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  1. With one last smile and a slight wink to Caroline the Italian had walked off with the older gentleman. "Well it was a while ago but I still got some moves." She kept her smile on as she bit into a brownie. The taste was pretty alright! Caroline knew how to please a customer alright. She turned to reach into her back and pulled out her notebook, quickly writing something down in it. Though she kept it out of Thorvald's sight so he couldn't see. She wrote down Caroline's name and a prelim score then quickly shut it to continue onward. When the two met up with Avery and Astin it caused Aliza to let out a bit of an audible gasp. "Oh, hey!" She waved a bit. "Nice seeing you two here, Astin aaaaand Avery right?" The last time they met was at Orange Theocracy, Aliza felt she made an awkward impression with the Abby business. So she kept her best smile on. "Oh yeah. Hope you don't mind a vet on the field here. I used to play for a team when I was at school."
  2. "Aaah..." She quietly listened to the fighter jet story and noticed the vibes turned a bit south. She blamed herself for that, it wasn't quite like her to sour a mood like this and she felt pretty bad swiftly after it happened. Although she did admit it was nice to have people understand her problems, she still had to come forward with something. "Oh uh...?" Then Caroline offered a brownie with the package. Aw how sweet. The smile helped too. So Aliza returned the smile with her own and added a slight giggle with it. "Well...if you insist. I'll remember you for this, Caroline." She took the goods offered. Then Thorvald approached. Aliza remembered him from the battlefield and meeting room. They didn't have a chance to interact, but he seemed like an alright fellow from what she saw so far. "Hm? Volleyball?" Oooh did that sound like fun. "Absolutely! I love volleyball. Used to be a pretty good player when I was in school." With her things in hand she took a nod at Caroline. "Thanks again. Hope to talk again later."
  3. Ohh my did things get heavy fast. She didn't expect the sellsgirl to be a fellow soldier, and it seemed like she was in an awkward spot. "Hm...that right?" She responded while listening to her story. Man was the army really that desperate to go to hiring people off the streets? Really made her thankful for her academy training. It also spoke volumes about how eager they were to give new machines to as many trained soldiers as possible. Really hit Aliza. "Well I'm not that much more experienced than you to be honest. I was trained in the academy yeah but I didn't see real combat until very recently, and I froze when someone I knew...blew up." She paused for a sigh. "I mean I think I've gotten better at it but...aah..." She shook it off a bit. "Sorry, didn't mean to spill out a sob story like that. But I guess it really does go to show how much they appreciate trained soldiers."
  4. She laughed at the girl's very forward selling tactic, yeah she sure was a real ambitious one. But she was cute as a button and hit all the right notes with the Italian pilot. "Just the bottled waters and rocky road, but thank you." She spoke as she took out her card from her bag. "Thanks a lot. Name's Aliza, I'm a soldier posted here for a little getaway with my crew." She kept her smile as she lowered her shades a bit. "But if you don't mind my asking do you work around here often? You mentioned a stand so I'd probably guess so."
  5. Aliza walked along the sandy beach in a thin light purple zipped up sweatshirt, the bottom of a two piece set that was dark red, and flip flops. She had her shades on, a music player in her pocket and her bag with her notebook tucked inside. Yes. She was be pestered by someone. She didn't have her funky tunes on so the girl's cries were very much noticed. She turned to answer the girl's question with a bit of a silent yes. Using the very dark pair of sunglasses as cover whilst she analyzed the young miss. Oooh very nice. Petite but spunky. Always a fun type, preliminary score based on that alone was a 6/10 but she had potential to rise. There isn't really a time to write that down right now but she took a mental note with a small smile. "Heh heh. Aren't you a cute entrepreneur." She finally found her chance to speak as the sales pitch ended and returned the energy with her own bright smile. "Well I did forget my bottled water at my quarters so sure, I'll take two. While you're grabbing those mind if I see some of the ice cream you have lined up? I'm a big fan of rocky road but I got other flavors in mind too."
  6. Well this was quite a twist. Aliza was geared up to break in her new robot after Mr Vance gave her quite a spook, but it seems like he had another spook up his sleeve. A shame she wasn't entirely in the mood for a beach trip with the crew considering she had found out her crush was going out with the captain. She's...mostly past the bummer of a situation but she still wasn't thrilled at potentially seeing Abby in a swimsuit. Ah well, she knew how it all rolled in the end. At least Sagittae's reveal cheered her up a fair bit, and she can always just avoid her for now. It seemed to be a big enough beach to do that. After writing something real quick in her notebook she waltzed off to unload her bags in the quarters before preparing for a nice walk on the beach to do some more....bird watching. Yeah, she loves that totally innocent hobby.
  7. "Extra sprinkles...yeah, that'll much? Ok." Aliza's line was for the nice clerk at the ice cream stand in the middle of the foot court. She ordered her favorite ice cream. Rocky road with sprinkles, extra sprinkles mind you. Why? Because she's worth it. At least that's what she tells herself. She used her card to pay for the treat and went to a table to feast. As soon as she took her seat she plopped in her ear buds and scrolled through her personal music list on her music player. She quickly selected a track from a robot show that she enjoyed. The name of the show was mostly used for "common" made robots that were grounded in reality, but this particular series was more of a "super robots in disguise" sort of shtick. She liked the twist. The name of the song? Well one could say it wanted to make her "fly in the sky" if that worked as a hint. By hint I mean total giveaway. She took a bite into her ice cream with closed eyes, trying to enjoy the very nice flavor. She put out her notebook and started doodling in an open page. This was more or less Aliza's element. Just a lazy day enjoying herself in ice cream, music and her own thoughts. Shame it didn't pull her out of her crush entirely but it was doing something at least. It reminded her that no matter what happens she could at least enjoy her time like this. For as long as she can at least.
