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  1. Really interesting ideas! Loving the way 2-E is looking (in my head at least). Sounds like a super fun defense map. Is there any incentive for the right side of the map? One thing I used to do in vanilla is block the right side with mordecai and just hop down the ledges with fliers + leanne to get to Ludveck easier.
  2. Your thoughts on biorhythm?

    Personally I dont mind it, I feel its more realistic and encourages players to use more than one character. Like during a fight between 2 armies your bound to get tired, thus your performance will drop which is how i kinda saw it. Granted the game could have done a better job of implementing it in terms of what stats it effected and how much it did.
  3. ^ I would also gladly put some money in towards this project for your efforts, dunal.
  4. I am super obsessed with the Tellius lore and one thing always bothered me. During the desert map, the black knight comes to escort Micaih to speak to Sephiran. She decides against it and he says he will come back for her but never does. During the endgame if Micaih attacks sephiran, he says 'If I had known you had still lived I.... I... No it's too late. I cannot falter" I never understood what he was implying here. Was he saying that he would not have started the chain of events that he did had he known if Micaih was alive? If so why? I know she is the true apostle of Begnion but I dont see how that would relate to his goal of erasing all the beorc and laguz.
  5. I know I am a little late to this but thank you so much for this project, this is amazing!
  6. I am pretty sure in vanilla RD archers cannot use the bowgun, only the sniper class and warrior class (and their respective 3rd tiers) can use bowgun weaponry. I believe Ilyana +15crit skill is her personal skill in place of shove. It adds to the uniqueness in each character. so not all mage knights will have that. (forgive me if im wrong dunal) Also 100% agreed about nolan. I think its harder to see a characters use when were used to getting killing machines in vanilla RD so when we see a durable but 'weak' unit so to speak, we easily fall into the trap of the character being bad. Mainly cuz we didnt really have any use for durable units in vanilla RD cuz all we needed was killing machines but in this hack its much different. Just gotta look deeper into each characters uses and what there designed for. Being able to actually hit with the battle axe is super godlike something Jill cant ever hope to do maybe with max biorhythm. Jill's lack of bulk also hurts her a bit she is a killing machine but cant stay out on the front lines too much, could probably give her stillness or shade to fix this problem tho. I think I will stream a part 1 run today and showcase what the great chuck nolan can do.
  7. I think its mostly due to lack of context, plus it takes a few runs to adjust to it. My first run I thought nolan and aran were bad, but now after playing through it like 6 times haha that I can see more what their role is and how to use them, I think they are pretty amazing and do their job well. It took me some time to value aran's vigilance and nolan's nihil in their true glory and Im sure there is even more context in part 3 and 4 where these come in real handy. I even thought fiona was garbage too but spirit dust plus blessing is just so good. Aoe healing ftw.
  8. Lmao! that would be hilarious.
  9. Music hacking is definitely possible but I believe the track has to be the exact length of the one your replacing
  10. FE10 Draft

    Bumb in case people are interested in doing this again
  11. Advanced AI? that sounds really cool, looking forward to messing with that!
  12. Updated my stream link to twitch.tv/IzzyBoy for those interested. Will be streaming more possibly this weekend or next week tuesday. vod for stream today is here we went over 3-1 (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/222622386##)
  13. Also another thing to note is Ilyana with provoke works really well, Meg with provoke works really well and aran with provoke has all given me success
  14. Would also like to add the level of variance in runs, even tho laura is hella good I managed to do 1-E without her and relied on Fiona for healing, while in other runs, laura will be a monster and fiona otherwise. Aran with provoke is also really good due to his vigilance so he is very consistent and has just as much defense as Meg sometimes more. Granted while Nolan may look weak on paper, every run I have done Nolan has turned out okay. Even with bad level ups his promotion bonuses are good enough that he has a stat spread that allows him to accomplish his job, but the real question is how does this play out into later in the game? I guess we will see. Dawn brigade feels like there is a good spot just some minor tweaking tbh. After 5 runs of part 1 I feel each character does its specific role decently well and gets punished when venturing out of that role.
  15. Hey guys! Im going to be streaming tomorrow and dunal has provided me with a special chapter to do! Be sure to tune in, were going to be tackling 3-1 as a little teaser. We will start the map around 18:00GMT , I might start earlier and do some part 2 stuff until dunal is available. twitch.tv/shadow0865 , cant wait to hang with you guys