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  1. Pokemon Crystal - Screenshot Let's play

    Tough in the way of, this Muk has minimize and toxic which causes me to miss all my moves while my Pokemon slowly dies of poison. I also think that I like Soulsilver a bit more because it has a better battle frontier and the small additions like Pokéathleon and more Pokemon. But it still says a lot that Pokémon Crystal has just as much and sometimes more content then later installments. It reminds me of the smile on the smiley from watchmen mostly because it is just as basic as that smiley. Also rip Poliwag, I guess training it to lvl 25 and then giving it a waterstone (or trading it while holding a King's rock) is not appealing when you're not crazy about the Poliwhirl line (which I am). But Quagsire is certainly not a bad choice (great typing, good movepool and early evolution). This guy is such a terrible person. Not for selling slowpoketail, but for selling it against a price nobody is able to pay and being 990,200 more expensive then the other seller of slowpoketails.
  2. Probably my favourite GBA game. First all the things I dislike. The story is blander then tofu, ambush spawns, while not as bad as in fe12 and fe13 can still catch you off guard and the combination of low weapon accuracy and high throne bonuses can be the sourse of a lot of tedium. But beyond that I really like the game. It's the game in which enemies are consistently threatening (unlike fe7 where there are parts that enemies hardly pose a threat and parts that they can easily overwhelm you) and because of that you are always on your guard. It also has warp a lot earlier then the other GBA games which can cut down the tedium one could experience in later chapters. I also like the way the game is balanced. Some may find this weird but I like the fact that some units are so obviously bad that one could consider it a challenge to use them. Best unit is also handled really well in the game. There is not a single unit that dominates the game from beginning to end. And while low weapon accuracy might seem like a bad thing, it also makes sword users a lot more viable then they usually are. The cast is also enjoyable. I know that the cast isn't as deep or interesting as in other games, but they certainly are enjoyable and there are more then enough characters that have interesting supports. I think the reason why I enjoy the cast so much is just how varied they are. Unlike newer games in which the cast feels very one note, in this game, no character is alike because the variation in their age, home, class, design and supports. Overall I consider it my 4th favourite game in the serie between fe12 and fe7. While I think that fe7 does a lot more things objectively better, I just have more fun while playing fe6. (it would be my 3rd favourite if you could use statboosters in the preparation menu)
  3. Response video to: What does casual mean to you

    Maybe he didn't want to show 2 comments from the same person? But it's still a shame. Guess I just mention you in my reaction. Ok so I listened to the entire video and it started to make me think about the things you talked about. So I decided to write a thing as a semi reaction semi further thoughts. Ok so now my opinion on grinding. I hardly play fe8 so can't speak for that game but I just see it an almost endless resource of exp only limited by your patience. Tower of Valni is a bit different because it's also a challenge but it can be used to grind. I've mixed opinions on grinding. I like it in fe4 because it is limited, can be used for other purposes and I don't have to go out of my way to do it.
  4. In my eyes there are 3 important aspects to Fire Emblem characters; Writing, design and viability. When I'm asked what I think of a character I would judge them on these categories and then come to a general consensus in which all categories weigh equally. That is if I was always honest and judged all characters equally which isn't the case since I'm a human. There are cases where a unit is objectively really bad at one or two categories but I still like them. Deirdre is a character who has very little personality and isn't good as a unit, yet I still like her a lot because of her design even though there are characters that score higher then her technically. Same with Tiltyu but her personality and Rutger when it comes to viability. This of course can also be the other way around. Micaiah scores pretty high when it comes to design and below average when it comes to viability yet I dislike her personality so much that she's one of my least favourite characters despite technically scoring just as high as Deirdre or Tiltyu. Same with the trainees in Sacred stones, there design is good and their personality is decent yet I dislike them so much as units that they score really low whenever I make a list. I would say that writing and unit viability weigh equally but that simply isn't always the case since there are many cases that I'm clearly bias for one reason or another. The way I look at character also changes with my mood so it's hard to come to a general consensus.
  5. Pokemon Crystal - Screenshot Let's play

    Gen 2 is pretty cool. It isn't as outdated as gen1 but still feels oldschool unlike gen3 (still like gen 1 & 3). There is also a lot to do especially Crystal which I've heard has the most bullshit Battle frontier. I still don't think that I will play Crystal because I already have Gold on my 3ds and... Wait. You can catch Poliwag this early? Never mind Crystal is the best pokemon game. I always pick Chikorita because it puts me at an enormous disadvantage and forces me to raise other Pokemon. In both my gold and Soulsilver playthrough I dropped him around the 4th gym. Chikorita is also pretty cute I guess and the first theme deck in the tcg I got was based around Meganium. Btw I think that the text blew up. No, they don't. Not only are their levels hacked but also their movepool (Lance's Aerodactyl has rock slide which he couldn't learn in gen 2)
  6. What does the word Casual mean to you.

