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  1. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    Micaiah and Ike crunched this map. Crunched it. Brave Lyn was just the overkill icing on the cake. That was fun! 10/10 would slaughter again.
  2. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    CRAP!! I was REALLY hoping for no Tellius units for a while, my orbs are suffering! :( Oh well. I'll wait and do free pulls and see what I can get.
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Destructive Forces

    Personally I went with Idunn. If anyone is on her team and hasn't added me feel free to, my code is 9925235353 and my lead is Micaiah though I can change her out if needed. Just let me know if you add me so I know it's someone from here :) Someone who actually agrees with me on disliking Joker! I thought I was alone!!
  4. What annoyed you today?

    In one word? Family. For more detail, my dad is an annoying jerk who hates for anyone to disagree with him but especially hates it when it's me or my mom. For an example, today he was talking about how he sprayed weed killer around the house. I asked if he'd sprayed it near where the cats eat, a fair question I think, to which he responded "Even if I did, it wouldn't hurt them". Yeah. My dad's a piece of work.
  5. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    I adore Micaiah. My orbs would not be able to handle another Micaiah right now so I'm hoping they hold off xD I do usually skip legendary banners though so (unless it's a Tellian) I'm generally more than happy to ignore the new one. I do hope it's someone with few versions though for their fans :)
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I'm now in the process of training up my new Karla, Azura, and Yune! On a similar topic does anyone have any idea what I can do with a spare Lewyn other than merge him? I already have a great IV Lewyn and while I would like to do merges for him I'm not sure if his skills could suit someone else better.
  7. March's Mythic Hero Appears!! Yune: Chaos Goddess (March 28 ~)

    I got L!Azura (finally), another Lewyn with crap IVs that I am unsure what to do with, and Yune! In about 120 orbs. Both the units I wanted plus an extra! ^.^
  8. March's Mythic Hero Appears!! Yune: Chaos Goddess (March 28 ~)

    And just when I thought my orbs were safe to keep saving! *sigh* I made a promise to myself that I'd try to get all base Tellius characters that I could so I'm pulling green. Also probably blue to try and get Azura.
  9. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    Honestly no idea. I'm hoping whoever they are though are skippable for me because my orbs are currently suffering lol. Please don't be Micaiah, I don't have enough orbs! xD
  10. Who are characters you dislike and DON'T want added to Heroes?

    I didn't want Soren in the game but alas... On a serious note, I agree with you on Makalov, Iago, and Hans. Also Lyre, as cute as she is she was a trash unit and I don't want people to be tricked into thinking she's worth using lol.
  11. Theoretical Radiant Dawn Remake Changes

    Agreed but I've had a really hard time of coming up with a different way to force the conflict that wasn't either similarly contrived or relatively easily worked around. Sure it may be contrived and forced but at least it pushes them into a really hard to escape from spot. Then again there are always going to be those that believe Micaiah should have just let everyone in Daein die instead of fighting so you just can't make everyone happy lol.
  12. Theoretical Radiant Dawn Remake Changes

    In largely the same way that it was, just with more chapters, allowing part 3 to be split more evenly in half with the first half being Ike and the Laguz Alliance and the second half being Micaiah and Daein and how they handle the whole war situation. I feel that with more explanation and evidence on what Daein's going through that many of the complaints about Daein's involvement could be solved. How exactly to go about that though I'm not entirely certain of, though I do know I'd like more buildup here to Part 4 and the whole Ashera/Yune thing. Part 3 is more complicated to change than the other parts as it's a transition part and I want to balance Ike and Micaiah's sections while still allowing Micaiah to be the main character. I'm open to suggestions though :) Edit: I forgot a huge thing in my original post. I hate how they handled Yune in Part 4. HATE IT. In a game where Micaiah was already shafted for the main character spot they went and shafted her FURTHER by having Yune take her body! This though could be handled in several different ways. One solution is simply adding more scenarios with Yune in Micaiah's body but allowing them to share the scenes evenly between them. Another solution is letting her take Mist's body as Mist doesn't do anything in the story anyway. The final solution is letting her take that spirit form as there was never really an explanation as to why she has to be in Micaiah's body?
  13. Theoretical Radiant Dawn Remake Changes

    You quite literally just explained my idea better than I myself did xD It was originally intended to work as a parallel and a foil to their similar situations and how they handled them differently by giving them a far more direct link than just occupying the same continent. I never intended to take Elincia's moments from her and in fact intended for her to continue to handle Ludveck while Micaiah and the DB discover Izuka's role in this and go after him but he manages to escape them and Daein. Ludveck used this to help his cause in Crimea, Izuka used it to help weaken Daein and make them more susceptible to Begnion, and Sephiran gets the added bonus of MORE conflict to help weaken the seal on the fire emblem!
  14. Theoretical Radiant Dawn Remake Changes

    Well the point was for them to be able to get to know each other and start down the path of repairing relationships between the countries. Micaiah wouldn't take any of those moments from Elincia, she'd still get them because Ludveck is still a thing. It would just be a way of trying to tie the plot of part 2 into the rest of the story considering that as it is, Part 2 is written insanely well but just feels incredibly out of place. It's like Plot is here and part 2 is way over here. As it stands the only story purpose that Part 2 serves is introducing Ike and the Greil mercs and that could still be done while tying Part 2 into the plot. It would still mostly be told from Elincia and Crimea's side, it would just involve Micaiah and Elincia working together in a couple places to help quell the fighting at the border at the beginning (and start to help repair relationships between the countries and seriously it's stupid that Micaiah and Elincia never talk to each other ONCE in all of RD) as well as help establish that Izuka is a traitor and not just a "Bad Person" as anyone can tell by looking at him but that isn't really given much buildup.
  15. Theoretical Radiant Dawn Remake Changes

    Izuka works for Lekain. All Izuka would need to do is help stir up tensions on Daein's side while Ludveck takes care of tensions on Crimea's side. The discontent was due to Daein regaining it's sovereignty after the war 3 years ago, it wouldn't have taken much to stir that up into a small scale border conflict that caused a lot of trouble for both sides. Not to mention that Ludveck obviously doesn't care about anything but power so I doubt he would mind working with Izuka, especially in secret.