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  1. FEH's Next Top Model

    Micaiah is obviously the best choice for the Feh doll. Maximum birds!
  2. Seasonal Unit Wishlist and Speculation Thread

    Hmm... while I'm not a big fan of gratuitous fanservice I want more eye candy. Tellius guys summer banner! *cough* On a more serious note, I'd love to see more banners like the Halloween and Festival in Hoshido. Doesn't really matter who, I just like the themes.
  3. What's Your Most Common Bane/Boon

    +HP and -Spd seems to be mine. I'm fortunate to have only pulled around 3 -Atk and those were ones I don't use often.
  4. Why can you never reposition the main lord in battle preps?

    I don't know why and I greatly dislike it. There are times I want him on the other side of the formation dang it!
  5. How could Laguz (and other strike units) work?

    Guys the question is how could they work. In this case we need to look at the most logical way to implement these characters because that's likely what IS will go with. A way that makes them what they are while still working logically in Heroes without having to fundamentally change how it plays. @Ice Dragon maybe either giving them monumental defense or a new skill?
  6. How could Laguz (and other strike units) work?

    Ice Dragon's suggestion does make the most sense in terms of Heroes and Tellius. Honestly I think people are just overthinking it. Personally though I would make Kurth and Dheg colorless to make them more special xD
  7. Why do guys in the U.S punch walls?

    As a girl in the US who knows other girls who do this I am very confused by this as well. Though most of our walls aren't concrete so you can punch a hole through them.
  8. Serenes' most wanted characters for Heroes

    @Jotari I'd love to see Tibarn and Haar.
  9. Choose Your Legends 2018 (Arrival of the Brave): August 21 ~

    I'm going Hector. He hasn't let me down in his green variants and I need a good blue armor unit. After getting him free, it'll be Celica, Veronica, then Ephraim! If I keep summoning that long xD
  10. Hair color stereotypes

    Hair color as well as general color scheme are both good things to look at to get a general idea of the characters on screen. Usually one or the other will match them. Take your usual "Christmas Knights". The reds are usually more passionate while the greens are generally more laid-back. On a side note I thought this was going to be about actual life hair colors and the stigmas against them and I was about to go on a tangent xD
  11. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    @Anacybele I have a random question that I thought about when facing a Frederick in TT. With the new dancer Micaiah are you worried any about your Frederick? I know he has like insane defense but I wasn't sure how his res was. Just curious :)
  12. New Heroes Coming: August 10th (Festival in Hoshido)

    That looks like Ryoma and Xander. In which case I will summon purely for the lolz, bonus points if they look ridiculous xD
  13. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped This appears to be real as multiple people have recorded it. TEEN TITANS SEASON 6! Don't let it be bait....
  14. please listen to the animal crossing new leaf OST

    I love listening to Animal Crossing music! It's so soothing but it tends to want to put me to sleep lol.