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  1. An issue with FEditor

    Have you tried saving the ROM without doing anything and then reopening it?
  2. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    @nsm91Try giving the character a lower quote ID. If an event ID is too high, the game has a tendency to lose track of it when suspending/resuming.
  3. Nightmare-FE7-Character Editor not working?

    @Ultima228 Try them now. Not sure why the links went down.
  4. Chapter 2 Softlock

    You'll have to edit the events. The game is probably looking for Moulder so it can move him or something. Just need to change it to Ephraim's character number instead.
  5. [Solved]Level up Graphics Error

    It might be better to post this issue in the FE_Builder thread on FEU. 7743 (the guy developing FE_Builder) is very active there, but not so much here. That's what they're already doing.
  6. [FE8]How to change class effectiveness

    It's actually not about being armored/not armored, it's about the weapon. Go to the item editor and find the Effectiveness pointer. It should be something like 0x8YYYYYY. Open up a hex editor, take off the 0x8 part from the pointer, and then go to that address (so if the pointer says 0x8YYYYYY, go to address YYYYYY in the editor). There's the list of classes the weapon is effective against (00 ends the list). If you want to add classes to the list, you'll probably have to move it to free space.
  7. Last Promise/Coruppted Theorcracy

    You should try the ROM hack and fan game directory.
  8. Feditor Class Animation Creator Script error

    You need to remove modes 2 and 4 from your script. FEditor will create those automatically.
  9. Feditor Class Animation Creator Script error

    It would be helpful to include your whole script, instead of just a screenshot of part of it.
  10. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    @TheArbiterK Try using the UnitClear macro
  11. Creating a patch and translations

    You'll need 2 ROMs total. An unedited version of FE6, and your edited version. As for translation, I would just apply one of the existing translation patches. I think the popular one around here is Gringe's patch. When you go to apply it to your edited ROM, just select Notify or Ignore in NUPS. It'll apply the translation patch on top of your edits (make a backup beforehand though).
  12. fe8 editing Cormag's spawn

    You could just use the Chapter Unit Editor module to change where Cormag spawns.
  13. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    @Bamstacks For problem 1, instead of a kill command, do "UNCM <Character_that_dies> 0x1B" immediately before the fight. Don't know about problem 2.
  14. Inserting map sprites

    Try this process: 1. Export a vanilla map sprite (Make sure the palette is correct just so that it doesn't look confusing) 2. Open it in Usenti 3. Paste your map sprite over the top of it and save. 4. Go back to GBAGE, find a compressed image (so that the check box remains checked), and click import. 5. Select your file, type in the offset you'll import to, uncheck import palette, and then click the import button. 6. Click the OK/Done button on the next screen that pops up. 7. Save the ROM
  15. Inserting map sprites

    The requantizing is probably the issue. When you fiddle with map sprites, don't change anything about the color count or palette, and don't import the palette when you insert. The reason you shouldn't change the color count is that the palette is what is referred to as "Indexed". In this case that means that there's a palette for each team/condition a map sprite can be in (ally, enemy, NPC, arena 4, stoned/already acted, and flashback). Indexed palettes should only ever have their color values changed, but the order and count should never be edited unless you really know what you're doing.