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  1. SF Interviews 2.0 - Espurrhoodie

    Do you read Awkward Zombie? If so, favorite comic? Do you read any webcomics? Favorite Newspaper comic? Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Trampolines. Like/dislike/don’t care for them? First impressions on the new Fire Emblem game? Ever heard of Blustone before? Do you play any mobile games? Thoughts/Opinions on Indiana Jones? Oldest book you’ve ever read? Oldest movie you’ve ever watched? Favorite Fictional Villain?
  2. SF Interviews 2.0 - Espurrhoodie

    Thoughts/Opinions on the Lord of the Rings? Favorite card/board game? Thoughts on puzzle games? Do you prefer action/fight scenes to be realistic and down-to-earth, or over-the-top and flashy? If you had a single day to hang out with a Fire Emblem character of your choosing, and weren't restrained by money or travel distance/time requirements, who would you pick and what would you do? Something you would tell your younger self? Something you fell in love with immediately? Something that had to grow on you? Something (in reality or fiction) that you'd pay good money to see? Thoughts/opinions on Batman? Favorite dream you've ever had?
  3. SF Interviews 2.0 - Espurrhoodie

    Been a while since I did this. May as well make it a habit again. As for the questions... Favorite video game series? Opinion on fighting games? Favorite music genre? How did you pick your profile picture, and why did you choose it? What made you decide to join Serenes Forest? Thoughts/Opinions on Star Wars? Something you thought you weren't going to like, but ended up enjoying? Something you both love and hate? If someone was interested in getting into a genre/series (of your choice), what video-game/movie/book/anime etc. would you recommend them to try first? If someone was interested in getting into a genre/series (again, of your choice), what video-game/movie/book/anime etc. would you tell them to stay the heck away from?
  4. Looking back at my previous posts... dang. It's surprising how much even subdued anger will change a person. Right. Maybe I should have copy pasted that from google. Reminds me of a joke where people search up "Pokémon" just to get the é. Yes, even if gif searching and real life work did have a hand in delaying the response. Watching it again... It has a lot more to it than a person getting part of their face cut off... Hence the quotations marks. As much as I enjoy Miriel and Laurent as both units and character, Anachronistic Glasses Mom and Son is the first way I will refer to them now. You're forgetting the part where you fold it in repeatedly. And the part where you poke their eye out out with the legs. And the part where you just swing it and smash their limbs. And this isn't even getting into using the environment... I, uh, kinda forget why I posted that. Fatalities make more sense in a series where attacks like that are survivable. Admittedly, I said that just because Shadow Warrior has a pretty nasty gore system, and the melee combat is pretty enjoyable. I just want them torn to bits. Is that too much to ask? Somebody needs to photoshop Lee into the video now. And that concerns me. When I typed it in, I got "Reviving ender dragon" and "reviving endangered languages". I guess we're both really good at paperwork, then. Thrill-er theme I am. And I get the feeling it will be rewarded. I'll be the guy in the zombie apocalypse who, upon entering a wine store or bar, will say "Great! More ammo..." That needs to happen more often in apocalyptic stories. So... Risen Pegasus knights from Awakening? Except you get occasionally get flashed by a dying zombie girl. To this day, I wonder why the heck Pegasus riders are so determined to wear a skirt on a flying creature. Being fair, saying "the guy with the goatee and punchable face" is easier to remember than "Maerchen". Speaking of which, this is evidence that you can abuse the name when you kill him. So... a combination of FE8's skirmishes and Gaidens moving reinforcements. I can see that working. Even if I agree that Runan is the better character, I can easily see why Holmes is still popular. Sounds interesting on paper. It saves a unit from death, but it''s not the best weapon and still has limited uses, so the player has to decide whether to give the unit a normal weapon to give them a better chance at fighting, or this one to prevent them from dying. Guess we'll have to see how it works in practice. That was an extremely seamless transition and I compliment you for it. I can't tell if this is the game dialogue or yours, but it's good regardless. And who is this mysterious hooded figure? I almost typed mysterious bag man and I don't know why. Glad to see Shigens disarmed animation still has him crossing his arms. So... are they support partners? Dang... I... wasn't expecting that for Xeno's backstory... I'm torn between wanting to hug this kid and slowly backing away. I read both gratitude and disappointment in that "thanks". I believe the other Yoda would have said "Heretics, your parents were, child. All right, your father was. Together, worked for the cult, they did. Leave, your father tried, and kill him with dark magic, your mother did." Keep that up and I might say "you're next". So Holmes parents are actually alive this time around... and one of them is missing and the other is an @$$hole. At the very least, I'll give Kaga credit for subverting the "lords parents are dead" trope. I'm starting to see what you mean about this games legendary weapons. Same. Was coming to miss this awesome guy. Something tells me her advice won't be useful, but will make up for it in hilarity or stupidity. Almost wish we could see it, but hey. This just adds to the games replayability. I can see why Eugen is the partner first to give the player actually useful advice. Then they can laugh at Katri's hilariously lackluster suggestions later. This game is not subtle in who it want's you to use, is it? Despite that, he has my vote. Gentlemen are rare in the world today, and Kriess just gained several points in my book. Foreshadowing... ... That... uh... Yeah... Arkis is going to feel like sh*t when/if he hears about that. And after seeing what Katri's comments, I thought about doing this joke, so...
