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  1. What was your first spirit when starting the game?

    Blastoise was the first one I got. The game somehow knew Pokémon Blue was the first Pokémon game (and video games in general) I played.
  2. Yep, that's me. Didn't know you were on Gunnthra's team as well. Though that is probably how high my score will go this round. I honestly haven't been paying much to the VG or Heroes in general since Smash Ultimate came out today.
  3. Oh wow, certainly wasn't expecting this. I was always guessing an Atlus rep for Smash but always figured it would be Jack Frost since it was the mascot of the company or if it was a Persona character it would have been Yu Narukami. Glad to see Joker regardless, he is a great character and I can already see the jokes that will spawn of him and the announcer having the same English voice actor. Will probably play as him once his DLC releases.
  4. December 11 is also when we should be getting either a New Heroes Banner (hopeful for an Archanea banner considering the love they have been getting recently) or Special Heroes Banner (Christmas themed) so they have to update the game to either 2.12 or 3.0 sometime early next week. I wouldn't be surprised if we got an announcement for it on Sunday or Monday night though at that point I will be too busy playing Smash Bros to care.
  5. @Johann I don't know if you are aware but apparently there is another season change. https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/a3llfy/changes_to_seasons_coming_starting_december_11th/ This time IS themselves came out and announced it. For the rest of December all seasons with water is being replaced with wind and they admitted the week Hrid was released was also supposed to be wind. I guess this month's legendary is also going to be wind? but I guess there is nothing stopping them from changing it again if need be. Light and Dark might not come out until January at least not Legendary Heroes with those elements. Think this changes any of your predictions? Interesting to note that IS said these changes won't take effect until December 11 which is usually when the monthly update happens.
  6. General Trails thread

    You are playing it off of Steam right? If so, you might have to go to configuration tools and mess around in the display section so the resolutions and whatnot better match what your computer can handle. I also know that at least for my computer trying to launch the game from shortcuts on my desktop causes the game to not launch and I have to manually launch it from my Steam's library and I have to play the DIrect8x version or else I get plagued by blue trees or the textures all turn dark while in towns. Edit: Never mind, it seems like you found a solution.
  7. What is Your Current Focus?

    I guess my current focus is making +10 units out of 3/4 star units. There are tons of characters I want to merge right now including L'Arachel, Lonqu, Raven, Cherche, Caeda, Clair, Cordelia, Felicia, Ares and infantry Eirika. I would also like to do Xander, Camus, Black Knight, Masked Marth and Marisa but I might never get around to them with the current rate of grails coming in. Palla and F!Robin also might get added to the list depending on how good their upcoming refines are. Otherwise I am just sitting on 400 orbs at the moment and waiting for alts of Anna to come in since all my other favorite characters are in Heroes now. Though I wouldn't mind pulling for Linde (been almost two years now and I still haven't gotten her yet, hopefully she is put in the next batch of star demotes since outside of Aura her skill kit is outdated by today's standard) and Horse Chrom (would like a dragon slaying cavalry unit for AA). Don't really care much about Arena, AA or Aether Raid. I alternate between rank 19 and 20 for Arena, I'm in the 5000-10,000 zone for AA and in the 10,000-20,000 zone for Aether raids. It just seems I can't score any higher in Arena without investing in +10 armor units and Aether Raids is just Cancer City filled with mage and staff cavalry units and dancers.
  8. Our Single Most Wanted Character from each game

    Archanea: Wolf Valentia: Deen Genealogy: Lex Thracia: Sara Binding Blade: Rutger Blazing Blade: Oswin Sacred Stones: Cormag Tellius: Jill Ylisse: Anna Fates: Anna Only played the 3DS games though I do know most of story and characters from Archanea and I have seen someone stream Blazing Blade in the past so most of my decisions for the other games are based on how appealing they look to me at first glance. And yes, I did put Anna on there twice since technically those are different incarnations of her and according to CYL IS seems to treat them as different characters plus Awakening Anna is still the only top 20 female character from the CYL1 that is still not in the game. Still holding out hope that the only reason the other Annas are not here yet is because they are planning to release a banner with her Three Houses incarnation to go along with her Awakening and Fates self (and if we are lucky her Apotheosis self will be a GHB or LHB). Though if Anna is not allowed then Cynthia for Awakening and I guess Shura for Fates.
  9. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Fjorm or Gunnthra for me, depends on which team is better for feather mercenaries since that is all I will be doing this time around. I'm not really invested in this VG since none of the characters interest me that much even if the theme does make sense for a nice sendoff for Book 2.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    @bottlegnomes Pretty much in agreement with what you just said. I feel like Aether Raid could be more fun if it was just a fun side mode with no major rewards tied to it though currently it is the only source for Heroic Grails. But SRPG are just not a good medium for PvP at least from what I have seen anyways. I remember trying Fates rendition of PvP before and it was just as cancerous.
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    So, are people still saying Aether Raid is a good mode? I thought it was an enjoyable mode the first week but now all I see are enemy defense teams comprised of Reinhardt, B!Lyn, B!Veronica and a dancer unit (mostly Young Azura since she has been a bonus unit for quite some time now). Sometimes even Xander shows up with them. I don't know, I'm just tired of seeing the same three annoying units being used having to resort to using F!Robin or Cecilia with raven tomes to deal with them. Aether Raid has pretty much turned into Arena Hell for me except instead of highly merged armors and dragons units they got replaced with ranged cavalry units with refreshers and the rewards just are not as good as Arena
  12. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    Ah, okay thanks. I'll look into it once I have some free time.
  13. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    I do use an Android so I might look into this AZ Screen Recorder. Is that something you download off the google app store?
  14. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    Wow, I actually managed to clear one of the Abyssal Legendary Hero Battles! I heard some people on Reddit saying they were all beating Ryoma's Abyssal LHB with A!Tiki so I decided to try it out myself and sure enough after a few tries I beat it with a team of A!Tiki, Reinhardt, B!Lyn and NY!Azura. Man I'm glad I decided to invest in A!Tiki since she did most of the work. I wish I knew how to record videos on my phone (I'm not even sure if my phone can record things) because I would have but all I have for proof is this photo.
  15. I don't think there is anything stopping them from putting F!Grima on all legendary banners since we are having more than four legendary heroes on the banners now so we can still have F!Grima plus another colorless legendary hero.