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  1. Feditor not accepting my script info

    So when FEditor encounters an error when parsing a script, it will show which frame it's choking on in the textbox. In this case it was frame a1. I compared the palettes of the standing frame and a1, and they don't quite match. The colors with the red arrows are the culprits. I fixed a1, and ran the script again. This time FEditor stopped at a2, which makes me believe you're running into palette issues. If you aren't already, I recommend using Usenti to compare the palettes of each of your frames. Also, as a heads up, you've got a lot of lines with extra dashes or text that need to be commented out before FEditor will be able to parse the line. You can create a comment by putting "///" in front of the text you want to comment out.
  2. Feditor not accepting my script info

    What's the error that FEditor is giving you? What is your script? If you supply the animation package you're working on, we might be able to help you debug it.
  3. Elibean Nights

    @Sheik It's FE7 that you'll want to patch to.
  4. Chapter Unit Limit Question

    If you just want to use Nightmare, you can use the Chapter Unit Editors. The caveat is that because Nightmare doesn't let you change the total number of units for a chapter, for every ally you add, you need to take away an enemy. If you want to add allies and not have to sacrifice enemies, you'll need to edit the events. Use either FE_Builder or Event Assembler for that.
  5. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    @Diegolis05 When you click on the link, the download option should be in the upper right of your screen.
  6. FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

    ...It's been 8 years already since the original 7-8 hour mega video? Ugh, way to make us feel old. Looking forward to the turnout!
  7. Nightmare / FE7: Fog of War in 23

    The fog is added via events for that chapter, which isn't something that Nightmare can edit. Since you're brand new to modding, try giving FEBuilder a go. The alternative is messing around with event files, which is less newbie friendly.
  8. Rebecca Won't Spawn in as a Wyvern Rider

    Doesn't Lowen rescue Rebecca in the opening cutscene? The first entry, 0x06, is probably Rebecca right before Lowen picks her up. The game doesn't do true rescues in cutscenes. Instead it just despawns the character, and then spawns them again at the destination.
  9. A weirdo's sprite gallery

    Why not use the one you have?
  10. A weirdo's sprite gallery

    Seems like the type of thread that really belongs in sprites. Resources is for things like tools, tutorials, or free-to-use/open source collections.
  11. Changing the Starting Map

    Try this.
  12. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    To un-zip the zip archives you'll need a tool like 7-zip. This will extract the contents into a folder. The file that you import with FEditor will be an extensionless file. So if you're importing a Halberdier, look for a file that's named something like "Halberdier" or "Halberdier.file", and does not have an extension like .png or .bmp. As a side note, unless an animation is marked as open source, it's considered good manners to ask the creator if you can make changes to their creations.
  13. Please help me

    In theory, yes. This may or may not interfere with any book keeping some programs might do.
  14. Please help me

    Just stick it in free space. Just after the prologue chapter ought to work. Though maybe leave a gap in case you decide to add more stuff to the prologue.
  15. Please help me

    It would be helpful to post these scripts so that we can see what's going wrong.