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  1. Should have figured they would bring Kana into the game soon after Morgan came last month. As tempting as it is to get the other avatar's daughter and as much as I still need a green dragon I will probably pass on her. Water Breath is inferior to Lightning Breath plus Grima and Myrhh are probably still better options than her. Hopefully they will drop her to 4 stars so I can randomly get her later. Shigure gives us a lance with the wo dao effect so now all we need is a non-seasonal wo dao axe. And I always figured our first flying archer would be someone in the Kinshi Knight class. But the unit I'm most happy to see is Kaze since he is one of my favorite characters from Fates! Kind of hoping he will be free since I prefer neutral natures over -Atk or -Spd and I hope he's a good unit since I can replace normal Kagero for him and I don't have Felicia trained up (or her plate for that matter). Now I just need to wait for Silas to come in the inevitable Conquest banner whenever that comes. I guess Legendary banner will have Legendary Takumi with green bow (probably a new Fujin Yumi) like I see people saying but I think it would be funny if they had Hoshido Noble Corrin with a staff since that class did use them in Birthright and they did release Nanna with a staff a few weeks ago though its probably unlikely since Grima is coming back and they probably wouldn't have two Legendary Heroes with the same color on the same banner.
  2. I think it is too soon to say whether or not FE Switch is getting delayed or not. Unless Nintendo has another Direct sometime in May I think FE Switch will most likely show up at E3 and even then there's still eight months left of 2018 after all, that's plenty of time for Nintendo/IS to talk/release the game this year even if it ends up coming out in December like they did with Xenoblade 2. Though it wouldn't bother me either way if it came out in 2018 or 2019 since I'm more fixated on Smash right now but I do understand people are rather hungry for information on FE Switch.
  3. How good are you at Fire Emblem?

    I would say I am pretty average at Fire Emblem. I would say I am definitely better than when I first started playing Fire Emblem a year ago when I was complete garbage at strategy games. (though I did choose Fates: Conquest as my first FE game to play so...)
  4. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    Ryoma Owain Strength: 142 130 Magic: 12 130 Skill 141 152 Speed: 171 148 Luck: 142 99 Defense 107 89 Resistance: 92 81 If we just go by their raw stats Ryoma wins in all stats except magic (which Ryoma doesn't need) and skill. Ryoma is a powerhouse whose high strength and luck can deal with captains and bosses easily while Owain is for the most part a weaker variant of him. Doesn't stop people like me who prefer using Owain anyways and there is always Resonating Power I guess.
  5. I would say Amped is better due to it giving a 20% boost to all your stats except move which kind of make it this game's version of Limit Breaker from Awakening. Bolster is slightly inferior since it requires other boost and attack attributes forged on your weapon to be effective.
  6. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Round 2 in Outrealm 2437 ended with 11-8-11 with Alfonse and Anna tying this time and Sharena ending with the short end of the stick. Anna's team did have 15 nodes before the final two hours but my teammates ended up wasting too much effort trying to take Sharena's chokepoint instead of defending our own territories which let Alfonse and Sharena both take two nodes in the final hour. Meanwhile, for the final round I get be on Anna's team again in Outrealm 3476. I mean, what are the chances of being put on the same team three times in a row? I mean, I'm happy to be randomly put on the team I wanted to be on but for future Grand Conquest I hope we get to pick who we want to support if only to help motivate more people to play in this somewhat flawed gamemode.
  7. Took down this GHB on my first try with a team of fliers (NYAzura, HNowi, Cherche and Elincia). Honestly thought Camus Infernal was more difficult than this.
  8. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Over in Outrealm 870 it ended with 5-15-10. Alfonse was in the lead on the first day but crashed hard on the second, Sharena's team always had more than 11 areas, and Anna was mostly always in last but somehow ended up with the same number of areas she started with in the end. Only got to GC tier 18. Might have been able to get to 19/20 if I didn't do so bad in the last fight but I ran out of stamina lances in the last hour. Missing that one orb and four refining stones is probably going to annoy me.
  9. New Event: Grand Conquests

    @Alexmender I went ahead and sent a friend request. I have Delthea as my lead right now but will be switching to Elise later so one of them will be by my name. I guess I'll leave my friend code here while I'm at it if anyone wants to add me...8264658470.
  10. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Ah, figured as much. Thanks for the update.
  11. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Oh yeah, forgot to put this in my earlier post but I am on Anna's team, Outrealm 870 currently 9-14-7. Every time I check in it seems like Anna's team has the least areas although I'm not sure if it is the same in other Outrealms. Not sure if Anna's team will make a comeback later or not since I haven't used a single stamina recharge yet and I'm sitting at GC tier 9 at the moment but at the very least I'm happy to have been blessed to be on the team I wanted to be on regardless if I win or lose.
  12. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Oh, I see. I think I kind of understand it better now. It explains why the scores in the surrounding areas always seems lower than I thought it should be and why it looked like there were not many players on the map every time I check in. I never really played anything similar to Grand Conquest before so I'm not really familiar with how this all works. Thanks for clarifying it for me.
  13. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    If we are just talking about raw stats then I think Minerva is better due having higher strength, luck and defense. The only thing Camilla has better than her is res which is only 30 points higher at max level and still isn't even that impressive.
  14. New Event: Grand Conquests

    I don't really know how I feel about this mode. I read all the in-game rules and I'm still confused about what these outrealms numbers mean or how the number of territories each team has during a certain hour is different for everyone. I feel like there is something I'm just not understanding. All I really know is that it is really annoying to be constantly fighting both Grimas, Elise with double savage blow and just about any cavalry mage most of the time.