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  2. Yesterday in a nutshell. I see what you mean by friends. Out of curiosity, is that the same dog you mentioned earlier? I see. I got that impression from Projared's review of the game, but it appears to be that that sentiment is common. I'm reminded of how little I've seen actual violence. I am thankful for that, don't get me wrong, but aside from seeing some dead animals on the side of the street, I don't really no how much blood and gore is spilled from actual wounds. Dunno, I've always been curious about what a real battle looks like, no matter the time period, and how much Hollywood/videogames under- or over-do things. Like "borrowing" buying a trampoline first? It probably wasn't as epic, but this was the first thing I thought of when you mentioned a stepladder. Eh, don't blame you. Only other thing worth of note is that Kenshi was one of the most popular characters from the jump to 3D and one of the few to be welcomed back in MK9 as DLC... which both is and isn't saying something. Except I don't have a gore fetish. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I just fascinated in a sense by that stuff simply because I was scared by it as a kid before getting desensitized to it, and as I mentioned earlier, I don't really have any real life references about what violence looks like. Not gonna lie, though. I do miss the days where blood used to freak me out a bit, and when I was innocent in that area. Apology accepted. You're also the second person to guess that I had a gore fetish. ...You have a lot to learn, Ruben. You should. You could spend a lifetime studying it. It is amazing how intertwined it all is. The two times I swore like a madman in my life, I lost my voice. I learned my lesson. I wish I knew how to add alt text. I got real snarky about cartoon physics in the process of making that. It's an interesting book. My favorite one, in fact. I still find it ironically interesting that in a book about analyzing humanities faults and exploiting them (with the intent to open our eyes to our own sins), humanities virtues are at their clearest. It really is a blunt yet honest analysis of humanity. An point-and click puzzle horror game from the people that made Blustone. I tried it out, and thought that the "wait three days to unlock the next episode, or buy the game to get them all now" was a nice deal, although I had to uninstall it due to how much space it took up. Blustones weirdness and "turns left when you expected it to go right" style writing did not help me here, though, as in the prologue, people you know that have guns are coming. You have a choice of running down the hallway to the starting area, hiding in a room with a closet but no escapes, or in a room with corpses. The obvious choice would be the closet, but that's what I expected them to want me to think, so I hid in the room with the corpses... in a game that may or may not be about zombies. Needless to say, I died. He was the first character that came to mind for the joke. Never dealt with those, but I understand your pain. Well, except with getting the other Beyond the Bounds games, but I wouldn't understand the story anyway, and that's the biggest draw for me. Twas a joke. Although he did have a hand in authorizing the clone army, and we all know how that went. A youtube videogame reviewer. A calm and balanced one, too. All I know is that it's the bullet hell game of all bullet hell games. Out of curiousity, I looked it up, and... I am in-between saying this is glorious, and telling you to delete this. I... am concerned about Bowser's Inside Story. I love the game, but the fact that you are literally inside someones body... still weirds me out, to say the least. Although the fact that Bowser turns giant in the "Rump Command" always made me wonder if Bowser could go giant unintentionally if someone kicked him in the butt or groin hard enough. Huh, I thought that you didn't react much to the plastic folding chair thing. I see I was wrong. Also, the walls, floor, and I assume ceiling in the padded cell could be used for combat purposes if a fight broke out there. Man, if the rest of the game is like that, then Shadow Dragon is underrated in that area. Glad to see you enjoyed it! For some reason I hear the computer noises whirring once the blue screen came up. I meant to say that it's more risky to rely on it for dying, in the rare-but-possible event you forget to equip it. This sentence resonates with me so much it unfortunately lost its humor. Hmmm... Calm strategy tactics music go! I could probably go on, but I have a lets play to comment upon. ...Why is she wearing a skirt on a horse again? Is it just me, or is that axe thrown at an odd angle when compared to the previous image? Looks like barely dodging hand axes is a common occurrence with magic users. Looks like Wally the Wyvern has become very twitchy to any and all attacks since being assigned to Sasha. Well that happened quickly. Especially when compared to Letzenheimer. Wonder if that was intentional. Lentz is showing himself to be the largest bastard in the game. And he's only appeared in one chapter so far. ...Y'know, I can see why people are wondering why Dholm hasn't killed this guy yet. Uh... so... rainbow power? I mean, rainbows are made out of rain, which is nigh impossible to dodge, but, uh, I was expecting that to have more punch. Although with that symbol on the ground, it reminded me of this: Side-note: There as a single team, throughout the entire development cycle, dedicated entirely to the spell effects. Their efforts paid off. At this point, does she really need one? And it's even more blatant than the previous examples. The rock travels inbetween realms, disappearing to the mortal eye, and, I don't know, going to a rock concert? And uses a flashbang for good measure. At least he's accepted his circumstances, and isn't taking the cowards way out. Guess the cornered rat strikes back. ...Is this were the slaver reappears? Even if he doesn't, stuff the sharp end of a weapon into this guys forehead. So... black market slavers... Hmmm... Interesting... I'm going to take a guess that this is where Leteena shows up again.
  3. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    You haven't done the best of jobs hiding that fact, and it's easy pickings for when people don't want to do some searching. Is Ridley the only Nintendo character that would be allowed as a guest fighter in Mortal Kombat?
  4. Post Something The Above Poster Would Never Say

