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  1. Since some people might not know what FEE3 is, it might be good to have some posterity links: 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 The OG 2011 Hope this helps :V
  2. In the future, please post questions like this in the Questions subforum. Event related questions should go in the Event Assembler Questions thread. You'll get a lot more help this way. As for your text, I don't see a [X] at the end of your text snippet. This is required. When you edit text with FEditor, make sure you hit Apply, then save the ROM. It's also a good idea to just save the ROM in FEditor, close it, then re-open it.
  3. Your main character needs to replace whatever the main character of the current mode is (Tutorial Lyn for Lyn Mode, Eliwood for Eliwood Mode, or Hector for Hector Mode). If Michael is replacing the main character, you'll need to change this.
  4. For the size, try subtracting one from each dimension. Coordinates start counting at 0, not 1. Changing the locations of units requires changing the events, not the map.
  5. Check out our tutorials.
  6. We've got tutorials for this kind of stuff.
  7. Just drag the mouth and eyes around until they're in the right spot. Are you using Nightmare and FEditor at the same time? They don't play nicely with each other.
  8. There also a PDF that shows pictures of each background and what value to use in your events. Get it here.
  9. Try Agro's tutorial.
  10. It depends on what you're trying to do. You could have an AREA event and check who the active character is.
  11. Check this thread out.
  12. Pretty sure the answer is no. If there is, someone's been holding out on us. I think there was an update along the way that changed how the program handled palettes or something like that. It might be that the sheet just didn't get updated. Here's how you can fix it: 1) Click ok when it talks about the palette not matching. 2) Compare the order of the colors in FERecolor to the order of the class colors in FEditor, and change the order in FERecolor accordingly. 3) Save Do you have anymore details? Exact error message, what you were trying to do at the time, etc.
  13. I remember not being able to get that method to work. Have you tried one of the ones listed here? Best to try it on a fresh ROM and a copy of your save file to see if things work.
  14. Are you sure you changed Ewan's palette correctly? Palettes are typically compressed from what I remember, so if you don't know what you're doing, it's really easy to mess something up. Best to use a tool.
  15. Are you trying to change character palettes or generic class palettes? What steps are you taking to do this?