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  1. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Lim "Hey, this doesn't feel too bad." Once his shoe sunk below the water surface, carefully, he slips in the other and starts moving forward to reach the other side. Albeit hesitating from getting soaked for the second time, the attempt was quite successful if he say so himself, as it might be pointless to take a long detour once he saw the Shogun forcing his way through. "...Hmm, I suppose..." Though knowing what to do, he paused to turn his sight upon his surroundings for a moment. To the southwest, Liao is seen armed with a pole, visibly gaining strength to topple the weird jelly thing. Seems there's no need to worry and tamper his business, but it'll take a while for him to catch up, once he finished taking care of the gelatinous monster. To the east, is a clear coast and Matt staying idle. If he remembered correctly, that same person was the first to call him by name, and that's not something somebody can get away with. Particularly in a world where everyone are given weapons to fight, Lim could've gone and outright throw out a bolt to assert dominance. That should do him some justice, but does that count as being peevish? Indifferent, he averts his vision toward the higher mountains. But just as he did, a sizable presence comes swooping in, appearing to be mounted on a 'dragon' with a raised spear he recall seeing a lot in a Chinese monastery. The sight of it surprises him, but who is it trying to attack? Vanessa Although the healing light helped to mitigate some, the poison somehow grew out stronger than she had anticipated. It'll take more than blades and poison to bring her down now, but now that she caught presence of a stronger foe several meters away, she's unsure if going upfront might be the best course of action. "Take caution, it's a Wyvern Rider." Warned Vanessa. "So basically, a stronger enemy." Being nearby, Lim chimed in. "And who'll be its target? Cause if it's going to be me, I'll simply astound 'em when they least expect it." Briefly observing around, Vanessa shakes her head, "I don't think so." Her grip tightening, a trickle flows from her straight-faced look, "From the way it moves, it appears to be going for Matt. He's in danger!" "Oh, that loser over there?" Unwilling to turn back, Lim shrugged nonchalantly, "All I'm seeing is a nobody who thinks he is better for his own good. Serves him right! I couldn't care less losing a dork over-- ow!" Spontaneously, Vanessa already had her long weapon reversed and thrust, jabbing the Singaporean man right in the tummy. Lim stepped back, responding with a grimace, "Hey, what was that for?!" "This ought to knock some senses in you." She retracts her weapon back, visibly upset. "I know nothing of any dispute you've had, but I must remind you that we're all allies. We'll help each other, and that's what we're about to do." "Ugh..." He squinted, "Can't he just like, take a hit, and have this man over here heal his ass while you and the others go beat up that thing down?" "That's not an easy task, even for us." She turned to face the castle, "It's difficult for our weapons to get through their strong scales, but they're vulnerable to your magic. Therefore, you should group up with him to defeat them quickly before they could wreak havoc among our ranks." "I see! Thanks Ms. Obvious!" Lim jeered, "Whatever, I'm going to put an end to that thing anyway." Having said that, Lim storms off from where he stood on back to the shore at M18. He opens the tome and strikes a gesture in attempt to bring a thunderbolt down to strike the Wyvern Rider in a joint attack. Despite reaching an agreement, she's not feeling content of his mannerisms. But what does that have to do with what's currently happening? Trying to not let her emotion get in the way, Vanessa decided that she shouldn't stay too passive, even with the poison currently afflicting Titania, by flying to L12 to attack the Keese with the Iron Lance. Kujura These strokes would've cut it into ribbons. What could be the reason to its sudden resilience? Kujura thought, as it somehow still managed to fly despite the attacks thrown out to simply bring it down right where it stayed still. There's nothing much to take either -- due to how harmless it actually was, he's uninterested in bothering to continue offense. The others can do whatever they wish from it, and believing that things are manageable, he decided to press forward. Sheathing his blade back to its sheath, he breaks his stance to a getaway at K10, being the first to breach inside the castle hall. The wide, red floored palace that housed three more unfamiliar, otherworldly figures in front of him, seemingly have taken notice of his breakthrough. The Shogun slowly moved his hand to his shoulder, grabbing hold of a sword with a peculiar wavy tip that he's been holding onto the first time he saw it after the separation. With the Armorslayer held low on two hands, he provoked the three to come forward.
