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  1. Favorite Scene from any movie/show/game?

    Tough question. There are many scenes in movies that got I get something out. I will share the some that currently come to mind. The Pianist: Chopin Ballad in G minor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHfQCfUTlXE Star Trek IV: Nuclear Wessels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdSJFrhb-HM Lord of the Rings: The stories that really mattered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6C8SX0mWP0 I know @TheGoodHoms also mentioned it, but it just such a good scene (seriously, if you haven't watched the Lord of the Rings, stop reading this and go watch it). But if you want another one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjAAC13al9s Grave of the fireflies: The scene that made me cry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ovJGnjOjx4 Just thinking about these scenes makes me realize how effective movies can be and how not a single videogame has ever effected me in such a way (closest is probably the ending of gen1 in fe4).
  2. So like, everyone forgot?

    Wait, but if your dead you can't get chicks and when you're getting chicks you didn't die for your country so they failed either way. But being serious for a moment the part of getting attention from women because you fought in the war is quite hard when parts of your body/face are blown off or mutilated. The 1st world was one of the first moments in history that plastic surgery was used on a grand scale and for good reason. I once saw a video in which they showed images of mutilated soldiers and let's just say that they still haunt me. Speaking of being haunted, shellshock. Could also be a reason why you could have trouble with communicating with women (or anyone for that matter). The worst part is that people didn't know what it was so there are several cases in which soldiers where executed for being 'cowards'. Reminds me of the movie War Horse (which is based on a stageplay, which based on a book). Don't know the details but I remember a cavalry charge somewhere in the movie. Should rewatch the movie. Now I have a question. What are some good WW1 movies? I've seen many good WW2 movies but barely WW1 movies.
  3. What is your favorite Fire Emblem era?

    Kaga era has my two favourite games but I have only played the first chapter of fe1, didn't even touch fe2 and I'm stuck on fe3 (I know how stupid that sounds) and don't have the motivation to continue. GBA era has fe6 which I really like, fe7 which is fun and fe8 which I don't like that much because it is the Super Mario Galaxy 2 of Fire Emblem (taking a previous game/engine, add a few small things that don't make that big a difference in the grand scheme of things and make it so easy that the game becomes unremarkable). Tellius I haven't played. 3ds has Awakening which is fun, Fates which is my least favourite and fe15 which is a flawed game with an enjoyable story and characters. If I do the math and count all games I enjoy in that era then Kaga= 2/5, GBA= 2/3 and 3ds= 1,5/3. So shockingly enough it is... The DS games because I like all 2 of them. But in all seriousness I like the DS era the most because while the games are unremarkable I really enjoy them and the other eras have to deep lowpoints for me to say that they are my favourite (or I was just lazy and didn't play all games that the era has to offer). Or are the DS games part of the 3DS era (also called contemporary era)?
  4. Supports are a element in Fire Emblem games that I actually slowly started to lose interest in. When I started playing Fire Emblem I had all the time in the world to unlock the supports and because of this the characters felt developed to me, I also didn't have much to compare it with so it seemed really good. But now I have other hobbies and also a busier schedule so I hardly have time to read supports. I also dislike how they are often separate from story events. Lately I have been thinking of ways to make supports more involved in the story and came with the idea of combining Fe4 conversations with POR supports. The idea is that you start the support from the base and during the game you get talk conversations between characters about the current circumstances (both in the base as during the maps). As for Fates itself. I have many problems with the game but many of those problems are more my fault then the fault of the game itself. The only rational complains I have with Fates is the story and some of the characters. All of the other complains have more to do with who I am. When I recommended the game to you I tried to be as objective as I could and not just say what I personally think about the game. I tried to explain what kind of game it is and which parts are good and which parts are bad and let you decide if you would like the game. Because, like I said in my first comment, you either love the game for what it does right (gameplay, supports, good characters & music), hate it for what it does wrong (story, bad characters, pandering & how overcentralized it is in other games) or you think the game is 50/50. I don't like the game but I'm willing to acknowledge why people like the game and when I think someone will like the game I will recommend it to them (I have a friend who I thought would like the game so I let him borrow it and he really likes it despite me constantly pointing out the flaws). Because to be honest, I have many things that are objectively worse then Fates that I really enjoy. I also forgot to add Niime to fe6.
  5. Yes, but it takes a bit more dedication to become interesting because of the huge quantity in supports. Sacred Stones has fewer supports so it's easier to notice the good ones and Awakening is pretty consistent in support quality. Fates combines enormous quantity with huge differences in quality. The best supports are some of the best in the series and the worst are some of the worst in the series (that's what I noticed at least). But I think there are more good supports then bad supports and when you come across a good support it will feel like a pleasant surprise and can even change your opinion on a character. Again, if you really like supports and enjoy unlocking and reading them then Fates is worth a purchase, but if you just think they're a side thing then don't buy Fates.
  6. Marked my 5 favourites Shadow dragon; Shiida, Minerva, Tiki & Jeigan (new) Mystery of the Emblem; Catria & Palla Genealogy; (gen1) Sigurd, Arden, Finn, Lex, Azelle, Briggid & Tiltyu. (gen2) Seliph, Fee & Ares Thracia; Leif, Eyvel, Finn, Nanna & Ronan. Fe6; Shanna & Igrene Fe7; Canas & Marcus Fe8; Innes Awakening; Frederick, Sumia, Tiki & Inigo Fates; The closest to a character I like in fates is Benny but I like him so much less then the characters I listed for other games (not saying that the characters are bad, just that none left a positive impression on me which is super subjective) SOV; Alm, Celica, Tobin, Gray, Saber & Python I know I'm not the original one that you wanted an answer from but I thought that a second opinion could be helpful. If you like supports then yes, you should. While not all supports are good, as far as I know, most characters have some interesting supports. The main story though, is bad. I don't know which parts you saw but if it's the beginning, it only gets worse. I know some people like the story (which is ok, everyone is allowed to like what they want as long as they don't torment other people with it) but they are a minority. So if you like to read supports and consider them more important then the story, then it's a good investment (or just look the supports up on the internet). But if you don't care about supports or just think they're secondary to the plot, then don't buy it. I think it's smart to only buy one path (at a discount preferably) at a time and look if it interests you. If it does, buy the other path. If it doesn't, don't buy the other path. As for which one to begin with. Birthright is very simple and conquest is complex so pick what you like more (I think Birthright is slightly better because Conquest has some deep lowpoints, but it also has some highpoints). The problem with recommending Fates is that either; you really like it, only like 1/2 of it or dislike the entirity (I fall in the last camp but my best friend loves the game so there isn't a definitive answer) They're kinda like the new Star Trek movies and serie in the sense that many people like them but many old fans (and some other people) really dislike them and both have valid reasons why.
  7. What makes a unit good in your opinion?

