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  1. Fire Emblem Rejects?

    Louise ain't great, the best of 3 horrible Archers, but still not great, so Louise without Pent I'd say. All the other low-there's have already been mentioned in some way shape or form already, so I'll wrap this up.
  2. You mean I can actually fight and you'll be a feeble, senile old man dumb enough to fall for Codha's traps? I think I'm good. Also your height is meaningless due to you being really lanky, whereas I am 169cm of pure Grade A Chonk. asi? Well hey you can promote Arkis now for that sweet, sweet bronze paladin indoor move. Please, for me you still haven't given him the level yet, it's not like he wants you to use him or anything b-baka.
  3. *God save the queen intensifies* Pronounced Shiv-awn (as in yawn) E-fah and kwee-vah, in case you are wondering. But those aren't even the fun ones wait till you meet a Tadgh O'Cheallaigh from Gweesalia, County Mayo, or someone like that. I blame autocorrect, that or Rishel is his alter ego, I mean Rossellini just sounds so much more grandiose and all. I have always been apt at screwing things up. Yet you bear no crown, you call yourself Saintly yet will happily writhe in excess. You desire political power, to rule the roost. You are naught but hypocrisy's lapdog, a clown of contradictions sitting on your paper throne. So amuse us o clown Rubenio, that is your purpose is it not. Come at me bro 1V1 me IRL Please. Did someone say kill for Arkis? Wow Lenny, is a douche, kill him with Arkis to humiliate him, special sword be damned.
  4. Huzzah huzzah, the jester has returned (that's you Ruben) come to tell tales of glory and death, of romance and death, of bravery and death, of death and death. Make way, make way, huzzah huzzah! Hey @Aethin can you please help me force Ruben to use Arkis, cmon you must have holes for eyes to not see how good he is, right.
  5. I have remembered some more games that were disappointing, REJOICE Pokemon super mystery dungeon: Hoo boy where to start with this, the story is just atrociously dull compared to the other games in the series (even gates was at least somewhat good for a lesser rehash of explorers amazing story) the shock twist character was just stupidly obvious after munna, Dark matter was just the bittercold but not made of ice the expedition society all felt extremely one note, the continents which would have been great for expanding the game world have no story relevance and just feel tacked on to fill space, the recruitment system allows you to get Salamance and Dragonite far too early and makes it harder to recruit some Pokemon making it impossible to get your favourite without deliberately searching for the quests, the game balance is just awful with the level scaling making it easy to die in one hit but the over availability of reviver seeds just trivialised getting KO'd, causing them to become necessary hoard items and ruining gameplay, the school portion of the game was far too dull and felt too long (half the picture bosses before the meat of the story is just dumb) and the actual school failed to have any compelling character growth for any student (oh and principal simipour existed, almost forgot) as each mission arc was just Pancham is a prick, pancham fails at something, human and partner do the thing, pancham is still an asshole, deerling gets mad at some point because goomy is spineless, Espurr too OP plz nerf, Shelmet exists. The overabundance of gold bars when you rank up can allow you to get stat boosters far to easily so unless you go out of your way not to, it's far to easy to break the game. Tellius FE: While good, I feel is really overhyped, I was expecting PoR to be revolutionary as some had advertised, but I just found kinda meh, the supports while (almost entirely) good, were only that good, not great. The story was for the most part quite good, but the Burger King felt way to one-note for such an important character, speaking of which the four riders were just the poor mans Gemstones of Grado, Petrine, being Valter (the one with the interesting design who is very evil) Bertram/Renning is Duessel (the one with ties to your army who is recruited (eventually in RD)) BK is riev (the one who has some actual role in the overall plot) and whateverhisface is Caellach (the one nobody really cares about). Radiant dawn was just kind of a mess with its nonexistent unit balance (no unit that starts at tier 1 that's not named Jill will ever be as good as someone starting at tier 2) weird jumpy plot and broken mastery skills which enemies conveniently don't have.
  6. Ban the User Above You

    Banned for being the TACTICIAN
  7. Take your time Ruben, it's not like I want you to update more frequently, B-Baka. But yeah hope you get your crap sorted soon, good luck.
  8. I don't really have anything to say about the whole textdump sorry My picks for the route split Oh sweet crap it's supposed to say Rishel not Rossellini, how does that even happen?
  9. What are the best TV series you ever watched?

    While not an active follower I've never seen a bad episode of NCIS or Castle, but then again I may just like crime drama. My favourite show is (as I am a filthy weeb) Mob Psycho 100 the animation, storytelling and humor are some of the best around although the artstyle takes a little getting used to.
  10. Doing my first PMU

    Sniper! Nah, enjoy
  11. Name the Hero/Villain!