  2. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Kujura The bat creature just next to him eventually plummets down onto the shallow river he's attempting to cross. What squarely hit it wasn't what he was expecting; it's evident it wasn't the archer who did the deed, but a fellow axeman who has just brought down the enemy in one swift throw from the heights. Good riddance, that's one enemy taken care off. Not like there's an ongoing competition among them, right? No matter. Once his feet meet the riverside once more, Kujura quickly takes a stance while locking eyes at a similar monster. He momentarily sidesteps into the forest at M13, kicking off the tree trunk before pouncing at the Keese, blade in hand. Lim He lets out a whistle of amazement, seeing his wound progressively closing in by the embrace of a glowing energy. There have been weirder things to be taken for granted, and while this is listed as one, it's probably one of the better things that could keep everyone going. "Whew, lad. Thought I'd suffer from this, but that's some cool stuff you could do." Lim says as he pats his own, formerly wounded arm, "Yep, thanks a lot. If there's a chance, maybe I should consider learning the ways of light sorcery too." Having said that, he chooses to take the dare to cross the river at K18. Vanessa Beyond the riverside is a Pegasus Knight who managed to put a poor Pokémon to remain dormant. However, the fight took quite a toll for her to have her mount weakened by the stings that apparently secreted poison. It wasn't lethal, but going around recklessly might not be the best idea to keep with if she's not in the best shape. "It seems, I'll be needing help from you once more." She flies back to J17, waving her hand at Simon, requesting another aid.
  3. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Vanessa "...hiss..." The weak sounding of the String Spit Pokémon is faint but audible to some. Being rash for charging in against a mounted 'prey' isn't something to be proud of, at least not when it could still put up a fight before either one of them goes down... is what it'd usually do before a Bug Catcher went to catch him to participate some contest. It wandered about, seeking desperately for an exit after something has separated them. Even worse, it's been its first week to linger inside a world so different, without anything actually edible to feed on, and now, it's facing against something it's not supposed to fight. Is it truly worth the attempt? It's not making quite a dent at all, maybe it's better to just surrender or make a run for it, or perhaps it could try to convince them that it was all a terrible misunderstanding. Will they grow some pity for physically hurting a famished Pokémon? Maybe that could work, but... Meanwhile, the Pegasus Knight tried getting a better look at the creature she's been giving retaliatory strikes at from a distance. It was a green spider, being smaller, but no bigger than what she's used to see. It appears to be making a weird gesture, raising its yellow forelegs over its head. Is it the immature kind or is this just a quirk from this land? She wasn't sure, though it looked very distinct from the gargantuan ones, there's no mistaking it, that if it attacked first before anyone did, then that monster itself is an enemy she won't hesitate to defeat. With a raised Iron Lance in hand and a face of mild disgust, Vanessa flies over the spider to H15 for a backstab. Lim "Ow, ouch. Who would've known getting stabbed in the arm could sting this much?" He trudges over to K19 in attempt of seeking aid. Kujura Pitted near the hillside with a bowman and a bat creature, he learned that the way they discriminate their foe makes them look smarter than they look. But the way they charge in is still primitive. It's undeniable that they're sitting ducks now. "You'll handle this small fry." He says, taking a watery step on N15 to cross the river, abstaining from attacking.
  4. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Vanessa "...Always remember to stay away from these kind of things, noted." Though victorious, the blown up remains of her felled foe isn't something she could overlook. Yes, getting dirty is as usual as most battles can get, and there are more important things to be taken care of than dealing with something trivial. But if keeping herself from being stained with anything other than blood is an option, she'd rather avoid it for an obvious reason. Deciding to keep up the momentum, she flies backwards from where she dealt with the gelatinous monster, to H18 as she prepares the rope of her Javelin to bait out the otherworldly creature she hasn't seen clearly yet. Lim Bracing the unexpected riposte, Lim flinches as he looks up straight to where the lance-wielding creature takes his leave out of fear. It wasn't exactly a good move in hindsight. "Oh, goddammit." Holding the wound, Lim regains his bearings as soon he makes a stand from his spontaneous reactions in defense. "Get back here, you coward!" "Going for a frontal assault against a foe that big? Bold." Kujura chimed in from afar, being relatively calm in a dangerous yet manageable situation. "Man, you talk like you know everything, yet you're just standing there doing nothing." Lim replied, visibly unhappy, "At least lend us a hand or two to destroy them!" "Then you better pull back before you leave yourself open for your recklessness." The Shogun gestured at Lim, beckoning him to come nearer, "Don't be upset. We'll ensure they're not going anywhere so you could treat to your wounds." "...Alright, fine." He shrugged, "I'll back out for now, not like I've seen some magic that can really do some miracle on me." Playing it safe, Lim moves to O20 to get further from the enemies' reach. Kujura On the other hand, the Shogun makes his move to O16, blocking the view of the Keese in front of him with a blade unsheathed. "Come, which foe do you pick for a fight?"