    That when you're using the unit it makes the game easier and/or quicker to beat then when you would use another unit. This is why units like Seliph, Leif (fe4 & fe5), most early fliers & Robin are some of the best units because even though they don't start out the best, using them and giving them resources will make the game so much easier then when you would not use them even though they aren't the best units in the beginning. The most important factors in making units good is high movement, flying, good bases, good growths even though it isn't always necessary to be good (fe11 Jagen, staff-users, dancers, Perceval and Niime), good 1-2 range (although this isn't as important if the game is to hard to enemy-phase reliably) or fulfilling an useful role that other units can't replicate reliably.
  8. Favorite and Least Favorite Jugdrali States

    Granvalle & Thracia since these countries are the most important so we learn much more details about them then the other countries. Fe4 is basically a story about how the politics in Granvalle led to the death of so many people and how his son fixed the mess that those politics caused. Fe5 is a coming of age story in which a young boy saves the country that rightfully belongs to him. I also had a softspot for the Yied desert because of the conversation that Seliph and Lewyn(?) have when you sieze the castle. Verdane is my least favorite. It feels like a country that really doesn't add anything to the world or story. It's only purpose is to set the Lopto sect up. Traversing it is decent until you reach the forest. I do like the music in the chapter though. The other countries aren't developed as countries but they add nice things to the story. Agustria isn't developed in an interesting way but it does feel distinct and the events create some nice tragedy. Silesia has some nice atmosphere that really fits the mood that Sigurd likely has, but the country feels like an excuse to have a snow level. Isaach gives a good example of how the kind deeds of Sigurd really help in the future. Because Sigurd protected Shanan the Isaachian people support his son Seliph which is the sole reason why he is able to start the liberation army. We don't know the exact details on how the country works but enough to understand it's purpose. Miletos is whatever but the chapter is fun so can't be to harsh.
  9. So like, everyone forgot?

    I think that something else would have happened that would cause it in that case. There where a lot of alliances so that when two countries started a conflict, all countries would mobilize. War wasn't looked at the that it is today, many people saw it as some sort natural selection (basically, in war the strongest country would win and they would have the right to exist). This was due to many countries not having a huge conflict and the popularity of Social-darwism (which says that natural selection can be applied to nationalities/countries). I went to that area last summer. I didn't see any of those signs but I did went to the huge mausoleum and cemetry that you see in some of the pictures. There is also a area nearby where they fought where you can walk. I made a picture of that area in case someone is curious (I made more but the post would be to large if I inserted them).
  10. So like, everyone forgot?

