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  1. Job Application Help

    Sorry for the slow replies and thank you everyone for your help :) Unfortunately some personal stuff has come up that has kept me from applying. But thank you for checking and I do appreciate the help :)
  2. Learning with Sharena spoils new feature

    Legendary Micaiah Legendary Micaiah Legendary Micaiah Legendary Micaiah Lol xD Seriously though I've been expecting this and was surprised when they weren't part of the rotation to begin with so I'm glad to see we're getting them finally.
  3. On the topic of a Tellius prequel

    Personally I'd love to go way back in a Tellius prequel and see the originals. A game involving Lehran, Altina, Dheginsea, and Soan and their war back then that would eventually lead to the events of PoR and RD. Seriously though, imagine how awesome it would be to have a game where the protagonist DUAL WIELDS Ragnell and Alondite! I want a badass female Lord darn it. As for your idea, it might be cool to do the whole deuteragonist thing and have the story where you follow both of them. If we had to focus on one over the other I'd rather focus on Zelgius though.
  4. Treatment of Female Lords in their games (save Eirika)

    Just popping in to say that I adore Micaiah, I'm glad other people agree with the female writing issue, and I really hope that if Eirika and Micaiah ever get remakes of their games that they're given a better rework than poor Celica got. All of them deserve better from their games.
  5. Job Application Help

    Sorry I didn't get back to all of you before now, I've had a lot going on. Thank you very much for all your help! :)
  6. When CYL3 comes around, who will you guys vote for?

    My plan is to give Micaiah my votes. She's been top 10 both years so.... here's to hoping we can maybe push her up into a top spot!
  7. California mass Shooting

    I keep seeing this thrown around and it BUGS me, so no America is NOT a democracy. At least not in the true sense of the word. As for the rest of your opinion... what more than the current 200 gun laws would you recommend? (By the way, 200 is a conservative estimate that doesn't include local gun laws as those are so widely varied). And I mean that honestly, what other laws would you recommend? Because you have to understand, many people on the other side of the issue than you feel that attitude to be combative and unhelpful and it puts people on either side on the defensive.
  8. California mass Shooting

    Just going to throw my two cents in here. There's a very very fine line that needs to be walked. In terms of gun control.... it's hard to say. I lean less toward regulating specific types of guns and more toward extensive testing of mental health to ensure that the individual buying the gun isn't... uhm, crazy (for lack of a better word), and also that they'll use and store it responsibly. As it is you're already limited on how much ammo you can buy over a certain time period (I forget exactly what that time period is) and normal citizens cannot buy automatic guns. ARs are no more powerful than a standard rifle, are not automatic (outside of military use), and even use the same size ammo, they just look scarier than your average rifle. You have to take a class and get a license and go through a pretty extensive background check AND be at least 21 before you can have a concealed carry firearm. In all honesty I don't think there's any way to determine with 100% accuracy what America's problem is... I will say this, I find reason to doubt that America alone has this problem (Remember that people used to say that serial killers were only American and not anywhere else), but I think the horrid stigma towards mental health is a genuine issue in this equation. And no, I don't think mass media is helping this cause, as all it's doing is causing a huge decline in empathy toward other humans. I can't even begin to describe how many people my age have no empathy toward other people. If they get hurt it's no big deal, so many people today are, quite frankly, narcissistic. I will also point out that I live in the country where wild animals are a legitimate concern and I promise you that throwing a rock at them will only make them angry. And no, a tiny little handgun will not take down a fully grown bear. If you're facing a bear with a handgun you'd better hope you have a lot of ammo and a way to reload FAST. Anyway, sorry for the ramble, just sharing my thoughts.
  9. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Thank you for letting me know! I'll see if I can get her but Zelgius pity breaking me lost me my orbs xD If I can't I'm sure she'll reappear :)
  10. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    ... I have no idea what I just walked into but! For those that have managed to pull Camilla, how does she play? She was the main one I wanted from the banner since the only red mage flier I have is Aversa and I got a Zelgius instead! xD
  11. Job Application Help

    So.... I'm on the young side as I'm sure many of you have guessed, and as such this will be the first official job application that I've ever filled out. As such, I have a question for those who perhaps have more experience with this than I do. Since I'm applying to a job in the health care field (entry level), I want to include my experience taking care of my grandfather for three years after I graduated high school. The issue is, I wasn't paid for it so it wasn't an official job, and he's now passed away. So I'm not sure how to list it. For information, I took care of his house, cooked his meals, managed and gave him his medicine, and took his blood pressure and blood sugar levels every day, as well as gave shots 3 times a day. If that helps. Thank you in advance!
  12. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    Well that was a sudden little sneak of Book 3 xD
  13. *Complete* Short Survey for Class

    And the survey is now closed! I'll post a link to the results since people wanted to check it out! Thank you so much again to everyone that participated, I really do appreciate it.
  14. *Complete* Short Survey for Class

    Aww thank you! I have gotten 18 responses on it which is more than I needed, thank you everyone so much! I'll be sure to link the results tomorrow afternoon! :)
  15. Aversa is the only character I'm looking forward to so long as she's free. This banner is a safe skip for me thankfully since I'm still stockpiling orbs :) Still I'm happy Kliff and Owain got in, I know people really wanted those two!