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  1. Mossvyle's Splices

    Hi! Thanks for your advice. My apologies for taking so long to respond, I just wanted to get more portraits done. While I still need to work on the hair of the older portraits, just editing the eyes back to their original shading made the old portraits noticeably better. I have another set of ten portraits, as well as the portraits from the old set that most noticeably improved by restoring the eyes.
  2. I think I'll be using Decidueye, Dusk Lycanroc, Alolan Persian, Araquanid, Noivern, and Arbok. With the exception of a Noibat from an aborted Pokemon Y playthrough, I haven't used any of these evolutionary lines before.
  3. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V! when Alm asked Gray to hand him his weapon, Gray handed Alm an actual triangle. Hector laughed at Alm's musical weapon, then...
  4. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ...turned around and told Wolt, who told Marcus, who told Conrad, who proceeded to...
  5. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ...Boey, since Thunder Harp only pretended to side with the mecha to gain its trust before stabbing it in the back, as Dorcas instructed Thunder Harp to do. The kingdom was saved, and to celebrate...
  6. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    "... fly directly above the swarm, and dump this keg of beer on them so they all drown!" Palla set out to do just that, but...
  7. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    "We'll put poison in their mutton, and then finally someone will understand my pain!" said Dorcas. When told bees can't eat mutton, Dorcas came up with a better plan. It was to...
  8. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    "Well, I wasn't trained in how to fight giant mechas. See ya!" With that Robin fled. The army needed a new tactician, and only one soldier was up to the task. It was...
  9. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    "Deal with this. We can make out later." Robin heads out to deal with the bees, but isn't sure how to best deal with the swarm. Then, the answer hits Robin. The best way to defeat the swarm is to...
  10. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    Leans in to make out with Robin, but is interrupted by Chrom rushing into the room. "Robin, it's an emergency! We need your amazing tactics! There's..."
  11. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ...he is actually Robin under a different alias, but then Robin walks into the room, and says...
  12. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ... hunger, because he hadn't eaten lunch yet today. Ignoring Hinoka, he heads off to go eat...
  13. Mossvyle's Splices

    Hi! I've picked up an interest in splicing portraits. It's suprisingly relaxing, considering it's basically chopping a bunch of body parts off of portraits to create a Frankenstein's monster that could potentially be gifted the name of "original character." Anyway, I figured I ought to release some portraits into the wide expanses of the internet in order to get feedback. The kitsune ears on the top left portrait and the skin tone on the top middle portrait I put together myself instead of getting them directly from official GBA portraits. If I need to provide larger or smaller portraits to get feedback, please let me know!
  14. 1000 Monkeys

    Monkey 923, wanting more out of life than just eating bananas, went to Hollywood to make a name for itself. There, 923 made a name for itself starring in a series of blockbuster action films. Having more fame and wealth than it could ever need, 923 returned to its home in the jungle. One day, as 923 was walking out of his jungle mansion, it came across a fan, Monkey 922. It turns out 922 didn't like the sixth movie 923 starred in very much, and so 922 clubbed 923 over the head with an old microwave and left 923 for dead. Monkey 922 was stoned to death the next day, not because it killed Monkey 923, but because there was a banana shortage, and the monkeys needed a scapegoat. 921 monkeys remaining.
  15. Fir and Cherche. I'm also starting to build up a small collection of 4 star Oscars, but he hasn't gotten too annoying yet, and Rally Speed/Defense is a perfectly good support ability to toss onto someone who lacks one.