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  1. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Karel: 6.28 Ninian: 7.69 Let's go to Colorless Hell! Lucius, The Light Rebecca, Wildflower
  2. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    @Czarpy Now look at your Klein score and tell me why I'm holding this nice looking butcher knife in my hand. But alas it's too late. Lachesis: 3.71 Klein: 5.33 Moving on to Blazing Shadows. Karel, Sword Demon Ninian, Oracle of Destiny
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Used up all of my full refills and beans. Now I'm sitting 582M damage. I went from: Arts: Tamamo - Shiki (Sumo) - Support Waver - Vlad III - Mash - Medea to Buster: Iskandar (Sumo) - Gilgamesh - Support Waver - Leonidas - Asterios - Kintoki then at last Quick: Scathach (Sumo) - Kintoki - Support Waver - Ushiwakamaru - Kojiro - Fuma I will keep spending my BP on 6M with Iskandar - Scathach - Support Waver - Mash - David - Kintoki If anyone wants my MLB Sumo on someone specific, tell me. Same for the Onsen CE though I don't have a MLB copy yet.
  4. General JRPG Topic

    I'm not even a FF fan (only played the remakes from the NES/SNES era minus FF2) so I can pretty much bias-free say: FF13 sucks. Deal with it. That doesn't require you to play the game though. Not to mention a lot of awful games have great soundtracks (such a waste everytime that happens).
  5. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Reinhardt: 8.96 Olwen: 6.2 Lachesis, Lionheart's Sister Klein, Silver Nobleman
  6. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    I will at least give my vote for Reinhardt. 9/10 The menace itself. Ever since SI was introduced Reinhardt terrorizes Arena runs. His offense is ludicrous, being the only one who has a tome with a Brave weapon effect and has solid enough Atk with Horse buffs to back it up. Even outside of Horse teams Reinhardt functions pretty well by himself, achieving a lot of kills with Death Blow alone. Actually, thanks to Odd Atk Wave he can now achieve his maximum damage output without a Horse team though he is now tied to turn counts (which can be screw that skill over on certain maps). Aside from that he is very flexible with the rest of his passives, especially his B slot. Lancebreaker is nice to have to kill off bulky Lance units like Effie or Fjorm but it isn't necessarily required. Same for Swordbreaker. Chill Res is both a nice team option and a damage boost for him, while Wings of Mercy can ruin an Arena run. There are many options here which is also one of his strenghts; his kit gives him some versatility. Even outside of his standard build he is the only Blue Cavalier with good enough mixed bulk to use a -raven build. While not as potent as his Dire Thunder it's still an option he could take.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    Ok, guys, final Raid is up. Give it everything you got because the woman has way more HP than any of the previous Raid bosses. Plus the Raid itself gives a lot of event currency which is always nice to have so there is no reason not to. Starting with my Arts team now until I run out of Blue Beans. I will probably move on to Buster (Iskandar should be really good for this since the mobs are Casters and Berserkers) then Quick if I can farm the EXP for Kintoki in time.
  8. General JRPG Topic

    @Glennstavos Pretty sure that's only you. Combat is not even remotely similar. FF13 is the definition of auto-mode (aka let it play by itself) while XB2 definetly requires active input against bosses. You need to get your timings right and in general auto-canceling is a big thing to make battles faster and easier. Battles there have real substance behind it, FF13 doesn't. Not to mention everything else about FF13 like that awful corridor syndrome makes it even worse. So @Armagon stay far away from FF13, unless you want to have a taste of something that a RPG shouldn't be. In fact nothing in FF really has something that makes you feel similar to Xenoblade. I guess the Battle System from the SNES and PS era could be similar to XB1 but aside from that nope.
  9. Octopath Traveler

    Played through the new demo as well. Since the old demo had already shown Olberic and Primrose I went for these 3. Cyrus Ophilia Therion If I had to rate the characters I have played so far: Therion > Primrose > Cyrus > Olberic > Ophilia In general the demo seems a bit more challenging gameplay-wise which I like but once you get 2 characters together the fights become much easier. The boss in Ophilia's chapter was dragging a bit but it wasn't much of a challenge really. Magic is really strong here thanks to being AoE, it makes breaking multiple enemies so much faster. Therion's chapter was a completely joke with the three of them, especially since I got the stronger Fire spell as his 2nd skill. If anyone has trouble with the demo I would suggest doing Olberic's or Cyrus' Chapter first and then go team up with the next one. Primrose and Ophilia seem quite challenging by themselves, Therion should get by from stealing all the gear he can. I have to say though that the missing character interactions is a bit concerning. If you look at my playthrough it doesn't make too much sense that Therion would team up with a scholar and a cleric if he just dismissed a pair of thieves. Not to mention I can't ever see Ophilia doing this. Cyrus I could get behind if there is an explaination for it (like it ties to his missing tome). If I have the chance I might try another run where I go for H'aanit first, then recruit Therion and Cyrus. Unless you skip everything (exploration, dialogue etc.) I don't think it's possible to do all 8 starting chapters and get the party together.
  10. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Eldigan: 6.60 Sanaki: 7.0 Oh, boy, here it comes. Reinhardt, Thunder's Fist Olwen, Blue Mage Knight
  11. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    My post got sucked into captcha hell. Now I've lost everything I wrote about Ephraim and Julia. *SALT* If anyone is interested I would have given Ephraim a 8 for strong player phase and buff capability, Julia a 6.5 for dragon slaying. Ephraim: 8.0 Julia: 6.63 Moving on to Sibling Bonds. Eldigan, Lionheart Sanaki, Begnion's Apostle
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    Since both you and @MrSmokestack mentioned I tried this strategy with my Euryale (who is missing her 3rd skill). ... I didn't realize that the Blue Oni counted as male. Well that made things quite a bit different. 6M was a breeze with this. Now you can just sub Shiki in for Euryale and watch how she massacres the Red Oni. Spend all my refills and now I have almost everything on the damage point ladder. I'm pretty sure you can do at least 3M with a Support Shiki alone (just stack a lot of Arts Servants and buffs in your party, then watch her butcher the Onis). I put one with MLB Sumo if you need one.
  13. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Eirika: 6.55 Seliph: 5.11 @LordFrigid I noticed that we have different averages (e.g. Odin). Did I miscalculate somewhere? Ephraim, Restoration Lord Julia, Naga's Blood
  14. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Selena: 4.29 Leo: 4.64 Now we're moving on to banners. We will start with Family Bonds. And yes, it's another Red-only round! Eirika, Restoration Lady Seliph, Heir of Light
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    @JSND Alter Dragon Boner Have you finally reached Madness Enhancement EX or is it just luck? Just how did you get that one MLB so quickly?