    I need to clear up space on my phone. Oh well, I never played Heroes that much anyway..
  5. The most absurd things to happen in FE

    Libra died to a 55% chance to hit, 5% chance to crit in my first Ironman of Awakening. And it was to a crit. After I had unlocked several of his supports and started to grow on him as a character. His wife and child, Panne and Yarne, avenged his death. I also learned that some solo endings are actually pretty tragic in the context that a loved one died. Earlier in the same playthrough, Donnel would have survived if he had gained a single point of defense on his level up. He didn't, and Kellam didn't bother duel guarding, so he died. At least Kellam avenged his death. Later in said Ironman, Stahl died on the penultimate level, and when Laurent Thoron-ed Aversa in the face, Lucina decided that he was the man for her, as the S-Supported right before the game ended. Also, Lucina and Laurent are the only pairing I can get without trouble, and I wish there was an option to declare celibacy because male Robin only married once among multiple playthroughs. From an out-of-context instead of gameplay example, saying "My only unit that has capped strength this run is a shapeshifting bunny warrior that is riding a dragon while wearing little more than a blouse" is certain to raise eyebrows of anyone who hasn't played the game. ... I've said this story before, but on when I was playing the Last Bastion level on hard difficulty for the first time in Echoes, a Rigelian baron, who I named Charlie, survived at least 6 to 10 critical hits under the combined effort of Clive, Mathilda, and ZEKE! And yet Charlie still stood fast to the bitter end. If there was any doubt that Rigel didn't live up to their reputation as warriors, he removed it.
  6. Explain your avatar

    I am very tempted to go into detail about every avatar I had, but I'm going to stick with my current one. Mowgli from Blustone/Beyond the Bounds. I occasionally visit VisualShowers pintrest, as even though most of it is random artwork/comics of some Red Panda character, sometimes they post artwork and animations from the game proper. The developers are keen on sharpening their abilities as artists and animators, and seeing them improve is neat to see. I chose this pic because it would be easy to make into an avatar, and because Mowgli is a badass. Artwork of when Blustone 2 was announced, because I made part of it my avatar for a while, it's awesome, and it's FftF so I can ignore the rules a bit:
  7. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Yes. Ignorantly. Is this song saying "Imma gonna break the bird", "How did I break the bird?", or "How do I break the bird?"
  8. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    IS spends so much time and money on hiring stellar writers and ensuring high quality that the game itself ends up as a bare-bones, buggy mess. At least no one is complaining about the story and characters, for once. @DragonFlames Glad to hear you got a laugh out of it! Those where among my first thoughts when I heard the corruption, and I couldn't resist turning them into a joke/meme and sharing it. I'm not certain if you mean the meme or seeing taguels jump on trampolines when you say "this needs to be a thing", so I'll just say that I agree. ... I wish that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia gets an expansion pack that adds new characters, classes, enemies, gameplay, levels, and more. Along with some new campaigns that continues the story where it left off, as well as background details and different perspectives.
  9. Why you like your favorite title in one sentence.

    NEO Scavenger: A post-apocalyptic survival roguelike where there are no zombies, ammo is rare and guns rarer, you can make a scope out of broken binoculars and a splint out of a crowbar, plastic bag, and a dead squirrel, the games combat is incredibly immersive and understandable despite being just text, you can still die after winning a fight if you don't/can't stop the bleeding, hypothermia is this games dysentery, you'll kill someone for their shoes, and all of the grey morality moments are unscripted. Oh, yeah. And they portrayed Michigan weather accurately.
  10. Stupid memes you made

    Made a few more: Memes: All you need to know is that the same context from the movie pretty much applies here. Even, in a sense, the tank. I will never give up, never surrender at attempting to make this a widespread meme. Although I should probably stop using the Impact font when making them. Gifs:
  11. Post a fact about the person above!

    Will now understand the reference: If you're curious about what said avatar was:
  12. Post a fact about the person above!

    Made a reference to something that happened several months ago.
  13. Post Something The Above Poster Would Never Say

    My brain never thinks about anything weird during forum games.