  5. Oh, f*ck you SF! Stop randomly logging me out and deleting everything I write! Muchas gracias senor! Understandable. I've been thinking about cutting back on my replies as well. The last one took three or four hours to write (in no small part due to real life shenanigans and finding gifs I never ended up using), and I'd rather that not be the case. You got lucky that I can't edit the post. I would have added a picture of someone getting their face skinned. Glad to hear it! The laugh part, I mean. I remember Pocket Trains. Been a few years since I last played it, though. Has anything really changed? Excellent point. Even though it would apply to the enemies as well, but that just means the conflict can be resolved "peacefully". Being fair, Grima is hinted to be just that powerful. But yeah, it's just an excuse to keep the game in the middle ages despite a thousand years passing. Honestly, if my ignorance is pardoned in some areas, I don't mind discussions about the pros and cons of governmental systems, or how they work in theory and in practice. Heck, I actually find it interesting how historical figures used politics to achieve something. It's modern politics that I don't give a damn about. The general populace will complain no matter what happens, and politicians, even honest and just ones, are still pushing some sort of agenda. Makes it hard to root or care for any side. Should I say instead that I am asexual, aromatic, can't tell what an innuendo is unless TV Tropes points it out, and every joke I make about s*x is to criticize it? Meanwhile, I think I low-key traumatized my best friend when he asked me what I would do if I was suddenly attacked. There are a lot of ways you can kill someone with a plastic folding chair. It's a good indie game. I definitely recommend it. Especially of people who want a post-apocalyptic game that takes the survival aspect seriously and is tired of zombies or forced "humans are bastards" lessons (although grey morality is definitely still present, but more naturally than other examples). Well... Guess we'll have to wait and see what it is, then. Er, um, maybe the snake would only bite the opponent, and swallow them as a killing blow? I can see why they made it shoot a projectile now. Lo Wang hasn't been born yet. Rapists are the only thing that can shut him up, and despite not getting to that part of the game, that's really saying something. It is a pretty fun song. It's definitely done well in this game. I just wish that Fire Emblem dropped that aspect and focused entirely on the "fighting a war against an opposing nation" part at times. Glad to hear that he won't die peacefully. I'm honestly surprised I was the only one to make the joke. Eh, the news will focus on anything controversial as long as it brings them views. It's gotten to the point were I sincerely wonder if Trump intentionally says things so that people will complain about it, and while their focus is on that, he actually gets stuff done. Despite being neutral on the guy, that does concern me. It was the second picture that popped up when I typed in "Death glare" and considering that Treasure Planet is my favorite Disney movie, I had to use it. That is also a pretty accurate description of the picture and my feelings at that moment. Mintz is awesome, but I will abuse his name whenever I see a chance. Uh... I was going to say that I propose this as the fitting music, but okay. That's fine. As mentioned earlier, I need to cut back on some stuff as well. The part that hurts. I also spelled Katana incorrectly, and I wish that Serenes Forest would actually allow me to edit longer posts. ...When put that way, I see what you mean. Why should I shoot the messenger? Especially one that doesn't like the message. Smart Wise ...I don't know if I want to know what you mean by that... Well, he only has a torso, so he that might actually be plausible. Heh. I remember that the only reason I risked loosing the 5-star apartment at times was simply because of terrorist attacks cutting the day short. It's a game that made me think, and anything that does that will interest me. I still never understood why that information is hid from the player. Granted, I didn't mind it in games like Awakening or Echoes, due to how they handle availability, but in the other games in the series where