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  1. The heavy southern accent was a bit distracting to Aliza, but she appreciated the eagerness to help. "Oh uh yeah! Much obliged!" She responded and followed Avery along. "Glad you remembered my name too, makes things easier. For some reason I've been having trouble clicking with most people on board." 'Between the awkward air with Abby and Elaine getting a bit too heated anyway...'
  2. Aliza waited for a moment like a good student would (if you ignore the shouting in class that is), wondering when she would get an answer. Well it came alright, but not quite in a way she expected. Avery had stepped out, and approached the lift with a quick swear. It didn't sound like she was happy, in fact she looked like she was itching for some divine retribution. "!!!" Aliza froze in her tracks when she saw her remove her belt and slide down like some action star with her still rather pissed off expression. It was an action that made Aliza go: 'Ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap!' But before Aliza's flight part of her fight or flight mode could trigger Avery made her perfect landing, and gave her response. "O.oh...Oh! Right!" She took a breath and a slight bow from her head. "I'm really sorry. Just a bit frustrated is all but uh...yeah take your time, I was the one who interrupted your work with my big mouth...eheheh..."
  3. Aliza seemed to have extended her break a little from poking around her new machine, though that's partially because she had hit a brick wall in understanding some of the new tools she had equipped onto the thing. She knew she more than likely needed a hand getting a feel for the new tech, but was unsure who to ask. Although the academy student in her more or less lead her to stall out responsibility by looking over some of the other machines. It amazed her how so many unique mechs were lined in the same hanger, none of the Legionaries in her previous duties compared. But while she kept her pace one machine stood out to her. A white juggernaut with a design that was nice on the eyes, simple, not too flashy. But it was...well "plump" quickly came to mind. She wasn't sure why, perhaps fat was a bit too forward of a word. Regardless it impressed her enough to warrant a slight "oooh" outloud, and it certainly had her curious to check it out. However the giant thick bot wasn't the only thing that had caught her eye. It was only for the briefest of moments but she did catch a glimpse of Avery, whom she had met at Orange Theocracy, and another pilot she didn't know. They followed someone else who had jumped in with them, although she didn't quite catch who it was. Maybe it was a mechanic just showing the specs? That sounded real helpful right about now. So with that in mind she took a breath. "HEEEY!" She called up to the machine. "You guys up there mind sending down the lift? I need a hand and I don't wanna shout out my problems!"
  4. Aliza had arrived in the hanger minutes ago and could be found square in the cockpit of her own machine, the Sagittae. She had a good look at it before and was more or less astounded by the sheer height and quality of the machine. Hell before she entered she had to take a short breather to make sure it was still a reality. But it was her's to do what she willed within the rules of course, so she took her chance to get accustomed to the controls inside of the archery based super robot. ' this thing is advanced. Moreso than the Legionaries gotta admit. Kinda way above what I ever expected to pilot.' She took some time to type at the controls, and viewed some data popping up on screen. Most of it Aliza could indeed comprehend. ''Oh this thing can transform? Didn't think it would looking at it normally but that's pretty cool. It has daggers, a beam crossbow and...a giant bow? Well it seems to fit it's namesake.' The name was a bit modified but she could tell this thing was based off Sagittarius, which was funny because that wasn't her sign at all. Strange how things worked out. She continued to review the info from her spot, listening to some music. Until she realized that she had been staring at a screen for a good while now. It strained her eyes. With a slight groan the Italian hopped out of the cockpit to stretch a bit. "Aaah brain's starting to get fried...break time." With that in mind she started to stroll forward a bit. Eyeing some other mechs as she walked along.
