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  1. Been on Robin's team all three rounds. Don't really mind since I was okay with all three characters but Robin's team has been the 'losing' team all three times for me. So much for being an expert tactician. I am curious how they will do Fates in the next Grand Conquest. Will it just be Corrin, Xander and Ryoma or will they split it up between Birthright, Conquest and Revelation with Birthright having Ryoma, Hinoka and Takumi, Conquest having Xander, Camilla and Leo and ending with Revelation having M!Corrin, F!Corrin and Azura.
  2. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    Still under the impression that remaining DLC will each get a rep from Capcom, Square, Bandai Namco and the final being one of Nintendo's own characters, probably from Pokémon or Fire Emblem. This is all assuming the missing third party Mii fighter costume come back the same time a character from that third party company gets announced. All I ask for is that they are not all RPG protagonists. Joker was good since at least he had a knife, a gun and his Persona to differentiate himself from the typical RPG sword wielding main character. To update my previous prediction I could see something like this. Capcom- Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series. Really the only third party character left that I want to see in Smash Bros. I suppose Amaterasu from Okami is a possibility as well. Still don't see a Resident Evil character happening despite what I hear people say. Bandai Namco- Nightmare from the Soul series. Warmed up to the idea of how cool it would be to have a franchise represented by its villain. Would accept him over Lloyd/Yuri from Tales of series and Heihachi from Tekken is probably still off the table. Also, would still be okay with KOS-MOS from Xenosaga to add more Xeno series stuff that isn't Xenoblade Chronicles 2 into Smash. Square- Someone from Dragon Quest seems to be the obvious answer though I wonder if Square will actually get another rep considering how Final Fantasy is 'well represented' in the game. Wouldn't be surprised if instead of another Square rep we get a Microsoft or Ubisoft rep instead. Ubisoft- In the event Square doesn't get a second rep (or Capcom and Bandai Namco for that matter) I could see Ubisoft getting one but instead of saying Rayman I will actually predict an Assassin Creed's rep instead, probably Ezio since I believe he is the most well known character from that franchise. I could see it happening since it seems Ubisoft is trying to push Assassin Creed on the Switch plus it wouldn't be the first time Sakurai chose a more well known tougher looking character over the kid-friendly mascot (Joker over Jack Frost for Atlas). Nintendo- Could come from any of their franchises but Pokémon and Fire Emblem seem the most likely despite complaints from the more hardcore Smash fans and their delusion of equal representation amongst all franchises. But I am actually going to say it won't be a Gen 8 or Three Houses rep outside a hypothetical season two pass. For this season pass if one of these two franchises is picked the character chosen will be from an older game. For Pokémon I'm guessing Eevee or Lycanroc have good odds. I guess you can say those two are still relevant to Pokémon fans and we are suspiciously missing a stage based on the Alolan region. And for Fire Emblem I am going to actually guess a Fire Emblem Heroes character since it would be a good chance to represent Nintendo entering the mobile market and Heroes is their most successful game in that area. FEH's iteration of Anna would be a good pick for this and this is totally not me looking for an excuse to fit Anna into Smash's roster. She is the first character you meet and the first unit you obtain so everyone who tried the app out should recognize her. Plus she wield an axe in that game (and we all know how Smash fans hate seeing too many sword characters) and she was a main story character using axes for at least a year being Edelgard made it cool. So the remaining DLC picks being Phoenix Wright (Capcom), Nightmare (Namco), Ezio (Ubisoft) and Eevee/Anna (Nintendo) would definitely make me want to buy the remaining DLC packs but I am honestly expecting the remaining picks to be characters I don't care about. Getting Joker already made me more than satisfied so the rest can be whoever and I wouldn't mind that much since nothing requires me to get them.
  3. Spent the last few days playing Joker. Gotta say he is a fun character to play as. Has great air game though he does have trouble getting knockouts when Arsene isn't out. Sadly probably won't main him over Zelda or Pokémon Trainer at my single player local tournaments but I think he would be great to use in a team player match with friendly fire turned off. Stage music for Mementos was pretty much on point too though I question their decision to have Our Beginnings over more boss battle music like Keeper of Lust, Will Power and Blooming Villian. Also noticed Life Will Change is strangely missing though I understand they could only put so many songs in the DLC pack.
