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  1. Rate the Unit, Day 47: Eldigan & Sanaki

    My post got sucked into captcha hell. Now I've lost everything I wrote about Ephraim and Julia. *SALT* If anyone is interested I would have given Ephraim a 8 for strong player phase and buff capability, Julia a 6.5 for dragon slaying. Ephraim: 8.0 Julia: 6.63 Moving on to Sibling Bonds. Eldigan, Lionheart Sanaki, Begnion's Apostle
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    Since both you and @MrSmokestack mentioned I tried this strategy with my Euryale (who is missing her 3rd skill). ... I didn't realize that the Blue Oni counted as male. Well that made things quite a bit different. 6M was a breeze with this. Now you can just sub Shiki in for Euryale and watch how she massacres the Red Oni. Spend all my refills and now I have almost everything on the damage point ladder. I'm pretty sure you can do at least 3M with a Support Shiki alone (just stack a lot of Arts Servants and buffs in your party, then watch her butcher the Onis). I put one with MLB Sumo if you need one.
  3. Rate the Unit, Day 47: Eldigan & Sanaki

    Eirika: 6.55 Seliph: 5.11 @LordFrigid I noticed that we have different averages (e.g. Odin). Did I miscalculate somewhere? Ephraim, Restoration Lord Julia, Naga's Blood
  4. Rate the Unit, Day 47: Eldigan & Sanaki

    Selena: 4.29 Leo: 4.64 Now we're moving on to banners. We will start with Family Bonds. And yes, it's another Red-only round! Eirika, Restoration Lady Seliph, Heir of Light
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    @JSND Alter Dragon Boner Have you finally reached Madness Enhancement EX or is it just luck? Just how did you get that one MLB so quickly?
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    It kinda depends on what roles you want to assign to your party. This is especially important for Nia and Zeke. Morag is easy. Give her every Katana and watch her be the ultimate tank. Perceval is her Dark element user of choice, so is Theory for Ice if you eventually get her. She makes good use of Finch as well since she supplements her with the Wind element and Agility mod. Electra and Kassandra are also a good choice due to them being good by themselves with the former being complementing Morag's elemental array with Lightning. Nia has 2 primary roles; one is healer, the other gunner with Ether cannons. This is due to her being the only character besides Zeke that has a workable Ether stat for them (since they attack with Ether instead of physical attacks). If you decide making her the latter she will need KOS-MOS, Sheba and Azami/Herald. Otherwise Bitballs and maybe some Knuckles can be useful for her. Zeke can be a lot of things. He has both good physical Attack and Ether which makes quite flexible. In fact because he is well-balanced he can easily combine different weapon types like Megalances and Ether Cannons. Especially for that the combination of Herald, Kos-Mos and Vale is an incredibly powerful set. Otherwise a full physical set is recommended on him. T-elos, Wulfric, Praxis and Dagas are good choices for that. So in summary from your current collection: Morag - Finch - Electra - Perceval - Kassandra Nia (Healer) - Sheba - Boreas - Adenine - Kora - Floren - Nim - Azami Zeke - Kos-Mos - Dagas - Praxis - Herald - Wulfric - Agate - Vale - T-elos Ursula is best on the character that you control the most. You can rapidly chain Blade switches with her to make your party immortal. However, the AI doesn't do a lot of switches which greatly reduces her effectiveness. Gorg, Perun, Godfrey and Vess are kinda whatever. They are useable but they are underwhelming compared to their competition.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    Never tried that (I didn't even know you could do that). SF has some ... strange regulations in their system. (my rage still burns back then when SF threw me out after I re-wrote Anna's analysis for an hour)
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Reposting this because apparently I'm not allowed to edit my post anymore. Weird.
  9. Rate the Unit, Day 47: Eldigan & Sanaki

