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  1. NES styled characters!

    Revive this thread! revive this thread! Revive this thread!
  2. Solo necesitas sprites? O tambien quieres ayuda en otra cosa como reseña del guión y diseño de mapas, yo podria ayudarte en la penultima aunque envez de crear los mapas solo se que hace algo interesante, bueno lo mas que un Lv. 1 puede saber :P
  3. Revelation plot complaint (spoilers)

    So that's why it's different then.
  4. Talking about World War 1 and it's semi-forgotten history

    Try to scroll down and then type Martin Koves in the CTRL+F space.
  5. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    Why can't I go over this wall? It's annoying
  6. Who should I use my first Guiding Ring on?

    Clarine doesn't need weapon rank for it to use Physic either, unless you mean that Saul with base Staff rank can promote and use physic but doing that is near impossible unless you unequip him and make him dodge 600 times to get to level 10 and promote. I think he gets to A rank if you earlypromote him. Also I remember using Saul and him being a burden to me since the 6 mov wasn't much good for a support class so that's why I think Clarine is better. Advice taken. Aircalibur*
  7. Who should I use my first Guiding Ring on?

    No you're not wrong, those are the most common reasons why I see others saying to early promote Saul or Clarine.
  8. Who should I use my first Guiding Ring on?

    Hmm... I mean early physic is nice but I doubt Clarine struggles to reach B for it. Yeah that makes sense, especially since tomes have no weight in FE6, Elfire is like 4 lol. When do you get Aircalibur? Well but that takes forever...
  9. Who should I use my first Guiding Ring on?

    But am I ever realistically going to put Clarine or Saul on the frontlines? Lugh's magic rank would be higher by then obviously and at an earlier point too. Getting his light rank up though would be a pain in FE6 and like Yoder exists if I ever want to use the S rank tome although he does come late. Oh I know her mobility is good, that's why I think she is better than Saul; because those higher staff ranks aren't really used until late into the game and you only need D in staves to use mend to heal well which is what they mainly are doing. That avoid is insane too, I remember I was Skype screen sharing with my friend whose name brings disaster and hadn't used Clarine since almost her recruitment time and yet she just dodged everything when I was in a pinch :P Hmm yeah I guess it's up to me wether I decide to promote a healer first or Lugh.
  10. Talking about World War 1 and it's semi-forgotten history

    Also, no I said CTRL + F and type Martin Koves, that guy made a coment I wanted you to read, obviously you weren't going to find the thing I wanted you to find if you only typed Austria because everyone talks about it. EDIT: OOps double-post
  11. I'm consider using it on Lugh and to me that seems fantastic since he does reliable magic damage and I think his damage output is good enough for FE6 standards, but see a lot of people saying that the first Guiding Ring shouldn't be used on him, that it should be used on Saul or Clarine. I don't know but I don't think that's a good idea since Clarine still has more mov than Saul even when the latter is promoted and Clarine can heal just fine with no promo and already has D in staves which is enough fro mend but I do see a lot of people either saying Lugh isn't very good or that you should promote one of your healers with the first Guiding Rings. And on the topic of Lilina at first I tought she was usable and while she is, in my previous unfinished FE6 playthrough (which I scrapped) she was very bad and had 10 speed at level 20 so I don't plan on using her. However I still feel that using my first Guiding Ring on Lugh is a good decision so can anyone tell me what I could be overlooking and why I am wrong or if I am doing the correct decision?
  12. Talking about World War 1 and it's semi-forgotten history

    The problem is you would either have to make them like history from the start of their childhood so they don't think of it as just learning facts but then again in 1st grade you can't teach much history and if you teach in a higher level everyone thinks it's just "Learning dates" I don't really know any way to tell people why I like history, it's a hard question.
  13. Alphabet Game

    I dont know what Lymphosarcomata is M is for memes
  14. First Time, Advice Posts !

    play in normal mode so you can transfer stuff to RD
  15. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    I first found what FE was through Shadow dragon in 2014 since my dad had a online shop with lots of games so I got to play some and that was FE11 although because I left it just lying it around my room outside it's box he feared it could get lost and didn't let me play it again, damn what an extreme action to take next time you see a fly maybe throw a grenade or something. Well then later on in 2017 I saw him playing Echoes on his 3DS and I wanted that so nearing my birthday my mom came and she had 2 presents and one of them was FE15 she allowed me to open one around 2 weeks early (She also does that with Christmas too) I picked the 3DS box shaped thing becaused I already knew what it was and I had a blast with it. After that I started looking back to the GBA era since it's one of the consoles I grew up with (alongside the Wii and PS3) and then from there I just went wherever back or forwards in the franchise.