that information matters, it's baffling why they never show it. Same thing with support points. I mean, you could skin the face, have the eyeballs hanging out, teeth all jagged... A staple of noble rogues. If Eugen is a claymore, Runan is a rapier. Fitting. Reminds me again that I need to play Ace Attorney. And now I am reminded that I want to try out Star Fox Command, if only to see how well multiple endings in Star Fox would work. And to get an idea of what fanfiction soap operas looks like. Aaaaaaand I don't know what this is, other than Gordan Freeman. Relevantly Irrelevant Honestly, both sides make good points, and it only makes me curious to see if either of them will be correct. Why would she want to be idiotic? That's what drunkenness does, and I see no reason why people willingly do that. Then again, I am the guy that, if provided with alcohol, would instead make a motolov. Y'know? Fire Emblem needs to start getting serious about animating air combat. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh... Heads you give the flute, tails you don't. *Flip* Whoops. It rolled under the table. *Flip two* Tails
  6. Fair warning ahead of time that anything spoilered in this reply will contain violent content. Ah. So that's why the update was a little slow. Thanks for the warning. The character artwork and animations are really good as well. When compared to their previous games, you can really see how the artists have improved. Right when I started writing, the update came. Thought I could barely make it, but who knows? Maybe it was for the better. Hey, I made a promise, and I intend to keep it this time. I still need to play the older FE games. It isn't out of a lack of trying, mind you, but Nintendo isn't doing the best of jobs making them available. And as I mentioned before, my laptop hates emulators for some reason. They shouldn't take to long to unlock, if memory serves me correctly. At the moment, it's a pretty good size. I'm a more casual fan. I have one of the genesis collections and a few other games, and I do enjoy them, but otherwise it's not my favorite series or anything like that. The game is weird, and I love it for it. Even if it makes difficult to discuss the game with someone who's never played it before, to the point I've kind of given up on doing so. A lot of them are pretty damn good. Heck, Republic Command is my favorite shooter, the stories of the KOTOR games are awesome, the Jedi Knight series has awesome lightsaber combat, and it's fun to use the force in The Force Unleashed. Oh, and the Podracing game is actually really good. And so are are the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Starfighter series. ...Dang Star Wars has a lot of games. "But Ruben, would you sacrifice those 'some times' for always being reassuring?" Guess they had to make some improvement after being 1000 years after a previous game. Even if they excused still being in the middle ages with "Evil dragon destroyed the world so hard, civilization had to research everything again". Yeah, it's something that I think is less prevalent than people make it out to be, but it's still not hard to see where the complaint came from. Honestly, it's hard to find anything positive to talk about politics. And I understand both sides of being reluctant to vote. I know people who hate Trump but still voted for him just because they didn't want the other side to win, and people who stained because both sides sucked. Although in the area of gender (and race, for that matter), I just don't give a damn. Beneficial in interacting with people, but it's annoying as heck when people do realise that's the simplest and easiest solution to the problem. He'd annoy the heck out of philosophers, then. Maybe. I'm not dirty minded in that area. Violence, on the other hand... It's a roguelike post-apocalyptic survival game with no zombie, guns are rare and ammo rarer, and there are no nukes. It's a pretty good game. The crafting system is clever and open (as in, you can make a cast out of a stick and some rags, but you can also make one out of a crowbar, a dead squirrel, and a paper bag. You can also screw on binoculars to a gun to make a scope), the combat is pretty immersive depite being text based, and it manages to have grey morality moments that aren't at all scripted. About my only complaint