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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I start saving orbs after last l.tiki banner (spent ~120 on l.azura, hrid and lene on picture from free pull). It's about 1300 orbs from october. Need 2 more copies to +10. Hoard mode ON.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Spent 1201 orbs on Duma banner because l.tiki rerun! Pull only blue and colorless. My result: l.tiki x 7 duma x 5 hs.ryoma x 5 kliff x 4 s.linde x 3 loki x 2 Total: 26 heroes, awesome result.
  3. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    mental_offence can you make microG files for 6.0.6 please? Or tell how you make these files. Thanks.
  4. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Memu installator don't have 7.1 files by default. Launch multi-memu and press new->android 7.1 and emulator download 7.1 files. After download go to \memu\image\71\ and replase these files. Launch multi-memu, delete all vm's here and then press "new->android 7.1. Configure if needed and run. That's all. UPD Now i see the problem. It's work for 6.0.1, but 6.0.6 have only two vdmk file in 71 directory. They change something again...
  5. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Thanks, all works fine for me, except stock browser. It's hard to login in feh acc with him. I install chrome and all works great. Big thanks mental_offence!
  6. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    When i disable these apps i have "Enable Google Play services" not "Update Google Play services". And when i enable it - 3001.
  7. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    yep it's work. android little faster and feh little faster, but this 3001...
  8. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    You need MicroG111-Blank.ova Read first post carefully.
  9. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Yep, as I said before, 2 and 1024 very comfortable settings for FEH. TY mental_offence for this image. It's really better than old ova or BS for me. Again, Thank you for this topic, it's really helps.
  10. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Memu 2.9.6 with microG image shop now works, no google messages on start volume buttons on the emulator right panel now works deleted memu launcner with ad and installed nova launcher stuttering audio when i downloading game data, all ok after that
  11. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    btw old ova default sys settings - cpu 2 memory 1024 microG ova default sys settings - cpu 4 memory 4096 feh don't need so much cpu and memory, 2 and 1024 works very well.
  12. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    apkpure apkmirror etc
  13. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    Is it possible to create ova without memu launcher, with something like a nova launcher? Without advertising.
  14. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    On memu from mental_offence post i update feh with QooApp.