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  1. He'll be fine, I'm sure. Don't worry about it Ruben will keep him safe I have enough confidence in him to not get best cab horribly killed.
  2. Challenge acccepted. Why don't you use arkis and make him good and have him as your main unit, huh? I dare you, you fucker, I double, nay, triple dare ya! For Arkis. And just in case you haven't worked it out, since I acquiesced to your dare, you must do the same in regards to mine, as it is not only a return of the favour, but my dare is of a higher magnitude than yours, congratulations Ruben I look forward to Arkis' success.
  3. Oh my! How lewd! And after beating all those balls no less. *grumble grumble* I swear he gets good *grumble grumble* Did someone say Arkis? S-see he's being useful... he's top tier I promise What a piece of slime. You should totally let arkis kill him and his troops to really humiliate the guy, I mean we both know it's not like you do this for optimal play or anything.
  4. Haha! That Arkis what a lovable goofball. He'll be good if you feed him all the mogall kills I swear.
  5. Jeez man it was just a suggestion, lighten up dude, yeesh. I-it's not like I like your LPs or anything b-baka, you're just entertaining is all. Still uses Julia, likely for that one unique sword Vega could also get for you. Says the man who knowingly and willingly sent her off to be drugged kidnapped and forced to dance, even after being shown a scene warning him of this beforehand. Drat. Release the Barthnoise.
  6. Uhh handsomeness. Please don't give up on Arkis, I swear he'll get good, anyway although if you do stop using him for battles you might assign him as Ruben's bodyguard due to the recent attack, so he can still have fic relevance? Also go for the duel I want edgy boy to commit the stop breathe
  7. Today is the Wii Shop Channels last day

    Dududududu dududu dududududu dudududududu dudu dudu dudu dudu dudu dudu du du dudu
  8. Fecker, what are you Irish? Because he is the greatest of all cavaliers, peerless in combat, the champion of (Forgot the name of Runans homeland) and the a real hit with the ladies. Also 26B Hmm I'll hold off on my pun for now (but Renee isn't an easy name to pun)
  9. Well uh oof I guess, now I'm gonna feel bad for what I am about to do Attromised More like Fooliattisnacordst Hey uh let's have a feast to raise morale, order the villages to produce more butter
  10. This, this is what happens when you don't bring mUh BeSt CaV Arkis onto a story map, anyway, hard luck my dude, fuel up an a comforting stick of butter and try again later m'kay. The rest of this his post is for Arkis only so if the rest of you guys could just leave
  11. Special Heroes Silhouettes

    Hoo boy Camilla got thinn But uh it looks like, mmm patty and uh I'd say tine
  12. Yay! Arkis! Go! Arkis! Green cavs are the best! *grumble grumble* dumb RNG *grumble grumble* rigged levels *grumble grumble* Arkis is best cav I know you wrote this a while back but grr At this point I feel you're doing it on purpose. Well I vote Ezekiel because more ARKIS STORY RELEVANCE