against it is that the few story-based areas are pretty much everything wrong with old-school roguelikes (as in, one wrong choice kills you, regardless of equipment or what you did beforehand). I see. And she'll end adventurers careers left and right. I would have said the eye, but that's a pretty easy way to kill someone. Thank you for the nickname. I shall now refer to Miriel as AGM. Which is pretty much what "SNES games changed weapons sprite" means. Just like in gaiden/echoes. Do they have the excuse of being mind-controlled by a "god" that's currently insane? Why didn't IS steal this from Kaga?!? It would have made Nosferatu even more scary! Not to mention, if they did that for Echoes, they could make the joke that clerics have access to gaint snakes to smite their foes. And you could have killed Duma with a snake. It would have added to the joke that nobody makes about Silque having a personal squad of ninjas. Well, they could have just had the jaw open real wide, swallow the unit, have the snake cover the disappearing sprite, and have the giant lump go down it's stomach... ...And you know what? Considering that being swallowed/eaten alive is my irrational fear, that probably would have traumatized a lot of people. We'll have to wait and see whether or not this becomes a reoccurring joke. The move is called Superman, and then WB bought Netherrealm Studios, and they made the Injustice series. Hey. Got to explain someway how bags are worth 1000 gold and why Xeno is holding rope. And more alternative universes need Monty Python. Blame the "Lees from Virgina" song @Unknown Gamer11 linked. Oh... That's, uh, even worse to forget. I know, yet I'm surprised that I'm just noticing it as well. I see. It just reminds of that, is all. And somehow, Gaiden/Echoes had the biggest A-hole in the game be dead before the game begins. There are times I wish this game did the same. Not really, as the mission is "defeat commander", but yeah. It's difficult to do so without going out of your way, and even then that's experience you're missing out on. I see. Another reason why I'm complaining to Nintendo about not making the games more available. Agreed there. It's just something I never understood was a recurring element when it's rarely interesting. I am never a fan that, no matter the game. Please do. Glad to hear. No. I just want to see his face skinned, fed his intestines, his bones stabbed into him... Somebody had to do it. I think I was thinking that his superior was Pavlov. Ye. And he was one of the few dictators that supported the Nazi's that wasn't executed after the war because of it. And I see what you mean by it being a national issue. Reminds me of the "statues of slave owners" thing in the US that shows how little people refuse to see the whole picture with history. Excellent point. For better and worse. I was thinking of making a Donnel joke, but Donnel is too awesome to be compared to that scumbag. If anything, I want that villager to kick this slimeballs ass. ...And the killer Instinct Ultra Combos, and maybe screenshots of Lugaru... Glad to hear it! Interesting. Never got far enough in Sacred Stones to see whether or not they were any good. Strange that it's enemy only, though. Sounds... overpowered, yet awesome. And for some reason, I was reminded of McFlurries when I first read the skill name. Do they make mint McFlurries? Something tells me he's either recruitable later on, or he's optional to fight. I can see the use of having flags. To bad they don't come in different colors, as then they could have even more utility. Right! I forgot to comment on the Runan dance last time! We need to find fitting music for it! Anyway, does this prove that memetic dances are a thing in this universe? I take back what I said last time. Maybe they really are lightsabers, but not as overpowered. Dramatic is the right word for that. It's a pretty cool quote. Good thing Billford is a knight. Although the inn lady would now know he's lying about what he said earlier if she happened to see that. That might be grounds for a lawsuit if that happened today. Alas... That is an awesome animation. Almost looks like Runan has force lightning. Two things: Myrmidons hold their swords like katans properly. The reviving end of the Levin sword is awesome. Giving credit where credit is due, you