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  1. Hi guys! Im working on balancing RD currently by using a hex editor. RIght now I can edit weapons, classes, growth rates, etc but the one thing i cant seem to figure out is the exp gain. I want to make the exp gain in hard mode the same as normal mode. Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find anything but I k now you can edit it. There is one thread that talks about it but the question never got answered. Thanks in advance!
  2. FE10: Radiant Dawn Hacking Notes

    Hey! So I am having trouble understanding the exp formula explained earlier, I went into the FE8Data.bin file and tried editing the values in that table you guys mentioned for X and Y but my exp gains were still the same. I want to make the exp for hard mode the same as normal mode. also is there a different formula for laguz exp? thanks in advance.