  5. With the meeting adjourned and the plan set in stone, Aliza stood up with her orders and walked out. With the task to adjust her machine before the operation. Alfonse was a big target that needed to be protected, along with punching through the front line. Lot to do this time around, not to mention she had to Sagittae. Good thing she had time for that. The Italian pilot made her way to the hanger to locate her new machine, while looking over her notes in her book. 'Lots of find a way to chill out...' There was really only two ways to do that and one of them is out of the question considering she'll be in the hanger (it was birdwatching). So plan B: Music. She put her notebook away after a short review and sifted through her track list while she marched on to her new super robot. A track from an old action anime seemed to help, something about wyverns and spheres? Got me.
  6. Yeah she certainly did. A mech she never expected to pilot herself, she honestly expected another more experienced pilot to. But she wasn't going to raise objections at this point when she was chosen already. She'll just have to do her best not to let anyone down. With that in mind Aliza took a slightly modest nod when her name was brought up, with a bit of an incredibly silent giggle to sort of calm her own nerves. 'Super robots huh?' Truth be told Aliza was no stranger to cartoons herself, in fact she watched them a lot. Growing up as a kid, studying in her classes. Hell even some of her dates ended up with her and a show on screen depending on the mate for the night. Off topic matters aside she quietly listened to the plan whilst taking her own notes, this time actually on topic and not on any girls in the room (ignore the small doodle in the corner of the page). Commander Vance's plan can be best described as "balls to the walls" involving many of their machines to hit the enemy with as much blunt force as possible while at the same time the Riese watched their backs for any spooky warps. Sounded very straight forward truth be told, but with her in the new archery based bot she had a feeling her contribution might be much bigger than she's expecting considering the whole "super robot" deal. Needless to say she was nervous, but she did her best to hide it behind her notebook.
  7. " kidding." With how intense things got and the fact she didn't really have much room to speak since every other crew member had Vera's attention already. Everything that had to be said was more or less out there, but Vera seemed genuine about her request. She followed Elaine to the changing room, concerned about a few things. Why did the aliens want earth? Vera was pretty vague about that but it didn't seem like she knew. 'I guess if they really wanted everyone to know why everyone would know by now. But...' As she opened a locker to her things, she continued to ponder on a few things. 'If we manage to shoot one down we can ask them...I mean I'm not sure if she was joking' Another pause as a light bulb flickered. 'If I ever get in that situation then maybe...I AM really curious...' If Elaine had something more to say to Aliza she may find it hard considering how lost in thought she was.
  8. Oh how deeply invested Aliza had to be in the game to completely let all this slip by her. But sadly that all came to a crashing halt when some outbursts came up around a certain cyborg samurai. As people slowly stopped playing the game, Aliza did the same. Curious as the the commotion going on nearby. An Apotheosis pilot? Vera? That was a name she didn't expect to hear in the beach of all places. Despite not knowing her personally Aliza was debriefed on Vera as an extreme threat to the entire team. Her eyes widened at the realization, but it seemed her team mates had the situation, and themselves for that matter, under control for the most part. Save for one girl. Elaine. She noticed her friend walking out looking quite staggered. "...Elaine?" She turned and approached, and quickly noticed the fear in her eyes. She recognized it, perhaps it was the same fear she held during her first bout against that skilled pilot. Still, it wasn't one to be left alone. "Hey, settle down..." She whispered to Elaine. "We're not alone here, it's not like she can do anything by herself..." Or so she hoped from the bottom of her heart. She knew her training in CQC would be vastly eclipsed by Vera's if the reports were to be believed, but she also knew they weren't alone.
  9. Aliza was pumped alright, and when the ball was shot over the net it really got her going. The fun begins! She was eager to be the first one to intercept the ball but Elaine beat her to it, and managed to do it herself. She managed to send it over to her Italian friend and while the shot wasn't straight it was well within Aliza's reach. She prepared herself for a hop to meet the ball. "Grazie!" With a swift strike from her palm she smacked the ball on it's side and sent it over the net in a spike.
