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  1. What kind of ROM are you using? FEditor expects a (U) ROM. We typically use the Venom dump. As for editing the script, I usually: - open the ROM in FEditor - save - reopen the ROM - go to the text editor and press dump - save the file, then open in a text edtior - make my changes - go back to FEditor and press the Insert button and select the script - after it's done I press apply and then save. If this doesn't work on a fresh ROM I'm not sure what to tell you.
  2. Check out this thread and download Nintenlord's FE7 Patches. In there is a Rekka no Ken restoration patch which should get you what you want.
  3. solved

    This thread might be helpful.
  4. It is now
  5. Thanks! Added it.
  6. Sorry this took so long to get a response. For #1: There's an assembly routine you can call to check what the current phase is (player, enemy). IFAT 0x1 0x7A2F1 Basically, if the condition is true, you know it's the enemy phase and can reset the ID of the event and skip the item. Otherwise, dish out the item. I'm noticing that for conditionals like: IFEF Conditional_ID Event_ID You're putting in really large values for the conditional ID. Conditional IDs are not the same as event IDs. They need to start at 1, and they automatically reset after an event is complete. You're also using very large event IDs as well. Anything between 0x40 and 0x64 is known to be unreliable. Try starting your event IDs at 0x07 instead. For #2: The freak out might be related to what I said about large IDs. ENUT and ENUF are standard ways of keeping track of conditionals. More details would help us troubleshoot this. For #3: KILL has two flavors: KILL Character_ID and KILL [X,Y]. Under what circumstances are you trying to kill the unit? More details would be helpful, since this should work otherwise.
  7. event assembler

    I've never heard anything about tile change IDs having to be ordered by location. I'm curious about where you read this. I've got a map with a 3x2 change at the bottom of the map and it's ID 0x01, with some chests on the left side of the map being like ID 0x06 or 7. Works just fine with the Tiled Inserter. The only time I've ever heard of some sort of ordering matter is with villages. See here. Doesn't really have anything to do with top-to-bottom location on the map though.
  8. Good stuff. Moved to Resources.
  9. OAM Data Overflow usually means the animation is either too large, or that too much changes between frames.
  10. It seems like things changed at some point. Try swapping the define and include lines so that the #define DISABLE_TUTORIALS is the very first line.
  11. Oh, my bad, I misinterpreted what you were saying a little bit. Disassembly is always going to give you the raw code. If you just want to remove tutorial stuff, add the following to the top of the disassembled file and you're set: #include EAstdlib.event #define DISABLE_TUTORIALS
  12. Are you using "#include EAstdlib.event"?
  13. See if this thread helps.
  14. Did you at some point have a different formation and save? I've had that happen where I saved, then decided to change the formation, but everyone was in the old formation. Accessing the chapter from a fresh save cleared things up for me.