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  1. This this. The process is the same in FE7 and 8.
  2. The one in here isn't.
  4. How are you setting up the death quote? The EA macro? The Nightmare modules?
  5. Without being really technically knowledgeable, this approach might be your best bet.
  6. @circleseverywhere Done
  7. Try this topic.
  8. The problem is that you're passing in "Prologue" to the EventPointerTable macro, but you called the label for your pointers "ThisChapter". These need to match.
  9. There's a bunch of unnecessary dashes in your script. CXX commands don't need dashes after them. You're also leaving personal comments in your script without actually making them comments. Example: ~~~ - Mode 9 3 p- standing.png C01 - ~~~ - Mode 10 3 p- standing.png C01 - ~~~ - Mode 11 3 p- standing.png C01 - ~~~ - Mode 12 Needs to be: ~~~ /// Mode 9 3 p- standing.png C01 ~~~ /// Mode 10 3 p- standing.png C01 ~~~ /// Mode 11 3 p- standing.png C01 ~~~ /// Mode 12 "///" means it's a comment and FEditor won't try to interpret the text after it as a command/code. You lack comments, so FEditor is probably getting confused. Removing the extra dashes or commenting them out will help too.
  10. What exactly do you mean by your .txt file not showing up? Are you doing an #include or something? In that case put the name of the file in quotes. Are you clicking the browse button and trying to select your file but it doesn't show? Might be that you gave it the wrong extension. Need more details.
  11. That's because you have to change the text. You can find out which text slot to change in the Chapter Data Editor.
  12. @Rindille Your definitions have to be 1 word each, no spaces allowed. "Trainee Sword" is not valid, but "TraineeSword" or "Trainee_Sword" are.
  13. @Rindille Try putting the name of the file in quotes.
  14. I've added a link to it in the Resource Directory. There's also an extended version here. But, I don't know how well it works.
  15. @Orange Juice I think FE8's unit data is a little different from FE7's, which is what your units look like right now. From Event Assembler Language.txt: UNIT *Char ID* *Class ID* *Leader char* *Level data* [Loading position X, Loading position Y] Flags Byte1 *Data count* *REDA data pointer* Items AI Flags = Controls other details about this unit, like item dropping and how the unit data is interpreted. Byte1 = Unknown. Usually 0. Data count = Amount of REDA codes to use when loading this unit. REDA data pointer = Pointer to REDA data which controls units movement after loading.