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  1. Oh the grin Aliza gave Tristan was a fun one. It's been a while since she flirted with a male, especially one so handsome. "If you can call me Aliza then I can call you Tristan, only a fair trade right?" He was kind of an awkward guy, she could tell. But then again so was she sometimes. "And sure! I'm totally down for lunch if you are." With a turn she lead along. "Cafeteria's this way, right? I'm kind of beat after all that action, I'd like to unwind a bit with a nice sandwich..." Despite the crisis happening Aliza wasn't sure how to contribute to the recovery, but she could at least get to know more crew mates and help them out. Maybe he could listen to her troubles too. 'I'll catch up with Vvi later.'
  2. "Well, we did watch anime together with Vvi. We're getting to know each other a bit." She answered with a winning smile. 'Hm, he is kind of cute...and nice. I like him.' Still bird watching, even in a time like this. Hadn't rated him yet though, so that'll have to wait. "...oh, alone time?" Well it made sense, Aly had been through a lot. She didn't want to push her too hard considering what had happened. "Hm...ok." She called out as she walked away. "But you know where to find me if you need anything. Let's watch another episode this week!" Then she turned to Tristan. "I guess we're not as close as I thought. Not yet at least..." She rubbed her head. "Then again with everything that happened...I can't blame her."
  3. "Oh, of course. I didn't plan on losing any body parts today, I still need my hands to write and control a mech after all..." She chuckled a bit as she turned to Tristan embracing Aly. Again her newbie status kicked in. She did recall seeing this guy here and there, but she never interacted with him until now. But he seemed special enough to be able to hug Aly and not be completely obliterated by her frustration. Speaking of which, Aliza kept note of Alriana's state. She was still emotional. She was guessing it wasn't just Louise, but Soor'Kan as well. It hadn't been a good day for anyone, but her day was especially rotten. She simply watched the scene in silence for a moment. "...well I'm glad she has good friends to lean on during rough spots like this." She turned to Tristan.
  4. The death glare toward Aliza did surprise her for a second, though seeing it soften about 1% did remind her that it wasn't a threat toward her. At least if she were anyone else, thank god she has a growing relationship with Aly. "...thank you..." She took a breath as she let go of the alien slowly. Though she still had some worries in the back of her mind, enough to keep her by Alriana's side. "Too much happened..." She took a glance at Louise. It suddenly dawned on her that she tried to break up a fight between an android and an enraged alien, if it hadn't probably would've ended poorly for her. She took a minute to swallow that pill. "Mm...whatever this is about...can it wait?"
  5. "Mhm..." After a delayed response, Aliza slowly made her way back to the hanger. So much happened, she had hoped things would settle as soon as she went back in. Boy howdy was she wrong. After she made her landing she noticed the hanger was more or less in it's own war with everyone scrambling around. Aliza laid back in her seat a bit, trying her best to take things in. " now..." Soor'Kan was a mad man, but he was quite strong. Just from their brief exchange Aliza had a feeling she couldn't take him on by herself. It was intimidating. She's amazed she's still alive. After a good few minutes she sat up and looked out to the hanger. Everyone was busy trying to maintain control, didn't seem like an elevator would come up anytime soon so she thought on taking a zipline back down. She had to find...someone. Had to make sure Vvi and Alriana were ok, as well as Kim. Although it seemed like Kim might not be possible to reach, so she'll save that for later. She had a lot on her mind, she'd take anyone at this point. Maybe she'll talk to Astin later, he seemed like a good listener from their brief exchange. But before she could continue thinking on that she noticed a commotion happening down by a plane. A fight? Aliza looked out some more until she realized who exactly was involved in that fight. "...!" Oh no. Now she REALLY couldn't wait for the mechanic. So she took up her own zipline suggestion and came down as fast as she could, leaving her notebook in the cockpit. As soon as she reached the floor the broke out into a sprint toward the fight and called out. "Alriana!" She flew past Tristan and everyone other person in her path and grabbed onto the alien by the waist with ZERO hesitation. The grab was less a grapple and more of a hug mind you. "Aly! Stop! We've had enough fighting!" She called out once more. "No more...please..."
