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  1. So I just started playing FE 4 any tips?

    I'm not the biggest FE4 expert but here's some things. 1.- 1 more AS means you double. Also weight is taken directly from your speed. 2.- Watch Mekkah pitfalls 4 3.- You need pursuit sill to double, if you don't have it then you don't double. Unless you have other skills. 4.- The only way to trade items is by either handing down from families or having someone sell in a castle to the pawnshop then another unit goes to thecastle town and buys it from the pawnshop but at a higher price 5.- Cavaliers are best. Roads increase your movement, basically each road tile costs you 0.75 movement, from what I calculate. 6.- Villages burn down in 10 turns after starting to get ransacked. But the sooner you get there the higher the reward (for money atleast I dont kno about other things) 7.- Ayra is good but because of Astra. She is fast too so there's that. 8.- Arden sucks but take him out of the castle in prologue, no enemies threaten you in the prologue so if you want give him a few kills or ust to do something helpful. 9.- Lovers like Ethlyn X Cuan can give all their gold to their significant other. 10.- Swords are light and accurate although not so powerful but they are really good. Weight balance in this game is kinda weird. Also for negative numbers in weight I think you need to have more so if Enemy AS= -3 but yours is -2 you double if you have pursuit.
  2. Supports in Three Houses

    it still remains that it wasnt likely and it obvs is set in medieval times. I already stated how it's fine by me if there are LGBTQ+ characters so no need to bring up a needess discussion m8
  3. What defines your favorite characters?

    Looking at your post activity and every comment you make I think that if I need to write an essay I will ask you for help :P
  4. Should I give Effie the boots?

    OK so Effie isn't super tanky but if I want to use it a mobile GK is better because she still tanks as such right? I dunno, I might keep using her after chapter 10 for support fodder to help Mozu with those chapter 11 archers and then leave her I guess.
  5. Supports in Three Houses

    Medieval setting and those that go to school are probably not allowed in if they are gay. With that in mind, I really don't care if they appear I just hope that their personality isn't "I'm gay, notice me you homophobe REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" because then it will get annoying and feel more like they are trying to be political and stuff. But I didn't really mind them being there in Fates and Echoes (Well I dont think Valbar and Leon have a pair ending?), the only problem and the only problem is........................................................ when it becomes too obvious, tell me, aside from SJWs and protesters, do you think gay people are always trying to make others notice that they are gay? No, I could have a gay friend for years without even knowing they are gay and it would be no problem and even stay like that once he told me or I found out. But with the general thing of supports. I want more quality not quantity, I know some Senpai X Student UwU BS will get there because JAPAN but with that I mean something like FE6 or 9 supports, especially with FE6 ones, with how they are short but you finish reading something like Hugh and Niime's and it's so good despite them being readable in under 3 minutes. Then again I'm a sucker for FE6 [Does the kaga laugh that he does in every interview].
  6. More Female Enemies

    Hmm I'm not sure why I said that tbh but like I suppose the leader of a bandit group would also be a hot chick, since you know brigands aren't the most equality loving freaks I believe they wouldn't like putting a woman on a position of power so they would probably only put a hot chick as a leader (Who was strong too obvs). Basically like someone else mentioned, in medieval times women didn't really go that far unless men promoted them, and they usually got promotions in society if they were a hot chick. For example imagine being the wife of a man that participates in something like "The royal council", that would by itself get you far. I mean maybe some ugly chick gets too banditry power if they are an exception to the genetical rule of "Male, trained muscles > Female, trained muscles" and she really is super strong but there's no reason why she shouldn't strive to be beautiful either. To be atleast more respected?
  7. The influence of fan criticism/desires on a creator's work

    I agre with Von Ithipathachai, listening to fans is important but do it too much and you just get a fanfiction only with a "Canon" label.
  8. More Female Enemies

    Female generics are fine, female bosses are nice too, female mini-bosses sure. Maybe ugly looking bandit women no, but mini bosses that are female, like ok? Why not?
  9. Should I give Effie the boots?

    Uhm, how does the solo mean anything in this topic? But if you have a better class then you can fulfill these tasks better? Additionally would you really go out of your way to train a bad unit like an Archer just so they can make your time easier in one chapter filled with flying units? Like the objective isn't the decisive factor in which units I bring, stats are and 4 mov is a stat, a bad one.
  10. Fire Emblem 1 damage and arena calculator

    Oh ok, that makes sense.
  11. Should I give Effie the boots?

    Ok so I never said that Effie was leveling up great for me, only that her stats are like that because they generally are. I do agree that a more movement unit that is OP is better than one with less though. Also I just got Effie and asked because I wanted to know wether it was worth it or not? Bascially, if she was good enough statwise to warrant the boots. Also how would a General Elise benefit me in any way? It's a terrible idea to start but "may be exactly what his party needs" is like pretending my pool of units is different from yours which it isn't, everyone gets Odin in chapter 8 so lolwut? But I'm checking now, Effie doesn't seem to be much more worth it so I may just level her for Chapter 10 and then abandon her, after all, I am not forced to use a unit if I leveled him up once.
  12. NES styled characters!

    You have a thing for that pegasus knight boss in FE6 don't you? Lalum is fine, although I don't like those hairbuns or whatever they are called.
  13. Should I give Effie the boots?

    Oh smart move, Mozu and Niles but I dunno if I will be using Niles long term tbh. Well maybe I should XD Azura with boots is a very good idea.. I value it somewhat because it's fun to have OP high movement units.
  14. New to Forums

    Aw isn't delthea's little spiky tooth cute? Very cute art, and the game is also good so bonus points. You know I liked FE 15 too so much that I beat it in 3 days and it was practically the only thing I played, I think it's amazing, it has a good story not just a good presentat (Yes Celica did some bad things but she was blackmailed, and people saying "Why did she trust an evil man?" where as if people were put at gunpoint they would trust the bad guy to let them live if they gave the attacker what he demanded) good art, good combat animations (alongside good cutscenes) and amazing soundtrack. Seriously it needs more love, and by more love I mean like love-love not I-hate-the-other-3DS-games-so-I-love-this-one-because-I-hate-the-others. Oh yeah hi dude, welcome to the forums, have a nice time here the people are friendly with varying degrees of it. Have fun.
  15. FE6 No Shop Challenge

    Do hour long videos if you want but please slice 'em up into 20 minute parts or chapter based parts. Almost no one watches an hour long video and its bad for your video quality score.