    Hana: 6.57 Laslow: 4.86 Selena, Cutting Wit Leo, Sorcerous Prince After this round we will start with Banners, rejoice!
  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    ... rolled with 1 ticket, 30 SQ and 100k+ FP for Fuma; didn't get him. Instead I got spooked by Jing Ke 5 times. Kill me. --- @MrSmokestack She was S-Tier in the last version. So I promised the list and here you go. I will still need some time for the write-ups though.
  11. Fate/Grand Order General

    I'm sitting on 1500 Lotus and hope that we get a QP exchange for this; otherwise I'm going to be a bit salty. Finished farming yesterday. Left the Blue Gems and 9 Dragon Scales in the shop which I won't miss. I used the AP of yesterday and today to do finish some Strengthening Quests, namely Ushiwakamaru's, Medea's, Arash's and Asterios', now I'm farming some EXP for Mr. Golden. Once tomorrow's event hits I'm probably going to update the tier list again since we get a new 3* and 1-2 Servants got a boost thanks to their Strengthening Quest.
  12. Rate the Unit, Day 47: Eldigan & Sanaki

    Ryoma: 6.92 Hinata: 6.14 Ryoma having less than 7. bothers me to no end (even though it is just 0.08 difference). Hana, Focused Samurai Laslow, Dancing Duelist
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    The Battle System is a bit different for this one. Instead of switching between Blades you now switch between Driver and Blades for Arts. The Driver themselves have different weapons and Arts. Like the base game people can have multiple Blades (Lora has Jin and a Wind one, probably Fan). Our cast this time are: - Addam (Lightning Element) with Mythra (of course); he has a standard longsword (not the Aegis blade) - Lora (Fire Element) with Jin; she fights ... Street Fighter style? She kicks and punches around. - Emperor Hugo (???) with Brighid and Aegaeon (seen briefly in the fight scene with Malos); he fights with Sword and Shield.
  14. What is generally the best time to promote?

    The only right answer is ASAP. There is no reason to ever grind out a unit up to 20 (unless there are specific requirements like Rankings in FE7). Promoted classes bring a lot of important perks with them, be it just the +1 movement or an additional weapon type. You want to have access to that as early as possible because it immediately enhances your unit and make them jump in their usefulness. Heck you even get additional stats most of the time. To name an example; Raven gets Axes with his promotion which for one gives him WTA against those Wyverns in Bern but more importantly he gains access to 1-2 range which greatly increases his usefulness in both player and enemy phase. Before that he is sword locked ... which is terrible. Yes, his base stats are super great in HHM and whatever but it still doesn't change the fact that he still can't counter ranged units and fails to reliably KO tougher Lance units like Wyverns. Promote him early and you won't have the problem; in fact because his bases are good you won't even notice the lost 2-3 stat points he gains from grinding all the way to 20. Only Tellius comes into my mind where it might be necessary to level up to 20 because Master Seals are quite limited (IIRC 3?) and there is the path to promote by reaching Level 20. That means you use your limited seals to promote someone like Mist or Soren early (faster mount or staves respectively) while others like Oscar or Kieran just stick with their base classes until they reach their promotion.
  15. Rate the Unit, Day 47: Eldigan & Sanaki

    Lucina: 7.79 Corrin: 6.17 @Ice Dragon @Xenomata Yes, his Atk sucks but he is in the right color and class to circumvent it. I'm nothing saying that he is not terrible but being a mage kinda saves him from being rock bottom (though he is the worst mage by far). Odin with full buffs, L&D and Spd seal has 159:55:29 against +10 merges with Fury which is not terrible. 60/63 bulk without buffs (depending on which bane you choose) coupled with 43 Spd to tank a hit is not garbage either since it is ideal for Desperation. In comparison no matter how much I favor Jagen and Gunter with Cavalry buffs etc. they are not that great with their Slaying builds. Maybe Jagen because he has that outrageous Res but I don't see how Arthur and Gunter with their abyssmal stats are supposed to be better than a mage (albeit the worst one of the bunch). Yorokobe, we have now officially entered Red hell. Ryoma, Peerless Samurai Hinata, Wild Samurai