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  1. I can really appreciate enhancing characters to their story/personality strengths, makes the back story of the game of each character feel much more impactful.
  2. I think its that they actually retain some of their stats while untransformed so they are not as vulnerable. For example Lethe retains some speed while she is not transformed while mordecai retains some STR and DEF when not transformed
  4. For simplicity you can call me Izzy btw.
  5. Hey guys! shadow0865 here. So I have finals next week and my last day of exams will be on friday and I will be super free after that. So Saturday December 9th is when I plan to stream next, ill be finishing up to 2-E (or how ever far Dunal gives me) and as he mentioned earlier , weekly releases after that. I will probably do multiple runs during this to experiment with different skill builds, using different characters etc. The stream link is twitch.tv/shadow0865, would love to have people come hangout in chat, can get more opinions on stuff and what not. Didnt realize people were actually talking about the stream here haha. All the past broadcasts of what I have played so far should be up on twitch, if its not lemme know and Ill see what I can do. Looking foward to chilling with you guys next week!
  6. Hi guys! Im working on balancing RD currently by using a hex editor. RIght now I can edit weapons, classes, growth rates, etc but the one thing i cant seem to figure out is the exp gain. I want to make the exp gain in hard mode the same as normal mode. Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find anything but I k now you can edit it. There is one thread that talks about it but the question never got answered. Thanks in advance!
  7. FE10: Radiant Dawn Hacking Notes

    Hey! So I am having trouble understanding the exp formula explained earlier, I went into the FE8Data.bin file and tried editing the values in that table you guys mentioned for X and Y but my exp gains were still the same. I want to make the exp for hard mode the same as normal mode. also is there a different formula for laguz exp? thanks in advance.