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  1. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    Added it. I also reorganized the OP a little, since the miscellaneous category was getting a bit too big.
  2. Help with FERecolor and Nightmare

    Well, let's make sure you've got the process down. 1) Make sure the classes are set up in both part 1 and 2 of the Battle Palette Association Editors. 2) Save, and close Nightmare (important) 3) Make your palette in FERecolor, and copy it to clipboard. 4) Open BSPalette Assembler, set it to FE8 mode, find Hayden's Palette, and import from clipboard. Click Insert Entry, then save. 5) Test in game
  3. Help with FERecolor and Nightmare

    What steps did you take to insert the palette? Did you use BSPalette Assembler or some other way?
  4. FE 6 Sword Kiiler?

    Do you have Nightmare and the hex editor open at the same time? Nightmare doesn't like to play nice when other programs have the ROM open at the same time it does. Make your changes in the hex editor first, then open the ROM with Nightmare.
  5. FE 6 Sword Kiiler?

    You don't put the classes in the effectiveness pointer, you put the pointer. A pointer basically tells the game where it can go to find the information it needs. The class numbers you can get from Nightmare. 1) Find some free space in the ROM. Usually a section containing a bunch of 00's or FF's. For this example, I'll pretend FE6 has free space at 0x056789 2) Write the hex value for each class you want to be affected by the weapon. End the list with 00. 3) Now go to the effectiveness pointer in the Nightmare module. To create a pointer to your free space address, you need to add 0x8000000 to the address. So we'll put 0x08056789 in for the pointer. 4) Save and test it in game It seems like you don't have a grasp yet on some of the common terms/concepts for GBA hacking. I suggest reading the Ultimate Tutorial to get some understanding.
  6. Tiled Map Inserter Error

    What map are you trying to insert? What values are you putting in the inserter?
  7. How to be able to use more units in a chapter?

    1) You'll need to edit the events to add more unit slots. Since this will make the events larger than they were originally, they'll have to be repointed to freespace as well. 2) Edit the assembly routine
  8. Nightmare Module Downloads

    I added some mirror links to the OP, but I don't have everything.
  9. Trouble with FEditor Adv text editor

    When you're in the text editor you can click the "Dump" button which spits out the entire game script, organized by text ID. You can make changes to the script and then re-insert it by pressing the "Insert" button.
  10. Trouble with FEditor Adv text editor

    When you're done with Nightmare, do you re-open the ROM in FEditor? Have you tried dumping the script, making the changes in the script, and then inserting that instead? That way at least you don't have to keep retyping everything.
  11. I'm looking to hire a battle sprite artist to create the final boss animation for my mod, The Road to Ruin. I don't update often because I prefer to be low key. However, with development wrapping up, I've hit the point where I need an animation done (I'm no good at battle sprites, otherwise I'd do it myself). To keep spoilers to a minimum, I'll describe what I need through PMs with whoever I decide to hire. Don't worry, it's not some giant dragon or monster that's a massive undertaking to create. You also don't need to worry about scripting the animation either. I can handle that part. As far as compensation, there's 2 options: 1) Cold, hard cash delivered through PayPal (we'll discuss rates in private). 2) The barter system. I consider myself one of the more knowledgeable members of the GBAFE modding community. I also do maps. If you have a project that needs help in development (or want a tutor so you can learn for yourself), I'll put in whatever time is comparable to the time put into the animation. Since I'm offering money/my skills as compensation, you'll need to have some solid spriting chops. If you're interested in this project, send me some samples of past work and we'll talk.
  12. Ghast's full handle is Ghaststation. He shortens it these days.
  13. If you open up the Nightmare module in a text editor you can see which text files are being used by which dropdowns. Are the class list files different? When you added the extra class, did you increment the number at the top of the file? This number is the total number of entries in the list, and has to be updated whenever you add to the list. Open up the standing map sprite editor and check what the pointer is. I wouldn't be surprised if it needs to be updated manually. The way moving sprites are matched to classes works like this: take the class number, subtract 1, and that's the entry in the moving map sprite entry. So, if your class is 0x50 in the class editor, it's moving map sprite is 0x4F in the Moving Map Sprite editor. The reason you have to subtract one is because the class list has a "blank class" as the first entry, but there is no "blank moving map sprite", so they're 1 off.
  14. Display enemy AI on the map

    Are you talking about having some visual indication like an exclamation point above their heads or something? You'd need to implement your own assembly code for that.
  15. Magic and Weapons on menu screen

    If you just want to display weapon ranks, you could try this. If you want a full on strength/magic split, you'll have to do some searching. I'm only aware of an FE7 patch.