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  1. FE4 & 5 Mechanics you want to see in Three Houses

    While I would not like all of these to appear at once, and they would have to fit the direction the game is going, these are the mechanics that might be interesting to see return: Leadership stars (the FE5 versions)- they give an extra distinguishing feature to characters who are supposed to be leaders, and enemy leadership stars can lead to interesting choices. Marriage/Children - I still like this mechanic even in Awakening and Fates FE4 style Arena - Really the best version, the limits on it keeps it from being overly abused, and gives serious consequences to a loss without literal death Build Growth Rate - I have always liked this mechanic, having this weight reduction, and vital rescue/capture stat capable of changing without some rare item makes it more dynamic and interesting. Capture - One of FE5s most interesting mechanic, although the game would need the sort of limit resources you have in FE5 to keep it from getting out of hand FE4 Size Maps - The game would need a very generous saving system like FE4 to compensate, but there are some cool things that can happen with large maps. Stamina - When it isn't trivialized by S drinks it forces the player to change out its party from time to time, although to smooth out some of the FE5 issues they should try to make sure there are enough unis to act as spares (to keep from having the single mage/healer/flier being exhausted issue from coming up) and have a way of dealing with what happens when a unit needed to recruit another is exhausted
  2. How many of your favorite characters are in Heroes?

    In no order other than by game, I will list 200 characters (in the spoiler section) I like, of those 104 are in Heroes, 94 are not, and 2 have representation from different games than the one prefered
  3. Marth's Depiction (+IM Tips)

    Fair point I was thinking of New Mystery, FEH, and Warrior but here are a few quotes from the Mystery of the Emblem translation seem relevant: and possibly relevant slim picking I know, but even Shadow Dragon's moment of actual writing are few and far between. I think you are selling this characterization a bit a short. Marth's portrayal in future games is center around him dealing with the impossible burden he places upon himself, and the deep-seated imposter syndrome that comes with that, by relying on and emphasizing the accomplishments of others. Marth is his harshest critic, if someone falls in battle he feels the loss all the more due to the responsibilities of leadership; and when men call him hero king he think not about his own accomplishments, but those of his friends who made him a hero. In this way he turns what would be a crippling weakness in other into one of his greatest strengths. Sorry to continue to drown this in quotes but here are a few that emphasis this point:
  4. Marth's Depiction (+IM Tips)

    Marth's Shadow Dragon depiction is one that I've only ever found compelling on paper, whenever I play through, or even look at these scenes in context by watching the story on youtube they always fall incredibly flat. There are moments of great writing for him, but for every one there are ten where his face appears but he says not a word (or has pointless filler dialogue) and merely gets talked to. Even when he does his face sprite has two emotions, bland scowl, and neutral, and this just lack of emotion in the face often clashes heavily with every seemingly emotional scene. Another issue is a lot of the emotional setup for his character is hidden behind the prologue that only those playing on the easiest difficulty see. Even the CG images fail to capture the emotional state needed and reinforce his depiction as bland in Shadow Dragon, like this CG that is supposed to show him Contrast this with Eliwood, who has multiple more expressive face sprites, and CGs that emphasis his emotional state. Even New Mystery does a better job in these regards, upgrading Marth's Neutral face to a full blown smile, and a few CGs that actually reinforce the emotional state that the game claims. As an example Marth witnessing Lorenz's death: Plus Shadow Dragon fails to display Marth's most consistent character trait throughout his multiple depictions across games, that his victories were not his alone but thanks to those who fought beside him. It is clear to me that while Shadow Dragon's writer may be a wordsmith, they failed in their depiction of Marth by not understanding the medium they were working with, and showing a different Marth than the one that was written.
  5. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Updates to List: 7. Fjorm: New Traditions 10. Laegjarn: New Experiences 78. Raigh: Dark Child 79. Cecilia: Etrurian General 80. Cecilia: Festive Instructor 81. Klein: Silver Nobleman 115. Ephraim: Sparkling Gallantly 165. Azura: Vallite Songstress 185. Selena: Cutting Wit New Total: 194
  6. Favorite: I think I will go with Fjalar, not only is his family crest the Fire Emblem of Jugdral, but his decedents have had a massive impact on the continent. From the hypocritical drunken philanderer Victor, to his son Emperor Arvis who strove to end discrimination with an iron fist, with his daughter Julia being the easy way out of the game, his son Julius being the heir to Loptyr and even his bastard with general Aida being the 10 star general himself Bishop Saias. Almost forgot about Queen Hilda there, another of his descendants who led house Friege as the dowager queen by the end, plus the Azel and his descendants. Plus I love how it is implied that Bantu is the fire dragon that blessed their bloodline. Special mention has to go to Njörun and Dain for the way those sibling's succession crisis split the whole Thracian peninsula so thoroughly that they needed an entire extra game to deal with it. Least Favorite: I don't know, if I look just at the descendants probably Bragi, but as an individual there is enough supplemental material that I get a good enough sense of him not to place him this low. Maybe Neir, I guess, although I do like how in both generations it is those of Neir descent who most consistently clash kin vs kin. You might want to check out some of the translations of treasure articles found here:
  7. Favorite and Least Favorite Era of Fire Emblem

    For favorite SNES era, Genealogy is my favorite and even weighed down by poor translation Thracia is still an excellent Fire Emblem game. For least favorite probably DS, SD was the most disappointing game in the series, and while New Mystery corrected some mistakes, the lightning rod of poor writing (Kris) really does weigh it down
  8. So I'm writing a walkthrough of this game for my mom...

