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  1. Favorite Dancer (refresher unit)

    I was so close to voting for Ninian because of her design, impact on the story, support convos (esp. with Eliwood), and utility in FE7. However, I ended up choosing Reyson because I'm a huge fan of the Herons, and his own story is very unique. He is also an outstanding unit obviously, and his design as a somehow simultaneously feminine and manly heron prince is great. Go Reyson!
  2. Best FE dad?

    Excuse me boys. It's Dagdar. There is no contest.
  3. Graduating High School and Life's Milestones

    Here's another fellow graduate! Glad to see a fellow friend the same age as me who enjoys the FE franchise and community just as much as I do. Congrats pal!
  4. Thracia 776 Team-Size

    Hey guys! So I finally got my Thracia 776 patch working and I've been playing it for a while now and enjoying it quite a bit. I am currently on Chapter 7 (wow that Manster escape was fun but difficult!) I just wanted the opinion of some of the veterans of Thracia: how many units do you recommend I train throughout the game? In most FE's I usually end up with a team of 12-15, but I know this game has the whole fatigue factor to take in. So, would you recommend more units than that? I was thinking maybe more like 18-20? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  5. Thracia 776 Menu Patch Troubles

    'Ello everyone! So, a while back I made a post explaining that I had beaten every single Fire Emblem except for Fire Emblem Thracia 776 by now. I've really wanted to play this game, but I haven't been able to properly get it working. Lemme explain... So I use the following: - SNES9x version 1.54. - This base-game ROM: (snip) - This menu patch: - Not relevant, but I will be using an online script from SF as well... Okay... so here's my issue. The ROM works fine, I can run it perfectly after downloading it. When I apply the patch, I am informed that it was successfully patched. Then I go to run the patched ROM on SNES9x and it simply does not open. It gives me the yellow error message... something along the lines of "bad_checksum." If anyone can please help me on this matter I would greatly appreciate it. Please just allow for another crazed Fire Emblem fan to finally beat the series... It's all I want.
  6. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    So I tried using this on the SNES9x emulator and the game just freezes as soon as I enter the first chapter Player Phase, any ideas?
  7. FE: Thracia 776 Question

    Alright, thanks for the replies guys. I'll probably just take a breather for a good long while. I've got other games to play and the new Switch FE to look forward to. Thanks!
  8. FE: Thracia 776 Question

    Hello fellow FE mates! So, I just recently beat Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Now the only remaining game in the series that I have yet to play is Thracia 776, but I am having some serious issues finding a working ROM for it. So far I've downloaded four ROMs and all of them have either only been one part of the game translated. All I want is to finally say I've beaten the whole series. Can anyone guide this poor boy to a translation that at least has translated story/dialogue, items, options/moves, and character names? Some translations even mess up on the intro. The very first screen of text introducing the game will have a sentence that starts with gibberish letters like "rn." Anyway, it'd be greatly appreciated. Seeyaround!
  9. Duma is Loptyr? (MAJOR SPOILERS for FE4 and Echoes!)

    Just to clarify, I was never assuming that the Loptyrian Empire was a reference to that which Duma created. I was more or so just saying that at some point this Loptyrian Empire could have been resurrected into Rigel. Also, couldn't the idea of Earth Dragons and Divine Dragons just be misunderstood during the time periods of their existence? I mean, if they were so far apart, records would have been pretty different between the endpoints of that interval. I think the most convincing argument against what I said is that Duma went insane while Loptyr has always been evil. Still though, I thought it was a really cool idea. Thanks guys!
  10. So, I'm new to the site... not at all new to the games. I've been playing since I was born. I started with 7 and have now made my way through the entire series except for Thracia 776 (for the love of God please link me a working patch). Okay, introductory note aside, I've been doing some thinking. Recently I was listening to Echoes's amazing soundtrack. When I reached the song 'Prince of Darkness', something hit me... So, we know that Fire Emblems 1/11, 2/Echoes, 3/12, 4, 5, and 13 are all part of the Archanea Timeline. So, certain demons and monsters such as both Loptyr and Duma exist in the same world. Julius was always referred to as the Dark Prince, while Berkut was referred to (through the soundtrack) as the Prince of Darkness. Let's also not forget that when Julius was killed in Genealogy, he morphed into a dragon before he finally bit the dust. So, and I mean to say this is just a thought, is it possible that Duma (having taken the form of a dragon before) is the same Loptyr that Jugdral came to fear? They even both utilize similar fighters on the final levels in their respective games: the Deadlords and the Duma Faithful. Along with that, we learn in Genealogy that Loptyr once ruled some sort of Dark Empire, sounding extremely similar to the land Duma was ruled with an iron fist. I'm not saying this has to be the truth, but please use your complete knowledge of the series and really get some good insight into the evidence that supports this. If anybody has some other evidence supporting it or something to put it down, please make a post. Seeya fellahs!