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  1. We're gonna build a wall and we're gonna make Roger pay for it. Barthnoise.jpg Come on it wouldn't be a Rubenio LP if you didn't use the hilariously bad units and somehow make them Godly! Remember for Pherae? The jacket musketeers? Matthis? You must do it! You must! also arkis looks really good.
  2. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #205

    @Innocentmask just for a tie
  3. Boyz II Men's thread

    Who likes boigas
  4. Who's Bartz? I thought her brothers name was Juliattisnacordst Anyway about the sprites, Sid looks like he's standing to attention (like a good soldier) and Wrys at least looks better than his GBA form *shudders*
  5. Just for that, when you have to transcribe that scene (unless plum is dead by then) replace plums portrait with Garo's. *Cough cough* Death count: Linde Samto Navarre Arran Norne Roger Cain Wrys* Frey Cecille Abel Etzel Sedgar Wolf Robert Dice Matthis** Yumina** Ymir PRETZEL Bors Wolt Deke Lugh Rutger Noah Clarine Lance Jerrot Fir Wendy Ogier Treck Bartre Elen Echidna Cath Sophia Raigh Zeiss Tate Lalum Dorothy Hugh Yoder Juno Chad Barth Geese Ruben *Cough cough* Oh sweet crap, how the hell do you expect me to pun this?
  6. Well, Ruben you do lack skill. Sorry, sorry but I had to do it. Tomas is the complete opposite: an Archer so bad, so hilariously terrible, even I wouldn't pick him. Well, actually, I would and I did in my last run, but he was... not worth the trouble. He really only serves to make a different unit (an Archer as well, too) better after a certain point in the game. I would advise against picking him normally, but this is a Saint Rubenio Run™, sooooo go ahead, it'll make for some interesting situations if he survives, which isn't all that likely. Also I vote for Ezekiel (but that's because I have his death pun ready) Anyway I'm looking forward to this LP, how many units will die this time, how will the greatest tactician be replaced with Ruben, and what sinister forces have conjured all these Morgan recolours, only time will tell.
  7. Hey you're back, now you may save princess Hans from the clutches of the masked douche and your dad finally gets to sit down
  8. Hmm, maybe a haircut might do him good, that or a bath
  9. Fire Emblem IV: Inheritors of the Crusade (v0.1.3 released)

    Well I've played and beaten 3-3 and ive really enjoyed this game/hack so far my only real issue is chapter 1-1 with kinbois, if you .could get rid of the steel axe he uses as the hand-axe he has was the only one I could find in the game and I lost it be.cause he targeted Arden with it. It was kind of annoying to not have a ranged option for lex, but that's just a peeve of Mine.
  10. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #205

    T'sup brah? Opinion on JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Obligatory impressions of me question favourite desert favourite dessert
  11. Ah, crap this means jail time dunnit
  12. Post a fact about the person above!

    Typo in sig (please add the word think it messes with my English brain)
  13. Great buttery blazes that thing is absolutely adorable
  14. Wh-what is this adorable ball of edge doing here?