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  1. "Yeah, totally!" She spoke from the kitchen, making her own sandwich. A spicy not her. It's salami, with some tomato and pickles as well, and mustard lightly spread. It was simple but effective. With that and a glass of water in her hand, Aliza turned out of the kitchen. "I was gonna chow down real quick. After that I'll probably head to do more simulation work." She continued as she stepped out into view and sat across Kim. "I did ok in the last fight, but there's always room for improvement. First time fighting in such a big robot...I'm still surprised they let me pilot it." She let out a slightly nervous laugh after she took a bite.
  2. Aliza was seen walking down the hallway, listening to some tracks on her music player. She had quite a time mediating between the two aliens, but today she decided to have some time to herself. Vvi needed to get to know the rest of the ship anyway. She thought a bit on Alriana, and wondered what she was up to. Probably with the doctors at this point, probably best give them time to whatever she needs. After some more pondering Aliza decided to have a meal, even a late start to the day needs food. So she made her way to the cafeteria. She got there quick and noticed Kim on her own, eating a nice looking sandwich. Well she knew what she wanted for lunch at least. "Heya." She waved to Kim with a smile, still a bit skittish after their first encounter. As a fan, and as someone who easily crushes on forward types. But she kept that to herself and walked by to make her own sandwich.
  3. Well she knew Vvi didn't understand her tell given her cute little smile and wave. So Aliza took that L and hung her head with a deep sigh. Yeah it's clear the two aliens won't become friends anytime soon, she only hoped that this wouldn't cause too much trouble. Maybe she'll talk to Alriana later, or Vvi. Or both. Either way, the next topic from Vance quickly turned to the arctic. They had a few days off before they were sent off to the mission, at least those who would stay did. "?" Aliza's brows rose a bit at the offer to leave the ship. Unexpected given how shorthanded she was told the federation was thanks to Caroline back at the beach. She pondered on this topic herself. '...a chance to' Under these circumstances if this offer were given to your average pilot they would've jumped on this offer like a hungry wolf on a big juicy steak. Aliza was wondering how normal she was exactly as she reflected on previous events. She survived an attack from Apotheosis alongside a war vet, and while he quickly transferred out she stayed. She was given a state of the art and currently one of a kind super robot by Vance and was expected to perform in it, to which she adapted to quickly. She made friends with Vvi almost immediately when in contrast Avery and Olivia both staggered at the sight of her right away. Yeah, none of that was normal. Aliza wasn't sure how to feel about any of it either, it was a far cry from her academy days. This all should have overwhelmed her but it didn't. '...aaah damn...' She held her head a tad, everything had happened so quick she hadn't really taken time to ponder on it by now. This was clearly something she wanted to think about. But even with all this, she still didn't want to leave. She had a dream to get to, and meeting these aliens reminded her of it. It was all she had to go on for now.
  4. Well Aliza had quite a bit to take in. One of the big topics being Jess, the nice captain she briefly met (and kinda wished she had more chances to bird watch) actually happened to be an android. She recalled the robot she met when she first boarded the Riese. What was the name? It was...Hannah! She wondered how similar they were in that case. Either way, if she hadn't been told that news she would have never guessed. The captain seemed incredibly close to the real deal, though knowing that doesn't change what Aliza thought about her considering she just made friends with a spider girl from outer space. Still a 9 in her book in other words. Speaking of which. After Elaine's outburst, which Aliza glossed over as an Elaine moment, the topic came toward the alien race assisting Apotheosis: Sacarians. It was more or less a situation where they wanted earth for survival, at least that was easy to grasp. Her gaze turned toward Vvi, her new alien friend. It was interesting seeing her on the floor very serious after Aliza's very nice chat with the spider. She was concerned Vvi might have been overwhelmed by the room's eyes, but it was just the opposite. She seemed stable and forward enough to keep the pilot's worries at bay. That being said, they weren't at bay for very long. In fact they came out at full force. Specifically right after Vvi more or less insulted the other alien in the room: Alriana. She had seen her in the infirmary briefly, didn't quite have a chance to interact however. It only took that very blunt line to send her into a rage, one that might've started a fight if things were left the way they were. Cheryl did interject, but the Italian still felt nervous. She gripped her notebook, not to mention her teeth, and stared intently at Vvi. She showed off her pearly gates and quickly flicked her fingers across her own neck, as if she were trying to send a message to the spider. What was the message? 'Cut it out, cut it out, cut it out! You might get hurt...' Shame it was stuck in her head.