did last longer than anyone expected. Also, Runan's death face with a smile just screams "see you in hell". Eugens reaction seems more fitting if casual mode were a thing in this game. Huh, so it just asks you if you want to retry the map? That's convenient, although it means it can't continue Fire Emblems reputation for the occasionally creepy game over screens. The invaders aren't a b? Is this now an edutainment show? Billford, the Wild O. Are these two now the hosts of a PBS show or something in this alternative universe? That's, uh, one way to blow off steam. Billford is "Generic Knight #I'm-Not-Bothering-To-Count", isn't he? That... is a very needlessly elaborate way of making a joke unit. Sucks too. Some parts about Billford sound genuinely useful. Damn it. Retract my earlier statement about the lawsuit. Sounds like what is supposed to be a simple step (let character get to destination, and then you can recruit them) is made pointlessly complicated and needlessly punishing. That sounds like backwards design. Granted, I can understand it from the viewpoint of "if the player can get their in 10 turns, then they don't need this unit", but that is still punishing rather than rewarding the player for doing well. ...I have nothing against you. Kaga, on the other hand... Oh no... No... no... no... And the bastards are exploiting that trope, aren't they? I feel ya. One of the faces in KOTOR 2 is pretty much me without glasses and facial hair. And considering what you can do in that game... On a side note, Story!Ruben looks much better than this guy, and part of me what's him to punch the daylights out of this bastard. Plum, run away! Remember the lessons about stranger danger? Would you kindly skin this bastard when you kill him? Please? ...She was never taught about stranger danger, was she? ...This is how you get the dancer in this game? ...Slay the fucker... ...And this is the part were it's too late... ... ...Kill them both... ...and don't even think about the word "mercy" when you do so... If it weren't against the law, I would have caved Kagas face in for that. Even if it doesn't happen in the story, kill those sons of bitches. Bloodily. And you'd better save her when the time comes. If that's the case, then the Lego Mayor has no spine or morality. For some reason, I am reminded of whenever I play Pirates! Ah yes. I remember that part. I love that game, and I need to play it again. I was (and am) legitimately good at the game, and didn't need to resort to any dirty tricks to stay afloat financially. Heck, I even bought and maintained the Level 5 house until the game was over. Dang. Are they as stingy with the other promotion items in the game, or just this one? He probably was, and apparently no one told him what a bad idea the whole thing was. Kaga does not like being blind player friendly, does he? Nice. A little pointless nowadays considering that the removed class exclusive promotions, but it seems helpful in games with them. Thou art forgiving. And it seems you managed to present a glitch we didn't know about in the process. That's neat. Both. Kill them all. Violently. I can see why they gave him the flurry skill now. They really want you to use him. If it leads to more moments like these, then they did their job. Mintz, for better or worse, probably wants to humiliate Pavlov first before killing the bastard. To bad this game doesn't have more animated cutscenes, for that could have been a sight to see. The tables turned quickly. And so will we. Ruben, you are luckily unlucky to catch stuff like this. In-universe, I'm blaming the flash from the critical attack. Overkill him, would you kindly? Please do. Took the words right out of my mouth. Eh, not as violent as I was picturing, but that just means I can use my imagination that Runan did this: Ah, so he does leave. Not a bad way to explain why Ernst has to go. It helps reinforce his trustworthiness as a person and might as a soldier. Wait, so how do you trigger it? Agreed. Is this a call back to the Gold Knights of Gaiden? I don't know why, but the helmet just makes them look goofy in a fun way. It's like they're saying "Yes, my armor is purple and pink. Shut up." Phew. What a level. I can see why you said this would be the most infamous part of the game. With hope, those bastards will get what's coming to them.