  5. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Vanessa Similar to a hawk and its prey, the Pegasus Knight launches herself to H16 for the second strike with Iron Lance. Lim "Well, I'm going to show you how it's done." Lim sneaks into Q17 and makes a follow up attack on Moblin after Gimli does. Kujura "Oh? Let's see what you can do then. Don't get yourself killed now, heh." Kujura decides to standby to watch the result of their fight before moving along.
  6. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    With the newfound power and courage surrounding her temporarily, Vanessa recklessly makes her move to K14 to attack Chuchu with Iron Lance. Cautious with the stranger he encountered just now, Lim steps to N19. Still curious, the blond-haired man followed suit to the right side, toward M19.
  7. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    The Shogun's long and swift footsteps drag the fowls further from the fences of the village, but they cease chase once they've come to a border of their own. The thought sounds more likely, as there's a nary to be seen from his back but grasses. He must be quite a distance away if he already lost sight of them, making him slow down to get a moment to rest and observe, hidden beneath the natural cover of forestry of a mountain's foot. "...These people again. What could they be doing to gather in a place such as this?" His monologue goes only as far as the calm winds could carry, but his curious mind is better served with insight, by taking a further look upon what meets the eye with the other side of the river. His eyebrows furrowed, the sight itself simplifies things. "...Now I see. They brandish their weapon to fend off monsters, all is about to begin with a clash of might..." The flying knight shows up as soon as the white horse lands with her legs barely touching the green blades. She appears to be relieved, that they haven't gotten far and unhurt, and the fact that this is going to become another battlefield psyches her with strength. ...Was it because the potion she bought and drank earlier? She shrugs the thought and positions herself to make sure she gets to see everyone, that maybe such drink and caution might work to her favor. Meanwhile, the blond-haired man sees the unconventionality of the flying rider appearing before him. The vision and knowledge don't compute with each other, while beasts are indeed trained for exploration purposes in the distant land known as High Lagaard, he's clueless as to how she befriended an animal- no, a monster so massive that taming it is a preposterous idea. The bizarre reality expands upon the otherworldly monsters he saw initially, and knowing that, he has no reason to stay hidden and chooses to reveal himself. *THUD* But of course, Lim makes his appearance at the same time he did, both bumping at each other. The Singaporean man fell down to a sit, while the Shogun didn't flinch and now is giving him an inquisitive stare. Adjusting his broken eyeglasses, he goes up and spontaneously says, "Oi! Watch where you go, mate!" "...Sorry, but I know nothing of those who pass through here." The Shogun says, "Care to provide me with a name to call?" "Man, you don't need to know me! I don't even know you! You looked like you're about to rob me off anyway!" Lim exclaims. "Tsk, fine." The Shogun's hands rims for the hilt of his sword, and such gesture only makes Lim nervous that he was serious about the idea. Amused by his reaction, he expresses his wry smile, "Scared, aren't you? Don't worry, this wasn't my intention at all." The blond-haired man relents the act then faces to the rest of the group, "I assume you're with them, correct? Tell them that I'll stick around for a while. Do that, and we're good, is that agreeable? Or should I-" "Alright, okay, just cut it short and tell me your name." Lim interrupted. "Kujura." He spitted out his name. "Now that I've done it, you'll do the-." "Lim, the name's Lim." Impatient, he makes his way toward the group, "Just go ahead and suit yourself." "Heh, sure thing." Lim is deployed at L22. Vanessa is deployed at K21. Kujura is deployed at K22.