    Very true, If I remember correctly Dondon151 said that to him there is no difference between a casual playthrough and Ltc at the end of his fe11 0% ltc. It shows to me how many aspects there are to Fire emblem which attracts different people.
  7. What does the word Casual mean to you.

    Casual to me means to do something without thinking to deeply about it. When I for example play a game casually I just want to have fun and don't think about things like game design, story-gameplay integration and similarities with other games(the same can also be applied to comics, movies and books). When I play casually my emotions play a way more important role so depending on my emotion I will enjoy very different sort of games (When I'm angry I enjoy something that is fast-paced and/or violent, when I'm sad something calm and relaxing and when I'm happy I try to play games with other people). I can also still have fun when I'm playing 'seriously' but in a different way (I often focus more on the goal then on the journey or enjoy analyzing the game). I don't think that casual play always means unefficient and vice versa . People who have a lot of knowledge about the games they play 'seriously' still have this knowledge when they play these games casually and will probably apply their knowledge if it increases their enjoyment. A good example for me is in fe6. I know a way to get treasure 100% of the time in the dessert without thieves. When I play the game casually I still apply this strategy. When my friend would play the game as quickly as possible he could play the game slower then when I would play the game because he doesn't know this even though he put much more effort in his playthrough then me. Someone who knows less about a game, and because of that doesn't play optimally, can still play the game very seriously.
  8. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    First I want to define what I think fanservice is because according to some people it's just putting pretty girls/boys in a game. Fanservice is way broader, It's putting something in your movie, book, comic, serie, videogame or whatever with the intention of pleasing your fans. If I for example was the creator of a movie franchise and I knew that a certain minor character was very popular in my previous movie and I would make that character a major character in the next movie then that would be fanservice. However if I would write a story with a lot of nudity but that nudity had a certain thematic role in the story and wasn't meant to appeal to my audience then it wouldn't be fanservice (it could still have the effect of fanservice but there wasn't the authorial intent that people associate with fanservice). Of course the line between what is fanservice and what isn't isn't always clear. In my opinion fanservice is at it's best meaningless/harmless (think Gloïn having a necklace with a portrait of Gimli on it in the Hobbit). This is only the case if the fanservice part is ignorable. If it isn't, then I have a problem. Because often when I see fanservice I think to myself 'How desperate. Are they so unsure about there product that they feel the need to go out of there way to please the audience?'. The worst cases of fanservice I've seen are the new Star Wars movies. While they certainly aren't bad movies and no where near as bad as the prequels they often feel cynical and desperate with how much fanservice they have. Special mention to the scene with Darth Maul in Solo, a Star Wars Story. Ohh, and I guess fe12, fe13 and fe14 are also kinda bad at it (but not as bad imo).
  9. I remember sorting characters way back when I had only played gba & 3ds fire emblem. That feels like a really long time since my opinion has changed so much and I've played a lot more Fe games. Here is my top 25. Quan & Ethlyn are higher then expected and Fee not being in my top 25 is weird but beyond that, it's pretty accurate. I would also include my bottom 25 but 1. I purposely left Fates characters out because I knew that 95% would just be at the bottom with some characters in the middle so the bottom is not very accurate and 2. I only dislike the bottom 2 (they're Izuka & Micaiah btw) and even if I included Fates, The only character I dislike as much as the bottom 2 is Corrin.
  10. I also think that the new games are to easy without limiting yourself. But I also think that the sort of challenge I would like out of pokemon would alienate most people. I'm the sort of guy that would make the first gym normal type, give it a Blissey, Girafarig, Lopunny, Miltank, Eviolite Lickitung and Snorlax and give them good moves. I would also insert a mechanic which makes it impossible to raise your pokemon to certain level until you earned a certain badge. Most people would probably hate the game for putting so many odds against you, but I've played pokemon for way to long so I would love it. So I have no idea how they could fix the difficulty thing aside from removing the Exp share (as a key item) and maybe making normal trainers a bit stronger. I'm also hoping for pokemon to pull a Watchmen. I don't mean that I want pokemon to dark & edgy but more that it's gonna explore themes like, how would society work if pokemon where part of it? Would people have a different point of view because of pokemon? How would technology develop because of pokemon? I know that pokemon is meant for kids but it would be nice if they gave the games some depth and it's not like it has to be Game of Thrones to talk about these themes. I know that this isn't likely to happen but I can dream.
  11. I haven't played pokemon let's go Pikachu/Eevee mostly because I don't have a switch and I just didn't care. But I do see where you're coming from. The new pokemon games have to much text that you can't skip and a way to slow pace at the beginning (the entire game if we are talking gen 7). The gameplay also hasn't changed enough to keep me interested in playing the new games and the story could just as well not exist at all (at least for me). Sure they add new thing but the only thing they did was make the game easier. in gen1 the only interactions that are forced and don't involve battles are the beginning where you pick your Pokemon, the shop dude, the pokedex and an oldman that had an hangover that shows you how to catch pokemon. Some might say that new games have more mechanics so they need to explain more. But I don't recall them explaining how abilities, natures, EV's and IV's work. The only thing that they need to explain is the basics, let the rest be told naturally during the journey. I probably sounded like a bitter old man that thinks all new pokemon games suck.
  12. Is there really a "divide" within the FE Fandom?

