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  1. Favorite anime OPs/EDs?

    Fav Ops that pop out of my head: Texhnolyze's Guardian Angel by Juno Reactor Ergo Proxy's Kiri by Monorail Black Lagoon's Red Fraction Yu Yu Hakusho 1st OP (especially the English version) Key The Metal Idol's In the Night (especially the Full English version) Revolutionary Girl Utena's Rinbu Revolution by Masami Okui Serial Experiment Lain's Duvet by BoA Persona 4: The Animation's Both Openings Cowboy Bebop's Tank Samurai Champloo's Op Kaiba's OP Fullmetal Alchemist's Ready Steady Go by L'Arc a Ciel FMA Brotherhood's Again by YUI Black Butler's Monochrome Kiss Paranoia Agent's OP Requiem from the Darkness's The Flame by Keiko Lee Speed Grapher's Shutter Speed by Shinkichi Mitsumine and Girls on Film by Duran Duran Trinity Blood's Dress Shiki Op 1 Kuchizuke Witchblade Op 1 XTC Darker than Black's 1st Opening Howling by Abingdon Boys School Wolf's Rain's Stray by Steve Conte Solty Rei's Clover by Meg Rock Scryed's Reckless Fire Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex's Openings of both seasons RahXephon's Hemisphere by Maaya Sakamoto Brigadoon: Marin to Melan's OP Naoki Urasawa Monster's OP Bleach OPs 1, 2, 4 ,5 ,6 ,7, 8, 10, and 11
  2. This is the part that hurts! is my pick for Tobin.
  3. Favorite GBA character?

    Binding Blade: Dieck, Lilina, Echidna, Elfin, Klein, Clarine, Thany, Sue, Igrene, Miledy, Gonzales, and Niime. (Dieck the most) Blazing Sword: Lyn, Hector, Oswin, Serra, Lucius, Canas, Geitz, Louise, Legault, Jaffar, Nino, and Hawkeye. (Hector the most) Sacred Stones: Eirika, Seth, Artur, Lute, Colm, Neimi, Gilliam, Tana, Joshua, Cormag, Gerik, Tethys, and L'Arachel. (Gerik the most)
  4. Would you like to see a enforced classic mode?

    Should have called this mode "Masochist Mode" since that sounds far too brutal of mechanics XD
  5. FF13 and WoW for me, as others have mentioned. The whole FF13 trilogy is one big convoluted mess trying to push Lightning as the next big thing in the FF Series, not helped by Motomu Toriyama's waifu obsesseion for her. Snow was obnoxious with his hero don't need plans talk (at least in the 1st game), Hope was "hopelessy" whiny early on(And is responsible for kickstarting Yuuki Kaji's typecasting as angsty little turds in anime). I actually did like Vanille and her character arc though the crap writing and literal deus ex machina at the end of the game cheapens it, and Sazh and Fang were decent, but not enough to save the series. Serah was a plot device in the 1st game and was kinda a bimbo in 13-2, and was annoyed with how Serah and Snow consider themselves close friends in FF13-2 to Noel for some reason. And Noel was....ok at best. And WoW for the usual reasons, and even then it's mainly because I played it on my dad's account and he don't play WoW anymore.
  6. Favorite Main Heroes: Lyn, Hector, Eirika, Elincia (Even though she wasn't considered a lord, she's a princess with major relevance) Favorite Villains: Berkut, Arvis, Zephiel, Nergal, Lyon Disliked Main Heroes: Corrin Sue, Xander, Kris Sue, Roy the Bland (Hope that promised Binding Blade Remake redeems him) Disliked Villains: Fernand, Most of the villains in Awakening and especially Fates
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Sounds like a set up with lots of potential, just hope it doesn't turn into Fates 2.0 Vampire Knight/Twilight edition. And Dracul better live up to it's character, hopefully someone like the Count from Gankutsuou rather than a straight up good guy in bad guy coating.
  8. Best voice acting in the series so far, even better than Awakenings. I was rather disappointed with some of the Japanese castings, mainly for the fact a lot of the girls sound like Moe Stereotypes (Tatiana, Est, and especially Delthea), and Japanese Sonya lacks that cynical tone and sounds like a typical seductress character. Berkut also sounded like your standard bratty bishonen straight out of a Otome Game (even though I do like Tatsuhisa Suzuki). Really liked many of the performances, especially Alm, Celica, Lukas, Clive, Clair, Saber, Mathilda, Python, Forsyth, Gray, Mae, Tatiana, Sonya, and Ian Sinclair's Berkut is <3
  9. Most attractive Fire Emblem Awakening Poll

