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  1. Are people really that desperate to start thinking that assist trophy characters like Waluigi, Lyn and Takamaru only appear to be in that role and will actually show up as playable later on, I mean really? Isn't that just being too much wishful thinking and looking a little too deep into things. I mean kudos for still being supportive of your favorite characters but still... That clip was shown to show that you can knock out assist trophy characters and be rewarded by adding a point to your score. Why would they use Waluigi as an example if he wasn't an assist trophy character?
  2. The project plan for Smash Ultimate was decided in Dcember 2015 huh. That's interesting. I guess that pretty much rules out any FE newcomers from Shadow of Valentia or Three Houses then. So I guess that means if we any FE newcomers at all it will be Chrom or Anna I'm guessing. Pokémon Sun/Moon came out in 2016 right? If so, I'm assuming that means a gen 7 rep is only possible if they do the Greninja situation again.
  3. Mario still uses the cape as his side-b. Not 100% sure about Dr. Mario though but I'm assuming he still uses the cape as well considering it would have been pointed out by now if it has changed.
  4. I imagine that Robin's final smash will either be replaced by summoning Grima's head to use Expiration or instead of Chrom coming in to assist another character (or even groups of characters since Shulk's and Megaman's final smash has more characters jumping in to attack) such as Frederick/Lissa/Cordelia/Owain will come in and assist Robin instead.
  5. I'm pretty sure Archanea (called Akaneia in Melee's debug menu) from Melee became Castle Seige in Brawl according to Sakurai. I don't think there is even any stage data for Akaneia in Melee because trying to access it crashes the game so no one even knows what the stage was suppose to look like. Edit: Drat, someone beat me to it.
  6. Didn't even think of that. Having FE related items would be nice considering they had none in smash bros to begin with. They could even do something like have tomes like Thunder and Ruin that can be used a limited number of times before they break unless that interferes with Robin's moveset too much or maybe have a ballista that was used in some levels in Fates and presumedly other FE games.
  7. I haven't really seen this discussed much but does anyone think we will see new FE characters as assist trophies this time around or will it only be Lyn again? It doesn't look like they will be Einherjar/Breidablik to act like Pokeballs but I would still love to see characters like Caeda, Tiki, Black Knight and Azura come out and help players during battle and I feel like outside of playable characters FE doesn't really have much representation since they only seem to have generic looking stages, a poor or rather limited number of trophies focused on one two games and the music selection seems pretty hit or miss for me too.
  8. Only swords, lances and axes can build up the Awakening gauge from weapon triangle advantage. The best way for tomes and bow users to build the awakening gauge is to have galeforce equipped in their skill slot. With Serenity Crest III and Galeforce I believe 1/6 of the awakening gauge gets filled with each captain defeated. There is also the quick wit skill and the awaken gift weapon attribute but they are not as effective as galeforce. Hopes this helps.
  9. Ganondorf/Captain Falcon is probably the biggest oddity out of the smash clones since every other clone is either an expy (Pikachu/Pichu) or are similar enough in body size/proportion (Fox/Falco). Ganondorf is the way he is because I believe he was literally the last character added to Melee and Sakurai decided to add Ganondorf due to his popularity and Captain Falcon was just the closest in body build to him. I could be wrong but I don't think Celica's body build is similar to Robin's. But yeah, I guess I could see how Celica's spells could emulate Robin's though I still think Celica should be more unique. Though I do remember Erica Lindbeck's tweet claiming she hasn't done any voicework (unless she is lying under contract) for Smash Ultimate so I believe Celica's chances are low regardless.
  10. The way I have always saw it was the reason Lucina is a Marth clone in smash is because part of her shtick in Awakening was that she was trying to (in her mind) impersonate Marth so they made her moveset exactly the same as Marth to translate that into Smash with slightly different properties in her attacks and while I have never played KI: Uprising I believe Dark Pit's backstory was that he was created from a evil mirror based on Pit's reflection right but otherwise he can use the same weapons Pit uses correct? Even Daisy makes since as Peach clone since almost every Mario spin-off has Daisy as Peach's counterpart who can presumedly do every Peach can do and Daisy was literally a Peach clone back in Super Mario Land. With Celica however I feel people just come a quick conclusion of 'oh, she fights with a sword and magic like Robin so clearly she can be clone of them' and just leave it at. Yes, I could see Celica gimmick being using magic at the cost of damage to herself but at that point is Celica still an echo fighter of Robin. Is self-inflicting damage the same as weapon durability? I don't see how that means she should be using all of Robin's attack animations especially since she doesn't even canonically know spells like Thoron, Arcfire, Elwind even though Marth/Roy/Ike are using counter. Plus I see her spell list being based around fire and light element spells like Ragnarok, Seraphim, and Aura instead of using spells from Awakening. Even their walking, running and jumping animations would presumedly have to be different because I see Robin as a slow, sturdy and more focused on using magic while Celica is more agile, frail and would be more balanced between swinging her sword and flashing out spells. Basically, if Sakurai wanted Celica in Smash I feel like he would spend the usual time and resources to give Celica her own unique moveset to represent Gaiden/Echoes and not give her the Fire Emblem Warriors treatment of being a clone two times in a row decided at the last minute. Lucina can get away with being a clone of Marth/Chrom/Eirika/whoever because IS will cram her into just about anything FE related but I believe Celica has plenty of unique things about her to be different than any other mage knight from FE. And wow I wrote more about this then I thought I was going to but hopefully it all made sense.
  11. I keep hearing people on sereneforest and other forums say this but do people actually think Celica could be an echo character for Robin? I mean yes, she fights with a sword and magic like Robin but her fighting style is still very different from the Robins since Celica is basically 'Marth with magic'. Especially since Robin's moveset in smash is suppose to represent weapon durability and Gaiden is the only game besides Fates to not have that mechanic so I feel Robin's moveset wouldn't fit her. Not only that but Celica doesn't even use tomes (besides in Heroes) nor is her sword known for using electricity. As much as I would love to see her playable in Smash I feel like they are going to pass on her and Celica will only show up as a regular trophy.
  12. If there is any echoes character I want to see in Smash Ultimate it would be Chrom if only to see the silly memes about him and Smash come full circle. Also, I would see it as a chance for him to get back at the KI crew for mocking him in Palutena's Guidance.
  13. I don't think Einherjars/Breidablik is happening since Lyn is still an Assist Trophy character but I would still like seeing other characters like Azura, Black Knight, and Tiki being summoned as Assist Trophies.
  14. I'll be maining Pokémon Trainer, Mario and Captain Falcon. Other characters I like playing as are Lucario, Mewtwo, Corrin, Young Link and Sonic. I'm also thinking of trying out Marth now and I'm interested in seeing if Zelda gets buffed in any way.
  15. Like Altrosa said above me I don't think we will see anything from Three Houses referenced in Smash outside of potential DLC. I believe most of the new FE content for Smash such as trophies/stages/songs/etc. will be pulled from Fates and Echoes/Shadow of Valentia. Though if we do get DLC and a choice for a Three House character rep for Smash I would like it to be either Edelgard or Dimitri for an axe or lance moveset.