  7. Apparently I avoided double-posting. What do you know? Anyway, since I'm in this odd situation, I may as well go over some stuff that I missed in the last update: Oh. So he was a good guy... ...Wait, Canaanite? We're fighting the Canaanites? The land of Canaan, the Promised Land of Israel? ...Did Kaga just make another biblical reference? The games words say one thing, it's actions speak another. For some reason, this reminds me of how in Gaiden, most of the female characters have to be rescued, but once they're on the battlefield, they kick butt. Interesting way of ensuring the player doesn't get screwed over for accidental window-shopping, yet it still encourages them not to waste their resources once they actually buy something. Nice! Time to burn our opponents to a crisp! ...Although then we'll be remembered of poor Seamus's sacrifice everytime we use it... Considering that Two-Face from The Dark Knight originally had realistic burns, but that caused the test audiences to get nauseous, you made a wise decision. ..Hard to do on the higher difficulties when you need the experience... A female Gharnef. That's a new one. ...Steal from Kaga, IS! Although then they'd try and maker her "sympathetic" or what not. Three of them. That's a new one. Ah, so it was a spelling error. ... Part of me wants to change the meme I made, but it got such a great laugh out of us, I think I'll keep it for the memories. Cult killing! Despite it being one of the less interesting parts about Fire Emblem, it always has to appear, for some reason. Dang, that's same as the Dracoshield in Gaiden/Echoes. Of course, they can't break in those games, but you can still get a use out of the Steel Shield in this game. Seems like a reasonable way to keep them in the story without having them impact gameplay too much. I suppose that is one of the "downsides" you mentioned earlier. And another downside Narcus brings. Something tells me this either screws the player over a lot or a little depending on their finances at the moment. Lego Fire Emblem. Why isn't that a thing yet? That... is a very strange mixture of things. I don't know if I want to know what was going through the artists head when he was designed... They're definitely slimy and I want you to get creative with their death portraits. Maybe he's hoping he can use the "[Rebel name]? Haven't seen her" excuse. Or that Pavlov will keep her alive but "silent" until it's safe to realease/be rid of her. Again, kill him creatively. And maybe watch gameplay of Mortal Kombat over the next few days to get some ideas. Have you ever seen someone when they're angry and attacking someone? How they often have to be pulled back to stop hurting the other person? Pavlov probably entered that state. Excellent question. Go far enough to get a few warning points when you kill him. Please. His forehead is large, but nice facial hair. He looks like a noble rogue. Heheheh. It's a simple joke, but a laugh was needed after what events just occurred. I'm interested in seeing what this "favorite scene" is... Seems like this guy will be an entertaining character. I had to That... will end well... Oh. Well in that case, it should end better than I originally thought it would. I'm curious what this "neutrality" is comparable to in real life. After all, some countries in WW2 stayed neutral because they had little to contribute to the war, while Spain and Portugal had finished with a Civil war and were in no condition to fight, but still secretly supported the Axis. Switzerland would have been for the Allies, but remained neutral because that would have been begin to be massacred, and Sweden was a save haven for escaping Jews. There are few where he doesn't. F*ck You're asking to get your butt kicked and your bones broken by her, aren't you? it's the thought that counts. And they don't know that. You got that right. With hope, it will not. At first glance, I would have asked why he was wearing a pot on his head, but I take that thought back. He looks like trouble. Oh no... Oh... no... no... Let me find and prepare some Mortal Kombat gifs... Great! Lets see how this plays out... That... is black humor at it's finest. It's also the kind of black humor were I barely restrain from punching the person in the face. Gameplay and story integration: Awesome when it leads to moments like these. They do have a great dynamic. Hope that this isn't their only interaction. I can see why this is your your favorite scene in the game. Now for next time... Give some characters hell.
  8. Dang it! Just missed it! Anyway, long story short, I'll be taking a computer/electronic fast over the next few days due to personal reasons that need not be elaborated here. The only two exceptions will be for getting college stuff done and commenting on this Lets Play. Huh, interesting. Wonder what you mean by it sounding "counterintuitive" on paper. Also, Kaga did "only one character wields dark magic" first. It's been over a year since I last played Heroes, but I do remember that the story chapters started out easy, but you soon unlock harder difficulties for them. My best unit was Lukas, as he had the movement of an infantry unit but the defense and attack of a tank. Sadly, the game got to big for my phone, and I eventually had to delete it. I don't know how much stuff they added since I last played, and I don't see much of a reason to go back to it as Blustone scratched the itch it left behind. Yep! Makos face is perfect for showing annoyed