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  1. Serenes Emblem Discussion Thread

    I'm melting, MEEEEEEEELTING!!
  2. Serenes Emblem Discussion Thread

    One issue is making maps, especially good maps takes a lot of time and a lot of testing, if the project is not very long-term, I'd recommend copying (read: ripping) some of the more interesting maps from the gba games (assuming this is a gba mod/hack as they are by far the most stable) and modifying them slightly (particularly indoor maps can be awkward to make from scratch and look good at the same time) at least for the prototype version(s) because this helps to get a better look at what you want the finished game to be like, and may help with writing the scenario if you have a loose approximation of what maps each chapter is in. On the character side I'd like to submit myself (bold I know as I'm effectively a background character on site) for the role of green Cavalier (or random nomad dude (maybe a hostile Pengaius tribe) if somebody more suitable for the role comes along) I have a portrait here by @Saint Rubenio png so no need to animate it if that helps, if it's too much effort to import, literally just a full yellow square with a green line at the bottom would do.
  3. Why Are Gaming Communities So Defensive of Smelly Players

    While I'm not too familiar with conventions or events, and I do believe hygiene should be especially important for large gatherings of people, I pretty sure that people might not feel all that comfortable showering or bathing somewhere new; so imagine your headed to a smash tourney that's 2-300 miles away from home, you know your gonna have to budget this thing so you hedge your bets on a cheap motel, when you get there the first thing your gonna want to do is get cleaned up when lo and behold the shower is caked in dirt and grime and is absolutely disgusting, you want to go get the manager, but you remember your only paying like 18 bucks and are just here for the tournament and are leaving in 2 nights so you can probably just deal with it using deodorant, it's not too hot and it's not exactly a full body workout, you have 2 sets of spare clothes so your good. Cut to the tournament and you get a bit stressed out, you get sweaty a little at first but then a lot more, you think that since you've plastered yourself with deodorant it'll be fine, nobody will notice , so you go about this for the day and a half never noticing just how bad you smell. Now multiply this by 1000 people and the stink really builds up. People who smell bad likely aren't doing so on purpose, they might just feel uncomfortable shower/bathing in a new place. (I know I sure do) That said that's no real excuse to not double-check yourself and “top-off" every hour or two, and I have no idea why anybody would try to protec the stincc or anything.
  4. I'm going to keep this as a reaction image if that's ok! Wrys is my spirit animal. Oh no The Super Secret Stealth Attack! I can only imagine the look on his face as he marches to reclaim his homeland unnopposed, what a boost it shall provide to his troops morale. You forgot to mention Guenchaos and his dragon-waifu, Holmes drinking his sorrows away while Eugen beats him up and Sasha's wyvern having a break from the bloody conflicts. (Sasha is probably killing some undeads or something)
  5. Hard Classic randomized

    Is this a PMU then or do we just pick a class which you roll to assign to a random unit? Also can a unit be assigned a terror class? If just classes I'm going to give you soldier straight away, if it's units then Cavalier! Silque. Unfortunately I'm not too sure about echoes hacking but good luck!
  6. OBJECTION! If Kreiss is so cool how come the only woman who could fall in love with hims is blind, huh. Arkis' fiancé can actually see and apparently is quite attracted to him, if Kreiss was cool then we'd have a Lachesis situation on our hands. Care to elaborate? I mean, I'd pay to watch you try tbh. General, I'm trying to get along with my unit but I'm DUMMY THICC and the clap of my asscheeks keeps setting off landslides, and scaring them away.
  7. Well I want him to suffer more. Keep in mind Hawkwing could kill him with a chair. And a Bible! It would be a hilarious move on Kaga's part to show off Lentzie's army but when you show up you just get a dialogue from Arkis just being. “Heya lord Runan, I've reclaimed our homeland and killed that vile Lentzenheimer, here take his fancy sword. By the way this is my fiancé Lina, she's also Kreiss' sister and she's joking the army for some arbitrary reason, well if you need me I'll be on the bench taking a nap. G'night." I mean maybe he found her insufferable because she seems to be obsessed with Arkis to the point of dying her hair and copying his mannerisms, creepy. Probably just to kill them, or drug and sell them. Gather our most skilled soldiers- proceeds to field Arkis. (Either his troops suck or he just genuinely doesn't understand how combat works) What, she's just a child what do you take me for? Oh also Ruben I think you should let Arkis solo 26A with all the statboosters and knights crest for the s&giggles.
  8. Grumble grumble sexcalibur grumble The powder made from rock that goes by the name "sand" is something which I bear some slight ill will towards. Contact with it finds it to be rough and harsh in texture as well as acting as an irritant to the skin, corroding the surface tissue, that is not all however, as “sand" additionally works its way into occupying all space in the full given area, henceforth known as ”everywhere" TBH I was just thinking about shrek The only thing that last custom scene was missing is our the clone guy standing in the wreckage saying he's found something very useful or Desecho's hand shooting out of the ground.
  9. Maaaaybee just a teensy bit Sheeesh fiiiine Make up your mind, I'm the only one allowed to be a tsundere in this thread This gave Pengaius further shock! Thank you kind sir I won't forget this. Oh tank goodness! Why not both, no really just kill everything on the map, designate entangled as the other seize bot and you'd have an unique and interestingly designed map. Obvious joke time Hey rube, can you spare me a few uses of the plot! darkruon and some very pointy weapons when you're done with 'em. I feel this guy needs... further shock Spectacular, you quote--unquote amaze me, Ruben. Obvious joke again Unrelated thought
  10. Well yes, but an innate survival instinct of an ages old dragon would not be suppressed by merely putting on his human suit. If this is permanent you may have just majorly screwed your self over. I totally called it Oh my! Margaret is still alive! This gave Pengaius further shock! As disgusting as this guy is (I propose he be named Desecho because slaver/pervert/scum takes too long to type) , I feel like we really need to step back and look at how good you've become as a writer, kudos to you Ruben you can write a hateable villain better than the fates localisation team. Props my man, look how buttery you've become at this. Ruben luck strikes again Oh no oh my! How terrible, something bad is going to happen to Margaret at this mysterious strangers hands! Kick his ass with your plot convenient extreme magical power ya green lug! Uh oh! This new client guy is part of the pervert trash brigade, whoever he is must be absolute scum, because it's one thing to run a business like this but it's another to partake and not report it to the authorities, whatever craven cur may come through the door, may he suffer a terrible fate (like having to use Arkis in his TRS run). What a true representation of the lowest of humanity.
  11. Moved The Chicks Outside

    Oh those chicks are adorable, I want to pet them so much right now, are they noisy?
  12. What I find to be the most amusing part about the "5 minutes of being the helmsman" is that Holmes is actually correct, since a common rule of RPGs is that talking is a free action, so talking doesn't use up your turn, enemies don't attack you mid speech, and the actual text dump was law talking like Eminem; Holmes army was just losing their collective shit over literally 5 minutes of Holmes not at the wheel (chaos reigned when Garo took the reins). Also weirdly enough I'd assume maerchen to actually not suck if he were helmsman since he did run his own ship somewhat successfully until homes sailed up. (Show me albertus being terrified of water because fire dragon plz) Anyway I went ahead and ordered onion rings for the whole table.
  13. Post a fact about the person above!

    Is not reading the greatest ongoing TRS let's play of all time
  14. Ruben, you fiend you should be punished for this conduct. I believe you should be forced to use Arkis you bad man. Sorry for the short post but my page crashed and I lost most of the post so I cannot even right now, good day sir!