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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Nice to see a Fates banner that doesn't cause people to become very salty or bring the worst out of them. Still, I could care less about beast units so this banner is easy to ignore and I can continue stocking up orbs. Next month should also be very easy for me to save orbs since the only new banners will be that Binding Blade banner and Spring 2019 seasonal. Was surprised they decided to put the all of Fates beast characters together on one banner and not spread them out considering IS's love of Fates. Figured they would of had a Hoshidan banner with Kaden and Selkie earlier in the year and a Nohrian banner with Keaton and Velouria later this year. Though I guess beasts are still the hot new thing right now and if CYL means anything people have been wanting the 3DS beasts plus it gets them out of the way now.
  2. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Late reaction to the recent direct but for the most part I thought it was great although I do think there was an excessive amount of rpgs and anime styled games. Decided to put my thoughts in a spoiler tag since it is rather long. Short story the games that interested me was Mario Maker 2, Yoshi's Crafted World, Bloodstained, FE Three Houses, Daemon X Machina, Astral Chains, and Link's Awakening. All in all I'm happy with this direct. Has been a while since I enjoyed a normal direct though that might be because they weren't shoving Splatoon and ARMS in my face and trying to convince people to play online and buy a subscription.
  3. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    I actually considered mentioning Jirachi as well but then we wouldn't have a game now would we?
  4. Results were half expected and half surprising. I suspected L!Azura and Duma winning their respective colors but I was surpised H!Myrhh beating out all those red legendaries and L!Lyn winning out over all those green armors. Oh well, in a way I am kind of relieved since now I can ignore the banner and continue saving up orbs.
  5. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    Pokémon Trainer...I guess they just happen to conveniently have a Legendary Pokémon they don't use for fighting on them to help them escape? Maybe have Giratina/Arceus send them into the Distortion World, Solgaleo/Lunala hide them in the Ultra Wormhole or even have Celebi teleport them into the future after Galeem was done destroying everything I guess.
  6. Pulled a red orb for 2018 Seasonals and got Hoshidan Summer Micaiah. Quite happy I pulled someone good over what I got from 2017 seasonals
  7. Official Pull Topic

    2018 Seasonal Anniversary gave me Hoshidan Summer Micaiah. Definitely a better anniversary gift over what 2017 Seasonals gave me though it is kind of funny that both my free seasonal pulls were alts of the CYL3 female winners. I am glad I decided to change my mind at the last minute to pick red instead of blue since I looked at the options for red and that color seemed to have better units/fodder for me. I keep hearing people saying Dancer Micaiah is good so maybe I'll train her up and use her in Aether Raids or if nothing else Arena Assault. I don't have any wings of mercy fodder to give her right now though. Free pull for the other two banners was 3 stars Marth and 4 stars Roy. Nice Smash reference game.
  8. SOV (Alm's Side) SOV (Celica's Side) Awakening Fates (Nohr) Fates (Hoshido) Paralogue Banner featuring Anna from different games Bridal Seasonal Valentian Christmas
  9. Since everyone else is sharing... Was going to give my last two picks to L!Robin but after thinking about it I figured someone like Duma is going to win colorless anyways so I switched over to L!Eirika instead to help her win red. Regardless of who wins I just hope all four units are good either as a unit or for fodder.
  10. No new merge projects (Eirika and Cherche are half way there though with both sitting at +5) but I decided to update two of my units that were already +10 since they got prf weapons later on and I didn't have the dew to upgrade them till recently. Plus the new merge/flaw removal system was added so their stats are slighter higher now though I might have to do more updates if I decide to use dragonflowers on some of my +10 units. Anyways for now here is the new and improved Tailtiu with her her Tome of Thoron (and a Brazen seal for more attack power) and Catria with her Whitewing Lance!
  11. L!Hector since he is a great axe armor unit. Plus next month we will be able to pass on 4 skills when inheriting skills so you can fodder distant counter and vengeful fighter to somone if you don't want to use him. Plus this is probably the only time you will ever see Legendary/Mythic heroes on a banner that are not sharing colors with another unit so its a good time to get them if you were constantly screwed over before.
  12. Hmmm...I wonder if they are going to show halfway results like they do for CYL. Today is probably the day they would do such a thing. Though then again voting only lasts five days so it makes since they might not bother with it this time.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Mothers and Sons! (Jan 30th)

    And Owain won, good. I was hoping for either him or Cherche to win the whole thing. Too bad VG are the one of the least interesting modes most people are talking about the Tellius seasonal banner instead.
  14. The easiest skip for me. Tellius fans have something to be happy about I guess. Ike also got another alt now so hopefully now I can stop hearing complaints about how other males like Hector and Chrom have more alts than him and it will die down now. I'll just take my free V!Titania and be on my way. Hopefully she has some good skills on her. Hopefully all banners from now until September/October are this easy for me to ignore because I wish to conserve orbs. Also, Fury 4 is a thing. Figured it was coming eventually but it is much tamer than some of the tier 4 skills that came before it.
  15. Mainly voting for L!Eirika for red and L!Hector for green since I have neither of them yet and Legendary/Mythic banners are a crapshoot for me to summon on. Also voting for L!Robin as while I do have one I would like another one just to get rid of her speed flaw. Not voting for blue be fine with L!Azura, L!Tiki or L!Lucina winning that color. The only one of these three blue units I don't have is L!Lucina.