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  1. Fire emblem heroes paralogue 32

    Pretty neat you're able to do this without expensive units. I don't play much heroes but I know Lunatic is tough as nails.
  2. Well I guess you can discoun me fro touching your spaghett'!
  3. How to do Lyn mode for HHM?

    If I don't struggle to much with it. Bartre is even worse off, because he can get doubled in his joining chapter. Dorcas is slow but he will not get doubled by anything that doesn't put him at a disadvantage. But those Cog of Destiny valkyries you mention aren't like a problem for and only for Dorcas. Everyone struggles with them so what is your point even?
  4. Jotari's Stuff

    Cool stuff.
  5. How to do Lyn mode for HHM?

    Yeah Florina like please just make her Shanna 2.0 or Vanessa 2.0 Yeah Sain got screwed it sucks. Lowen is one of my fav cavs but I hate his earlygame, it's so annoying to see him not have enough damage to 2 shot something or enough speed to double it's like Beta Forde but atleast his bases are existant. Erk just got so good and I'm happy about it. Lyn is meh, she almost doesn't double the ambush spawn cavaliers in the last LM chapter which have 6 AS.
  6. How to do Lyn mode for HHM?

    It's possible I didn't make myself clear either but to say one quick thing atleast Rebecca can attack at range and not be too Oof with her def as Florina and do some chip but I won't argue Rebecca > Florina because that would be pointless. Oh... well ok.
  7. How to do Lyn mode for HHM?

    I mean 9 speed... come on, why couldn't she be exactly like Shanna I would have liked that. I mean Shanna is pretty good since she flies and not 1RKO-ing enemies is common in FE6, only gods can kill easily. H- how so? I don't remember arguing with you before, oh this is embarrasing.
  8. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Arrive! Regal Rabbits!

    Holy shit 20 people browsing right now it's crazy lol. I like Palla and Marisa they are looking good. I wish I played Heroes now :P
  9. How to do Lyn mode for HHM?

    @Glennstavos @eclipse @Shadow Mir @Eltosian Kadath @Interdimensional Observer. I have edited the OP to inclde how my run ended. Comment on it if you wish.
  10. So you like mushrooms? I wouldn't call it a sex thing though. I'm sure there's plenty of women outside who don't like them and plenty of men that do.
  11. HAHA! We'll be great friends! P:S how right leaning is he :P
  12. How to do Lyn mode for HHM?

    I knew when I read your comment that it was mainly a bash against Dorcas, considering how you loathe Fates' Arthur but I am obviously combining Combat with joining time, for example I will not give everything to Rath because he joins late even though his combat is ok or giving everything to Matthew because he is the first to join. I say obviously because I don't think anyone who has had almost 2 years of FE experience, this being me, would be that idiotic but I suppose I must have made myself clearer. Anyway as for Dorcas I would say he is actually pretty good once trained since warriors, although gaining no speed, get a heck ton of Strength and Defense from promotion bonuses so arguably Dorcas' worst point, as with Bartre, is the earlygame and not "outside of the earlygame"; especially with not much weapon triangle advantage due to the earlygame having a higher concentration of axe users and sword users than those you will find through the rest of the game. I'm not saying Dorcas is good but I think a few levels on him for extra strength and skill is better than base Dorcas, just maybe not even a candidate for the angelic robe as I though at first.
  13. Please... please... please!!! Stop adding onions to my soup! Or mushrooms into my pizza!! Please... oh and taking it off it doesn't help because they could be buried deep below the cheese... it makes me paranoic! That's not what I want from Pizza!!!
  14. How to do Lyn mode for HHM?

    I dunno... I'll see what I can do. Im also trying to S rank lyn mode so I dunno... nah hhm is more important.