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  1. Aliza was going to need a bigger notebook to keep all this in. Clones were one thing that made her raise a brow in surprise, but cat aliens? That was something else, almost out of some kind of crazy sci-fi movie she heard about from one of her old girlfriends. She tried to imagine how these cat like aliens would look. Of course they'd have the ears and faces just like she said...but she wondered how exactly the body structure would be like. She almost swiftly discarded that idea however given that this was all their doing of course, and things might get a bit too...funny for her liking if she even thought on it. Still she won't lie she was curious to see one, very curious. "Hmm..."
  2. That was it...the battle was done. "...." Aliza took a huge breath of relief. "Aaah...I'm not a religious person but this all worked out so I believe in some kind of god now..." Nervous laugh to herself. Then in came an answer from Abby and the robotic pat on the back, something that made her smile. "Oh, Abby. You think I did good?" She grinned. "Hee hee thanks, you did better though. But I'm glad to watch your back." To be complemented by a girl was the best thing to hear after a rough battle. "And sure, maybe we can grab a bite when we get back too!"
  3. After a quick pit stop on to the Riese Aliza jets back out toward 11, 19 and uses the impact gunlance to impale Cressidia 9.
  4. Oooh that was a nasty blow she took. Carlos didn't screw around. Good thing she left the bag of chips onboard otherwise they would be everywhere. "Ahh!" She shouted out as the machine jerked her about the cockpit. Things seemed a bit dire, she couldn't stay for much longer without risking an explosion. So... "This is Aliza. Heading to the ship to recoup. Sorry guys..." She sighed over the comms, a little disappointed she couldn't do more. But her teachers always told her that if retreat is an option she should take it. Just living is the most important thing a soldier can do. Aliza moves 15, 10 to board the Riese and repair.
  5. With the appearance of the new robots and the sudden change in objective things were certainly turning from the short lived victory to a bit of a dire situation. Aliza barely had time to breathe a sigh of relief before their arrival. "<Damn...>" She spoke in Italian, rather tilted the fight wasn't over. Before she was able to engage a name came up on the open comms, a name that for some reason stood out to the newbie. "....Kim....?" She looked aside. 'Come to think of it there was a Kim on the ship and she was couldn't be...' But those thoughts are swiftly put aside as gunfire broke her back into reality. She'll have to look into it later if she remembers. Back to combat! Aliza casts Focus, moves to 16, 12 and uses her Gunlance to impale the Cressidia 4 like a Rathalos.
  6. This was a thrill alright. Aliza was back out in action and trying to do her part. She took a breath after a good look of the battlefield, things seemed to be going well but she wasn't sure what should be done next. She was still trying to get her bearings down in battle. But she was hailed by an old and gruff voice, Thorvald if she recalled. He seemed to offer guidance. Well more like a direct order, but some would see it as a challenge. Aliza sure did. With a wide smile on her face she peered at the target in question. "Really for me? How thoughtful old man!" She partially teased while she prepped her gunlance and blazed forth to skewer the Cressida. Aliza casts Trust on Elaine and Focus on herself. Moves 20, 11 and uses her Impact Gunlance on Cressida 1.
  7. Aliza disembarks the Riese from 25, 12 then circles around to 23, 12 to approach Hyperion 5. Does not attack.
  8. Well things were certainly heating up. Aliza's first day on the job and it was about a distress signal. But it seems that terrorist group Apotheosis is here, goodie. Good thing she made sure not to bring her music player or a bag of chips this time around considering she wanted to do her best. Had to help watch Abby, and Brant since he was nice earlier too. Elaine too...actually wow there were a lot of pilots here, and she hadn't even met them all yet. Still another fight, gotta focus focus focus. But don't focus too hard or you'll be surprised by an open private she was now! "!" It was the XO's voice, she heard her earlier. She took a moment to take in the briefing. A simple fend off mission, didn't sound too hard. With a nod to herself she accepted. 'Alright. Can't let anyone down.' It was go time. She was ready to get out there...until ANOTHER call intercepted her. "Ack!" It was a male voice this time, calling her new girl. He suggested to board the Riese. Which did surprise her considering she thought they needed all hands on deck. But then she realized the Legionary isn't very mobile. In fact it was a walking tank in a sense, she'd be left behind while the more mobile bots crossed the river. Shame. "Hm...roger that." She sighed to herself a little, she was pumped for action too. Alas. Aliza moves 24,5 to board the Riese
  9. Man was she bad at memorizing the lay out. Took her a while to get to the cafeteria but she had some time to relax for a bit with some toast. She approached the toaster itself to load it up but lo and behold...there was one poor piece of roasted bread inside, left alone by some cruel mistress. A dark turn of fate. Well Aliza was never one to waste food so she liberated the piece of toast of it's loneliness and took it out. As a bonus she also spread jam on it. Delish! She took a step out into view with the toast and a glass of OJ in her hand, a small breakfast but she wasn't very hungry at the moment. No that's what her favorite BBQ chips are saved for in the mission later. She took a glance around the room. No Abby or Olivia in sight. Shame. She wanted to shoot more fun stories at them too. Well at least the room wasn't empty. She took a stroll down trying to find a seat while taking a nice chug of the orange juice.