  8. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Kujura He had been walking for a while now, listening to talks he managed to understand with minimal interaction. He wasn't successful in finding a place he's looking for, but the information he's been getting is good enough to return favor of the trouble. The town is indeed big, lively, and full of cheerful people. There's not much shady things that he can see but one within the crowd, though he felt like he just hit something carelessly as he walk. "Gawk!" Apparently, he accidentally kicked a chicken. The white flightless bird runs out from his sight, as if cowering from fear of becoming subjects of violence. Moreover, he got witnesses giving him discomforting gazes straight at him, giving a sense that he should've been more careful. The guilt of showing such heinous act froze him up on the spot, but then the chicken came back to him, as if nothing happened between the two. Unsure, he reluctantly moved to pick up the chicken, giving it strokes of apology while having his sight turned toward the nearby townspeople. They fortunately relented, and looked away, but something feels even more odd. The chicken wasn't alone, there were many more and they grouped upon his metallic boots. What could this possibly mean? Knowing only little about caring animals, this doesn't help him at all, and he can't be doing this for too long. "...I didn't ask for this. Now move it!" Irritated by their ambiguous behavior, he carefully raises his foot and makes his move quickly from their clutches. The chickens followed suit in a swarm, later becoming faster and faster, up until where the shogun had no choice but to outrun them somehow. Vanessa With her brand new weapon held with two, Vanessa makes her exit from the armory, steering to see where she left Titania to stay -- presumably where they got in here in the first place. There have been weirder things, but it's undeniable that it's quite serene to see what has been going around the town... "Hmm, wait a minute...!" However, the admittedly belated sight of a certain beast immediately alerted her of a dangerous presence. Its appearance being similar to those she used to fight against, but she's not certain if such creature derived from a source that has gone lost as the Demon King is no more. What's more, the people that tagged along are already on their move, with the addition of a mysterious golden-haired man bearing eastern features, and a swarm of chickens in tow. She's late, and to make it up, she makes her move as well to fetch her mount for a quick catch up. Lim Some time later spent on laying flat on the slopes, Lim doesn't find himself wanting to wake up, being tired and all to take in what just happened moments ago. The breeze is cool and warm, something people might yearn after going through rough times, but not everyone could actually have. Those who lived in a bustling city only had a park to visit, but even then, they don't feel the exact same authenticity. "...ONE PUUUUNCH!!" Suddenly, a loud sound startled Lim enough to jump, putting him back on his senses. The heck was that just now? But that sounds familiar still... Oh, right. Realization hits him almost immediately with his hand meeting the pocket's insides in his pants, producing a vibrating rectangular device that also glows a picture of a cartoon girl. As it turns out, it was the alarm that made him wake up. But it's more weirder that it was unscathed -- nothing indicates it as wet, cracked, nor malfunctioning. The thought of it being no longer working got debunked, but without connection to a network and battery charging, its usage is simply limited. "Never have I thought I'd get woken up by this, again." He slides his thumb and closes it off, "But that's a relief. I won't be getting bored, for a while... Now I wonder where...never mind, got them." He says, watching the chase from afar. He slowly stands up and turns to those who are nearby, "I'm going to catch up with them. This ought to be interesting to me." Having said it, he slides down to follow them.
  9. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Vanessa Looking dissastified, Vanessa takes another look upon what she just bought earlier. A potion that should come in handy, a white label wrapping its cylindrical shape with...an inscription she couldn't figure out. The words were too smudged for her to tell what it says, maybe she could've asked the shopkeeper what it actually does. Should I? Or shouldn't I? Tempted by curiosity, she swiftly plucks open the cap, taking a sniff on the visible opening that gives a distinctive odor, but not the sharp kind like alcohol. The moment of truth comes forth as she downs a gulp. "...!" And judging by how she squicked after ingesting the potion, it's apparent that Vanessa didn't find it appetizing in the slightest. 'Wasted' 1× Defense Tonic. "I don't want to try these things anymore." Done with the drink, she finally takes her turn to the armory. It's easy to guess what her pick would turn out to be, but another problem arises, that she doesn't have enough money to purchase the weapon she's looking for. Good lord. They don't allow bargaining, do they? But at least... "I might not be able to afford that, but would you take this vulnerary along with the money I have as a payment?" She says, putting a sack of strong solution for wounds on the counter, as well as another sum of Rupees that sit beside the non-currency object she's offering to sell to the blacksmith. Sold Herb. Bought Javelin.
  10. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Vanessa Aside from the general things they sell around these parts, unfortunately, she didn't find what she's looking for anywhere in the shop -- keys that makes short work of most locking mechanisms used and found almost everywhere, at least it was confirmed in Magvel. It makes her wonder, who could've manufactured them to be compatible with almost everything? "I'll...take this...thing." It might be disrespectful to some if they just come and go, her hand gesturing at a bottle with the cheapest price tag. She has never seen things like these before, though looking closely, they appear to be a medicine of some sort, coming in two contrasting colors. Next, she just needs to hand over a sum, hoping that it gets pawned in a fair quantity of such foreign currency, abundantly found through literal vandalism. She makes her leave afterwards, deciding that she might be needing one other thing within the armory, for herself. Bought 1× Defense Tonic.
