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  1. @XRay The merges would seem to be better for him and I forgot Close Def is a seal now. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I don't think there is a 4th dlc at this time but the developers have said they might do more dlc if there is enough fan demand for it.
  3. How good is Steady Stance as a skill? Should I fodder off the skill from the extra Black Knight I got from the Starter Support pack to a unit like Tiki or Nowi or should I merge my Black Knights together to +2? Would the extra stats help him as I do use the Black Knight from time to time and I'm not going to bother trying to pull for Zelgius.
  4. FE16 "leaks"

    I don't really see FE16 being announced on something like Feh's Channel. Whenever Nintendo/IS are ready to talk about FE16 it will probably be during the rumored February direct which I think could be a short FE-centric direct that I can see starting off with more Heroes stuff maybe even Feh's Channel thrown in there even though we never had a direct with Feh's Channel before, then showing off SD's and potentially Awakening's DLC pack for Warriors and then ending with FE16's reveal. Also, they will officially announce FE Cipher to be released worldwide. That or I see the February direct showing whatever big name games that Nintendo will release this year with FE16 being among them. I'm honestly not too impatient with the lack of FE16 info since Heroes and Warriors has been enough to keep me occupied concerning FE stuff but I will be happy to hear about the official title for it because I feel it's pretty redundant at this point to keep referring to it as FE16 or FE Switch.
  5. Owain, Kliff, Boey, Silas, Kaze, Delthea and Anna are my seven choices even though the FE characters I like probably have no hope of being in the top 10. If they still allow people to vote for the same character more than once I might just throw all my votes at Anna even though I would still prefer characters getting one vote per person.
  6. What character is your main?

    If we are going by weapon type then... Sword: Chrom- Has a simple yet fun moveset and I prefer him over Lucina. But once Owain comes out... Lance: Azura- Has probably the most unique moveset and specials in the game (until Olivia comes around anyways) Axe: Lissa- I love using her Strong 5 attack. It's fun just seeing Lissa swing herself across the battlefield like a wheel using her axe. Bow: Anna- I like her the best of the four archers and all the little quips and money puns that comes with her and despite Anna's Bow not being available yet while the other three have their prf weapon. Tome: Leo/Elise- I like using both of these characters equally since they are both some of my favorite characters from Fates even though Elise is slightly better at doing damage with her higher Magic and Luck stats. But that might change once Linde come out and we see if she comes with a moveset revolving around Light Magic/Aura. If I only had to pick one out of them though it's a hard pick between Anna, Lissa and Chrom in that order.
  7. Only Anna herself need her own materials for attack and boost crests unless you are giving Payday to other units.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Free summon from RD banner was 3 star Lissa. Kind of a big disappointment for me especially since there was not even a single blue orb there. I guess its the game's way of telling me not to bother trying to go for Micaiah. Also tried my free summon on the mini tempest banner and got 3 star Subaki...Not the Hoshidan Pegasus Knight I was looking for. Decided to throw 32 more orbs at the banner and finally got Hinoka. She's -Spd/+Res but that's RNG for ya. And with that I finally have all the Hoshidan Royals. Now if only Xander's GHB would return and I can get the last Nohrian Royal I still don't have. I wish I knew what if IS have something big planned for February because otherwise I would spend more orbs trying for Micaiah, merges for NY Azura and a better natured Hinoka.
  9. Share your FEW stories!

    A memorable moment for me was doing the Anna mission on Invisible Ties with a team of Lv.55 units with silver weapons (I tried with Lv.40 units equipped with steel weapons but I was doing little to no damage so I gave up on it). I remember fighting Anna with Chrom and I somehow managed to juggle her all the way over to the top left corner of the map by doing Chrom's Strong 5 repeatedly and trapped her there. I also remember thinking the mission was over after defeating Validar but then I had to send Cordelia back to defend the base from Robin's clones because no one was there defending it and then being surprised again by having to back to Validar's base and deal with the real Robin because I didn't realize at the time that the Anna missions were a recreation of the whole history map its based on. I also find it funny that during a cut in for Chrom's warrior specials his cape ends up covering his face or when moving around as Elise her hair gets all curled up.
  10. Round 1: 2100+500 Round 2: 2500+500 Round 3: 3100+500 Cumulative: 2600 Total: 11,800 I think I did well despite being on Azura's team the whole way through. I feel like I always get more feathers out of these Voting Gauntlets since I'm terrible at scoring well in Arena and AA. I also want to say thanks again to @LordFrigid's units and @Astellius's Tiki despite not seeing Clair. Towards the end I was only seeing an Eliwood and Nowi from non-Sereneforest members. If nothing else its always fun trying out other people's unit in battle.
  11. I believe Azura had more points than anyone in Round 1 but Tharja was not that far behind her.
  12. It's nice to see Fire Emblem Warriors on the list.
  13. You always fight shadows of Frederick, Robin, Corrin and Caeda on Endgame. Chapter 20 is the one that has you fight shadows of characters depending on who you deploy.
  14. I hope she shows up for you and is helpful.