  5. Aliza took a nod at the alien's words as she cleared that she didn't know the other one personally, but she did know her species. Something Aliza should have thought on, but either way it was good to know. But before Aliza could ask anything else, someone approached the bed with a greeting and question. She turned to them briefly to answer. "Well Vvi had a headache on her way here, I dunno if an asprin or anything like that would help but..." She took a glance back at her. Seeing her in a more relaxed and subdued state, the closed eyes made Aliza assume she was about ready to take a nap so... "But I guess it looks like she needs sleep?"
  6. Aliza's eyes looked over to the other alien in the room, this one certainly more...simple? Not quite a word Aliza would use, a bit insulting. Still she was very different from Vvi. Enough to get Aliza's curious mind once again. But another voice in the room caught her from her wanderings, it was Olivia. Another high mark in her book from the first impression Aliza was given. But instead of being perky and welcoming she was shocked and terrified. A natural reaction of course, though Aliza couldn't help but wonder if she was the weird one, not flipping out herself on the first meeting. Well part of it may be her questions, but another part is she didn't quite want to make Vvi uncomfortable considering how much she had helped. Either way, she took a nod at both of the ladies. "Thanks, Olivia. Miss Megumi." With another smile she pulled Vvi off to the bed Megumi had suggested. "There you go. Looks nice and comfy." As soon as she got the spider settled she took a seat next to her bed, and held her notebook close. "A Luqari huh...and you said you know who the other alien is?"
  7. Yeah, even Aliza could tell she was nervous. The shift from her forward nature from before was noteworthy. With a smile she pat the spider alien on her shoulder. "Of course. I still got questions to ask after all." Her curiosity of the alien's past aside, Aliza was starting to take a liking to Vvi. So she wanted to make sure she was at least treated alright. Not from a medical sense either. When they got to the infirmary the Italian noticed Vvi's tension rise a little, and it only got clearer to her from her quick request. "O.oh, well...let's see if there's a bed somewhere else..." She then put her attention toward Megumi. She assumed she was the doc so... "Excuse me." She called out. "Hiya, I don't think we've met. I'm Aliza Silvavolke. Do you have an open bed for my friend Vvi?" She asked. "She's got a headache, and she almost fell." But while Aliza was giving out the situation she couldn't help but think... 'Holy crap she's hot...note to self note this later...'
  8. Aliza kept Vvi as steady as she could and was just about to pull her alien friend off to the infirmary. But before she could do that two things had just caught her attention. The first was incoming mail from the captain, which she was about to take a peak at. But before she could that's when the second attention grabber had rolled up, and that was good ol' Avery. "Hm? Oh hi Avery!" She gave off a big smile and a slight wave. Aliza noticed she was a little skittish around the alien. Was it the horns? Probably the horns. Gotta be the horns. The bite comment didn't help either but yeah. "Oh yeah, I was just about to do that." She answered after. She had also noticed Vvi's "more reason to fear you humans" comment too, but decided to put that away for now. She could probably guess why, but it wasn't important right now. "Don't worry, Vvi's in good hands. Just make sure her mech is too, ok? That lance she's got is like video game levels of strong." Which video game was anybody's guess, but with that the Italian lead her new alien friend down the hall toward the infirmary.
  9. When Aliza finished lowering the arm the one thing she didn't expect was the alien to start scrounging around the pages like a kid in a candy store. But I suppose that's what she gets for trusting a stranger with danger. "!" Oh how quick the embarrassment came, like a bolt of lightning from a golden god above. She didn't think to tell her not to read it but...well what's done is done. Rather than answer Vvi's questions she quickly brought the arm back up and swiftly took her own line down. She let gravity take her as fast as it possibly could, powered deeply by feelings of embarrassment, shock and regret. She quickly landed before Vvi, rather flustered. "T.they are NOT power levels! They-" But before she could clear the air of the awkward situation she noticed Vvi hold her head a little. "Whoa! Are you ok?" She quickly came up and placed her hands on the alien's shoulders to keep her steady. "Do you need to go to the sick bay? I can lead you there."
