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  1. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    @TheArbiterK Try using the UnitClear macro
  2. Creating a patch and translations

    You'll need 2 ROMs total. An unedited version of FE6, and your edited version. As for translation, I would just apply one of the existing translation patches. I think the popular one around here is Gringe's patch. When you go to apply it to your edited ROM, just select Notify or Ignore in NUPS. It'll apply the translation patch on top of your edits (make a backup beforehand though).
  3. fe8 editing Cormag's spawn

    You could just use the Chapter Unit Editor module to change where Cormag spawns.
  4. Event Assembler Questions Thread

    @Bamstacks For problem 1, instead of a kill command, do "UNCM <Character_that_dies> 0x1B" immediately before the fight. Don't know about problem 2.
  5. Inserting map sprites

    Try this process: 1. Export a vanilla map sprite (Make sure the palette is correct just so that it doesn't look confusing) 2. Open it in Usenti 3. Paste your map sprite over the top of it and save. 4. Go back to GBAGE, find a compressed image (so that the check box remains checked), and click import. 5. Select your file, type in the offset you'll import to, uncheck import palette, and then click the import button. 6. Click the OK/Done button on the next screen that pops up. 7. Save the ROM
  6. Inserting map sprites

    The requantizing is probably the issue. When you fiddle with map sprites, don't change anything about the color count or palette, and don't import the palette when you insert. The reason you shouldn't change the color count is that the palette is what is referred to as "Indexed". In this case that means that there's a palette for each team/condition a map sprite can be in (ally, enemy, NPC, arena 4, stoned/already acted, and flashback). Indexed palettes should only ever have their color values changed, but the order and count should never be edited unless you really know what you're doing.
  7. Inserting map sprites

    Did you leave "Import Palette" checked when you inserted? If that's not the case, it would be helpful to know the step-by-step process you took to insert.
  8. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    @Rubenio Thanks for the feedback! You've got a lot of fair points in here that I will be considering. Ava is definitely supposed to have battle dialogue with Merovech so that's a bug. Merovech thinking Aaron was one of his soldiers is intentional. After all, Aaron used to be one of his soldiers. And NPCs healing units at full heal is a problem with the AI code itself. It's out of my hands.
  9. Inserting map sprites

    Moved the thread to Questions. In GBAGE, when you open up the palette editor and type in the offset for map sprite palettes does it look fine? I don't have the address at hand but you can find it pretty easily with a Google search I'm sure.
  10. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    @alatartheblue42 the scrolling minipic is a side effect of having the scrolling clouds in the final chapter. The support issues are bugs that will be fixed whenever the next version comes out.
  11. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    @alatartheblue42 Thanks for the feedback. Your images aren't showing up for me, so I can't tell what the bugs are.
  12. Patching Help

    I'd try Googling "Fire Emblem Blazing Sword ROM Venom", honestly. It's probably the easiest way.
  13. Patching Help

    Are you using the (U) (Venom) rip of the ROM? That's what my base is.
  14. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    I think the backlash comes from the fact that it's a video rather than a post. But you focused on specifics and suggestions for improvement. That made it obvious to me what your intent was, which is why I'm not bothered much. Things be chill.
  15. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    @Chaz Thanks for the feedback, man. This is pretty helpful @alatartheblue42 It's intentional. I definitely recommend giving the growth section in the OP another look.