    A “Hero" who believes himself to be an evil organisation called Chimera, while he attempts to do bad deeds his power of internally inverted karma causes all his ill intentions actually help the people he is trying to destroy. He has tried to deliberately have good intentions but his power recognised them for truly evil intentions and resulted only in more good. He wishes he could have good intentions, but this too is affected by his powers and he is trapped in a constant cycle of benefitting the world. Speaks and thinks in the third person. Ladaria
  12. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    Decreed that all games could not be made unless he playtested them all first. This lead to...
  13. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because every combo is viable When was the last time someone posted in the fe nonsense story thread
  14. Post a fact about the person above!

    Enjoys blue haired Pegasus knights who are the middle of 3 sisters.
  15. I see you have taken a page from the Daddy Garon book of parenting The way the 3ds handles dialogue makes it look like the conversation is actually Iago: Are you ready to pay for your betrayal, Lady Rezzi? Rezzi: No Iago I am ready to kill you. Iago: I am the highest ranking general in the Nohrian Army, you fool! Rezzi: No Iago I am ready to kill you. Iago: It was i who sent the faceless that killed that flying rat, Lilith Rezzi: No Iago I am ready to kill you. Rezzi sure does like to kill things
  16. This divine lightning shall bake some pies Oh and don't forget to add Indiana Jones to the death counter
  17. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    It's the other version of Kantō Pokemon how come every time I close my eyes, I wake up feelin so hooorny
  18. Ah yes, des singes mengeurs de fromage. Truly a bizzare insult, where as my people are commonly "called paddy" which is kind of a dumb insult as were being called the name of our patron saint go figure. Interesting to know that you are of French descent. I wish, I've interacted with literally every object and background in the game with both Alm and Celica, the interactions are the only lines in the game that are not voiced (I'm counting NPCs as part of this), so it's likely they were deemed too trivial, which is a shame, because stuff like journal entries giving lore bits (like how Desaix went about killing Lima's kids and the Rudolf thing like above) and secret rooms (stuff like having jail cells be hidden behind bookshelves, so that jailed characters felt like they were earned or safes behind a painting to give you money or even a dog leading you to an alley to get a quest or something) and stuff would be really cool in game to reward exploration. Shame it was just Alm and celica think a little.
  19. Here me out here, mage silque (she wrecks with her good magic and Faye is a better healer), archer Clive (his attack gets suprisingly high and he has the hp to take more than 2 hits) and soldier Kamui (because Saber is a better merc, and a decently fast knight is really good for most of celica's route, Saber's too good to reclass and Jesse joins to late to be helpful without grinding.
  20. I'll have you know that I fared quite poorly, did you know it's possible to trip on the same tree root four times What if he changed his appearance to that of a door and basically led bud open it to get out The current choice is between "Julia's chip damage but more move and no Draco" and “will die to anything mildly threatening" I'd recommend you train Arkis in some skirmishes and allow us to do one vote alongside the route split, for who gets the knight crest, I think there was a fourth unit that could use a knight crest, but I can't remember, did he die offscreen? Well uh since I don't really have too much to say about the update, let me just add that Ahab did nothing wrong
  21. Voting Gauntlet: Destructive Forces

    Oh boy I'm gonna go for team Julius, although Idunn will most likely win it
  22. Post Something The Above Poster Would Never Say

    Onee-San roleplay is a massive turnoff
  23. Final fantasy tactics A2: I really loved playing the GBA game, but the sequel for the DS was just god-awful, they ruined the law system by locking limitations onto missions rather than days and the fact that the only real penalty for breaking the law was that you couldn't revive anymore because the rewards for the laws were a set list of usually crappy items anyway, and don't get me started on the infinite reinforcement missions, and the lacklustre auction system. Megaman Zero 4: I hated the character art changes, hated the new cyber elf and it's unlimited usability, the removal of the shield boomerang and lack of a manueverability weapon made all the level designs feel super linear, while the level select allowed for more variation upon repeat runs, the fact that made it all feel a bit dull. Z4 was somewhat fun, but after Z3 it just felt dull Smash 4: The lack of a fun adventure mode like subspace felt like a waste of such a large roster to me. Combat of giants dinosaurs: was the first game I got when the 3DS came out, and it was disappointing I had it beat in a day, and it had poor replay value so yeah basically.
  24. Post Something The Above Poster Would Never Say

    The most important aspect of a waifu is that they have a well developed personality and character, and are defined by more than just a trope