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  1. Hello, Fire Emblem Faithful!

    Hey all! I'm new on the site, and I wanted to introduce myself. I've been a Nintendo gamer for as long as I could hold a controller. I got started on the NES and enjoy playing my switch today. As a teenager, I was impacted by Phantasy Star Online on the GameCube. I absolutely love that game and spent thousands of hours on it. Many of you might know that Phantasy Star is essentially dead in the west. This made me very sad and created a void in my heart. One day, when I was feeling sorry about myself for the lack of official Phantasy Star releases, I picked up a copy of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for the Nintendo DS. That day was a great one. I found a new franchise to be excited about! Ever since, I've been plowing through the Fire Emblem games whenever I get the chance. They're great! I'm looking forward to chatting with you all and learning a lot as we share our love of FE. Cheers!