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  1. A game of names

  2. In An Alternate Universe...

    The additional competition on the games market largely stinted the indie gaming industry while also hitting some of the more popular franchises such as Mario and Zelda this in turn led to the production of fewer games for these series as well as the production of new series being prioritised this over saturation of franchises led to an all out games war as hardcore fans were unable to afford to play all the games resulting in the decline of many beloved franchises as Nintendo collapsed into the indie game industry. In an alternate universe where fossil fuels never existed...
  3. Corrupted wish

    Granted but you can't do anything else I wish I had the echoes dlc
  4. Corrupted wish

    Granted but now your region has to deal with firestorms I wish I had SF followers...........pls
  5. A game of names

  6. In An Alternate Universe...

    Guro guro cripple clown orgy for the virtual boy ( DO NOT GOOGLE THAT) In an alternate universe where the visual boy was the leading console and dominates the market to this day...
  7. Corrupted wish

    Granted but now you're dead I wish I had real life friends
  8. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act II!

    ...urinate on jedah while lucina committed seppuku using Yewfelle while being defocated on by...
  9. In the hands of one true of heart and pure of soul even a single stone may fell a giant. Remember that well child it is a lesson to hold in your heart always
  10. Corrupted wish

    Granted but now you can't see I wish I had some chocolate
  11. A game of names

  12. Corrupted wish

    Granted but the computers battery is tied to your life force so if it loses power or shuts down you die and you can only charge the computer by watching guro(if you don't know what guro is DO NOT Google it) I wish I had a milas turnwheel
  13. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act II!

    ...joined the group ascending the ranks eventually replacing Alm as leader and kicked all the other guys out of the society. Angered by this Wrys...