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  1. That sounds like... Agh.
  2. L O L Can't be possible wtf...
  3. I need Hector. Going hard for the fest pull to get him AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i must to save orbs.
  4. I think he will join to the squad or something in a GHB or maybe in the new history.
  5. Lol i already see the Feh channel, i couldn't this morning. LOL H Y P E.
  6. Lelz. I didn't see anything 'cause i've couldn't yet hahahaha. Then i shut my mouth down eheehhehe.
  7. I hope that Joshua will be a free character as you said... And i hope that they won't do the same they did with Ayra... And put him on a 4 person banner 'cause he is a Red sword unit like she was...
  8. So i try once in the new banner with my 20 orbs and got Mia for no reason. Her vanilla stats at 40: She's -HP/+SPD so i think it's so good. But i still don't like these new heroes. Only that 40 RES of Lute is so tempting.
  9. This banner looks like a real eks di. But hey: Unique weapons :3.
  10. Agggggghhhhhhhh here is at 3:00am T.T.
  11. Oooooohhhhhh it's nice to read that :D i'm so happy that you get your refund :P Just continue playing, this game is awesome, i've never paid and well... Here I am ehehehe.
  12. That's the point. If you want him for Arena runs... There are other better options if we're talking about PURE damage, but I always look for the better options in my teams so... Arvis for me is good for Arena runs and TT or CC too. I think he will be my next upgrade. I read all of you and now i want to prove his potential ^^.
  13. I think i'll do another run with her agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain...