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  1. I suppose we won't know for sure until her release day or close to release day.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Decided to spend 100 more orbs on the Halloween banner and finally got witch Nowi with +def/-res. I think I'm done with summoning for now until the Legendary Heroes banner. I need to save orbs. I can definitely see that happening some time down the line. Wonder when will get '+4 Atk/Spd/Def/Res when this unit attacks' Omega Yato.
  3. Wait, Fjorn has Distant Counter on her weapon? Does that mean we are basically getting an infantry version of Camus for free? Whoops, didn't read the comment above mine.
  4. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    I just finished watching Feh Channel and I must say I was really impressed by it. Staff buffs, expanded barracks, weapon forge finally implanted. Killing weapons can finally be slaying weapons, weapons like Fujin Yumi and the Naga tome can be upgraded so Julia isn't outdone by Deirdre and Takumi might become more relevant again. Though I am concerned with how difficult it might be to gather the materials needed to do these upgrades not to mention nothing new for the Askr trio or their weapons. Not really interested in any of the characters on the Farfetched heroes banner so I will gladly save my orbs for the Legendary Heroes event and get another chance for seasonal characters like Bride Cordelia since I never bothered with the bridal banner, more Hectors for merges and skill fodder, and I wouldn't mind more Celicas for merging. I loved what I saw and can't wait to see more.
  5. Most Successful Defense Teams

    I managed to hit a new record of seven defense wins this week using a team of Anna, Delthea, Azura, and Y!Tiki. I used to use Ryoma instead of Tiki but I guess bow users are common on people's arena team.
  6. I'm surprised to see a sacred seal log in bonus. Free coins and badges are always welcomed.
  7. Welp, did my last battle and spent my final 200 flags. It's been a fun ride. Time to wait and see the results.
  8. My rank is 3176 on Team Takumi, my overall rank at the moment is 1234. I still have 400 flags left if Takumi gets one more multiplayer.
  9. I think Whitney is one of the more difficult gym leaders in GSC thanks to Miltank. Sure now these days people might know exactly what to do because the game has been out for over fifteen years but back then her Miltank was probably a roadblock to many new players who didn't just overlevel their Pokémon. Besides Bugsy's Scyther Whitney's Miltank is way stronger than any other Pokémon you fought beforehand not to mention it has a base speed of 100 so it is most likely faster than your team as well. Not it mention it carries an annoying moveset with Attract to prevent your male Pokémon from doing anything half the time, Stomp is a powerful move at that point in the game that can flinch and with Miltank's speed it could definitely happen, Milk Drink which is basically a gamebreaker for the AI since it gave a bulky Pokémon like Miltank more chances to heal, and then there's Rollout that while it locks away Miltank's moves for five turns and could possibly miss if you couldn't defeat Miltank fast enough it's gonna knock out at least one or two of your teammates. I feel Whitney's Miltank is the first opponent in GSC that actually requires some sort of strategy to beat it. (Unless you picked Chikorita for your starter then I would say Falkner's Pidgeotto will give you a hard time as well) I personally had to go catch a female Flaffy and Geodude to avoid attract, use Flaffy's Thunder Wave to slow Miltank down and avoid flinches from Stomp, then send Geodude out and use Magnitude to eventually knock Miltank out.
  10. So I was going through the player rankings for Team Takumi and I always find it amusing what names people come up with during these Voting Gauntlets like this person's Ike for example. I also found Leo secretly giving his support to Takumi. He did a terrible job disguising himself though.
  11. Bound Hero Battle: The Reunion (Lilina + Cecilia)

    Finally beat Infernal Difficulty for the first time. I had to use OP OTP Reinhardt/B!Lyn but a win is a win for me. (And I was tired of wasting stamina potions in the process.)
  12. I don't think you need to apologize for anything. You're not the one spreading hate comments and overreacting over a game mode. Just ignore the haters and have fun with the game.
  13. I'm also fine with PA Azura, considering refresher units are always good to have and Azura can hit hard as will. Meanwhile, I'm changing my lead to Sonya for now but I'm willing to switch her out later if need be.
  14. DId Shanna actually beat Amelia on the on the other bracket? If so I'll probably switch Celica out for a green unit or someone with lancebreaker if no one minds. However, I can already see many of my future random allies being bow users.
  15. Yep, your Elincia is very fun to use, especially when she shows up when I'm using Delthea for the blue quests. They seem to work well together.