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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    Today I have learned an important lesson; if you are ever having trouble just use Gilgamesh. And with that I'm done with the Challenge quests. That was ... interesting to say the least. Some of the fights were tough, others ... weren't. Some of the gimmicks were really easy to bypass, others definetly required more thought (like the Hassan one). The final round was probably the hardest battle I have faced so far in FGO.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    To come back to this; did anyone else not get a E-Mail with the code? I registered XC2 quite a while ago but I have yet to receive any kind of code for this. It seems like this issue comes up quite a bit, several others have yet to receive it.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Well, what's your criteria? Past rounds cannot be accessed anymore so you only have that many days to farm certain nodes. If you want to farm Petals the current Emperor node is pretty good for that as long as you have Chloe and a decent AoE Lancer. --- Siegfried was probably the easiest alongside the Irish duo. NP3 Emiya annihilates him and his cannon fodder so hard with Unlimited Burger Works it's not even funny. Medb on other hand was a fail on the 1st try but I got her at the next attempt. That infinite Charm on all males was pretty fatal because I had Waver out at first and there was no debuff clear anywhere in my team. But switching some positions did the trick.
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    Pretty sure that's doable based on my strategy. What I did is to clear the small fries until Hundred Personas showed up. I proceeded to nuke both her and Cursed Arm with Helena who had the damage CE on her. Both of their death effects trigger, she gets revived. Then I stalled again until Serenity arrives who then takes away Helena. The rest of the fight was just Tamamo - Medea - Waver swatting away the rest. I did remove the Last Hassan's death effect with Rule Breaker as long as you have someone with Guts or at the back you can just win without that. This exhibition fight took 37 Turns and 3 tries. 1st try was me getting caught off guard with the death effects and massive debuffs. I thought Medea dealt with that but you can't kill them with her NP otherwise the death still triggers. But oh the 2nd try. That one made me salty. I managed to clear everything until the last Hassan showed up. The only ones standing where Tamamo, Shiki (Damage CE) and Waver. At the last round Hassan triggered Guts on Shiki with a crit, then I proceeded to use her NP on him. I thought I won. Then his death effect killed the entire party. ... yeah. 3rd try is the one I outlined above. The Scathach & Cu one was very easy. NP2 Saber Alter. 4 Turns. Done.
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  7. Staff Changes!

    ... so you're going to make a new design worshipping BTS or something? Or just a simple design where 이름은 정국 is repeated over and over? It's truly the darkest timeline. The Serenes are now doing K-Pop.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Heracles is done, 1st try with 22 turns. Used this team: - Mordred (Imaginary Element [MLB]) - Scathach (Event Damage CE) - Zhuge Liang Support (I think he had the Petal drop CE) - Bedivere (Golden Sumo) - Kintoki Rider (Event Damage CE) - Mash (Volumen Hydrargyrum) The funny thing is I chose the wrong Mystic Code. I went in with the standard one instead of the Combat uniform (so I can switch in Mash faster) but seems like it wasn't necessary to do so; Kintoki and Scathach teared him a new one 12-times. Poor Herc. How is everyone so far with farming? I got all the Shop CE and started the 3rd Petal box.
  9. Fate/Grand Order General

    To be fair we got an extension so technically you're losing nothing. If anything we won a large amount of SQ and apples for the troubles.
  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    Even mentioning Ligma is bad taste, my friend. Getting rid of it is fine though. Sometimes it baffles me what kind of nonsense can become a meme. I'm more worried about the event itself. Losing a day for the first round of Nero Fest would be pretty bad regards of farming since its quests rotate.
  11. Fate/Grand Order General

    I don't know how you got that impression but ok. Trying to play Xenoblade 2 but that also keeps crashing on me. I hope the Direct today has some good news. Apparently the Apple issue is fixed now. All that's left is for the Servers stopping maintenance mode.
  12. So I have now 2 Ares, one is [+Spd, -Res], the other [+Atk, -Spd]. Which one would be better to build or should I wait? The way Ares works (IIRC) is to somehow get him to trigger his Special which will trigger Dark Mystletainn's effect to recharge it immediately. Ideally, 3-turn Specials like Bonfire or Draconic Aura are perfect for him with, the Slaying effect of Mystletainn reducing their cooldown to 2. Based on that Atk seems overall better as you want to maximize his 1-shot potential. Question is how important is Spd for Ares? I don't think 30 Spd is particularly good and even with the boon he only gets to 42 Spd with Speed+ Seal and Hone Cavalry buff.
  13. Atk Res Solo upsets me. The worst precedent of them all. Not only are its requirements stupidly easy, it also has the audacity to give even +1 more for each stat. Never mind the fact that once Atk Spd Solo comes out Life and Death becomes completely meaningless. Oh, anyone saying you can't use Spur with this; they don't matter. They never did. Even in regards of Arena scoring Drives are always preferable to a Spur while having better range and can completely bypass the restriction on these Solo skills. Regular buffs are also not affected because you can just move the unit first and then place the buffer after your turn is over. Aside from that the banner itself is pretty meh. Silas and Flora are good choices but really, more Fates children? I start to feel bad for Awakening who only has Lucina, Gerome and the Morgans (Noire if you count seasonals). Also, where is Charlotte? This would have been the banner to introduce her regular form but apparently she was forgotten? Just how like IS forgot that Axes are a weapon-type in the regular pool? At least they dialed down with the alts (I'm fully expecting one or two next week though).
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Wanted to go back playing XC2 with the new additions (Challenge Mode Part 2, Crossette, Corvin) but the amount of black screens, freezes and bugs are too off-putting to continue. While Monolith Soft does great games, XC2 is really plagued by those bugs. Guess I will have to wait until I finish the Torna DLC. Might as well restart at Bringer of Chaos difficulty then.
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    Well, seems like NA is finally getting some authentic JP experience. You have no taste.