  6. It's over. Finally. Aliza took a breath as soon as the Praxis left the battlefield. Just from their brief exchange she didn't want to face Sor'Kaan, at least not right this moment. Not when the situation was just as frustrating as it was. The Riese, the crew, the betrayal. "....mmm..." She quietly laid her head on the console and let out groan. Which wasn't her response to Vvi. Instead her response was... "...physically..." She had so much to write when this was cleared up.
  7. The situation was somewhat becoming stabilized now that a lot of the Sacrians have thinned out, but it's still quite dire between the sinking ship and everyone scrambling about. Not to mention that ol' smelly Sor'Kaan still about. Aliza wanted to do something about that of course, just not alone. Of course there was Vvi and Alriana out there, she was concerned. "Hm..." Nevertheless she continued her mission, talks can happen later. Back to the shootout! Aliza moves to 10,17: Beam Crossbow on kitty cat 3 while supported by Makoto with his Hybrid Chamber Rifle
  8. All Aliza could do at this point is keep underwater, monitoring the situation above until an opening presented itself in the ranks. Though the Sacarians were thinning out, in part thanks to Vvi's aggression. Oh and everyone else of course, Vvi just stood out to her because she couldn't help but notice her forward personality coming forward. The Italian really wanted to make sure she stayed on her good side. With that in mind she noticed Hannah under pressure and decided to help out. "Giving support, miss Abrams!" She called out before firing. Aliza casts Trust on Hannah, then swims on over to to 9-16 to beam crossbow Sacarian 2.
  9. Aliza was still under the waves, but she could catch a lot of action happening above her. She tried to keep her eyes on the Ceres, but the chaos above made it hard to keep track of it. Frustrating considering she was firing at it moments ago. But her focus was broken when she noticed the Luna drop off in another part of the water, being pursued by Kim and several drones. "Vera's down...whoa..." Considering how intimidating she was back at the beach, not to mention all the stories she heard about her, Aliza was convinced she would've needed more than just their squad to bring her down. Really was eye opening. She heard some banter on the comms over getting Kim back on the field, and it seemed like Kim was a little distressed as she went back above to fight once more. "" She wanted to say something, but now wasn't the time. She had to get back to work. 'I'll talk to her later if I can...' She turned her gaze back above. Sadly it seemed the Ceres was gone, but at the very least she could still contribute by thinning the ranks. So she turned her crossbow toward a Sacarian above and fired. Aliza casts Focus, Moves to 6,14 and fires her beam crossbow at Sacarian 8
  10. The response from Sor'Kaan left Aliza in shock. This wasn't an alien to be reasoned with like Vvi or Alriana, this was more akin to a dictator. Someone who couldn't be stopped with words alone. Given that his army was still after her friend and there was nothing more to say. Well except... "...I gotcha." She paused for a sigh. "Well if nothing else I learned one thing from this exchange...your plans stink as much as you do." In that moment the Sagittae shifted from flight mode to its mobile suit form, and at the tail end of the shift Aliza used the legs to kick herself off of the Praxis. Aliza made sure to give the alien a brief wave with the Sagittae's hand before she made her big splash into the water below. "..." The Italian put on her serious face. "Aliza here. I'm going after the Ceres." After that quick update on the comms she made her way under water to spot the Ceres. She quickly found her target and aimed her beam crossbow from under. With a quick trigger pull a beam was launched through the surface, right toward Marianne's machine. Aliza casts focus, shifts back into mobile suit form, dives underwater, and then moves to 7,14 to fire her Beam Crossbow at Marianne
  11. Aliza was all set to keep gunning down the alien, that is until her crossbow suddenly got grabbed by a teleporting dark mech piloted by the other alien. That really spooked Aliza behind the console. "Ah!" Could they have just always done that? Of course they could. That made her immensely uncomfortable. Still, she couldn't panic. It would only make things worse. So she took a silent breath to herself, and spoke out to him. "...I feel the same, but it's a shame. I want to understand you, or at least the reason why you're doing this." Despite the awkward situation and slight fear she didn't make a move yet. The opportunity to talk and her curious mind overtook that for a moment. "Is this all really worth it to you?"