    I think that something else would have happened that would cause it in that case. There where a lot of alliances so that when two countries started a conflict, all countries would mobilize. War wasn't looked at the that it is today, many people saw it as some sort natural selection (basically, in war the strongest country would win and they would have the right to exist). This was due to many countries not having a huge conflict and the popularity of Social-darwism (which says that natural selection can be applied to nationalities/countries). I went to that area last summer. I didn't see any of those signs but I did went to the huge mausoleum and cemetry that you see in some of the pictures. There is also a area nearby where they fought where you can walk. I made a picture of that area in case someone is curious (I made more but the post would be to large if I inserted them).
  11. Do You Prefer Animations On or Off?

    I have animations on when I play the game for the first time but when I replay it they're almost always off (if the animations are bad like fe11 & 12 they were even off on my first playthrough), unless there is an animation that I really like (Wyvern lords/knights in GBA and any animation in which horses jump).
  12. Units that are good in spite of their class

    Shanan probably has the best offense at the point that he joins (unless you have Forseti Arthur with pursuit ring). Shame that he rarely fights. I always found the snipers in fe6 really useful since they don't need any training to be helpful and the fact that you often need chip damage to finish enemies in fe6. Leif (in thracia 776) is really good even though he is a sword-locked lord that never gets another weapon type or a mount.
  13. I likely won't play Three Houses because I don't have a switch and don't feel the need to afford a console for which I will only play one game. But I still have some some opinions on the matter. Avatar; No... Fire Emblem isn't structured in a way for avatars to work. The only way they could work is by having them do nothing/optional (like fe7) or by having a strong focus on player choice. But Intelligent Systems has shown that they can barely write a normal story so they first need to show me that they can write a good story before they start doing things with avatars. But story isn't the only reason why I dislike them. In every game avatars are playable they are simply the best unit. They are perfect units with perfect availability with the only drawback being that they aren't promoted. There are also minor things like how you can't have a conflict from different views like in fe10 which seems cool (seems since I haven't played fe10). Maybe in later installments when they have proven to me that they are capable of writing a decent story will I be open to avatars but not now. Marriage & child units; While I love fe4 and child units where a huge part of it I think that they should abandon it for a while. Romance & marriage should be handled in the fe7 & fe8 way with it being something that exists but not a focus. I often have thoughts what they could have done with the resources they put in child units in fe14. Then I think about the fact that I almost never recruited a child unit in any of my playthroughs and realize how pointless it was and that they just added child units because 'it's popular' without realizing that it doesn't add anything and the fact that other parts of the game needed those resources a lot more. Fe13 is similar but it was justified in the story so not as bad. What I'm trying to say is that these things are unnecessary. Fe5, Fe6 & Fe12 didn't have them and they didn't need it to be good games (Imo). Gameplay/story; I honestly don't know. I think they should be in balance but I'm more forgiving to a mediocre story when the game is fun then when the story is good but the game isn't fun. Fe8 has some good writing at times but I can't bring myself to playing it because I don't enjoy the gameplay. Fe12 on the other hand doesn't have a good story but it's still one of my favourites because of the gameplay. In a perfect world both the gameplay and story are great but this is rarely the case (in some cases they both suck).
  14. Fe4, while having more mature tones, also has silly things like; Arden, Dew, Johan and a few other conversations. Sure it it had some serious moments and chapter 5 still makes me sad but I wouldn't call it dark. Fe5 is a lot more serious then fe4 and goes more into detail into the practices of the Lopto church. Probably the most serious story in the series. The only joke character I can think of is Marty. Haven't played tellius but tbh from what I've read those games also aren't super serious (or are you telling me that people take Mia, Ilyana & Nephenee serious?). Sure, these games depict their serious themes more clearly but there are more then enough silly moments. The reason why these stories work is not because they're serious but because these games know how to balance out the serious and funny moments in a way that that they don't clash with each other while still being able to make you involved in the story when the tragic parts happen. It's kind of like Harry Potter, there are a lot of silly moments but also a lot of serious moments. If we talk about the story in fates in a general consensus then it's quite serious (the reason why so many people where hyped about the game is because the seemed very serious in the trailers). You side with one family and are forced to kill the other while noticing the flaws in the country you sided with. When I replayed conquest there where parts that tried to be very serious and dark. The reason why the story failed wasn't because the story wasn't serious enough or to serious but because they weren't able to write a good story and I wasn't involved in the story. If they took out all the fan-service/silly parts it would still be a bad story. Of course this is just my opinion.
  15. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    I knew of the existence of Fire Emblem since brawl. I thought that Ike was cool but that was as far as my interest went. When I was 15 I had more free-time then neccesary and spent most of that time playing games or watching videos about games. A lot of the channels that I watched talked about Awakening and said it was there favourite game. This made me curious so I bought the game and it was unlike any other game I played at that point. I became curious in the series and looked the other games up, saw the prices and went back to playing Awakening. I preordered Fates and it caused me to lose interest in the series. 9 months passed and I learned a way to play the older games without spending that much money and here I am, typing how I discovered, lost interest and rediscovered Fire Emblem.