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  1. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    Hey there! I just got into this recently and I just wanna say I am LOVING it so far. The music, character designs, game play, and the writing are all so fantastic! Really happy with this project can't wait to see it completed! If you ever set up some sort of donation I would gladly donate
  2. I will be doing Endgame and part 2 stuff next week. Hows everyone else doing? @Sturm I just watched your videos and really great job on those strats! I should have saved the stat booster for Jill in hindsight, I ended up giving them to micaih in the early game to help her survive. Unfortunately, Jill getting her awful level ups has screwed me. Micaiah being slow doesnt let me use Resolve!Micaiah as well as Im used too. Aran is a beast but cant really one round kill people just yet. Him with beastfoe will be hella useful in part 3 tho.... To put it perspective this is the amount of attempts I had AFTER I erased 10 failed attempt videos.
  3. Alright I have finally finished up to chapter 9, spend several hours on part 1 endgame but no dice so far haha. This has been a really fun and tough challenge. My Jill has gotten really bad level up which really hurts things. Chapter 7: Aran is amazing because he takes no damage the problem is he doesn't double so he can't kill things quickly but hes good for soloing sections of a map by himself. I gave him Adept to try and help his damage output. My Micaih has not been getting speed at all (what else is new) so she gives me problems in later chapters. I screwed it up by giving tormod the kill but I had already tried like 10 times at this point so I said screw it. Ilyana has also been struggling with her speed, she isnt able to double anything yet. I probably should have tried to go for some thunder crit wrath stuff. Chapter 8: Okay this chapter made me want to shoot myself. I ended up giving resolve to Micaih just so she could avoid being doubled immediately being 1RKOed. I tried to give Resolve to Ilyana but I just couldnt get it to work. I wish I could show you guys the amount of attempts I did on this map. I ended up playing very poorly at the end but I just didnt care at that point (you can see the trend here haha). Ilyana's hit rate was very sketch even with the forged tome. I didnt have anyone who could reliably enemey phase and kill people. I had to put ilyana in the mud there so I could kill that draco knight. I sent Aran up the left side with pure water and pray adept would proc enough to kill things. Chapter 9: So again, Micaih being slow is super unfortunate cuz she cant reliable dodge with resolve to enemy phase a lot of the units. I saved this run because of the great level she got (im desperate for them at this point. )
  4. Oh also I had a question regarding Green units. Is it acceptable to delay recruiting tormod so that he kills people while he is green or is that against the rules ?
  5. Oh right good point I forgot about that. Is that acceptable with you @Sturm? I will record future sessions and upload them to youtube so it wont happen again.
  6. Yea the twitch vod is gone and I have no way of recovering it. I guess I will have to start over because I have no idea what the turn count for those were. I should have wrote them down in my post. I will just record and upload to Youtube this time around.
  7. Oh crap, I forgot twitch vods dont last for more than a month they may be gone. Let me double check my channel later.
  8. Winning run at 37:19 for ch6 part 1 and at 1:51:09 for ch6 part 2. Hoo boy this chapter kicked my butt. I had to cave at the second part of ch 6 because I got 3 good level ups and I had already restarted like 10 times. Ill just take the penalty for using both tauroneo and volug. I dont think it is possible to do it without using them. My Jill has gotten AWFUL level ups which is hindering my progress. When she finally got a good level up I just had to keep it. How are you guys doing with this? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/356924677##
  9. @Sturm Ah okay Ill do that. Gonna continue tomorrow hopefully. So I did have leo visit a house and he is undrafted. Would it be acceptable to just throw away the item and continue on or do I take a penalty?
  10. Heres my first vod: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/330209615##. Ill be honest, this was just a straight train wreck, did not anticipate the early chapters being so difficult. I think ill try to edit it so only the winning run is in the video so we dont have to see my 15 game overs lol. hard mode is brutal
  11. Oh and question, can undrafted units visit houses to get items?
  12. Sorry for the delay, didnt have a clean ISO for a bit, but ill start my run today! Will post my stream vod when im down, you guys are more than welcome to come hangout. Shall I still post summary of each map?
  13. One last question, are you allowed to take skills of the undrafted units? for example i didn't draft zihark but could i take his adept and put it on Jill or Ilyana?
  14. Awesome! I think ill start on Thursday. My twitch is twitch.tv/izzyboy. Do I post vods here , chapter by chapter ?