  12. There isn't quite a word in Aliza's vocabulary that could really do justice in describing the shock she was feeling right now. Just when they thought they had the Ceres cornered the last thing she wanted happened: Reinforcements. Worse yet, reinforcements lead by Vera. Good gracious. As if that weren't enough her companions seemed to be aliens, judging from the whole "humans" call out. Seeing as her mind was not very TK friendly she did indeed feel the pressure, it didn't help her case at all. She started some slow breathing to steady herself. "Keep calm...keep calm..." Oh and the Riese making it's splashdown didn't help either. "Keep calm keep calm keep calm keep calm..." In between Kim having her showdown with Vera Aliza took her time to steady herself, doing the best she could to bring herself back to reality. Well thankfully she did manage to get back to her normal self, just in time to spot Gaal'Bathy diving straight at a now exposed Alriana. Pet...they must have meant her. Aliza thought about her time with Hicks and Sledge, and realized she almost lost someone because of her inaction. But this time was different. With a slight gulp to herself she aimed her mounted crossbow toward the alien and fired before she reached the water. "...over here!" She called out. "There's no pet here, but you're attacking my friend. So back off!"
  13. Aliza had finally made it to the scene in time to see Vvi's machine take off. "Ah, Vvi?!" She gasped out as she saw the alien take off, but of course who could hear her over the loud mech taking off? Before she could ponder on the quick take off yet another alien mech flew by, dunking itself straight into the water. Didn't take long to realize there was a chase going on. With that in mind the Italian rushed over to her machine, seems like Elaine had the engineering team with her. An order did go out to inspect the machines to make sure there was no sabotage, and thankfully Aliza did see a mechanic come down from the lift. But if she didn't have time to put on her pilot suit she barely had time to give off a thanks. So she jolted by him, took the lift up, and jumped in the cockpit. "Aliza Silvavolke, I go!" With that the archer bot took off as fast as it could, as soon as it left the hanger it changed to its bird form and approached the scene. The first thing she saw was Fury Arachnid aiming its lance toward the Ceres along side the Regalia, which was preparing it's hyper beam rifle. "!" Oh, the mole was inside. Avery. She had to be, who else would be there? " this really happening?" She grit her teeth. "Can't just talk this out can we...?"
  14. "Hm?" She took notice of Vvi approaching her, ok not Avery. Good. "Vvi!" She rushed up too. "I'm glad you're alright...I never expected the mole to show up now of all times." Then again it's always when you least expect it, or rather when you never want it. Just the way things are. But then the spider brought up a good point. "Yeah....we can't let them get away. We gotta stop em." She agreed. That is until she brought up regretting that betrayal. "A.ah, wait what?" She asked, but Vvi was off before she could answer. "...wait up, Vvi!" She followed after her friend. Above all else she needed to make sure no one died, not before Avery gave her side of the story at least. Then there was the issue of her being with someone else. Aliza only hoped it wasn't more than one person, and that this can all be resolved through a talk. If only...
  15. Aliza was walking down a hallway of the ship, minding her own business. Writing in her notebook with a hum. She was preparing herself for some bird watching again today, or so that was the plan. Instead, an announcement came on the loudspeaker. "?" An order to prepare for combat was issued to every pilot. That was no surprise, though Aliza thought they'd have another day before they hit the enemy at least. Ah well. But while the order didn't quite surprise her the next line sure did. "prepare for immediate combat, and if you see Avery Wright, immediately apprehend her and anyone with her!" "...wait what?" She quickly stopped in her tracks. Avery...the mechanic? The nice girl? She hadn't really had too much time with her but they spoke on occasion, she even helped console Aliza over her crush being broken. Apprehend her...why? Was this about the mole talk she heard? Oh dear. "...this can't be happening. Not now..." She bit her lip. Something was up, and she didn't like it. Not one bit. With a sigh she closed the notebook and rushed down the hall to the hanger, no choice but to follow orders after all. And pray to god she didn't run into Avery of course... Feeling Alienated