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  1. FE8 Hack: The Sun God's Wrath (V3.4 release 12/12/2018)

    I don't suppose there's any context clues as to where we use the member card
  2. PE Supports for The Last Promise?

    The characters Kelik and Tekun also have a supported ending
  3. Bloodlines (2.4)

    Really excited for this!
  4. Portrait/Sprite Editors?

    Hello! So, today I'm here to ask a question about Portrait and Sprite Editors. When it comes to art, I'm not the best, whatsoever. I've been considering editing through Photoshop, and so far I haven't seen anything in resources. Is there anything for me to use that would be better than Photoshop, or is Photoshop my best bet? If there was something I missed explaining this, please let me know and I will delete this immediately.
  5. Hello!

    Hello everyone! My name is Jayderson, or just Jay. I'm a college student who finally decided to make an account on here after just lurking the forums for about.... a year, I think? To be completely honest, I've only ever played Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones, and I'm also playing The Last Promise, if that counts. I found out about Fire Emblem about a year and a half ago from a friend, and I was hooked pretty quickly. I've found myself spending quite a lot of time playing whenever I'm free, and have also found myself frustrated whenever I spend a bazillion years on a map only for a character to get flanked, and killed :I. I also really suck at Fire Emblem, to explain the frustration. One of the main reasons I made an account on here is because I've decided I wanted to dip my feet into Rom Hacking, and.. I might need help with that. But I'm an overall nice guy, and I hope to become friends with yall within time!