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  1. REBU clears the textboxes. ClearFace in your text/dialogue will clear a portrait. You'll want to do it for every portrait. IIRC, when items are given in conversations in vanilla FE7 and 8, they clear all the portraits before giving the item.
  2. @Duff Ostrich Setting up the AI is actually pretty straight forward. If you check out the AI thread I linked, it says that the AI moving to a certain spot is controlled by AI byte 2. It also gives several options for moving to a particular space: 0x13 = Move to \[03,13] (B98718) 0x14 = Move to \[18,13] (B98794) 0x15 = Move to \[10,24] (B98810) 0x16 = Move to \[08,02] (B9888C) 0x17 = Move to \[06,02] (X: B97579, Y: B9757B) 0x19 = Move to \[06,09] (X: B974B9, Y: B974BB) 0x1A = Move to \[06,05] (X: B974F9, Y: B974FB) 0x1D = Move to \[15,17] (B9869C) 0x1E = Move to \[05,02] (X: B97539, Y: B9753B) Basically, at the offset each option specifies are the coordinates to move to. Let's use 0x13 as our example. If we go to the offset it specifies (0xB98718), we see 0x03 0x0D, which is 3, 13 in hex. Change those values to the coordinates that you need. Now to give the enemies an AI that'll make them move to the spot. For AI byte 1, 0x00 is pretty common so we'll use that. Byte 3 is a combination of healing and targeting priority. To keep it simple, we'll use 0x00, which is very common. Same goes for byte 4. We end up with [0x00,0x13,0x00,0x00]. If we throw it into a define statement, our units can look pretty snazzy now: #define MoveToSpot [0x00,0x13,0x00,0x00] BadGuys: UNIT Bandit Brigand 0 Level(10,Enemy,True) [5,5] [6,6] [SteelAxe] MoveToSpot UNIT Bandit Archer 0 Level(10,Enemy,True) [5,4] [6,5] [IronBow] MoveToSpot UNIT
  3. Found him way down the list in ch32
  4. I've added mirror links for LunarIPS and NUPS. Hopefully that helps folks out.
  5. fe8

    @Kirb1337It's never confirmed that this worked for Fred. If it did, he should tell us this.
  6. fe8

    You should shared what you did to solve the problem. That way other people can learn, too.
  7. If you're using the Chapter Unit Editors, they're in "Unknown 6" I'm pretty sure.
  8. Enemies going after a certain tile is AI based and not something you change in the Chapter Data Editor. To have enemies target a specific tile, check out this thread for FE7, and this thread for FE8. FE7 definitely has support for specific tiles, not sure about FE8. As for the event part of things, you'll need an AREA event that checks if the triggering unit is an enemy or not. Try disassembling desert chapters to see how it handles the hidden items (the game needs to check if the unit is an enemy on top of being lucky). It'll be something like SomeLabel: IFAT 0x01 0xWhateverRoutineTheGameCalls // If we got in here, it's the enemy phase ELSE 0x02 ENIF 0x01 // If we got in here, it's some other phase // We'll want to reset the event ID so it can be called again ENUF 0xWhateverIdIsAttachedToThisEvent // Reset the event so that it can be triggered again ENIF 0x02 ENDA
  9. I don't remember if these are insertable or not, but you can try the one's I have: download. If you're trying to insert a map into FE4, you could try the tool in Lamia's thread
  10. How exactly are you creating and inserting these portraits? I can export young Lilina from FE7 using FEditor, recolor the portrait, and reinsert just fine. Small portraits work the same as regular size ones. Unless you're asking about vendor portraits, then I'm not sure.
  11. Use the Custom Battle Animation Editor to set up the animation for swords and any other weapons the class uses. Then, take the pointer for that entry, go to the Class Editor, and modify the battle animation pointer for the class.
  12. #1 is a good way to go about it. If it only works some of the time, something might be wonky with your event scripts. #4 is a good alternative. Just make the character an NPC and on turn 1, turn them into an ally. #2 is pretty complicated and probably not the route to take. #3's behavior is normal because ENDB opening scenes are weird. I'm surprised #5 worked.
  13. When you use LOMA, the game will keep running the current event until that event ends. Then, it will use the newly loaded map's events. If you use several LOMAs, just make sure to go back to the original map before the event ends so you can run all of the other stuff in that chapter.
  14. It would be helpful to post your script and frames for your animation. There's a limit to how large a sprite can be (not sure what the exact specs are), so if you've got a big sprite you might be hitting that limit.
  15. Google is your pal. You're pushing your luck and risking a ban by asking for ROMs here, unfortunately.