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  1. How to do Lyn mode for HHM?

    Here are a few thoughts: Not using Lyn is a wise choice, but honestly even if she is speed screwed by a few points she will still have overkill speed if trained (except with the final useless Katti) I usually prefer Sain over Kent, but Kent is still good and can easily replace an under-performing Sain. As someone who once had a Florina never once gain strength all the way up to level 12 on HHM I would like to confirm that her bases SUCK, but flying is VERY useful (plus she is needed to recruit your second possible flier) Honestly Erk, and Lucius (plus Canas too) end up with very similar damage potentials on average (and in my experience as I once had a run where I trained all three just to get a feel for their differences) Lucius ends up squishier and with better looking magic and speed (in part due to low caps making them glow green), but Light magic sucks enough that it doesn't result in much more damage (although the extra staff rank on Lucius's promotion can be kinda nice). Erk ended up looking like a worse Pent for a good 5-6 above him (but even Diet Pent is still good, and boy was his availability nice) Question: @This boi uses Ninois this Boi going to use Nino? I rarely bother training Serra due to Priscilla: the staff on a horse, but B rank staff already is kinda impressive As for Dorcas you should be able to find uses for him in HHM despite Shadow Mir's misgivings (FE7 isn't hard even on HHM). I always have Bartre on my main team for Karla recruitment reasons, and I doubt Dorcas would play all that differently in the long run. Poor Rath, he needs serious training to makeup for the extra bow rank he gets if you do not play Lyn mode. As for your final rank I wouldn't worry too much about it, I once tried to get S rank on a LHM I planned to do before HHM, and I got to the end within the Tactics rank turn limit, but decided I wanted 19xx, and with the turns required to dancer grind I ended up dropping my tactics rank down to 3 stars (and to 5 star funds rank I think you need to save either the stat boosters or the knights crest).
  2. Most wanted new character for each weapon type

    Sword: Kris Lance: Travant Axe: Othin Bow: Brigid Dagger: Lifis Red Tome: Azel Blue Tome: Kempf Green Tome: Asvel Staff: Tina Breath: Nagi Beast: Dheginsea
  3. I have a few * entries for characters who might not count Lord 1 Leif 2 Hector x Ephraim Avatar 1 Corrin (Conquest) 2 Kris x Mark Villager/Trainee/Noble *1 Nino 1 Atlas 2 Faye x Donnel Cavalier 1 Sirius/Zeke 2 Sain x Makalov Knight 1 Effie 2 Oswin x Meg Myrmidon/Samurai 1 Shannon 2 Mareeta x Radd Mercenary 1 Raven 2 Soliel x Oujay Fighter/Oni Savage 1 Othin 2 Halvan x Arthur Pirate/Bandit 1 Marty 2 Gonzales x Darros, I guess Soldier/Spear Fighter 1 Oboro 2 Devdan/Danved x Aran Archer (also includes Ballistician and Apothecary) *1 Holmes (Tear Ring Saga) 1 Takumi 2 Leon x Norne Nomad/Bow Knight 1 Rath 2 Sue x Robert I guess Mage/Diviner 1 Lewyn 2 Soren x Rhajat Dark Mage/Shaman 1 Ophelia 2 Canas x Thaja Monk 1 Lucius 2 Mitama x Azama Priest/Cleric 1 Saias 2 Yumina x Wrys Troubador 1 L'Archel 2 Priscilla x Cecilia Thief (includes rogues, ninjas, butlers, and maids) 1 Jaffar 2 Lifis x Rikkard Pegasus Knight 1 Caede 2 Farina x Subaki Wyvern Rider 1 Minerva 2 Athena x Camilla Manakete (also includes Xane) 1 Tiki 2 Myrrh x Bantu Beast/Laguz (Royal) 1 Naesala 2 Tibarn x Nailah I guess Beast/Laguz (Non-Royal) 1 Kurthnaga 2 Ranulf x Yarne Dancer (includes Bards, Singers, and Herons) 1 Ninian 2 Reyson *x Plum x Lara
  4. That seems fine, and they already set the precedent with noted popularity with Greil. Ugh I see your logic, but adding the incompetent shoto green unit version of Zephiel would irk me. For Caeldori I find that with Selena as a mother (a revelation only option I know), all my issues with her fall away. Her being the spitting image of her grandmother isn't as silly, and their support ends on this sweet reconciliation that emphasizes the differences between Caeldori and Cordelia.
  5. Time to go in an odd direction with this one. I would dislike it if they add the kid versions of Zephiel, Guinevere, Roy, and Lilina from Blazing Blade.
  6. Weird Glitch I Found In Genealogy

    I think the freezing is still a part of the Canto glitch, you just have to wait for the distorted audio to cutout before changing the music in any way, and then when it does change the game softlocks like he described.
  7. Fire emblem Awakening PMU

    Odin Dark Owain , Dark Mage/Sorcerer (Note: I believe this requires Henry, Libra or M Robin to be his father)
  8. Anyone Wants to Play 10-Units-Only Conquest?