    Coming from Heroes, a bit of explanation about what hit, crit, and avoid are and a vague (or detailed if you think she will not be overwhelmed by it) explanation of how they are derived would help. Again due to her Heroes experience it might be good to explain the concept of reinforcement blocking, and some tricks for anticipating reinforcements. If she has experience using statistics, or has an actual sense for it, an explanation of the difference between true hit and displayed hit might be in order.
  9. I wasn't saying Marth was a brick wall, just Shadow Dragon Marth, and it is mostly a failure in execution. To be fair the prologue that barely gets played due to it being only available on the easiest difficulty, (I hadn't played this game on the easiest difficulty since release, and had forgotten most of its contents) does help characterize him some, although it is undercut somewhat by the moment of ultimate contrivance. I think if they didn't have the Shadow Dragon they did, when they got around to remaking FE1, with the experience they got from their other remakes they could have really made Marth at least as compelling as New Mystery's and probably more so. Even little things like having different versions of his face sprite that shows emotions could have saved scenes like his conversation with Nyna after the liberation of Altea, going from a Marth version of the Eliwood downward pointing sad face back into his stoic face as he resolves himself to be stoic, instead of having the stoic face the whole time would have filled that scene in the gameplay with the emotion that analysts derive from transcript alone. Reworking the dialogue to be less about people expositing to him and placing that burden either more on the between chapter map screens or sharing the exposition around (for example instead of Malledus telling Marth his kingdom's history and having him awkwardly lampshade one of the most obnoxious JRPG tropes, Marth could be the one telling Malledus as a way of explaining to him that his naiveté is not ignorance) would have helped this game's story so much. This whole game feels like a missed opportunity, and it is so vital to the series as a whole that if there was no Shadow Dragon, a remake of FE1 would be inevitable. Additionally without the demoralizing sales of Shadow Dragon, New Mystery might have seen a western release.
  10. What game did you play? Most of Shadow Dragon is Marth being incessantly talked to like he is a brick wall, and when he does get lines he responds with the stoicism and emotion of same brick wall. Nyna has far more development than the brick wall, even characters with less screen time like Gotoh and Minerva get more character than him. At least in New Mystery he emotes, and takes action that are not dictated to him immediately prior.
  11. Obviously Shadow Dragon, that way they can use what they learned from New Mystery, or better yet be extra faithful and follow in the footsteps of Echoes, when they inevitably remake the first game in a less awful way.
  12. Endgame isn't everything, Sigurd is amazing right out of the gate, while Seliph needs a bit of time to hit god tier; although your assessment of Seliph by end game is accurate (kinda, for Seliph to actually take out the monster that is Julius team support is necessary on top of the stats).
  13. Ok if we are going to judge Sigurd for his inability to protect a family member miles away under the protection of an entire castle, we should also judge Ike for his inability to protect (and in some interpretations effectively caused the death of) a family member right in front of him. Now on to more evidence that Hector is the correct answer, Hector is one of the only Lords shown in the story to be highly perceptive. On multiple occasions he spots assassins lying in wait before they have the chance to strike, he spots the ambush in Laus, and has the common sense not to trust the assassin in their midst. Now that isn't going to beat supernatural foresight of Micaiah, but Hector has a better shot of dealing with the assassins he spots than Micaiah would.
  14. How has Hector not entered this discussion yet? Sure he has issues with mages and their ilk, but Ike is no mage killer either. Plus Hector is far more loyal than a self proclaimed mercenary who could be coerced with coin or word to switch sides (assuming your enemies didn't buy his loyalty already). Plus Hector is the only lord capable of rescuing all Wyvern riders/knights/lords in his game, and there is no way that I exist in a Fire Emblem universe and do not find a way to ride a Wyvern... or die trying. The Runner up award goes to Sigurd who is not only the strongest lord stat wise but also canon wise (except when Ike is powered by Yune in the final strike, only then does he reach holy blood with holy blade levels of strength and match Sigurd) but also wouldn't slow me and my wyvern down.
  15. Here is my thought, they add a mode where the prize isn't for you, when you complete the map you pick a person from your friends list that you haven't given a "gift" to yet, and which of the prizes available that day you are gifting. (example: one day it might be 2 orbs, 50 soul dew, or a specific 4 star unit; the next day it might be 20 sacred coins, 20 refining stones or 500 feathers etc.) The first time you visit the mode each day it will ask you for your preference, and when one of your units visits a friend's castle, an extra line is added where they spill the beans on your preferred gift. Finally when you've sent a gift to everyone on your friends list you will get a 5 star seasonal unit who is the mascot of the mode, and after you gift 25 people you get a 4 star version.