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  1. Installing? Was that what Aliza heard? Hm, interesting. Before she could continue on that train of thought however the girl suddenly jumped up to the mech in a jump that would make basketball players blush. "!" Aliza gawked a bit at that. She thought she made it up here fast, this girl didn't even need the stairs. This girl was... " android." She spoke aloud. 'Hm, can't really do much with that...still a 7/10 tho. Good eye candy.' With a nod to Hannah she let her take Hicks, almost effortlessly too. Hicks wasn't really a buff or portly fellow, but he was a little tall. So seeing her take him with no effort only confirmed that. "Maybe you guys can point me out to the captain then. I need to talk to her."
  2. "Alright, thanks sir." She spoke with another smile. With a nudge through the cockpit she helped her partner out of the seat and nudged the other open arm to the good Lieutenant. "Let's head out then." She was sure he'd be fine in his hands but she wanted to be around in case he started to wake up. So that way he wouldn't flip out or anything. However before they could make some progress toward the medical bay another pilot stepped up to greet the group. Aliza took notice from the corners of her eyes and...well she was already smiling. Couldn't get much bigger. She made a mental note that this was a cute one too, 7/10. She was certainly generous but regardless she kept her eyes on the not that prize. "Oh that's real nice of you miss. Grazie!" Even though her offer wasn't directed to Aliza she still appreciated the help.
  3. "Don't worry. I got it." Spoke Aliza as she made it to the Lieutenant. But stopped for a moment to observe the pilot...well then! "Mm..." She grinned a bit. 'He's kinda handsome...abooooout a 7 on the scale.' "So I'm Aliza, the pilot you spoke to earlier. I know the code to the cockpit, so no worries handsome." With a wink she nudged her way past Brant to open the hatch. After a quick dial in she opened it up. Hicks was found slumped in his seat. "..." She turned down her momentary flirtatious nature to take a look at Hicks. While she didn't know Sledge all that well she could tell they were good friends. She felt terrible. " guys have a medical bay right?" She asked as she slowly got Hicks out of his seat.
  4. "Hm?" Well Aliza found someone, or rather someone found Aliza. An old curious man questioned her. "Oh uh hiya." She greeted, a bit wary about suddenly being approached with so many questions. But she kept her cool. "We got these Legionaries from Corona Ten, straight from Central. We've had them for a few days." She took a salute. "My name is Aliza Silvavolke. I was just looking for the captain...?" Then her attention was pulled toward Brant's machine pulling inside with the other Legionary. Hicks was inside. "Actually excuse me for a sec. Gotta help a friend out. Nice meeting you!" She gave the mechanic a warm smile before bolting off toward Hicks and the other pilot. If Brant were to approach the hatch Hicks would still be out like a light. Thankfully he was still alive, just exhausted.
  5. Soon enough Aliza had finally docked her Legionary into the ship hanger. She hatch opened and she hopped out with a sigh. Leaving the messy cockpit where it was. She'd clean it later. Getting some air after that fight was far more important. Oh and talking to the captain of course. "Mm..." She rubbed her face a bit with her right hand, trying very hard to shake off what had happened. Sledge was gone, and Hicks is out like a light. Though thankfully that nice pilot in the super cool mech was bringing him to safety like a taxi cab. She really had to thank him for that later, and the female pilot who talked her into staying. If she hadn't done that Hicks probably would be dead too. Either way it was so much to take in. After a minute of steady breaths the Italian made her way down. "Time to find the captain..." She spoke aloud and took a look around for someone to help out.
  6. Oh thank goodness a response. From both the oncoming mech and the ship, they were quite quick. Aliza watched in awe at the transforming mech landing before her. "Whoa..." She spoke aloud, quite astounded by the rather impressive looking machine. "Never seen anything like that in the academy...oh! Is this still on?" She snapped back to it when she realized the comms were still active. "Yeah if you could move the mech on board that'd be great. Thanks a lot, lieutenant." With that taken care of the rookie complied with the captain and used the Legionary's thrusters to cruise toward the vessel above. Good thing the mech wasn't too badly bashed up.
  7. "Ah...they're all gone..." Huffed out the Italian pilot. A sigh of relief escaped her lips. Her first serious battle and she came out smelling like roses...well actually no. She's currently smelling like BBQ chips, sweat and intense regret. Expected to be honest. They lost a good man, but at the very least one other survived. Speaking of... "Mm...Hicks should be calm by now...Hicks?" She hailed him. "...." Hicks in the other machine took some huffs himself. The adrenaline sure pumped him up as he was able to keep up with the fight well enough. However that adrenaline had suddenly left him, and was replaced by exhaustion. His machine suddenly slumped over a bit as he passed out. "!" Aliza noticed this and rushed over to him in her own machine. "Hicks!" She called out. "Crap crap..." She tried to call the ship again. "H.hey! This is Aliza here! My partner just passed out, can I get a hand?"