  4. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    I want to believe that colorless bow Alm will be this month's legendary hero but I don't know if IS would consider him a big enough deal to release on Golden Week. A think a girl is more likely to hype up Golden Week like they did last year with Lyn so I am going to guess Celica, Micaiah or some other big name female character who could be colorless instead. An outside the box idea I have though is cavalry colorless bow Chrom since identical to how Lucina could class change into the Archer class he could class change into Bow Knight Speaking of Golden Week, anyone think it is possible they release the trailer early like they did last year? I think last year it was up five days before the banner came out.
  5. Which seasonal themes are your favourites?

    Valentines, Christmas (minus everyone being armors) and strangely enough Bridal. Picnic also seems like it is going to be rather tame compared to some of the other seasonal banners.
  6. Interesting banner theme. Vastly prefer this type of seasonal over the likes of Summer swimsuits, spring rabbits and hot springs. At least all the characters on the banner are popular characters who don't have an alt yet. Free green tome Leo is also nice (please don't have a bad statline). Still not pulling on this banner though. I would rather wait and see if something more interesting happens next month with the New Heroes banner and the Bridal Seasonal.
  7. Yeah, I knew Jane was datamined but there were way too many people on the internet who jumped the ship and assumed Jane had to be related to Joker when it is more likely this codename is related to one of the other DLC characters.
  8. Just now thought about it but I guess the whole Jane/female alt with ponytail thing is deconfirmed now too since it turns out Joker's alternate costume is just him in his Shujin Academy uniform. Personally thought the rumors behind that was bogus anyways and didn't really wanted a female Joker or the P5R girl anyways.
  9. Was kind of concerned they were going to wait until the end of the month to release Joker but I am happy to see him coming out tomorrow, definitely want to try him out. Nice to see them add music and costumes from Persona 4 and 3 as well (fans of Persona 1 and 2 still left out in the dust). Mementos was obviously going to be the stage especially since anywhere else would either go too far into spoiler territory or would be too mature to put into Smash. Stage Builder still continues to look uninteresting to me. Guess some people like it though. Not going to say much more about it. Was kind of surprised they didn't even hint at who will be DLC character #2. Oh well, maybe they are saving them to be a big reveal at E3. I'm most likely only going to buy Joker's DLC pack since I doubt the other 4 DLC characters will be anyone I care about. I'm just happy to have an Atlus rep in Smash.
  10. Favorite Era?

    I guess the DS and 3DS era for me. 3DS because I felt they were simple and beginner friendly enough for me to get into and had some memorable characters. However, I liked the story of the DS game (Archanea) more since it felt like a classic medieval fantasy story whose plot wasn't too contrived or overcomplicated. I also don't think the gameplay is as bad as people make it out to be either. Sure, it's missing several features people like in later installments but I still had fun with Shadow Dragon and hope to try out New Mystery someday.
  11. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    Silhouettes are usually shown three days before the banner releases so it probably won't be until tomorrow.
  12. Don't forget Surtr because you know everyone is waiting for an alt of him.
  13. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    And then the Tempest Trial freebie character is Xander or Azura as the Ice Cream shop owner? I honestly would be okay with another Leo. Tied with Takumi as the most popular male Fates royal yet gets outclassed in every game he is in whether its Fates, Warriors or Heroes. He deserves at least one alt where he isn't mediocre.
  14. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    Who's ready for more made up Seasonal Banners featuring everyone's favorite batch of characters, the Fates Royals? No one? Me neither. Granted we don't know who is going to be on the banner yet but really, are we going to get a seasonal banner every month now? At this point they might as well call them 'The Monthly Special Heroes' instead of seasonals. And I was really hopeful there would be another New Heroes banner with a slim chance of new characters from Archanea or Valentia. Oh well, a new banner with 'seasonal' alts only makes it that much easier for me to ignore the banner and save orbs. Edit: Could be the Bridal Banner coming earlier this year but who knows. Also, why bother putting Garon's GHB revival on the schedule when it is going to be over in a couple hours?
  15. Alm definitely needs another alt besides the one the fans voted for but I think it is very likely he is going to be a Legendary Hero at some point with his Hero or Conqueror outfit. Could even be this month's Legendary Hero to hype up Golden Week but lets be honest they are totally going to tick off Alm fans and use Celica for that aren't they.