    I think that the whole divide thing within the Fire Emblem community depends on the person itself and the place that they're active. I for example never felt a divide mostly because I don't make a big deal about what someone else thinks about something. It's just their opinion and if they can explain why they feel that way and give solid arguments then there opinion is just as valid as mine and shouldn't be a reason for a major divide. If someone told me that he/she thinks that fe10 has a good story and he/she explains why that's his/her opinion then I see no problem, no matter how much I disagree with that opinion and the fact that I also want to make clear why my opinion is different. The place where you're active also influences how you think about the whole divide thing. Someone who only interacts with fe fans on the youtube comment section will have a very different opinion on 'the divide' then someone on serenes forest (or at least I hope they do). Maybe there is a divide, maybe there isn't. I honestly don't care. All games in Fire Emblem have strenghts and weaknesses and depending on who you are you are gonna have some games that you like or some games that you dislike and as long as we are civil about it (which I think most people are here) I see no problem.
  13. Who were some of your first benched units?

    Miriel is character that I have always benched on every playthrough that I did of Awakening. The funny part is that she's actually really good (at least that's what I've heard) and most of the time I will always use good units even if I don't like them. But Miriel is unfortunate enough to appear in a game that simply isn't friendly to most units. Normal mode is hilariously easy so use whoever you want, it hardly matters. Hard is a bit more difficult but easily managable if you know what you're doing (with which I mean beat the game with only Robin (f), Chrom, Frederick & Sumia). Lunatic on the other hand makes the game way harder and makes almost all units unviable. Miriel is probably better then most units in this because of rescue so maybe my lunatic playthrough will change my outlook on her (or maybe not).
  14. Favorite FE support?

    I really like the supports in fe6 in which they talk about game mechanics. You've got Lance & Lott who talk about the weapon triangle, play a strategy game together and talk about how they got fewer numbers. Yoder & Dayan talking about religion and the affinities. I also like the support between Treck & Noah. It shows us how two people that live under the same circumstances go through their life and deal with problems. The support between Tana & Innes is also one of my favourites. The fact that they constantly disagree with each other makes you think that they never get along. But in the end we are shown that they in fact do get along (sometimes) and when you realize how much they value each other it is really touching. The support between Inigo and his parents is also really good. It showed me that he wasn't just a flirt but that he also had a sense of duty, hobbies and insecurities (shame that his other supports are bad). While I'm not a huge fan of supports and think that they could be improved a lot with how they're implemented, there are still a lot more that I like.
  15. Favorite FE4 Gen 2 Kid

    If I don't include main characters or characters with a important role in the games then the answer would be Fee. I like how we are shown that normally she is cheerful and kind of a daydreamer. But it's also shown how she can become very angry when it comes to her father and how he abandoned her mother. But I'm actually quite fond of a lot of kids in gen2 for some reason. Mostly because I was the one who paired up there parents, and while they don't get the most development, they still get enough for me to like them.