  8. "H.huh? Oh no worries no worries..." She waved her hand a bit. "I've been around the block before a few times, kind of a social butterfly...but uh yeah, thanks for that." She smiled a little. Regretting wearing her heart on her sleeve a bit too much. "But you're right. I won't let it get to me...I'll just grab my favorite ice cream just chill for a bit..." She waved a bit and turned. "Thanks a lot you two. Better to know now than to fall flat on my face. Hehe..." She walked along until she left the store. Once she was sure she was out of sight a rather big sigh was let out. She took out her handy dandy notebook and started writing. 'Taken...figures. Bombshells like that are always snagged.' She shut it and walked along. 'Time to drown in ice cream to more J pop.' She went off to do just that.
  9. Aliza simply listened to Avery talk. That was one heck of an accent. She had a hard time listening. Although a few things did stick out to Abby. Captain. It sorta hit her. "" She gawked slightly. It was pretty obvious too, she wasn't good at hiding her emotions. Well that sucks...unless they were into an open relationship. But either way... "I see...well didn't know they were an item." She rubbed her neck, holding the gift box under her arm. Sort of regretting not keeping that receipt. Then Astin asked to ring her up. "Aaah no no. It's not important. Don't worry about it." She smiled again. "But thanks, appreciate it."
  10. It took a while but Aliza finally found a good parking space. She took the gift box up and walked out of the jeep. 'Alright. Abby should be here somewhere...kind of a big mall though.' The still eager mcbeaver took a good look around. She wasn't sure where to start. "Hm...." Then her eyes landed upon the shop she and El were at before: Orange Theocracy! She wasn't quite sure if Abby was a fashion hunter or not, but everyone needs clothes at some point. So with that in mind she decided to look there. She walked into the store as the door slid open and a beep sounded out. With a greeting from the cutie behind the register (focus girl focus) she continued her way to a certain part of the store. Alas Aliza did not find Abby here, however she did find two people from the Riese anyway. "Oh!" She made an audible gasp as she turned a corner into the duo: Avery and Astin. "Heeey!" She waved a bit with a smile and a very sneaky wink. "I've seen you two around, never got formally introduced but nice to run into you both. Name's Aliza Silvavolke." She had a brief glance over at Astin as she spoke as well. 'Hm...?' But with the short intro dispensed she continued with a question. "Say, do either of you know where Abigail is? I'm looking for her."
  11. Well it took Aliza a while to wake up. In fact she hadn't yet, she still had her head on her desk, drooling quietly. The Italian girl stayed up all night preparing a surprise gift for one of her favorite girls kept alive on nothing but soda, chips and J pop. She had a certain mecha anime ost on loop for the whole time too, to a point where the music player eventually ran out of power overnight. Only silence came from the ear buds. "...ngh..." She slowly woke up and pulled her head up, taking a good look at the gift she prepared. A finely wrapped box with a letter on it. What did it say? Well we'll find out. Aliza turned her head to see a clock and...woo boy, someone woke up late. A little past noon. She quickly got up and rushed off to grab a shower and a quick bite to eat. After an hour, she rushed into the garage looking for some kind of car. She was in a zipped up jacket and shorts, and she had her gift in her arm. Looking determined. She took a good while asking around the ship as to where Abby was, someone pointed her to the mall. Aliza deeply regretted not staying there after all. There weren't many jeeps left to drive, but thankfully Aliza found one and swiftly jet out of the garage. The package for her good blond friend rested on shotgun. She realized her music player was dead so she used the jeep's radio instead. She shifted through the channels until she found something that tickled her fancy and rocked that for most of the way. It helped relax her anxiety a bit as she thought a bit to herself. 'What to's 2:30. Real late for lunch, but we can still hang. Maybe we can have dinner later too. On me.' She grinned wide. 'Assuming she's down for the date anyway.' Anxiety turned into excitement the more she thought about it. What could go wrong here I wonder.
  12. It's true. They have been out a while. So... "Yeah, think I'll head back to the ship. Got things to do." She smiled. "Been fun, El. Thanks for the nice time out." With that she made her way back to the jeep, writing in her notebook again... Yeah. She's not so bad afterall. 8/10. Well done, Elaine. Well done.
  13. "Well maybe we can take a look around for a salon. See what they have in mind." She lead along. "Hm, wonder how much time we have for this though." They have been out a while. Though it wasn't like Aliza to worry about time. "Aah it's up to you though. I'm good with whatever you want."
  14. "Hm? Oh these?" She listed the bag. "Just some things for me yeah, no worries." She took another smile. Elaine looked like she was having the time of her life. Excellent. Makes her happy to see someone else happy. "Well now that you got some new clothes did you wanna look into a new hairstyle? Or did you wanna head back? We got all the time in the world to talk about hair so no pressure."
  15. Aliza watched Elaine walk off to go change. She was a nice girl in the end, she just needs to be less tense. Although Aliza suspected that wasn't entirely her fault, even she could tell the Riese had a bit of tension going around with this mole business. She's still very fresh so she has no idea how to even handle it. But she did want to lighten the mood a bit, and most of all get to know some of her favorites so far. She let Elaine take her time with the outfit and walked down another aisle. She noticed a few cute tops out on display and an idea hit her. "" With a smile she picked out a pair of peculiar tops and went to buy them at the counter. Only took a quick minute. With the receipt in hand she quickly took the boxes and walked back to meet with Elaine. Right on time too, she was out and ready. "Oooooh!" And back came the bright smile. "Man was I right. You look nice in that. Very nice."