  11. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Lim "...Whoa." For somebody who has seen less greenery than the world he used to live in, Lim can't help himself but letting out a whistle of amazement. Minutes ago, things like wide plains and seawater started to get on his nerves. While this is basically the same in a way, it's more serene and cooler, in a way that he had forgotten what it means to deliver a Happy Meal for a starving family. "Gee, I think I'll stay here for a bit." Lim says as he rests his back upon the grassy slopes, "All that running makes me a little tired, and hungry. I could favor for some food to come soon, but I'm just not in the mood, not yet." Vanessa The Pegasus Knight is nowhere to be found. Not in where the group would've been if they start out slow, and without her mount accompanying her, she must've taken quite a trip, if only it was that far for her to reach the village. Somewhere, Vanessa makes her visit to a shop favored by locals, holding the currency she was told to bring if she wants to buy something that could prove to be useful. Discounting provisions to keep everyone in shape, there's one particular thing that she needed to reveal things that she couldn't see, yet the very chest containing them mocked her to the very time she sets her foot inside, moving toward the counter and vendor. Kujura "...Unbelievable. What could this possibly mean?" The blade he holds eventually reunites back with its sheath -- a long and slender one, pointing downwards, but never meets the ground. Every steps he took rings a metallic noise that clashes with the stomped grasses, it's been a long way from where he ended up, out of the blue, unknowing of the reason why he is now standing at the sight of an unfamiliar civilization. The Shogun finds himself missing from the city of seas, better known as Armoroad, and though calm as ever, tries to discern the new zone that appears before him. However, something has caught his utmost attention. Among the townspeople whose pointed-ears are comparable to a race found in a certain land, there's a rendezvous of what he might describe as humans armed with weapons. Are they the city guards? The thought comes up, but doesn't seem likely, particularly with the way they are dressed differently one after another. Mercenaries? Adventurers? The answer remains unclear unless he finds it out by himself, but something else made him take a step to the back. "...Hmm?" His wariness almost never lets him down in many occasions, even outside from exploring the Labyrinth. Death is a punishment for carelessness, and many explorers he met during his duty got to experience how hellish it can be due to a simple but critical mistake. But for now, it isn't the atmosphere like what he's used to. It appears that he stumbled upon something, which he picks up curiously to inspect it. The color is red, almost gem-like in texture and shaped like a long hexagon. There doesn't seem to be anything weirder than how it was there, but there's no reason to loosen up, at least in a place where he knows little of its history. He had to make his move and learn what's his next move. First things first, is to gather intel from the people around the place. That simply means he either have to interact, or listen, in hopes that they at least know human speech that he goes to visit the loudest area possible. A pub might be the most fitting choice, but he has some time to figure out where it could possibly be, squirming around as his piercing eyes leer side by side constantly.
  12. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Lim "...Pah, what a hassle." In spite of the raised chorus of agreement, Lim is the least enthusiastic. He goes on to elaborate his complain, "First, we have this good-for-nothing fainting on spot, then that girl comes in trying to attack Link, now there's this religious man praising her like some kind of savior, when all she did was causing unwanted harm were he didn't raise his shield. Sounds like we're carrying more trouble than it's worth, and it's just natural because in the end we're gonna die." He turns to direct himself toward the destination, soon to be visited by himself and the others. On hindsight, everything that has been said sounded too petty -- the whole conversation, the guessing game, the exaggerated act put up to express oneself's enjoyment, and the least of all, mistrust. It's all exasperating, and he could go on to describe every of it that he dislikes the most, but it might not be of good conscience to let that thought out of him, yet. Negativity is his own enemy for years, but it hasn't lifted away from his way of life. "...Forget what I said earlier." Reverting back to his less serious nature, he raises his voice, "Count me in, where do we go?" Vanessa It didn't take a while for her to return back from her little investigative flight, for her to have landed effortlessly on the grassy plains next to the group. Nothing changed in her appearance, her usual level-headed tone remained the same, but the content of her report gives more than a sudden sense of urgency. "I've checked around the neighboring areas. I can conclude, that they're coming in larger numbers than previous, and they'll reach us within a moment's worth... We must make haste."
