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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    So for the new Earth map I got it in one go using Zelgius, Micaiah, Julia, and F!Grima. Zelgius won me that map.
  2. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Tier List!

    Personally I would put Vika, Meg, and Gareth in bottom tier, but that's just me xD
  3. The best unique classes

    What? No! Don't make me choose! In all seriousness though, to me it's a tie between Ike, Tibarn, Lehran, and Kurthnaga for their skills and strengths. I also really enjoy Micaiah, Nailah, Naesala, and Elincia though I don't find them to be the powerhouses the others are.
  4. Go join the RWBY fandom. It makes most communities seem tame. But seriously, it's not like the word "waifu" is hurting anyone. Let people enjoy things dernit.
  5. A Quick Analysis of the Pacifist Queen

    I could be wrong but I thought the woman on the battlefield was the new goddess. Same flowers in her hair and hair color, etc, but I could be wrong. Either way, it's interesting the point you bring up about Elincia and I definitely see where you're coming from. I think part of what made Elincia so successful though was how long we were with her. All of PoR and portions of RD gave us ample time to know her character, unlike Emmeryn or Mikoto who die off relatively early (or very early in Mikoto's case) in their games. We care about Elincia and her struggles, her concerns our concerns, her failures our failures, her triumphs our triumphs. If they truly want to make another Elincia they need to make the player actually care about the pacifist queen. That's the only way to succeed.
  6. World of Dragons OoC/Signups

    For future reference, if I were to want to add a character to the RP would that be alright? And if so would I just make a post here?
  7. How Would Heroes Handle Three Houses?

    Personally I'm hoping they wait a month after release to put the new characters in. I can see them doing so before though in order to raise hype/awareness for the game. As for the units themselves I think speculation on that will have to wait until we see more from the game itself. We probably don't know all the new features after all and no matter how they integrate formations it could be cool :)
  8. PS4 or Switch?

    I have both systems. So I can reliably say that I play my PS4 more often than my Switch. However, it really all comes down to this - Had you rather get Vesperia and FE? Or Vesperia and other PS4 games?
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Ohh sorry, I missed it. But still! This is great! I'm so happy people are wearing pants! Also, since RD has some of my favorite character designs I am not complaining about that xD Someone zoomed in on her outfit in the trailer... So it's like she's wearing some type of skirt with leggings underneath? Still! It's an improvement! No unnecessary skin showing that would get you stabbed in an actual battle!
  10. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I haven't really seen anyone mention this so.... Axe lady wearing pants!! Guys! Edelgard (is that how you spell it?) is wearing pants! She's dressed sensibly! In fact everyone was pretty much sensibly dressed. This is nice!
  11. Grima's Powers?

    Thank you both! ^.^ I guess it just seems like he never actually shows off much of his power in game so... most of that is rather abstract. Not quite suitable for what we're discussing so I suppose I'll have to nail down more concrete powers myself. Thanks again!
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    The new trailer and system honestly looks awesome. It LOOKS more like a war now!
  13. Grima's Powers?

    So I've recently been speaking with a friend about Grima and I realized something..... Other than a few things, I really don't have a clear idea of what his powers are. I know he can make zombies (Risen), possibly possess people (there seems to be limitations), and he's a dragon... Can anyone give me some clarification please?
  14. World of Dragons

    When news of the meeting had reached young Fara's ears, she had been excited to go and was one of the first to offer. Among the Magic Crafters, Fara is considered a good choice. Despite her age she's excited and friendly, not as aloof and solitary as the others from her homeworld. The young lilac dragon is the first of her people to arrive, having rushed ahead of the others, so she's there just in time to hear the audible gasps of the already gathered Peace Keeper soldiers. Her blue eyes gaze around at the gathered dragons as she takes in what's currently happening, though now that she's actually there she hangs back from the main group, suddenly wishing she hadn't rushed ahead so as not to interfere in what appears to be a Peace Keeper issue. The glint of crystal falling off one of their wings catches her eye as she gazes around and she finds her attention drawn back into the group, gazing at the crystal as it falls from the older dragon's wings and hits the ground. If she were back at home, she'd be asking if she could keep a piece to study, but in this instance she feels it may be rude so she remains silent. With the other dragons beginning to arrive she silently slips to the side, waiting for others of her world to arrive alongside the dragons from other areas. She remains quiet, though she will give a quick smile to anyone who happens to hold her eye for a moment. She's hoping to show that she's friendly without exactly putting herself out there... yet.
  15. World of Dragons OoC/Signups

    Don't worry, she'll mostly be using smaller time spells. If she does use big magic it'll be more likely to help the Gnorcs than the dragons xD If you'd rather I avoid the big spells all together though just let me know. Oh dear lol. Probably more weird interactions since she can be shy :) If we need more I can add a couple others, but I'd like to get my bearings first in the RP if that's alright.