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  1. Langrisser M General

    Regarding Freya: She has another issue where she completely lacks the option to go on the offensive. The other go-to tanks like Ledin, Vargas and even Aaron can upkeep their Def->Atk conversion permanently by using Guard + Offense skill (e.g. Unbreakable Guard + Power Stab) and considering it's easy to stack Def in lategame their attack can very well grow far beyond what normal equipment could provide (which is much needed because Lancer suck at hitting things). Freya in comparision loses half of her fixed damage when she attacks (as Barb only triggers if she gets attacked) and has to use her actual Atk stat which are huge detriments against her. ----- This update is great, the guild text prompt at the top (which was the obnoxious world chat prompt before) helps to keep up with guild activities and the added gold from Guild Battles makes it more appealing to commit more time into it. They even improved the auto-equip function, it now priotizes by stats instead of rarity, sweet. Though I wish they would do something about the necessary daily grind. It is getting a bit tedious to achieve meaningful progress.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    Despite being "the Hero of Charity" Karna was my most expensive SSR alongside Merlin. At least I got him. *wallet lies dead on the ground* Well, no Sherlock this year for me, I need to recuperate till Shimosa.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    And there it is, the Pre-Release campaign. My last chance for Karna. *holds knife at wallet*
  4. Fire Emblem Pitfalls 10

    Yes? It adequately describes the behavior players' falling into common fallacy, new and old alike. Which really doesn't hold on a case-by-case basis. Especially in 9 it's really hard to justify most units over the Paladins because they are stupidly broken (as in, there is almost nothing they can't do). As much as I love Nephenee using her over Makalov or Astrid is objectively not a good choice. And using Knights in 6 ... masochism is a thing, I guess? Which Mekkkah isn't doing and this specific video is pretty much about "how it's fine to use what you want but actually understanding your choice". "Fire Emblem Character Spotlight!" is literally on the same first page of this subforum. Quite frankly either you're not following your policy strictly enough or you're just being selective for whatever reason. Between the two Mangs is definetly the Youtuber and I don't see anyone complaining about him. Not to mention ghast being a "mod" means you have a mole in your team anyway.
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    It's time. A bit sooner than I expected.
  6. Fire Emblem Pitfalls 10

    This entire thread is a pitfall. Some people care about optimization, others do not. Just because the individual doesn't care about the how, doesn't make the pursuit itself pointless. Otherwise the entire premise of speedruns in video games wouldn't exist. That's like following a step-by-step solution and then saying I can apply all the techniques from it in the next exam. I suppose some people learn that way but it's not particularly thought-provoking and much less educational. As far as I understand it Mekkkah tries to convey how to make informed choices in Fire Emblem. For example: Not using Marcus because of personal preference (be it for the challenge, wanting to use other units) is fine but not with the reasoning of "he steals EXP" or "I need to have 1 of each class so he needs to go". Using Tomas is fine as long as you understand he is a bad unit. imo it's a good mentality to have for hacks and new titles because there is nothing that can guide you and requires you to make your own choices. Now whether his examples or theory are always sound I'm not going to judge but it's at the very least worthy of discussion. Is it any different compared to Mangs' or Ghast's content? In a sense every video with a YouTube post is a form of promotion, even recorded runs from Horace and dondon. Trying to separate these between just advertising and content requires watching it. It doesn't even scream clickbait compared to some of other trash you had to remove.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    @Sire Hope you don't mind that I update your excellent Friend Code register. There were some changes here and there so I took the liberty to adjust it accordingly.
  8. Langrisser M General

    ... It does. My bad. @Robert of Normandy This should cover everything you will need to know.
  9. Langrisser M General

    It's time-limited. You get a week two weeks to do it, each day unlocks new 10 quests to complete. You don't have to clear them on the same day, past quests will remain unlocked throughout the entire event. Making progress is almost trivial. The quests involve clearing the 1st Time Rift or doing dailies which you are going to do anyway. Some of them seem a bit unreasonable (e.g. recharge stamina, summon on equipment, purchase Trinity Crystals) but these nodes mostly pay themselves (the quest basically refunds you the cost) and you only need to clear 60 of them to obtain Cherie (and all the previous goodies, including a SSR Lance).
  10. Langrisser M General

    Yes, they were time-limited. On the other hand this game is still young so they might do a rerun in the future (or bundle them in a different focus). Fortunately we lag behind the CN ver. so we have a good idea what's coming.
  11. Langrisser M General

