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  1. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Aww, this is why I can't have nice things, I forget I'm kinda a terrible person some(read: most)times but a friend in my opinion, is someone you enjoy seeing and talking with who enjoys seeing and talking with you. You can also tell they're your friend when they they laugh at your terrible jokes, and can read sarcasm in your writing a best friend is the kind of friend who knows what you mean when you ramble on, and doesn't mind when you accidentally insult them because you're awkward, they get what you try to say when you talk and don't try to kill you because of your annoying quirks Hope this helps and sorry about the definitions. I thought I was being clever and funny(in a douchey kind of way)
  2. Men of Serenes Forest!

    friend frɛnd/ noun 1. a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. "she's a friend of mine" synonyms: companion, boon companion, bosom friend, best friend, close friend, intimate, confidante, confidant, familiar, soul mate, alter ego, second self, shadow, playmate, playfellow, classmate, schoolmate, workmate, ally, comrade, associate; More 2. a member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker. verb 1. informal add (someone) to a list of friends or contacts on a social networking website. "I am friended by 29 people who I have not friended back" 2. archaic befriend (someone). When one has formed a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations or when they have joined the Religious Society of Friends best friend noun a person's closest friend. "Michael was Frank's best friend"
  3. And if it's given to a high skill unit(which you'll want for as high a crit as possible) the hit penalty is negligible and the speed nerf can be ignored by units with wary fighter, darting blow, or have a ton of speed (also potentially infinite in number, take that 3-4 killer axes a run cuz shop limitations, it's even available right off the bat and doesn't require a shop upgrade to obtain) It also has blood on it, ooooooohhh spooooky
  4. He takes over lvl3 hotspring from Izana-Sama (He literally joins to bathe)
  5. ... Good...Good your hate will make you strong Yoder, more like YoDEAD Ju kud just reset and hide this Juno Ju want to If your wondering why I rub radioactive salt in your wounds it is because the pain will make you better, faster, stronger, Matthiser And I feed on your rage Who will it be next, Lot.exe, Zalwade, Bishop Frollo, The Pheraetriot or maybe even Armads it could be all of them Boy I can't wait for all those depressing custom endings, I'm pretty sure even the game doesn't expect anyone to lose THIS many people
  6. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Shirt, monocolour nothing too fancy nor anything with a tacky pattern nor white or black(too formal) purple, blue or dark green are safe choices Pants, monocolour blue or black, don't wear shorts even in summer(ya gotta make an effort fella) avoid anything baggy or too tight, look sharp include a subtle belt (blend in with the pants and avoid large buckles) Hat don't wear one, you don't need one especially indoors, indoor hat guys look like douchebags Except a fez which can be used for a giggle and then promptly stored away, not to be seen again unless asked fo Glasses just not shades (don't wear if you don't need them) Shoes plain, monocolour and avoid clashing colours like lime green or luminous cyan(those shouldn't even be shoe colours anyway) Jacket, light but warm(in case the trope of draping your jacket on her shoulders cuz she's cold) plain colour smart and simple Hair keep it clean and tidy, don't dye it something weird just for her that's creepy don't shave messages in it either Overall don't use colours that are very bright and don't have too much contrast or be too matchy-matchy (but what do I know I've been single LITERALLY all my life) I had finished this when I remembered the thing was for first impressions and so: Just wear whatever you feel suits you the most, what you see is what you get, don't hide who you are, you are a great and perfect individual and don't need to impress anybody(I sound like a cat poster)
  7. Awakening is an amazing game

    Y'all are just crappin on awakening and making me feel bad about liking it. well at least it was a good game to start the franchise on I will never play Tellius
  8. Well it'd be in a revamped FE8 style, the weight/con system would be for every 2points of Wt over con character loses 1 speed and extra 10 avoid if 1 over con lose 5 avoid. Arena battles earn no exp or wexp and are limited to 10 fights(they only crop up in cities) chars who die are left with 1hp and both units in the arena use iron weapon, Avatar character is basically Name + affinity +gender + short/long hair + class to be based on, the fire emblem is a seal which promotes the MU at like chapter 20 out of 30 ( and an extra 8-10 gaidens) Cleric/Priest renamed to Server, Promotes to Dark/Staff nonmount unit, Sage uses Anima/light, Druid uses Dark/Anima, Bishop uses Light/Dark, Valkyrie uses Light/Staff, Mercenary renamed to Gladiator and Hero to Champion, Monk renamed to acolyte, Pirate promotes to adventurer uses Axe/Lance non mounted waterwalking, berserker no longer waterwalking, general gains swords as well, soldier class playable promotes to lancer only uses lances + 30 natural crit, All classes are gender neutral and Bandit/Berserkers wear bone armour (no FE girls style berserker) Other than that uses Fe7 promotion lines. Plot MU is second Prince/Princess prologue training, fight bandits the usual, when suddenly home is invaded by The Empire (what else) so you are on the run and basically start a rebellion, so you do rebel stuff like seizing random forts and that and liberate your home, rescuing your older sister who is a traditional Lord character, and attack the empire do missions fight The 3 generals acquire Fire emblem Which gives you a special weapon whatever your primary is (if cavalier you get lance) sister gets legendary sword (original I know) so do stuff, kill brainwashed father cuz Camus archetype thing, kill emperor, and then the evil manipulator from behind the scenes, a demon made up of the hatred, bitterness and resentment of the world (see: Pokemon mystery dungeon bittercold) kill it then peace. No World map but a camp map ala the Ostia map in fe7 where you can buy basic weapons and stuff, weapons can be repaired costs of uses (like when you sell a damaged weapon and it has less value) so it's cheaper to repair than buy new ones and can be upgraded to better weapons more cheaply than buying new ones ( bronze to iron to steel to killer/silver. killer to brave/wo dao type weapons. Silver to brave/platinum(stronger than silver if al little heavier). New E and C rank dark tomes and B rank everykind tome offence staves will be available if high ranked Luna is now a light tome at A rank, Nosferatu now A rank, New A rank Anima tome that can boost avoid/hit, general weapon balancing and punching when unarmed punch power= strength + half of Con and is always at a disadvantage, magic does not equate to strength when punching so Mage punches (munches if you will) are real weak but its not like I'd ever make it or anything b-baka (to much work)
  9. SF Interviews 2.0 - KnightOfNohr

    To be or not to be? Opinion on JJBA Have you ever committed a minor crime and thought you'd go to jail and then nothing happened? If you had a certain mod who we shall not name's hammer of banning would you be tyrannical or “It's a secret from everyone" S-support system and MU? Yay or Nay?
  10. What am I seeing, did I die, was I mo Shinderu?
  11. SF Interviews 2.0 - KnightOfNohr

    The whole impressions yadda yadda ( if you even know jack about me) cake, pie or “healthy alternative" Burgers, steak or “I'll just have a salad" What would you say to an edgy reboot of spyro ( again, but this time waaaayyy over the top edgy, like what intsys thinks Navarre is) Profanities: Yay or Nay
  12. SF Interviews 2.0 - KnightOfNohr

    Well I nominate, uhh uhh uhm @Mad-manakete if I'm able (heh Abel)