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  1. Langrisser M General

    Oh, you guys might be in a rough awakening if you reach the Emerald Gate. For your leisure I'm currently working on an equipment & enhancement guide (inspired by cortana's guide on reddit). Considering how important proper equipment is I find this to be a topic where players should be well informed. Still a WIP though.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    The only situation where AoE drain isn't busted are fights with only a single opponent and losing its distinct value is a moot point since it still provides the same utility, just on a smaller scale. Considering how almost every bigger battle now has at least 2 bigger enemies it cannot even be considered situational anymore and different charge timing is most definetly not an argument against its viability. ... how can you consider the AoE stun superior? It's a 70% chance to stick. Considering how most Servants run around with MR or the like it's closer to 50-60%. Sure, compared to other stun skills it's busted because it's on a 6-turn cooldown while affecting all enemies but it's still not reliable enough without a debuff success rate buff. You can break it down to being glorified Valor and without the Atk boost I would consider it mediocre at best. Do you like relying on coin flips? Summer BB's 2nd skill only looks strong because it has a lot of buffs on it but once you look at her NP and that awful CD it's immediately pales in comparison to her other busted skills. In comparision QSH has a relatively even skill level across his set. Except once we put Tamamo into the equation it becomes moot since your CD cycle is much faster to begin with. Skill-based Drain + NP drain is about as same in terms of reliability. Any fight with NP drain or (even worse) NP seal neuters that setup. On average "preventing my opponent from dealing any significant damage" is better than "hitting my opponent with my wet noodle NP". It's easy to warp such an argument. Sure, QSH's strength like most other Servants is tied to his NP but NP prop by itself is only as good as your NP (and no, Black Grail isn't capable of saving every NP). EDIT: I'll concede though that NP props are far more versatile than a NP drain.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Well, considering his NP, yes. But in a vacuum I would say AoE NP drain with essentially a Charisma buff is busted, especially on a 6-turn CD.
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    Except this change happened on a Servant that was already Top Tier material. ... which is just insane. This strengthening round is ... let's say it's impactful to say the least. This might be one of the best Strengthening rounds we got so far.
  5. Langrisser M General

    For anyone slacking off Timeless Trials because it's a chore: You can actually sweep stages if you press the "Begin Trial" button besides "Start Trial" the game. Of course you can only sweep to a certain point, based on your progress. e.g. if you have reached Level C you are allowed to sweep the entirety of D and start at D+1. Very useful because the first 3 ultimate rewards are pretty good for the stamina cost (as you are basically doing them for free because of that free Burger). ------ On a different note I updated my roster plans.
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

  7. Langrisser M General

    Over on reddit they are holding a survey about which series should have a collab with Langrisser. Among them we have Disgaea and more Falcom titles like Trails of Cold Steel and Ys. I voted for CS and Ys since we already have ToS and therefore it shouldn't be that hard for them to get another agreement with Falcom. Plus Disgaea could be a bit funky without their trademark artstyle. Btw. we're getting another big update at the 21st with the Twin Princess banner and Secret Realm changes. After clearing a stage for the first time, every subsequent run gives you pretty big buffs to help you clear it faster.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    They finally gave Beowulf some love. This is one way to make someone relevant.
  9. Langrisser M General

    5th pull was the last bronze. *facepalms* I have a hard time to collect Crystals for this since I have to spent a lot of stamina for Tier 3 troop unlocks instead of Story battles or Time Rifts (still have to do Chapter 23). Heck I even tanked my progress on the Bozel event (23480 atm) and with only 16 burgers it's going to be tough to micro-manage this.
  10. Langrisser M General

    Btw. the Macho Lotto is now available. There are 10 prizes to pull but each pull requires more crystals. The big prizes here are the Runestone, SSR accessory and Cherie's skin. To clear the entire lotto you will need 3950 crystals. My first 4 pulls only gave me 1 Silver and 3 Bronze prizes. Meh.
  11. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    You can reduce this to Meg, Fiona, and Lyre. Anyone else is objectively wrong. From these three I would argue that Fiona has the least amount of problems. She is a Cavalier meaning she still enjoys the advantages of canto (despite movement penalty being a thing in this game) and rescue dropping. That's more than Meg and Lyre can do at base. Still terrible since not even an early promotion can salvage her stats to useable levels. Like she is only a single level away from promotion through a Master seal but with promotion bonuses and her own stats being incredibly lacklustre her combat will stay bad. That's the same problem for all 3 though. Meg is Wendy 2.0 who can't even shove properly despite being an Armor, let alone be shoved. Fantastic! Lyre on the other hand is the pinnacle of unnecessary. Non-Royal Laguz without wings are pretty terrible units between being limited by Laguz gauges, lack of 2 range and other weapon utilities. Somehow this kitten thinks having even less stats than her terrible sister is acceptable. If I'm not mistaken you even get both Lethe and Ranulf when she joins so what's the point of her?
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    Meanwhile everybody forgets that our favorite 1* Caster Mozart still doesn't have an NP upgrade. Never mind he only has 2 skills (no, Aesthetic Appreciation isn't worth counting). It's very unlikely to be Shakespeare since he got what 3 2 upgrades? A possible Hans' upgrade sounds interesting but I can't imagine it to be substantial (unless they put buff success rate somewhere on his kit to make his NP consistent which would equal madness).
  13. Langrisser M General

    I more or less finalized my roster anyway.
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    @MrSmokestack I thought you wanted NP2 Saber Alter. @Jedi Jesus Christ, how much did you roll on that banner to get that many CEs? Oh yeah, Valentine. Just MLB'd the CEs, now I'm getting down to farm the shop and potentially some chocolate. Really it's a rather boring event, all things considered but it's decent to farm hearts since the best Cavalry node spawns demons for Caster enemies. What comes after this though is going to be way more exciting.
  15. Langrisser M General

    This is a problem shared among SSRs as well. Cherie's offense is forever cursed to be worse (as in much worse) than Leon because her Hero Boost aren't just good enough. Uhm, 20.000 points is nothing. As long as you find a team that run full bonus units you're getting there in no time even if you only run the first node. The bigger problem for you is to get to 47.500 because of that SSR accessory. They are hard to come by, especially in regards to future merges (or the pure RNG involved with them). The rewards from the higher tiers aren't really worth the points unless you really want that gold. ------- I don't think I will get Liana on this banner. I threw more than enough tickets/crystals on her and only got a Dieharte dupe to show. Didn't get Varna or Liffany either to complete my SR collection and my rate of getting tickets/crystals has stalled a lot compared to the beginning. On another note I'm wondering if I should bench Cherie and make Altemuller my permanent flier for the Empire. I reached the point in the story where terrain screws over Leon so hard (*insert sand prequel memes here*).