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  1. @mampfoid My Catria used to be +Atk/-Res but I had to make the final merge be +Spd/-Res in order to double units in Arena/AA. Yeah, I suppose some people like their chicken dragon but I always thought it looked weird plus I recently pulled FH!Robin with a good nature so I prefer to use him as my Green Dragon. I would rather not see Camilla any more than I have to and while I think Beruka and Arthur are interesting they require more investment than I am willing to put in them. I do use Frederick and Cecilia though and have both of them at +10 except they are still at 4 stars. I also like using Sonya and would +10 her if they decide to bring her down to 3 or 4 stars the next time they decide to demote units along with giving Dark Excalibur a good refine.
  2. Managed to grind enough HM feathers out of Rival Domains to finish the final merge for Catria. It feels good to finally be able to complete some of these merge projects I have been spending months working on. https://imgur.com/7pEbHi4 Honestly, I don't really like dragons with child-like personalities and appearances outside of Tiki though really there are not that many green units I like or care for anyways since most my favorites end up being red or blue units in this game.
  3. @mampfoid Thanks. Congrats on your first +10 unit as well. I really need to start thinking about which green unit I want to +10 as well though I am still deciding between Raven or my own Cherche. Also, I like your new look as well. Very nice.
  4. Thanks. Yeah, back then I didn't have Cordelia so I used Catria since she was another of my early 5 star pulls and she worked out better than I thought she would. She tanks in hits pretty well for a Pegasus knight. Plus, she pitybroke me so much I already had her at +5 without spending any feathers so I figured why not. Good luck with your merge projects with Catria and Palla. I would like to merge up my own Palla since she is my favorite of the Whitewings but mine don't really see much action anymore since I have Elincia, Caeda and L!Ryoma plus I keep foddering my extras away for Goad Flier since I have so many units that want that skill.
  5. I finally did it! After playing this game for a year and a half I finally managed to +10 a 5-star unit (though I wasn't really serious about merging units until the start of this year). I wanted A!Tiki to be the first unit fully merged in order to commemorate Y!Tiki being my first 5-star oh so long ago and was also inspired by @Astellius and @Sylphid after seeing how powerful their A!Tiki were in battle. We are still posting imgur links too right? If so here is the link... https://imgur.com/5J918rD Once I rake in more feathers Catria will be next since she is only one merge away and after that Mr. Reinhardt will be the third unit I work on for merges since I already have enough copies of him to merge to +10.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Today's free summon gave me a 3-star Tiki. Finally, I have been waiting for another one of her to show up so I can finally get my first +10 unit soon. Now all I need is the 22,000 feather to rank up and merge her. Probably going to spend all day grinding feathers through Rivals Domain.
  7. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    I guess I was kind of 'lucky' in that regard considering I was aiming for Sumia and Maribelle but ending up with 2 Olivias instead because there were no blue or colorless orbs both times. Azura is my favorite refresher unit in Fire Emblem but Olivia has been growing on me especially since I somehow have all versions of Olivia in the game right now but I'm still missing PA!Azura. I kind of hope Performing Arts banner comes back sometime this year so I can try for Azura again and end up with another Inigo instead. Honestly, I don't like Legendary banners either as it is way too hard to pull for a specific unit. About the only unit I ever wanted from that is L!Robin just to complete my dragon team I have been working on and after showing up on 5 consecutive banners I still don't have her. I know most people would disagree but I kind of hope they don't introduce a new colorless legendary yet until after Robin shows up for me.
  8. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    I actually have two copies of her (and was the only 'new' unit I managed to pull off of Ylissean Travelers banner). I already built one of them up and the one I haven't decided what to with yet. I kind of want to merge her because who knows I unlikely might find nine more copies of her some day but at the same time she has too many good premium skills like Bracing Stance and Chill Speed on her and another unit might want one of those skills so I decided for now to just let her chill in the barracks so I don't regret anything later. Sad to hear about Tana especially since flying red tomes and atk/spd push are still locked to seasonal units but who knows maybe she will show up on a future Legendary Banner once they get around to 2018 summer seasonals and you might get another one then (maybe one with a better nature even).
  9. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    @mampfoid Hmm...strange, for some reason if I enter the forum topic from your notification your video say it cannot be displayed but if I enter the topic normally the video loads normally. Not sure if it is something wrong with my computer or something else. Also, R.I.P. Tana. I know I can't bring myself to fodder away 5 star exclusives such as YT!Olivia and K!Hinoka and let them continue to sit in my barracks.
  10. Honestly, I am of the belief of all leaks are fake until proven true (I don't think I have ever seen a leak that 100% guessed everything correctly) and even though Gardevoir is a popular Pokémon Gothitelle alone makes me question the leak's validity (how popular is Gothitelle anyways?). Even Gardevoir is kind of a strange choice to me if they are picking from each generation since I always kind of assumed Blaziken (or any starter from Hoenn since all three of them are rather popular) was the face of Gen 3 . I have heard people joke about how Blaziken could be a Captain Falcon Echo Fighter for some time now. Though I honestly don't believe the smash devs care about having a playable rep from each gen but I still think will get at one new Pokémon rep regardless of which generation it is from.
  11. I didn't see it in either the direct or his character trailer. Even if it is different they might have chosen to wait till later to show it for whatever reason. They also haven't shown how different Robin's final smash is either despite showing Chrom as playable now. There are also other character's final smash that we don't know how much has changed like Peach and Yoshi as well.
  12. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    Anyone else think whatever game gets represented on the New Heroes banner on August 21 will hint as who the next Legendary Hero will be?
  13. About the FE Characters...

    As of now we have Castle Siege, Arena Ferox and Colosseum for stages; Killing Edge for items and Lyn as an Assist Trophy. Not sure if we will get more but I personally would like one more Assist Trophy if possible.
  14. About the FE Characters...

    I'm pretty sure Captain Falcon being based on that beta fighters is all but confirmed already because what else could they pull from for his moveset but thanks for reminding about that.
  15. About the FE Characters...

    @Light Strategist I don't see why Captain Falcon needs to leave just because F Zero has no new games or because only Smash makes him relevant. Going by your logic wouldn't that mean characters like the Earthbound duo, Game and Watch, Duck Hunt, Ice Climbers and ROB need to leave as well because they no longer get new games?