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  1. Holy shit this post is godlike, i love it.
  2. Genny MVP, nothing more to say. Gg wp bro, keep fighting like this!
  3. @Cute Chao AAAHHHH She's mine! +ATK/-RES >.< The reversal luck works!!!
  4. Good luck to all with the new banner tomorrow ^^!
  5. YES. IT'S ROBIN. Wow, looks pretty amazing to be honest. No Legendary Ephraim on the banner... I'm sorry for you... :(... But you could pull in the Thracia banner so :P Good reversal luck anyway :D
  6. Yeah... I'm on 24 orbs now but i have my 3.75% 5* star rate soooooo hot... So... I hope i would pull the new legendary hero easily...
  8. Same here XD i pulled 2 two weeks ago, and both were neutral IV's so i'm happy :3
  9. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I feel so happy for you!! I did a yolo summ today but get a 4* Gunter D: Anyway you'll get your legendary Ephraim for sure! Now you have my luck so.... EASY. I only want the new legendary hero and I CAN'T WAIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH now it's time to save orbs again D:
  10. Ayyyyyyyy I force them for you too! c'mon you must to get your Ephraim too! We swap luck 'til now :D!
  11. My pitybreaker was alphonse in this banner :( so sad... I wanted Sharena T.T...
  12. @Cute Chao Hahahaha don't worry, your Ephraim will come. Mine is -atk/+hp btw... But hey! I got him and every nature is workable right now with SS and merge so i'm happy! Also i give to you some of my lucky, you'll get him soon or later, just believe :D!