  10. "Yeah, I am pretty curious. I got a lot of questions..." She took a pause as she turned a page. "And well...I think freaking out over how you look would be rude, plus spiders don't bug me much." She wrote a few things down. However before she was able to continue... "OH CRAP!" She took a gasp of realization, as she remembered that Vvi wasn't really supposed to be dangerously held in the air on a super robotic hand. Aliza was surprised no one yelled at her for that yet. "Uuh hang on, I'll set you down and come down uh..." She closed the notebook and tossed it to her alien friend. "Could you hang onto this until I get down there? Thanks! Owe ya!" Before the spider could even decline she would find the little book on the palm next to her, and with that the Italian lowered the hand down the ground level and gently placed it there for Vvi to jump off.
  11. "Oh, it's hello in Italian." She answered as she noticed the blush. Seeing her up close was certainly a surprise for Aliza. She wanted to talk to an alien and ask what their deal was with earth, but it seems like this one was not quite with the group she had in mind. At least that's the impression she got from earlier thanks to the explanation over the comms. Still Aliza was content with this, and the fact she was friendly made things easier too. "Well you don't have to explain too hard to me, since I'm sure the captain will have you do it in the conference room during a meeting." She paused for a smile as she took her notebook and pen out. "But if you want you can go over some things on your mind and I can listen while they go find a lift. Oh and don't mind the notebook, I like taking notes a lot. Helps me...remember things." Giggle. Given Aliza had never seen an alien figure like this one she was not sure where to scale Vvi. So she'll have to learn a bit more for that tone.
  12. "Uuuh, good question..." She spoke aloud nervously. Yeah she expected to get scolded later. But the alien's already in the palm of her hand. Might as well commit. So she pulled the hand back over to her own cockpit, stopping just before. Aliza took her helmet off, letting loose her brown locks. She gave the alien a smile. "Uh Ciao! I'm Aliza Silvavolke. Pleasure to meet you." She took a good look at the alien and...well it's a good thing Aliza wasn't afraid of spiders.
  13. Aliza's archerbot landed in the hanger and docked up with ease. Aliza took a sigh of relief when the cockpit opened, and she reached over to her notebook on the side. The mech happened to have a handy little spot for that, some sort of small storebox. She opened it up and took a minute to write something down before closing it. Before she left however she noticed the alien mech beside her, docking in just about the same time too. Convenient! Aliza did in fact notice the appearance, well really mostly the horns. But it wasn't enough to spook her off, curse her curious mind. 'Whoa...that's...something.' The alien girl called out for some help, and she was technically the first one on the scene. It would be rude to just ignore it, especially after she said she'd talk to her. So... "...right." The Italian put her notebook away and did something possibly very much unauthorized...she moved the super robot's arm and slowly lifted toward the white mech. Before it reached the cockpit it opened it's palm, almost inviting Vvi to step out on it. Aliza reinforced it by leaning out of her own cockpit a bit with a wave. She was gonna get in trouble for this.
  14. That was it. The battle had ended and the massive amount of explosions and gunfire had stopped. Which more or less meant Aliza could finally relax. "Phew..." She expected her first fight in the machine to go badly, but quite the opposite. Things couldn't have turned out better. She couldn't help but grin at the thought of not being dead weight, of actually helping the ship. 'I owe it to you, Sagittae. Thanks! Here's to a good partnership!' With that in her mind she then turned to the new machine the alien piloted. It was certainly something she didn't expect to see, and it also made quite a splash. The Italian pilot couldn't help but wonder what the alien looked like behind that machine. Her curious mind just couldn't help but keep on that. "Well when you get approval to get inside I'll be waiting." She addressed her on the comms. "Just a talk, if you don't mind." With another smile to herself she took off to the Riese.
  15. "Oh uh, huh..." She spoke to herself as the alien let out her last words toward her. Aliza seemed to be caught off guard by the line, she seemed to be a bit of a magnet for flirts. Funny considering she thought she was forward on the department, but it seems like she still had way too much to learn. But before she got too lost in thought Thorvald's complement brought her back. He quite literally gave her his blessings to finish the fight. She felt flattered by his words, and with a smile she answered back. "You got it, Thorvald! (I think that was his name, right??) I'll wrap this up nicely!" So the girl brought back her bow back toward the air, as energy spurred back to life in the railgun. Sparks of blue bounced about again, and she took aim at the final Hyperion that was unfortunate enough to remain on the field. She brought back the string once more as the shining sun once again gleamed off the steel, and the bow let out yet another wild howl. "Bottom's up! ATA!" And the string was let loose, as the bolt of flame once again streamed across the air carrying that same howl! Aliza uses Focus and fires off ATA at the final Hyperion!