  13. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Lim During what he would call 'unpleasant' being placed upon him, he stayed still, mouth clamped and arms crossed. While it's true, there's definitely a breathing piece of crap deserving a rightful smiting right a few meters ahead, he knew for a reason that this person...is definitely unpopular with girls, and he explicitly pitied him for failing miserably through the clicking of his tongue. Instead, he returns a mocking smirk along with a shrug, "Man, and here I thought I'd get lectured by some smarty-pants. Turns out he's just a brat who just lost his cool in a whim." His hand went rubbing his chin as his eyes are directed at Matt, "Yeah, we don't know everything in the works, but calling one with a slur out of the blue? Why, I bet you're not-" Vanessa "This is a waste of time." Before Lim could finish, she interjected with a displeased tone, "Granted, we can temporarily rest at ease, but we mustn't stray from our main objective. We needn't to know his name, but his motive as to why he comes here. That explains more things than what we've been doing by now, and I'm certain that we're getting the same idea." As soon as she says that, she stands up to fetch the lance where she had put it, disinterested with the occurring mouthing between the two men. She reaches for where Titania is standing, climbs on the saddle and sets herself back on her mount. "I'm going to patrol around the perimeter. Chances are they still remain around the castle." With the wings of her Pegasus opening wide and flapping, she finds herself aloft and further from the group by taking the lead.
  14. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Lim "So you see...me and my magic are simply inseparable reckon of force. Now that you've seen something worse than acupuncture done wrong, prepare yourself to feel...wait a minute." After a little while of letting his manic loose, Lim looks around, perplexed by the prospect of absence filling the air around him. The Archer he just zapped, the monsters appearing left and right, literally gone from sight. Is there something amiss to him? He tries to get another good look, spotting the crowd formed nearby the outer castle's walls. True, he's being left out, but that's not a problem because now he can use magic! ...Right? ...No crickets, but no time to waste either. He makes a run to approach the group, tome closed in hand, his mysterious garb fluttering in motion. Vanessa Dismounted, she stands still not far from them, keeping watch of Titania grazing over the grasses sprouting tall within their sinking feet. She momentarily keeps herself to listen as to not disturb their queries upon the demi-human in green tunic; at one side, suspicious of his distinctive quirks, on the other, unsure of what he just did is of good will or a coincidence. But that's not the least of bizarre things she had seen, though it might be more of miraculous to some. The body that Raven carried along within the past turmoil, now wide awake, words coming out from his lips. She cannot vouch for certain if he was sleeping all this time, or was it being possessed by a curious spirit within the lands they are standing at. "Yo." A voice called out from the back, making her to lean to her back. It was Lim, looking more brighter than where the shipwreck took place. "Did you just see me rollin'?" "...? See what?" She asks. "What do you mean 'see what?!'" His voice raises, "You're missing out my flashy wizardly moves. Now I'm disappointed of your disinterest of my achievement. At least I deserve some honor!" "Ah, congratulations, good for you, I guess." Though her compliment is evidently forced, it gives a smile on his face. At least that's better than nothing, he thought, looking at the back of the group discussing with several new faces. But his focus is more directed toward the entity in green outfit, almost as if he recognized him, but unsure of where he had seen him last time. "That guy... Ah, right! You must be Zelda!" Lim shouts out loud, pointing his finger at him.
  15. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Lim As electricity surrounds the tome in his sinister hand, his other hand raises a gesture, plummeting down to release a shock wave that fades afterwards. His appearance is no different, but the look within the broken lenses of his eyeglasses shows the firmness of his purpose. Of course, he is more than just proud to witness the grandeur of magic, he also gets to express how he loathes his former community by putting themselves to 'sleep' by his own hand. "Yes yes, that's right. That's very right. This power is gifted only to me and me alone. But now, it's not going to end just yet. Where did you run off into? Because I'm coming for you, and I mean it. I really MEAN it." Lim moves to D18 to perform a joint assault with Raven against the Archer. Vanessa Aloft in the air, Vanessa caught glimpse of an Archer rushing in, his bow's string stretched and fitted with an arrow ready to be released. This could mean trouble should her Pegasus be shot by another arrow, just like in the past hour before they went to sail a shipwreck through the raging waves. But it doesn't interest her to flinch or feel ill of his presence, because obviously, she shouldn't be engaging these kind of enemies, yet. ...So it seems that I no longer needed to worry. But I must remain watchful and do my part. To start with... Her decision is made, but before so, she decides to give the Archer a little parting gift -- a taunt in the form of a wink, followed with a pull further from her former position because anything else than that would've been too overboard. Next, she maneuvers to J20, her target locked upon the unsuspecting Mage that comes creeping, lance in hand.