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  1. Is streaming it an acceptable option? How do things like resets or game overs work? Or is it only the winning run that matters
  2. @Sturm sorry for taking ilyana! This is my first draft and I figured ilyana had great availability so she would be a good pick haha.
  3. Sounds good! Guess I get the classiest unit of all time another healer!
  4. I guess oliver and nasir are left? So I guess i grab em both? Have we decided on the use of titania and jill? I read that we were gonna have limited deployment for them, is that still a thing? @Sturm
  5. Love the casual, standard, intermediate and advanced modes! I think its a great idea to separate the difficulty tiers and have people ease into this new game. Cuz i'll be honest this is pretty different than any of the fire emblems that ive played but i enjoy it a lot. this is unfortunate and i think the source for this lies in the misconception of this being a balance of the original game and not a new hack entirely. The disclaimer at the top should definitely help with this, I hope.
  6. Looks good! I like the disclaimer I think its a good way so people don't view this in the wrong perspective
  7. Huh, what a neat concept. That will be interesting for sure in doing skill builds on characters for sure.
  8. Your fine haha, I meant to choose him instead of mia but i thought he was already taken idk why
  9. Mia and Aran @Shimmerfang I think its back to you?
  10. @Sturm Awesome! So this is my first draft so forgive me for any mishaps. In terms of drafting which type is it? Do I just pick my entire team right now? and how many characters? again sorry for the questions, i did read that other forum just want to make sure for this one.