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  1. My brother recently finished this map using the editor on StarCraft II! This does mean to play it you'll need a account and have to have SC II downloaded but both are available free of charge ; ). How to play: Open Starcraft II -> At the top click "Custom"-> Just below that click "Arcade"-> Search "Fire emblem" -> click Fire Emblem : Beccas Disaster-> Click "Create Lobby"-> Click "Start Game"! OR click this link battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/293602 Here's some general details: The story follows an amnesiac main character who is accompanied by a cat. 36 playable chapters + optional random battles 26 playable characters Unique skill to each character + spots for 3 more skills gained from classes. Reclassing - after reaching level 10 as a promoted unit, characters can become almost any of the base classes or switch to the other promoted branch of their 1st tier class. Contains lots of humor :P Support gameplay effects are in but vast majority aren't written And just some more notes: Doubling happens with a difference of 3 speed Weapons are unbreakable, balanced by them mostly being obtained through the shop Promoting and reclassing costs gold In the "Options" menu you'll find a checklist to skip attacks, skip movements, and to hide the grid, as well as the option to forfeit a battle, and the "Menu" button which allows you to quit the game The grid is color coded to reveal what each tile is: green for a forest tile, blue for water, white for normal, purple represents a flier only space Game automatically saves after each completed battle, can manually save while in your base ( so you don't have to redo a bunch of stuff like buying items, reclassing etc if you get a gameover on the next level) Should be free of bugs but you never know if you catch any let us know please :).