    I voted Lon'Qu and Olivia. Lon'qu looks a lot like one of my anime mancrushes, Tatsumi Saiga from Speed Grapher (Apparantly both works actually share the same character designer). And Olivia is just deliciously shy for a someone who dresses and dance so provocatively. Also dat pink hair.
  10. Favorites: Alm's Side: Gray, Kliff, Lukas, Clair, Python, Forsyth, Mathilda, Tatiana, and Zeke Celica's Side: Mae, Saber, Leon, Palla, Catria, Jesse, and Sonya Cipher: All of them, just for how much fun personality they have, wouldn't mind seeing them again in later titles Least Favs: Faye (Useful Unit, Shallow Character), Deen (See Faye), Nomah (Boring and Subpar Unit), Mycen (Boring Plot Device who's only a filler unit), and Clive (See Nomah).
  11. Opinions on Rowan? (Discussion)

    He's an annoying walking cliché from what I have seen of him. Didn't care for his Japanese VA, and Nicholas Roye's take make him sound like an arrogant cocky brat. Only Fighting Shonen fanatics could ever like someone like Rowan. Lianna is a far more decent character, and has better magic stat to make use of staffs.
  12. Favorite characters for each class?

    Lord: Celica, mainly for her design, and magic knight playstyle. Villager: Gray, while only really good as a Merc, he is well rounded for a comic relief Soldier: Lukas, Genius Bruiser done well, and has actual brains. Cavalier: Zeke, his overarching tale. Mage: Sonya, good subtle characterization for an mutually exclusive optional character. Solid VA too Archer: Python, low skill growth aside, he's hilarious with a great VA and has some depth (notably from his chain with Clive) Mercenary: Saber, cool dude with long term usefulness and a nice VA Cleric: Tatiana, Sweet beautiful woman with nice VA and has Fortify, nice relationship with Zeke with what little given. Also Shade for honorable mention for her colorful snarky personality for a DLC character from a card game. Pegasus: Palla, Best Whitewing girl.
  13. Least favourite character(s)?

    Characters I thought sucked: Faye: Useful unit and decent VA, but shallow obsession and characterization. Clive: Subpar unit and not all that interesting, Grant George is charismatic on the plus side. Delthea: Annoying brat, even if she is a powerful glass cannon and well played by Christine Marie Cabanos. Also has an annoying loli voice in Japanese. Mycen: Boring plotdevice that everyone seems to like just like Azura. Est: Irresponsible twerp who never gets her crap together, also needs grinding to get good. Brianna Knickerbocker does nice job Deen: Boring Edgelord not worthy to save over Sonya, even if he's a Merc. Nomah: Generic pervy old man/mentor stereotype with subpar stats for a Sage, only good for a Recovery bot. Fernand: A straight up jerk not worth the sympathy Berkut: Entertaining villain with great voicework by Ian Sinclair, but his relationship with Rinea is not well explored and endgame story reasons Rinea: Just there to get sacrificed. Rudolf: See Mycen, Jamieson Price did great as usual.
  14. I found Alm to be an OK character, follows the usual traits and tropes of what's expected of Lords. Could have done more with him scriptwise, but he's passable. Kyle McCarley did a great job portraying Alm on the plus side.
  15. Persona 5: The Animation announced for 2018

    Wonder if they will be able to get the English Cast back for the anime? I know that the P3 movies and P4G Anime were left Japanese only. Will this follow suit?