disapproval. I seem to alternate between "characters looking annoyed" and "random pictures I have saved to my computer for some reason" for my avatar picture. I chose my current one after finding out that Blustone was getting a (technical) sequel, and I just love this awesome artwork. A slight bit better, although I still passed by it a few times. Maybe it's not so much the color, but the title size? I don't want to sound like a Complaining Cassie here (if that's even a thing). I still think that season three, where Sonic and Co. went into space, would actually make for a good Sonic game. Exploring different planets would allow them to get creative and diverse with the level design, and it would also allow them to create a longer game without having to stretch playtime artificially. That is a pretty accurate description. Only other thing worth bringing up is that he is one of three characters you have to unlock. Lucky duck. The fights, memes, and videogames are pretty awesome. Well, you could get creative with the avatar, but that's the closest you're going to get. Eh. I don't mind it too much, but it's really because the rules apply to the enemy as much as they do the player. Magic hurts no matter who's on the receiving end, and while it is more costly for the player to summon cannon fodder, it's just as unlimited. That, and there are some tricks and tactics to get around cantors. Monkey Island is an awesome game. Lucasarts earned their reputation for being masters of humor. "But Ruben, how many times have things not gone as you predicted, but for the better?" If this ends up becoming a larger meme, I'm claiming credit for it. I've tried the demo for it. It's odd that the face buttons control the camera, especially when the original game worked fine with a fixed one, but at least nothing is pressure sensitive this time around. Means that you can't slit the throat of a guard you meant to interrogate by accident anymore (unless you have serious butter fingers). Don't worry. I remember exactly where I left off. It shouldn't take a whole lot of time to complete it (hopefully). He was a Colonel. But this is the realm of fiction, is it not? You dare say that about my second favorite character from Awakening! ...Despite the fact the I joke that Lucina X Laurent is the only thing I ship, entirely due to how I've exploited their fast support growth and how they're the only two characters I can reliably manage to get to together in every single playthrough of the game I've done. Really, though, I find the complaint that Awakening is "shipping emblem" to not be as prevalent as people make it out to be. Although To be fair, S-supports are all over the place in terms of quality, and the fact that how "believable" they are will inherently range from person to person doesn't help. Not to mention how those aspects affected Fates development... I see. That too. Glad to hear it got a laugh. Except that would have been a complicated process of starting the game, taking pictures on my phone, getting lucky with two quotse, uploading them somewhere and then creating the meme, all for a single joke. Especially when I've seen the picture before somewhere. ...I would joke about that, except that feminism just flips the issue instead of solving it. That, and the damage they've done to the positive aspects of masculinity is concerning, and this is coming from a guy that isn't a fan of such things. I mean, Codha was spared. Maybe this guy won't turn out to be a bad guy and is instead just an ally that is also an @$$hole In matters where one could potentially be wrong, always leave a way out. But does Richard truly know thyself? Which just means that if he strived to work towards removind the "d*ck" part of him, he could be quite a reasonable fellow. Please tell me that a "guy looks like a girl" character is in this game, and that Eugen attempts to salvage something golden from his mistake. A humble opinion I agree with. This just excites me further... Captian Barker! That just sounds like something out of an 80s cartoon and I love it. I just realized the ambiguousness of the word "that" in the sentence. Apparently, I have a lot of moments of retroactive cleverness. Eugen and Runan walking along in the desert. Runan asks the question, to which Eugen deadpannly responds. The camera zoom out, revealing they've separated from the group, and Runan animatedly panics... I really do want to see that animated now. Oooh! A chameleon is in this game. Certainly explains how he disguised himself as Codha earlier. Although I'm questioning if I want to know the details of how now... At the very least, grab the 100% shards, grab a big stick, shapren it into a spear, and use a dirty cloth, another piece of glass, and the melee skill to make a makeshift spear! Neo Scavanger joke Guess that's one way to look at the positive side of things. Huh. Interesting to hear she even has an idle animation. I can't tell if she's shooting that out of her eyes, her throat, or her heart. They may not be goofy, but this is more than a satisfactory replacement. Perhaps she's taking after superheroes with no killing rules, and is thus getting creative with how to incapacitate her foes. That is hilariously pathetic. In a good way. Let the enemy die an embarrassing death! Also, does this mean Meriel is a fan of the "magic girl" genre or whatever it's called? And oh my gosh I just realized that Meriel is one letter off from Miriel. I can see why Pegasus riders usually wield