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  1. Brigid Pairing Question

    I certainly agree with this. But the part about the leg ring was an example of how you can save money with bargain. To give an example, imagine that Patty wants the leg ring to reach some villages more quickly. But Lene wants it back as soon as possible. So she sells it for 20000 g. Patty buys it for 20000 g. After having visited the villages she uses the Return Band to go to the Base. she then sells the Leg ring for 20000 g. She is warped to the castle which the closest to the position of Lene. Then she gives the 20000 g to Lene, now she has 40000 g so she can afford the Leg ring immediately. If Patty didn't have bargain she would need 40000 g which is not that easy to obtain even as a thief, 20000 g is a lot less and way easier to obtain. I agree with the rest of what you said except the part about the return band. Since I often have either Shannan or Holsety Ced stand on the main castle which causes the enemy to forget how to attack. And you get multiple of them if my memory serves me right.
  2. Brigid Pairing Question

    Pursuit is a class skill. This means that Patty won't inherit Pursuit from Briggid (Faval will have it since he is in the same class as his mother). I would still go with Dew anyway because Faval will turn out good no matter the and Patty is an utility unit and shouldn't be used for combat. I only use her to visit villages to give the money to your units with holy weapons or non-combat units. Bargain is useful in this case for affording the leg ring so she can reach the villages more quickly or the return band so she can mind her own business while visiting villages and return to the castle so that your (mounted) staff units can be busy on the frontlines.
  3. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    I really like Eliwood because I used him in my first Hector hard mode playthrough. At the start he was really bad, but after promoting he became really good (mostly because the only other good frontline units that I had then where Marcus & Raven and Harken the next chapter). Oh, and I like his personality I guess. There are some other bad units that I like but more because of their personality or design and I wanted to focus on a unit that I know is bad as a unit but I still enjoy using.
  4. Fe 4 tips?

    There is a unit called Dew. Try to visit the villages with him since he can give gold to other units. This way they can buy stat rings to improve their stats or the paragon ring to double the amount of exp they gain. It would also be smart to give Sigurd the paragon ring and some other rings before the end of chapter 5.
  5. I would like to see Fire, Wind and Thunder mages again. I think that this way every single mage character can have a specific role depending on the magic they specialize in. This could be further helped if the different kind of anima magic do effective damage against certain unit types (I heard that the tellius games did this but I haven't played them yet). Baron and Master Knights seem like fitting classes that you can give the Gotoh archetype or a prominent villain.
  6. I also like Alm but I can see why people would dislike him. The major reason why I really like Alm is because he often seen by the people as this strong warrior that led the deliverance on his own and killed a god (or that is the reason I think they named the continent after him). But we can also see his more human side. I for example really like his overworld interactions that show his more silly sight. And while I think his interactions with the other characters aren't as good as the ones that Celica has I think they are still good and show the things he values. There are things about Alm's character that could have been done better. I think that he should make a few more mistakes, reflect on them and get criticized for. But the major difference between other lords who I think are flawless (Ephraim & Corrin) is that I could relate to Alm on a personal level and that is something that those other lords didn't do.