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  1. Damn. Mine was +Res/-Hp. Your Micaiah is awesome man! Congrats!
  2. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    That Matthew is a real beast tho. Just congrats and wp!
  3. Thank you bro! Hope you'll pull that Gray someday. I give you my strength! And my luck.
  4. So hey! I am blessed by the luck of @Vaximillian or something :') Sothe is -DEF/+SPD (Speedo Sothe inc?) Micaiah is -HP/+RES Zelgius is -ATK (Sad)/+HP And the x2 SP boost is up... See you later guys!
  5. MICAIAH AND SOTHE. YES. I think that my 999 orbs mission will be delayed...
  6. I started my Shadow Dragon emblem. Which units would you guys include?
  7. Happy new year, guys and ladies ^^ !
  8. Thanks! Yeah at least some luck T.T. Well, hope you have better luck next time :P i'm on the mission again! Road to 999!
  9. @Rafiel's Aria So I sacrifice some of my orbs and got this... 15 orbs. Is this good luck or...?
  10. Thanks! Well... My highest was 210... I think i'll be able to complete my mission! :D