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  1. This More like when a Deus Ex Machina is needed Deus Ex Zachina, you mean. It'd kill her. Ruben we get it she is dead, gone, mo shinderu totally and completely super PERMENANTLY mega Bites Za Dusto. Except that she's gonna be totally fine thanks to the magic rock of horrible gameplay-story integration. Beg then.
  2. *Bubbling noises* You ain't the sharpest tool in the shed are ya. How many can Holmes wield at base F O U R W E A P O N S! Ruben, you probably couldn't even use one. You're words not mine Hugh were really unlucky back in Elibe, huh?
  3. Help Me Name My Chicks!

    If they're all Female you could name them Minerva, Palla, Catria and Est
  4. I'm sentient butter Ruben, I don't have teeth to smile Arkis doesn't define people by their disabilities, and treats them just as equally as able bodied people; admittedly he's kind of a prick, but hey equality! You mean her elbow or the end of the bag covering part of her arm? This looks like a job for Arkis and all 3 of the weapons he can wield
  5. Post a fact about the person above!

    Enjoys arena abuse
  6. May, I just say that this is art. You captured my essence perfectly. ''Tis like looking in an admittedly higher resolution mirror. If you don't mind, I think I'm going to make this my avi (just the Butter thing). You sir, are a Saint, a Saint Rubenio in the truest form, a jolly good sport. Makes the pun I have to make feel even more douchebaggy. landlubber /ˈlandlʌbə/ noun INFORMAL a person unfamiliar with the sea or sailing. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Holmes have like a boat of pirates seafarers? Y'know like the kind you use for sailing? Y'know like on water ANGRY BOY MARUJ. The red skittle has been found. Looks like she got Crushna'd by that golem's fist. I'm sorry. Ruben, I'm afraid that I must break the news to you. You never finished the ritual. You left before the blessing was complete. You only allowed The G to may, not The Godess to protec. There is only so much Footballman can give to those who do not listen. It, was only a matter of time. I'm sorry for your loss. Romantic midnight kisses with Dick Edgeman... I don't think there's anybody in your army like that. Although I think there was a shopkeeper some ways back that matched that description. Logical goals? In my Holmes' route!?
  7. Post a fact about the person above!

    Fluent in unown
  8. Post a fact about the person above!

    Is hoping for a steel eeveeloution for Sword/Shield
  9. Create a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stand

    Stand name: Firefly Musical Reference: Fireflies (song by Owl City) Destructive power D Speed C Range C Durability E Precision B Developmental Potential D Appearance: A dark purple, slightly flat long (about 167cm) isosceles triangle, with the smaller parallel line on the ground with a smaller isosceles triangle acting as it's head, the smaller flat connecting with the larger flat from the first triangle with small triangular spikes covering both large parallel flats. Two black circles for eyes and small interlocking equilateral triangles act as a mouth/teeth in. Human hands except only the middle three fingers, and the fingers have points on the end. Objects directly controlled by the stand will have a purple outline when seen by other Stand users. When the Stand is not in control of a doll the shortest base of the bottom triangle is tethered to its user. Abilities: Doll animation: The Stand is capable of controlling dolls within 25 meters that are in the shapes of living creatures, provided the stand user can visualise how the creature would move. (For reference, in this scenario a doll is any sculpture, statue, plush, mannequin, etc designed in the shape of an animal/human, any animals must be real, (so no sphinxes or gryphons or whatnot). The stand can also control corpses as long as they are in a state that they could walk/swim/crawl/fly.) Possesed dolls are restricted by their own materials, so a paper doll will be as durable as paper and a stone sculpture will be as durable as that stone. The Stand actively inhabits the doll, so will pop out if the doll is no longer capable of movement, the Stand will be pulled out of the doll if the doll exceeds 25m distance from the Stand User. The Stand user must maintain eye contact with the doll at all times that it is possessed. Damage done to a doll is not transmitted to the user. Anything with complex mechanical parts cannot be possessed. Punching ghost: Firefly's spectral form is capable of delivering weak jabs with the points on its fingers, capable of cutting to, but not through healthy bone, unless at point blank range. The jabs are somewhat fast, but not on the level of Gold Experience or Crazy Diamond, but faster than The Hand's swipes.
  10. Gosh darn it, why'd my Internet have to cut out there of all times, I knew the answer immediately (a comment you made about Comedy Night, made it click) do you work at my power company or something, dammit? Heh, you spent way too much time on this Treat them both equally, promote Arkis instead Plot? In my gameplay chapter.
  11. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because it looks like you're just hitting a thing with a stick Altea, so all the headlines would read Aritian man
  12. Post Something The Above Poster Would Never Say

    Oh boy I just released a new chapter of my ongoing fic (not the grimleal one) also when hen did you move to Montreal
  13. Sharon, more like Sharoff Oh come on! San? Really? If you grind your units at least grind Arkis up as well, if only to rub my face in how bad he is, for the meme Ruben, THE MEME. Hey! That's mean! Shirou's not that bad y'know. Heres a terrible meme to make you use Arkis.