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  1. I thought it had to do with Micaiah being one of Lehran's descendants? (and the firstborn of that particular generation)
  2. http://pastebin.com/GkYHDVv8 Ok, I'm logged out on FEU at the moment and don't remember my password so posting here, I happened to have a chapter 21 save and took some of the text and searched for it in FEditor, and then pasted that.
  3. FEXNA does bows WTD at melee, this was before Fates was a thing tho :B (...Awakening too apparently)
  4. Can double confirm, as I've bought a few things on the JP eshop with my US card
  5. Because it involves a Nintendo IP. And, while the Wii U is kinda dead now, for a certain type of game to be on a console, there does have to be a first instance of that kind of game somewhere...
  6. Maybe the 'rubber banding' on screwed stats works like Shadow Dragon does? (I think SD increased the growth chance slightly every time it didn't proc?)
  7. I get those glasses every time I clear the witches out in that DLC, IDK about other DLC, as the witch DLC is the only one I bought.
  8. The thread is dead, yeah, but the link in his signature links to his mostly active tumblr blog for the translation.
  9. Sex seems to be determined by the attack IV in GSC http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gender#Trivia
  10. These sound fun, I guess I shall double suggest it Oh, and FE3 style Manakete transformation B)
  11. He's never really commented, as far as I know. (though he apparently wrote for a Radiant Dawn guidebook or something?) He kinda just does is own thing.
  12. Yeah, I really like Tsubasa's new outfit, it's super cute. That's the thing tho, the 'censorship like that' wasn't in Awakening when Aversa was wearing the same thing :P
  13. But, like... Aversa is, pretty much, wearing the same thing she wore in Awakening I don' understan'
  14. <.< >.> I actually like the pink in Virginia's hair :0