  12. Langrisser M General

    In general: 1. Try to find a couple of units and stick with them. Raising and supplying too many units does not only drain your resources quickly, it will make things a lot tedious for you trying to keep everyone up to speed. Most maps allow you to deploy 5 units so your staple roster should be around 6-8. 2. The characters in this game have certain tags we call "Faction". This is a very important mechanic that will affect your team building because there is a certain type of buff that only affects units from the same faction. Looking at your signature I would recommend Legion of Glory as your faction. Fortunately it's very F2P-friendly because the 3 starter units are part of it. Depending on Server you also get the chance to obtain one of the best SSRs for this faction (Cherie). 3. At the beginning you want to gain as many levels as possible because story progression is locked behind level requirements and with the excess stamina from early level-ups you might hit a wall sooner than you think just by rushing through. Daily Quest yield the most EXP and even beyond that they give you a lot of stuff extra, including 30 Trinity Crystals (the main currency) if you clear all of them. Speaking of which a lot of missions for the Daily Quests have the option to be done in Co-Op. You absolutely should take advantage of that since it gives you a stamina discount and more rewards on a successful map clear. Outside of that the game does a good job easing into its mechanics, so you shouldn't have any problem understanding them. Somewhere in this thread I left an equipment guide if you're interested in it (not super important at the beginning) and the reddit has some useful statistics once you want to get to the meat of the game.
  13. Langrisser M General

    Seems like this game is doing well in JP. That's nice for its longevity. Though I do wonder what they are going to do once the Langrisser I-V cast is exhausted. Sure, we still have a lot of leeway (L1 is so underrepresented despite being the origin of the series, L5 was added just recently) but unlike Fire Emblem this series has a countable amount of characters. The story doesn't even have that many original characters either (pretty much just Bodamicus and the Union Generals). --------- Btw. once you reach Lv.60 your Gold shortage should become slightly less an issue. Instead of EXP the daily missions give now Gold which adds up to a nice amount per day and helps to cover the costs to upgrade equipment to 50.
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    *meanwhile in FGO NA* *sees massive mountains of salt because of meager 10 SQ* *sips tea* Lore buyout continues on my end. My roster still waits for 35 of them with Tristan freshly joining the queue. GudaGuda 2 will give 2 from the point ladders, so that makes it 33 Lores to go. Meh.
  15. I have a couple of disappointments to fuel the pyre (though most of them are the same stuff). Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon It's not necessarily a bad game. There is a fair amount of strategies you can pull off and reclassing can be fun to mess around with. It also plays far better than the original which is seriously outdated by today standards. But the thing is I played this at its release and by that time I already played through 7, 8, 9 and 10. Seeing so many mechanics not translated at all makes it for me a very disappointing experience. It also has the worst form of Gaiden chapters in the entire series. Despite this it's the only disappointing title among these I'm still playing sometimes. Fire Emblem: Fates As much as I dislike the "modern" FE games I still have some fun with Awakening (mostly everything pre-Timeskip) and Echoes was a good way to experience Gaiden with its very strong presentation. I don't have such fun with Fates. Yes, it significantly improved the pair-up mechanic and its premise was interesting but I cannot be bothered with the overtuned skills, caricature-esque characters and awful story. Say what you want of the other FE stories but at least they were functional. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn I blame this game for many things. Like being hopeful for a Golden Sun 4, continued exposure of this decade-old series for the times to come, Isaac in Smash and so on. Even though I should start accepting that this series was better of being built on 2 great RPGs. From very questionable design choices (ignoring previous lore, the infamous points-of-no-return, weapon mechanics) to constantly making callbacks to Lost Age Dark Dawn doesn't have the same impact as the previous titles. It pretty much depends on the series' fame to sell itself otherwise you will not find a more bland RPG on the DS. Since we're not even hearing rumors of GS4 this game still leaves a bad aftertaste. TLoZ: Skyward Sword This was a wreck on all fronts. Wind Waker has the aspect of sailing around the massive ocean with a decent story and Twilight Princess boasts some really good dungeons. But Skyward Sword ... uuuuuuh. Aside from the Ancient Cistern and Ghirahim I struggle to find positives for this game. I don't even mind the motion controls, they are not super terrible (in fact they are slimmed down a lot from 1:1 motion) and the RPG-esque aspects like limited inventory was an interesting concept in theory. But not only does it have the worst padding in the entire Zelda series it reaches X7 levels of overtutorialization throughout the entire game. Speaking of which: Megaman X7 3 words. F***. This. Game.