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  1. Hair color stereotypes

    Hair color as well as general color scheme are both good things to look at to get a general idea of the characters on screen. Usually one or the other will match them. Take your usual "Christmas Knights". The reds are usually more passionate while the greens are generally more laid-back. On a side note I thought this was going to be about actual life hair colors and the stigmas against them and I was about to go on a tangent xD
  2. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    @Anacybele I have a random question that I thought about when facing a Frederick in TT. With the new dancer Micaiah are you worried any about your Frederick? I know he has like insane defense but I wasn't sure how his res was. Just curious :)
  3. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    That looks like Ryoma and Xander. In which case I will summon purely for the lolz, bonus points if they look ridiculous xD
  4. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped This appears to be real as multiple people have recorded it. TEEN TITANS SEASON 6! Don't let it be bait....
  5. please listen to the animal crossing new leaf OST

    I love listening to Animal Crossing music! It's so soothing but it tends to want to put me to sleep lol.
  6. Alternate proposal: CYL 3 will exclude characters in Heroes who already have alts, leaving room for those that do not to obtain alts. Once they get alts they are automatically disqualified from CYL.
  7. Robin, Fell Vessel (WIP)

    I hope it's okay to comment here... I'm trying to build mine up but she's +Spd -Def. Would these builds work as well with that or would you recommend something different? I'm f2p so my options are kind of limited in terms of rolling for better IVs and such so I'm trying to work with what I have.
  8. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped

    My understanding is that a trailer was shown exclusively for people at SDCC but everyone else will be getting it before too long. That's all I know.
  9. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped

    This Robin appears to be Grayson's backstory, Todd's kill mongering, Drake's outfit and weapons, Wayne's general attitude, and then they slapped Dick's name on him and called it a day. Really though I don't mind the "F Batman" line because there have been many times in the comics where Dick was really pissed at Batman. Especially right before he became Nightwing. It took a long time for them to reconcile. I despise the whole killing thing though because I don't care how angry he is with Batman, DICK GRAYSON WOULD NOT KILL PEOPLE! There are some people trying to say that he didn't kill those goons but I mean really, he stabbed one in the neck and snapped the other guy's neck. They're dead. Though I do like how he seems to have some more tender moments, like when Raven hugs him. Perhaps there's still some Dick in there. As for the costumes, I think I mentioned earlier that apart from Robin, Hawk, and Dove those are not their actual superhero outfits. They're still in civillian garb and will be getting their hero costumes at a later date. At least that's what I've heard. On that note, the hate that Anna Diop (Starfire's actress) has gotten is horrendous and needs to stop. Immediately. Poor girl, it's not her fault the costume design department is horrible. Also yes, she's never used flamethrowers. Even if they'd made them green it would've been better. Raven is probably my other biggest complaint with the trailer because she looks like someone decided to make a fan version of The Exorcist and slap Raven's name on her. Blegh. Oh, also I'm editing my original post to link to DC's new streaming service as I forgot to do that. As far as I know, that will be the only way to watch Titans or Young Justice.
  10. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped

    He is technically still Robin in this, but really he's my biggest complaint with this trailer. #DickGraysonDoesn'tKill2018 As for the costumes, apparently they're kinda going for Robin is the only established hero as of the beginning of this, so Starfire, Raven, and BB get their hero costumes later on. And no, there aren't many gritty Titans stories, they're known for having mature themes hidden in them but more for being a light-hearted family type thing. Shazam looks like it's gonna be funny, which is great because I've heard he's always been a more lighthearted hero. Though you may want to be careful calling him Captain Marvel? DC hasn't called him that in a while and with Marvel's Captain Marvel coming out before too long it could really confuse people, especially new fans you know? I just saw the Aquaman trailer, it looks.... interesting. I'm willing to give it a shot at least, it doesn't look as bad as Titans.
  11. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped

    So I figure everyone's seen these by now, but I figured I would share them. First up is the Titans trailer, which will be a series streamed on DC Universe, DC's new streaming service with everything DC. I will link that at the end of this in case anyone wants to check out the preorder page. But here is the Titans trailer, coming this Fall (by the way, warning it is rated TV mature): So first things first, I personally think this looks.... just awful. I don't really see where they got any of the characters right but there are a few things I would like to point out. Cyborg is not going to be in this show. This show seems to have a focus on Dick Grayson as Robin and Raven. From what I've read, producers have said that the show will have a heavy focus on the sense of family that the Titans are known for. We'll see. If anyone wants to discuss this further, I'd enjoy that. :) Now, coming next year is the movie Shazam! This was a big surprise to me, I had no idea a Shazam movie was in the works! Here's the trailer: Now to be honest, this trailer looks WAY better. It actually looks funny and they're going back to Billy's original origin. I'm really looking forward to this honestly, here's to hoping they don't mess it up. For those who want to check it out, the link to DC's new streaming service is here:
  12. World of Dragons

    Fara remains a short distance away from the others as they gather, a curious look in her eye as she observes them all. Thanks to her constantly shifting gaze she isn't focusing on anything for very long at a time, but she's also one of the first to see the rustling bushes that denote an ambush... unfortunately that means nothing when she dismisses it as the wind and continues to listen in on conversations near her. She's caught just as off guard as everyone else at the sudden - if loudly announced - assault of Shemp and Toasty. While the young dragon hasn't exactly been in many battles - okay, none - she figures it can't be too hard to at least help with a few of the smaller ones right? ... right? At least that's what she thinks when she hears the older dragon's advice about using her horns. She's about to charge herself when she sees a peace keeper charge a large gnork, only to bounce harmlessly off of him. Well then, apparently charging isn't the best idea... She gives the dragon a questioning glance, just to ensure he's alright. "Okay... well, better try I suppose..." she runs up to a nearby gnork, flaming him right in the back. "Yeah! I did it!" She'll leave the bigger guys to the more experienced dragons, not wanting to test her luck too much.
  13. Special Heroes: Summer Banner #2 Video Posted!

    As much as I'm hoping the right one is Micaiah, I'm also hoping it's not because my orbs took a massive blow to get L!Hector. So... let it be ANYONE ELSE! XD
  14. World of Dragons OoC/Signups

    You may just need to skip me. My grandfather died yesterday, so I'm going to be gone for a while. Sorry.