids are my top priority. The following pairings are set in stone: Silas x Hinoka (Sophie gets good mods and classes. Also I liked her parents' supports) Kaze x Mozu (I've heard of 100% Miracle and became interested) Ryoma x Camilla (Shiro likes these mods) Takumi x Oboro (bc OTP) Xander x Charlotte (Partially because it helps Midori's 100% miracle set) Leo x Sakura (This incarnation of Forrest outclasses Felicia!Forrest due to a better third class option) Odin x Elise (I've heard great things) Niles x Setsuna (I know Nina is better off with a Magic mom but I feel a very strong pull towards this one) Not 100% sure about these ones Saizo x Orochi Kaden x Azura (Seems pretty good for both kids) Hinata x Selena (More sword classes for everyone. Hinata will probably perform better as a Hero than a Swordmaster too) Azama x Kagero (Lots of strength) Subaki x Rinkah (I originally wanted to pair him up with Selena, but no one else wants to suffer the consequences of Rinkah being their mother) Hayato x Nyx Benny x Beruka (Only child Beruka doesn't mess up?) Keaton x Effie (I originally wanted to marry Velouria to +Str -Lck Corrin but I may change that. In case I will, would Hana be a good choice?) Arthur x Peri (I'm really on the fence with this one, since Arthur doesn't get anything, but Percy seems to turn out pretty well) Laslow x Hana (I can live with the terrible defense mod, Soleil likes Samurai and she looks amazing with Hana's hair) Which would mean Felicia will go to the trash can also known as Jakob. As a result Dwyer will become Jack of all trades (not the good type), but it's not like I care for Dwyer to begin with. Criticism will be greatly appriciated.
  15. Um, hi, I'm new here. I'm also somewhat new to the FE franchise (played Awakening and Birthright so far, currently in Chapter 21 of Conquest) so I'm not really the best at planning things, though I'm not completely ignorant about the game. I may be getting way ahead of myself but I spend way too much time thinking about which pairings I should do, so I needed advice from someone with better knowledge. With that out of the way... There are some pairings that are set in stone though. I really don't want to change them. Kaze x Azura Silas x Hinoka Takumi x Oboro (I know that Oboro is more useful for other kids but I really want to pair them up just once) Subaki x Selena (I know it's not the best pairing but I want those unique parent supports) Hayato x Nyx Leo x Sakura Benny x Beruka Keaton x Effie (Open to switching into Charlotte, see below) Odin x Elise Laslow x Hana Niles x Setsuna (I feel a very strong urge to pair them up despite knowing Nina is better off with as a Shining Bow using Adventurer) +Str/-Lck Corrin x Velouria (Kana will have +10 Str over +11 but I can live with it) Not the best pairings for the most part, I know. I want to do better with the other pairings though. I'm leaning towards the following: Jakob x Felicia/Orochi (Spare magic mom needs to go somewhere. Saizo gets whoever Jakob doesn't) Ryoma x Camilla or Kagero (I did Kagero in Birthright and was pleased with the results, but Camilla seems like a great option as well. Plus Kagero has high demand) Saizo x Orochi/Felicia Kaden x Kagero/Mozu/Peri Hinata x Mozu/Peri Azama x Rinkah (Mitama takes the Rinkah hit better than some others... I think? IDK what to do otherwise) Xander x Charlotte (Will likely pair them up, but I'm considering Keaton x Charlotte so that Effie will be available to kids that need her more, but then IDK what to do with Siegbert) Arthur x Mozu/Peri/Kagero (Kagero gives +5 Str which is very useful, Peri gives him Cavalier and I think he looks nice with her hair, and Mozu is appearently considered to be a good option as well... Is it because of Aptitude?) Help will be greatly appriciated. Edit: This thread is no longer relevant, I have changed my pairings alot and I've finallized them.