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  1. Is Saying "It Looks Like You Lost Weight" an insult?

    This is some seriously weird deja vu type stuff. I was told this today by an old friend I haven't seen in years. I did not take it as an insult whatsoever. It made me feel really great because I haven't even been trying to!
  2. Hmmm, I understand what you mean. That definitely holds true for awesome villains like Alvis/Arvis. He, for example, has an EXTREME effect on the main characters and has always been one of the best villains in the series. However, for certain villains in FE13-14, I just don't think that is enough to cover up all of their other flaws. I really liked Awakening and I thought some of its villains were well done (Gangrel, Aversa, Mustafa, etc.). However, Excellus, Walhart, Yen'fay, and Validar were all extremely underwhelming for me. And to be honest, other than Walhart, none of them seemed like a threat to me at any point. Now Gangrel was a threat! He caused the massive spoilery thing :D For Fates... I just... ugh.... Well. Anankos is by far the worst villain ever in the whole franchise... and he was the main villain!!! Iago was intimidating but boring. Garon was a bit too cartoony for me. Iago was probably the best of the villains in Fates, but I can't recall him really doing anything too serious. Then again, I found it very hard to take Fates seriously. It seemed like more of a Disney movie than a Fire Emblem game. I still appreciate it though for some things, just... not my cup of tea.
  3. Compared to villains in *cough cough* certain previous games *cough cough FE13-14* I think we should give all four of these guys as much praise as we can throw out. Fernand was excellent if a bit one-dimensional for half the game. Grieth was very typical but still executed quite well as a tyrannical maniac. Desaix and Slayde were both extremely entertaining when on screen and I absolutely loved both of them. ALSO, how has nobody mentioned the voice acting yet? All four of these characters were portrayed BRILLIANTLY by their voice counterparts. Seriously, well done Echoes. This game definitely showed that Fire Emblem might go back to the days of Radiant Dawn level or even Genealogy level story-telling/world-building.
  4. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    One other really quick question, is there a way to turn off the blackish outline around every map? I've fixed everything else to my liking aesthetically, but that line still kind of eggs me. I appreciate the help!
  5. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Thank you both! I found it!
  6. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Why are there no combat animations on the enemy turn? I have found no option to turn them on and it's rather upsetting because I love the work on these great battle animations. I just want to see them, but I only can on my own phase.
  7. Favorite Fire Emblem Weapon

    My favorite Fire Emblem weapon is probably either the Book of Naga (FE4), the tome Ereshkigal (FE7), the legendary tome Apocalypse (FE6), or the Blade of Bragi (FE5). Those ones are just the most aesthetically pleasing to me either in combat animation or design. Also, the map where you obtain the Blade of Bragi will forever be one of my all time favorite FE maps.
  8. Who do you like more, Lloyd or Linus?

    Hector and Eliwood are almost equal in my eyes, but I still chose Hector because bias. On the Reeds, I think I prefer Linus. Lloyd is excellently written for a Fire Emblem villain. His whole atmosphere is just brilliant and so unique to the typical FE baddie. The only reason I chose Linus was simply because of how dynamic he is. Both brothers obviously are upset when they learn of the other's death, but Linus's reaction to Lloyd always really hit me. He acts like such a tough guy all the time, but you also know that he has a good heart. His reaction to Lloyd's death is just sad really. He completely hides away the whole tough guy persona and completely breaks apart in anger. However, they really are both great. Some of the most memorable FE bosses of all time IMO.
  9. You should be fine no matter who you chose as long as they are leveled up enough, but here are all the units I used. Alm's Path: Alm, Gray, Tobin, Kliff, Faye, Luthier, Lukas, Zeke, Mathilda Celica's Path: Celica, Saber, Genny, Mae, Valbar, Jesse, Est, Sonya, Conrad
  10. Jazzman's Sprite Gallery

    It looks great for a starter! The more work you put into it the better it will look, so just take time. I often like to just stare at my image and think before I actually do anything. Keep it up man!
  11. Hello From a (fairly) New FE fan

    Welcome E-G! Glad to see you are learning more about the franchise and getting involved with it and the community here. You should continue to play the games. ALL of them are great.
  12. Favorite Dancer (refresher unit)

    I was so close to voting for Ninian because of her design, impact on the story, support convos (esp. with Eliwood), and utility in FE7. However, I ended up choosing Reyson because I'm a huge fan of the Herons, and his own story is very unique. He is also an outstanding unit obviously, and his design as a somehow simultaneously feminine and manly heron prince is great. Go Reyson!
  13. Best FE dad?

    Excuse me boys. It's Dagdar. There is no contest.
  14. Graduating High School and Life's Milestones

    Here's another fellow graduate! Glad to see a fellow friend the same age as me who enjoys the FE franchise and community just as much as I do. Congrats pal!
  15. Thracia 776 Team-Size

    Hey guys! So I finally got my Thracia 776 patch working and I've been playing it for a while now and enjoying it quite a bit. I am currently on Chapter 7 (wow that Manster escape was fun but difficult!) I just wanted the opinion of some of the veterans of Thracia: how many units do you recommend I train throughout the game? In most FE's I usually end up with a team of 12-15, but I know this game has the whole fatigue factor to take in. So, would you recommend more units than that? I was thinking maybe more like 18-20? Thanks for any help you can offer!