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  1. Because of the recent Dropdox update, most Dropbox links in general are down.
  2. portrait

    Usenti says it has 23 colors. 15 + background is the max.
  3. Thankfully, I have several of Nintenlord's tools downloaded. I'll be hosting them on my Dropbox now. Fixed links for: - GBAGE - NUPS - MAR Array Inserter - Tiled Map Inserter - NL's Compressor We'll have to be vigilant about links that are down. I'm aware that the Resources and Documentation posts' links are still busted, but let me know about other links that are down.
  4. Updated the link, try redownloading.
  5. Yes As Tequila said, 3 0x00s in a row ends the list. You could have 6 entries comprise a single class animation list. Until the game sees those 3 0x00s, it will keep reading.
  6. For whatever reason the standard modules package doesn't have the FE8 Spell Association Editor, which is what you're after.
  7. solved

    Hmm, I'm not sure what to tell you. I downloaded those modules and Nightmare, tried the FE8 Character Editor, and everything was peachy. Went to Eirika, gave her +45 to base HP, hit apply, saved, and saw the results in game. This is a long shot, but what operating system are you running?
  8. solved

    Are you using FEditor at the same time, or any other program that modifies the ROM? Are you hitting 'Apply' and then saving? The process you go through (plus what specific modules you're using) would help troubleshoot this.
  9. You can't change battle palettes with FEditor. Use BS Palette Assembler instead.
  10. Added an alternate download link.
  11. If you want Athos to be able to use all three weapon locks, add the ability numbers to together. Let's say your Fire lock has a value of 0x0B, Thunder 0x0C, and Wind 0x0D. 0x0B + 0x0C + 0x0D = 0x24. Give Athos the ability numbered 0x24 and he should be able to access all three.
  12. I've got it for ya: Download
  13. The Resource Directory is a good place to start.
  14. Give the bow a particular weapon lock ability (like Forblaze, Wo Dao, etc), then give Archers and Snipers the class ability that unlocks the weapon lock you assigned. You'll need the Item Editor and Class Editor Nightmare modules for this.
  15. FE8 Eventiel is not recommended in the slightest from what I remember. Best to learn how most of us do events, which is just writing them up in a text editor. Then you won't even need Eventiel anymore. As for the site, it's busted for me as well, so it's not an issue on your end.