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  1. @Sturm Ah okay Ill do that. Gonna continue tomorrow hopefully. So I did have leo visit a house and he is undrafted. Would it be acceptable to just throw away the item and continue on or do I take a penalty?
  2. Heres my first vod: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/330209615##. Ill be honest, this was just a straight train wreck, did not anticipate the early chapters being so difficult. I think ill try to edit it so only the winning run is in the video so we dont have to see my 15 game overs lol. hard mode is brutal
  3. Oh and question, can undrafted units visit houses to get items?
  4. Sorry for the delay, didnt have a clean ISO for a bit, but ill start my run today! Will post my stream vod when im down, you guys are more than welcome to come hangout. Shall I still post summary of each map?
  5. One last question, are you allowed to take skills of the undrafted units? for example i didn't draft zihark but could i take his adept and put it on Jill or Ilyana?
  6. Awesome! I think ill start on Thursday. My twitch is twitch.tv/izzyboy. Do I post vods here , chapter by chapter ?
  7. Is streaming it an acceptable option? How do things like resets or game overs work? Or is it only the winning run that matters
  8. @Sturm sorry for taking ilyana! This is my first draft and I figured ilyana had great availability so she would be a good pick haha.
  9. Sounds good! Guess I get the classiest unit of all time another healer!
  10. I guess oliver and nasir are left? So I guess i grab em both? Have we decided on the use of titania and jill? I read that we were gonna have limited deployment for them, is that still a thing? @Sturm
  11. Love the casual, standard, intermediate and advanced modes! I think its a great idea to separate the difficulty tiers and have people ease into this new game. Cuz i'll be honest this is pretty different than any of the fire emblems that ive played but i enjoy it a lot. this is unfortunate and i think the source for this lies in the misconception of this being a balance of the original game and not a new hack entirely. The disclaimer at the top should definitely help with this, I hope.
  12. Looks good! I like the disclaimer I think its a good way so people don't view this in the wrong perspective