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  1. PreuBens Gloria starts playing on the background.
  2. Projared

    Ok that's true
  3. The first arc was the best part, I wish the game was about it all though since stories of war-torn families and continents are really the more interesting thing, maybe the Valm thing can be added there too as an outsider who is taking advantage of the war andyou and Plegia take a small aliance to throw back the elite Valmese troops and then resume the fighting but realize, "hey this is pointless, we just fought as brother we can't fight each other" + evil dragon Grima was tricking Gangrel we recrit Gangrel and the end. Anywaqy let's see where this goes...
  4. Projared

    Fuck me then I guess I'm a sociopath then, it's not as simple as "He is lying" or "He doesn't think much of his crimes' severity", forgetting is a real thing. But well I guess the validity of it has gone down due to overexposure and the general consensu of people being is that it's an excuse and not a possible thing. I mean it happened 3 years ago or something right? I don't remember almost anything back then and I tended to get into a lot of trouble at school. @Johann You would think so but bad people do it regardless, as it was previously stated they inflate their egos to think that other people failed because they were dumb.
  5. History Talk: Russia

    Guess that's why Russia is so mad as to invade Crimea right now, seriously "We are saving them from Western influence" What?! Their state of birth? Class status? Damn I forgot the word too... Uh, interesting I was mostly joking but can the Holy Roman Empire be revived???! That's pretty cool! I would like if you could share pictures of it. And yeah a lot of history does get overshadowed, I only really felt I was learning anything in middle school, elementary was like just really basic old stuff that fetishized the romans and talked about the evolution of humans too and the other grades were all about Mexico but not even it in-depth, in fact the new school system in Mexico will make it so that middle school instead of going like: 1st = Geography. 2nd = History. 3rd History of Mexico now the classes will be 1st grade = History and 2nd and 3rd will be history of mexico, not only skipping geography which is cool but what more are you going to talk about Mexico this time? Maybe so but Americans probably downgrade themselves than they do anywhere else due to "OH we are so EVIL!!!! We like did bad stuff that no other country ever did!" but as for the russians I think it's mostly just some 1950's communist fear carrying on. Cool, is there no way to regain touch with your those family members? Or do they not know english?
  6. Enhance a wish: FE edition

    Granted. Now FE has more appeal with the fanbases of that series and with all the money Nintendo prioritizes FE and starts making merch and making remakes for FE4 and 5 and 6 and we all live in happiness. I wish Rebecca had good art and were a bettter unit in FEH.
  7. What does your Fire Emblem tier list look like?

    > > Heresy There's actually a really good reason why you should play this game and it's ehm... uh... the music! The music is great!! and uh.... well doesn't a 9 movement Valbar sound fun or infinite warp? Or broken alm and dread fighters that can use shadow swords without ever taking damage?!
  8. Projared

    He did though, or atleast not in that post but he did here... shadily so though like always... ugh...
  9. Regarding Lunatics Seeded Growth Rates

    Hmm ... I'm not sure then... I wish I could help
  10. Regarding Lunatics Seeded Growth Rates

    This other thread should clear it up for you.
  11. What does your Fire Emblem tier list look like?

    TbuN's FE Tier list: All Time Favorite: Echoes Shadows of Valentia Great: Binding Blade, Sacred Stones, Genealogy of the Holy war Okay: Path of Radiance, Awakening, Gaiden, Thraccia 776, Shadow Dragon I'm Sorry, But You're Overrated: Blazing Blade Not a Big Fan: Shadow Dragon and the Sword of Light, Fates CQ Ouch: Not Played Yet, So No Comment: New Mystery of the Emblem (Okay?), Radiant Dawn (Overrated/Ok?), Heroes of Light and Shadow (Okay?), Fates BR (Ouch?), Fates Rev (Ouch?).
  12. Just finished FE1 on Switch. Thoughts + Tier list!

    Yeah there is, I actually played it on the PC for a bit but couldnt activate it because you need to press 3 buttons at the same time, I don't think that will be a problem for you but just saying PD: It's Start and Select and A, I circumvented this by making one key function as Start and Select both.
  13. Projared

    --- kek. Stupid Jared.
  14. F in the chat for Grumpy Cat

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo D:
  15. History Talk: Russia

    I am resisting the urge to call that time Kevin now. Honestly, you're not wrong. The tzar is very much still there just in another "of the people" way instead, even though that's pure BS. I will legit feel like a new world era will have started once Putin dies like Castro was to everyone else. Also instead of their what? I didn't catch what you said? Another proof of evidence as to why Germany must marry the Netherlands and become a new country, I mean Germany gets an actually good coast and Nethrlands becomes integrated into a world power + more funds for killing the water. Ich bin resisting das urge to sing Preu├čens Gloria. IDK on that... I mean they did it in WW2 and moved factories elsewhere to amass thousands of tanks, when the Swedish Empire fought the Russian Empire (who was under Peter the Great at the time) they burned down the fields... they did it in those 2 moments from what I recall.