  8. Well the small mooks were gone. That at least made Aliza breathe a much needed sigh of relief. However the big mechs were still around. The pilot from before told her not to face them, so now was a good chance to actually get Hicks and move to the ship. "Hey Hicks...we have to move..." She called her team mate. Who still didn't answer. "C'mon, Hicks really? We can't stay!" Though sadly the man was still not satisfied. Not until Sledge's killer was brought down. So he took his blade and rushed in after her. "Hicks no please!" She called out again. Yeah he was more or less looking for revenge even at the cost of his life. Hicks casts Invincible with the last of his SP then he draws his Assault Sword on Esther. Aliza stood still, weary of attacking Esther and continuing to try to stop Hicks.
  9. Aliza: Casts Trust on Kim, then attacks Legionary 1 with Hi-Beam Cannon. Uses hit and away to move toward 16, 6. Hicks: Moves 15, 5 and attacks Legionary 2 with Head Gatlings.
  10. Aliza was just about to proc the flight mode of her fight or flight response, almost regretful for Hicks as she couldn't reach him. However before she could even press through the trees she was suddenly hailed by another voice. This one was certainly different from the captain. "Ah?" Reinforcements. Something that suddenly lifted her spirits, or so it seemed. Abigail's response made the girl stop once more, wondering if her retreat was the right choice. She watched the mech fly by and attack one of the bots straight away, offering the final blow to Aliza. Aliza felt rather guilty now. She was about to leave one of her squad mates to face death alone while she ran away. Granted she didn't know this man very well, but still he helped her along. So at the very least she wanted to do something about this. "...fine. I'll fight." She responded back, not quite composed yet but stable enough to fight at least. "At least until Hicks can snap out of it." She figured the only way Hicks can really calm down is to destroy the targets. So she aimed her head gatlings at the softened mech and followed up with a stream of bullets. Aliza casts Focus, then she takes aim at the weakened Legionary 1 and fires out her Head Gatlings to finish it off. After the battle she uses Hit and Away to move to 16, 5.
  11. "Roger that. We'll move to your location!" She called back and then tried to communicate with Hicks. "Hey Hicks, we gotta move to the ship! They're gonna help us!" answer. He was more or less in his own little world of revenge. "....Hicks?" And she went blank faced. He was out the door it seems and wasn't really listening at all. "Hey Hicks seriously we have to move...uuuh..." Still no response. Aliza wasn't sure how to really approach this, especially considering all the mechs around them. "" She...had no choice. "...I'm sorry..." She gritted her teeth a bit. As much as it pained her, she started to make her move to escape. Hoping Hicks would somehow make it out of this somehow.
  12. Well Hicks was a bit too preoccupied with avenging his fallen buddy at the minute. Aliza was still in her blue screen of death. At this rate she more or less might be screwed if she couldn't reboot in time. However, something did help speed that up a lot. A soft female voice, which stood out to Aliza a lot. A reflex during her days at the academy when her girlfriends called her out from her space case moments when she star gazed. Somehow it got her to come back to reality. "A.ah...?" She took a look around assessing the situation. Yeah, still bad. Sledge was dead, Hicks was going Rambo, and there was a hail from a ship not too far off from their point. "...y.yes?" She answered back, trying to keep as composed as she could. Wasn't working as her voice broke a little. "T.this on..." She cleared her voice and took a breath. "A.Aliza Silvavolke. Sorry for the delay captain...right now one of our squad mates is dead and uh...things are kinda going downhill for us so ahhh..." Yeah, clearly still a greenhorn.