  10. After quickly setting her bag aside and discarding her now unzipped sweat shirt right next to it the Italian pilot hustled on the scene with Thorvald. She took some preliminary stretches with her arms while she formed a wide grin across her cute face. "Good. Cuz I'm a little bit of a competitive person. I'm not a sore loser but victory just tastes better, ya know?" With a wink to Elaine she turned to Thorvald, swapping arms up. "Hope you feel the same. Just sounds more fun when everyone's putting their best foot forward." After another few seconds to wait for a response she lowered her arms and reached for her toes. Then after she was satisfied she rose back up with a huff. "Alright, ready over here!" She called out.
  11. Well the teams were set up while Aliza was busy finishing one last note in her book. She quickly stuffed it away and took a nod at taking in the names of her current teammates. Well Thorvald seemed like a cool enough guy, and she knew Elaine. So she was good with the team set up. She simply nodded in agreement with a smile. Speaking of which. "Great!" She shuffled her way toward Elaine and gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder and a confident chuckle. "Looks like we're team mates. Good, glad to have someone I know sticking with me." She shot off a grin. "Played before?"
  12. With one last smile and a slight wink to Caroline the Italian had walked off with the older gentleman. "Well it was a while ago but I still got some moves." She kept her smile on as she bit into a brownie. The taste was pretty alright! Caroline knew how to please a customer alright. She turned to reach into her back and pulled out her notebook, quickly writing something down in it. Though she kept it out of Thorvald's sight so he couldn't see. She wrote down Caroline's name and a prelim score then quickly shut it to continue onward. When the two met up with Avery and Astin it caused Aliza to let out a bit of an audible gasp. "Oh, hey!" She waved a bit. "Nice seeing you two here, Astin aaaaand Avery right?" The last time they met was at Orange Theocracy, Aliza felt she made an awkward impression with the Abby business. So she kept her best smile on. "Oh yeah. Hope you don't mind a vet on the field here. I used to play for a team when I was at school."
  13. "Aaah..." She quietly listened to the fighter jet story and noticed the vibes turned a bit south. She blamed herself for that, it wasn't quite like her to sour a mood like this and she felt pretty bad swiftly after it happened. Although she did admit it was nice to have people understand her problems, she still had to come forward with something. "Oh uh...?" Then Caroline offered a brownie with the package. Aw how sweet. The smile helped too. So Aliza returned the smile with her own and added a slight giggle with it. "Well...if you insist. I'll remember you for this, Caroline." She took the goods offered. Then Thorvald approached. Aliza remembered him from the battlefield and meeting room. They didn't have a chance to interact, but he seemed like an alright fellow from what she saw so far. "Hm? Volleyball?" Oooh did that sound like fun. "Absolutely! I love volleyball. Used to be a pretty good player when I was in school." With her things in hand she took a nod at Caroline. "Thanks again. Hope to talk again later."
  14. Ohh my did things get heavy fast. She didn't expect the sellsgirl to be a fellow soldier, and it seemed like she was in an awkward spot. "Hm...that right?" She responded while listening to her story. Man was the army really that desperate to go to hiring people off the streets? Really made her thankful for her academy training. It also spoke volumes about how eager they were to give new machines to as many trained soldiers as possible. Really hit Aliza. "Well I'm not that much more experienced than you to be honest. I was trained in the academy yeah but I didn't see real combat until very recently, and I froze when someone I knew...blew up." She paused for a sigh. "I mean I think I've gotten better at it but...aah..." She shook it off a bit. "Sorry, didn't mean to spill out a sob story like that. But I guess it really does go to show how much they appreciate trained soldiers."
  15. She laughed at the girl's very forward selling tactic, yeah she sure was a real ambitious one. But she was cute as a button and hit all the right notes with the Italian pilot. "Just the bottled waters and rocky road, but thank you." She spoke as she took out her card from her bag. "Thanks a lot. Name's Aliza, I'm a soldier posted here for a little getaway with my crew." She kept her smile as she lowered her shades a bit. "But if you don't mind my asking do you work around here often? You mentioned a stand so I'd probably guess so."