  10. Normally Aliza was an early riser herself, but she had some trouble sleeping a bit. Perhaps it was due to the fact her first battle ended with a lost life and a depressed former team mate. Well that did hang a little on her, enough to make her lose an hour of sleep tops. Still it took a bit for the Italian pilot to wake up even past her usual alarm. She grumbled as she sat up in bed wearing her baggy sweat pants and long sleeved shirt. Seemed a bit big on her as well. Either way she got up and went to the bathroom to prepare to well...capre diem. Minutes later she was out of her room, dressed casually and walked along to get some breakfast. A quick shower and brush of the teeth was enough to get her back to her usual peppy self with some minor redness in her eyes from the shortened sleep. While she walked down the hall she took this chance to make some notes in her book. 'Had a nice meal last night with Abby and Elaine. Abby seems nice, Elaine...I can't seem to get a read on her. Abby is defo an 8 though, straaaight to the bird watch list.' She giggled at her own silly thoughts then continued onward as she put the notebook in her bag. But nearly dropped it when she heard a voice come from somewhere. With a startled gasp she realized the source...her watch! Ah yes, she nearly forgot she was an official crew member as well. This was given to her when she graduated. It had everything a crew member could need on it including the ability to tell time. At least she assumed she hadn't fiddled with it yet. Nevertheless this was a call she couldn't ignore, so she made her way to get something to eat as fast as possible. "Go time already, that didn't take long..."
  11. Aliza sensed some sudden tension between the two through Abigail's words. She wondered if there was some bad blood between them, or maybe an awkward situation happened at some point at least. Either way it wasn't her place to pry she just took note of that. Then came the elbowing and quip from Abby. The Italian knew she screwed up with that outburst but thankfully they didn't seem to take much of it. In fact Abby played along, which made Aliza laugh a bit back. Man a score out of a hundred would be something, but she decided to keep it simple. "Ahaha..." She took a nod at them both, really enjoying the lifted mood. "I'm gonna enjoy my time here alright. Anyway lead on."
  12. Aliza giggled as she was lead along, totally enjoying what had happened. She had always loved cheering people up, especially cuties. Such a glorious feeling when that happens. However before they could continue along came the red head dropping an interesting yet slightly awkward greeting. The new girl was also cute, another one. However her cuteness, while ripe with potential, seemed untapped. Unrefined. Don't get her wrong, she thought this new one was adorable but she had competition. It didn't help that she also carried a very strange aura of tension, at least that's what it seemed like from her serious expression. Still the potential was indeed there, and it was enough for Aliza to drop a score of... "6.5." ... There she goes speaking aloud. But this time she didn't have her love struck face so maybe it wasn't as obvious. "...oh I mean hiya! I'm Aliza Silvavolke the new pilot. Nice to meet you." She kept a smile on. "You wanna join us? That sounds neato, the more the merrier I say. But..." She looked at Abby. "Do you mind?"
  13. "Ah forget about it." She giggled, not minding Abby's bluntness. She actually took the hand with no hesitation and returned the smile with one of her own. "Thanks a lot. Same here." She let go for a moment once the moment passed. Looking at her now she was actually rather adorable with the smile on, it almost eclipsed her tiredness. Preliminary score aside she would feel bad for flirting with a downtrodden girl, maybe it was flirting that got her there in the first place. So she put that on the shelf to rate another day and kept it casual. "Well I still have a lot to learn myself but I'll do my best. You can count on it...though if you don't mind me being a bit forward you look like you could use something to eat. Maybe you could show a rookie to the cafeteria?" Well mostly casual, this almost sounded like a date. Still she couldn't help it. Old habits die hard.
  14. Aliza waited outside for a minute or two, thinking on her life choices and how they took her here. She even mulled over looking through her notebook to reorganize a few things until the door opened wide and brought her attention back out of her thoughts. She took a good look at the girl on the other side and...she didn't quite see this coming. She expected a hardened soldier like figure from the way she handled things on the battlefield but the girl before her was rather down and out, almost as if she were put through the wringer. Don't get me wrong Aliza thought she was cute but the red eyes really gave a lot away. But for once she didn't let the surprise show and she kept her best smile on. "Actually I was looking for an Abigail, and by the sound of your voice I think I found her. I don't know if you recognize my voice but I'm Aliza Silvavolke, I was the Legionary pilot out in the field and you helped my squad out. I just wanted to come by to give thanks and tell you I'm gonna be apart of the crew from here on out." She made a cute salute. "So it's nice to meet my unexpected guardian angel out in the field!" With a light giggle she attempted to at least entertain Abby enough to lift up slightly and to start a conversation.
  15. Aliza didn't have much to go on other than a red mech and a cute voice, but despite that she got some info on the pilot. Abigail Casson, nicknamed Abby. Cute name, but it wasn't enough for a preliminary score. But that aside she was pointed out to a console and was shown how it worked. Seems to display a map of the ship including every room onboard. Neato! This will certainly come in handy. Well she found out Abby's floor was below her so with that in mind she walked off to said room. Some minutes after she found herself in front of the door (after double checking her work on another console) ready and willing to do what she came to do: Give the pilot her thanks. She wasn't sure what to expect however, she seemed very serious on the battlefield. With a deep breath she rose her hand to the door and lightly knocked with her knuckles. There may have been a button to buzz her but she didn't really think to locate one truth be told. With that she lowered her hand down and waited for the girl to answer.