  13. The trio kept the good fight going alright. They even managed to bring down an enemy bot through their efforts. Yeah, the power of teamwork! "Ha ha!" Aliza grinned behind her controls. "We did it!" "Don't let your guard down rookie!" Spoke Sledge. "They won't take to that kindly..." He turned his gaze toward the leader who didn't do much at all other than watch. Strange. 'Hm, what's this one's take in all this...he hasn't moved at all.' Well sadly the Legionaries took their chance to react...onto Sledge. "!" "Sledge watch it!" Hicks called out. "I know!" The man shouted, trying his best to guard all the incoming damage. He managed to evade some shots from one and braced in for a clubbing from the other. The third one managed to hit him right in the shoulder with a beam, taking off a chunk of armor. However the bold man was still standing tall. He won't be defeated so easily. "H.hah, that all ya go-!" However that sudden burst of moxie turned south quick when he saw Esther move. The leader hadn't made a move until now, but suddenly he felt like he wished he didn't. "Tch!" Esther approached with a sharp blade drawn out with a very clear intent to kill. Every bone in Sledge's body told him that he could not defend this one. He had to evade. So the man tried...yet his reflexes were too slow and the knife drove it's way through the cockpit. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH-!" The man had a blood chilling scream as the cold steel smashed it's way through to him. His life was gone in the flash of an eye. "!" The young Italian girl was too busy celebrating their small victory, however the scream broke her out of her high and brought her mood plummeting into the floor. She witnessed the soldier's mech fall limp from Esther's grasp, hit the floor, and implode on itself. "........" Her eyes widened at this scene. It was...staggering to say the least. "SLEDGE!" Shouted Hicks in the other machine, just about as shocked. His partner in crime, the other half to his duo, gone in a flash. "You bastard...!" He snarled out, about to lose it. Speaking of almost losing it. Aliza simply stood there in total disbelief that this just happened. She was prepared for war in the academy...or so she thought. She was not at all prepared to witness a life being taken before her. "....u.uuuuh..." And here comes the blue screen in her mind. The worst possible time for it to happen as well. "......crap......"
  14. Well, this was it. A real battle. Her first one...though she probably wouldn't admit it. She stood there for a moment, trying to take it in. Were nerves settling in? 'Ok...ok...stay calm...terrorist attack...just gotta...uuuh...' "Newbie!" And out shouted the voice of Sledge on the comm line. "" She snapped out of it. "Look alive! They're firing at us! Hicks ordered a retreat to the woods! Follow me and use the trees for cover!" Good thing they targeted the seasoned soldiers because Aliza was completely staggered. But those orders managed to snap her out of it. She suddenly looked determined and pulled the ear buds out of her head. Although she did forget to turn off the music, as another certain track from that robot show glared out. 'Can't let it end here...I gotta get to the stars no matter what...' "R.Roger that!" She spoke back and followed her two comrades into the woods. Once they got in position she noticed them firing at a damaged Legionary. It seemed to have been hit pretty hard. Aliza took this chance to follow up with her own shots. 'Focus...focus...ok!' Another pep talk later she managed to fire at the mech, which did indeed hit. "I got it!" She gasped out. Yeah, just like the academy drills. No worries. However, the Legionary turned to Aliza. Which put her on edge. But fortune was on her side, for she was able to dodge just in time. "Aha!" She smiled a bit. "Alright, nice!" So this was live combat. Similar to mock rounds indeed, but those were live. It was actually giving her a real rush. What a thrill! "Alright...what's next!" She grinned. "I'm ready for anything!"
  15. "Mmmmhmmmmhmmm~" Yeah another tune Aliza couldn't sing boomed in her head as she continued on her marry way with a chip on her shoulder and one in her really she's still stuffing her face full of the things. Speaking of chips they were still very much scattered about the cockpit, but she figured she'd get the chance to clean some up later. No worries! ...shame she might be dead wrong. ALERT ALERT! As an alarm sounded off and the comms went off with them. "Look alive newbie!" Spoke the lovely Sledge. "We got company! Form up!" "" And the girl (still with the very delicious chip in her mouth) rose her head to the situation and well. Knock knock. It's the terrorist faction. With huge cannons. And guns...guncannons? No she's still on that silly robot show in her head. These were Legionary Mk III mechs, a bit of a retro model. Aliza remembered seeing them from her academy studies, more specifically from a book she was loaned by this nice red head who she had a lovely movie date with. But anyway! She didn't seem to recognize the green robot in the center. Was it a new model? A custom built one? Oh and uh the huge battleship behind him. A big boat, with gu-wait we already did this bit. Anyway it's like huge, dangerous, heavily armed and imposing. Sweet! Well regardless they were here, armed, and quite ready to tear the Italian space case a new one. How did she react? Well. Let's start by her mouth opening just slightly. The chip in it didn't fall out but it did slump a bit. Just like her mood. She took a small blink at the situation and reacted as such. "....mmmmmmmuuuuuh..." It was at that point the finger food fell out and reality settled in like a ton of bricks. " serious?" Yeah they were serious.