    That is costly as Rescue staff uses are the only way I have even gotten close to clearing end game with so few troops (then again defense stance may make survival on some parts easier). That roof really costs quality staffs to survive it seems. If you are lets playing/streaming/creating a write-up of the run keep us posted. Part 8: Only Endgame Remains ch 25-27 I have tried endgame a few times, and have gotten kinda close so this might be doable (maybe)
  9. Weird Glitch I Found In Genealogy

    Seems kinda similar to a bug I ran into (not the Sigurd part, but the other one), I think I will copy my old post about it for you to compare notes.
  10. I find Fates has funny builds but is an unfun game

    The seals have one obvious counterplay that makes them easier to deal with, if the enemy dies they do not trigger. If you aren't one rounding enemies that limits the number of enemies you face on enemy phase and likely makes it survivable, and if you are you don't have to deal with it. On player phase you may have to choose who takes the debuff to chip, and you may have to cycle people through your lines to let them recover, leading to interesting gameplay options and keeps you from relying on just one unit to make it through the game. It doesn't all that much, if I weren't limiting myself to not using guard stance on the defense on my 10 man run of Lunatic I doubt I would need them, and as it is I am fairly minimalist in their use, not having bothered until chapter 21, and even then the most I've used a chapter is like 6. They are there to help but aren't needed. As someone who got through the Ophelia chapter before chapter 10 I will disagree partially, they are hard but not unbeatable. That is a bit of an exaggeration, even on the maps with the most enemies to start you don't hit that 4x mark, and you always have ways of limiting the number of enemies that approach to notably less than your starting troop numbers. Even in the 10 unit run you rarely are in a position where you have to face more enemies in a single turn than you have (unless you want to). I will point out that there are counterplay options for all of the entrap staffs (in Conquest at least). For example the entrap staff room in Bitter intrigue can be entirely defanged by Lunging the one attacking pair-up unit in the room with a handaxe to the other room. In Voice of Paradise you can reach and kill the entrap staff user before it can act fairly easily, and even if you have a miss you can kill the archers (or lunge one out of being able to attack or aid with attack stance) to make it fairly survivable. On Treason you could use the silence staff, or just ignore it as that entire half of the map is entirely optional, or far more common just let it grab your best mage killer and have them go to town. Even on the Empty King the AI has two ways of keeping it fair (even with the inf range), first off they only target people in the main corridor, anyone that even enters the pathways to one of the rooms gets ignored, and second the entrap staff users always act after their allies to always give you a chance to respond. Both of these weapon types were in desperate need of a nerf, and they were. They are both still usable, but they aren't the best weapon to equip in 90% of situations anymore. Best mage Ophelia would like to be the noted exception to this assessment. Just out of curiosity which list are you talking about?
  11. Our Most Wanted Characters for Heroes Alphabetically

    The only other one is that Quatro is in the list of randomly generated names that the generic replacement units can have in Shadow Dragon. If you ever have less units than deployment slots the game will force these character upon you, although I suspect the only people who see them are those trying to get all the Shadow Dragon gaiden chapters you only get if have 15 or less units (or trying to solo or low man the game), so they tend to be annoying. I can understand people not counting them as they do not have faces, are of random classes, have one of 31 random names, and if you manage to go through over 31 of them the names will start repeating.
  12. Our Most Wanted Characters for Heroes Alphabetically

    A = Altena B = Bramimond C = Ced D = Dheginsea E = Ephidel F = Febail G = Galzus H = Homer I = Igrene J = Jill K = Kris L = Langobalt M = Mareeta N = Naga O = Orsin P = Percival Q = Quatro (sorry Quan you are already in the game, and having a Shadow Dragon replacement character would be funny) R = Rinea S = Shannan T = Travant U = Uhai V = Vanessa W = Wendell X = Xane Y = Yashiro Tsurugi Z = Zeke
  13. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Thanks for the catch @Zoran, I will edit the post post-haste; @Azure in a Roundabout sorry for missing a few seals in my original post.
  14. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    @Azure in a Roundabout The availability of seals may be helpful for your planning (although if I were you I would just start playing, and which ever class changes I wanted the most I would dedicate seals to first , and those I don't have the seals to change I wouldn't worry too much about) Friendship seals (A+ support reclass) Shop lv1 chapter 6+: 1 for 2000 G Shop lv 2 chapter 13+: 2 more for 2000G Shop lv 3 chapter 20+: inf for 2000G Paralogue 4 (Dwyer ch6/15+): keep green units alive Paralogue 17 (Ignatius ch13+): from enemy drop Paralogue 21 (Soleil ch 12+): keep green units alive Heart seal (personal reclass) Shop lv1 chapter 6+: 1 for 2000 G Shop lv 2 chapter 13+: 2 more for 2000G Shop lv 3 chapter 20+: inf for 2000G Chapter 9: 1 from enemy drop Chapter 16: 1 from enemy drop Partner seal (S support reclass) Shop lv1 chapter 6+: 1 for 2000 G Shop lv 2 chapter 13+: 2 more for 2000G Shop lv 3 chapter 20+: inf for 2000G Paralogue 5 (Sophie ch7+): keep green units alive Paralogue 15 (Siegbert ch16+): from enemy drop Paralogue 22 (Nina ch8+): from chest
  15. https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/nohrian-characters/supports/support-bonus/ That page from the main site covers that information for the Nohrians, you can hit one of the tabs for characters from other routes (Note that the 1/2 damage floored attack that the supporting character gets do not have any of these attack stance bonuses, for example a generic enemy that attacks gets +10 hit with an attack stance partner, but the attack stance hit from his partner does not)