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  1. A (very belated) introduction

    a woah Rozumiem czemu uczysz się francuzkiego i niemieckiego, ale nie wiem czemu miałbyś się uczyć polskiego xd
  2. She has 1 lvl 66 exp xd I mainly use Rhys..
  3. Hi, i started playing path of radiance, i just ended 11 chapt, my ike is 3 exp short to 20 lvl (don't ask anything, i just like him) And his stats look like this... 31 HP 7 Str 7 Mag (Amazing) 16 Skill 16 Speed 12 Luck 13 Def 8 Res ...should i be worried about him?? Of course i'll give him at least one energy drop but do you think that is enough xd?