lances now. In-universe, I'm blaming the smoke from the fire spell. Interesting how that turned out. Huh, guess they didn't keep the "weapon affects the sprite" thing from the SNES games. Can't blame them, though. Given how many unique weapons there are in this game. So these are the "witches" that @Interdimensional Observer brought up. Are they "balanced" by the the all-over-the-place AI Gaiden/Echoes witches had (which at the very least had a good story reason for why that was so) or are they capable of more tactical decisions? I never expected the day when I would hear of something out-tanking a tank. And what do you know? They're even wearing similar attire to Echoes witches. Other in-universe explanation: Meriel knows that you're taking screenshots of her and doesn't like it. ...I'm trying to remember whether or not any of the Fire Emblem games do that. Nosferatu is a giant snake!?!? That's... That is... AWESOME!!! Course, I could complain that the snake just shoots something at the foe rather than bite them, but I can see the trauma that can put into players of seeing their favorite character die a hideous death of being swallowed alive. I kinda question how you're supposed to doge being wrapped around by a giant snake, but I'm not complaining. "But Ruben, how many times have things not gone as you predicted, but for the better?" No joke, one of my best friends was electrocuted once as a kid, and it really did drastically alter his personality. With that said, he's one of the most eccentric people I know, and I take everything he says with a grain of salt. To this day, people still wonder what Raiden says. All that's missing is for Superlee to do the same move. Sounds both useful and useless. Copying stats seems more straightforward, although copying bases wouldn't be so bad in a game like gaiden/echoes. Curious as to what this other drawback is. He'd better be eating those words! He is, although I get the feeling he'll die soon. Yep. At least he died as a [email protected]$$ Doesn't quite look like a skeleton, but at the same time, you might actually get in trouble with a mod if you showed realistic burns. I swear, if this bastard warps away at the last second... Maybe they're a DnD party or a group of point-and-click adventurers? Or maybe this worlds version of the Monty Pythons are filming the Holy Grail of this universe? It's like Lee has invincibililee from a platformer power-up. All that's missing is for Lee to awesomelee do this: Giving credit where credit is due, he ain't a coward. Which just means that for us, he shall trouble us no longer. Y'know? As much as we've been joking that Kaga did things first, he really wasn't trying very hard to avoid copyright rules at points. Considering that Pre-Awakening Anna decided to hide her shops in the oddest of locations, an old mans basement isn't too far-fetched. Maybe it's some kind of act that the old man plays for customers, and he and Anna are business partners. Heck, maybe in times of peace, it's an attraction for kids, where a key is hidden somewhere in the desert, they easily find it, he shouts the phrase, and Anna sells stuffed animals instead of weapons. Something to think about. And since you posted right when I got online, I shall risk double-posting!
  9. It works okay for now, but I would recommend experimenting with colors. I passed by it a few times while scrolling towards the post. Hey, better than me. The only anime I watched was Sonic X, and that was when my age was in the single digits. The freaky thing is, that's not even the strangest one! ...Okay now that I think about it, only one special move is wackier than that one, and it's entirely because of the weapon used. Good point. Although I'm still wondering why, after a year of being a member, I've only gotten warned once for double posting. Despite the fact that I've posted Mortal Kombat gifs, mentioned that two shapeshifters technically aren't wearing pants (as well as what the longer fur on could potentially be for) and some... stupid comments on a topic I'm glad has been locked for a while. I think it's because I mention that I take a walk afterwards. I am very saddened by this. I miss the days when I talked with Star Wars fans over the Expanded Universe, what the prequels actually did right and wrong, and how awesome the videogames were. Especially since I enjoyed the Force Awakenings. Yeah, I've long accepted that it's a rehash of A New Hope, but I still enjoy the differences and it is an overall fun movie. And while The Last Jedi definitely has problems, and I really only cared about the storyline with Rey and Skywalker (as it was pretty much an abridged version of KOTOR 2's main lesson), it is by no means a "cinematic failure". Well, Brady could technically count (as all the child characters are a little crazy in their own way. Whether this embeds itself as eccentricity or full blown insanity ranges), but you'd need to unlock him first. Libra is also not fully right in the head at times, but that's subtle and has some tragic backstory behind it. Interesting. Different from Gaiden/Echoes summoners, who had the same damaging spells that arcanists had, making them a pain to fight as all magic, friend or foe, hits like a truck in that game. Sounds like both methods have their pros and cons. With a pulley in the middle! ...That both does and doesn't answer my question. Good point. Reread it. Yeah, It's not as long as I thought it would be. Still, it would be wise to keep it in mind, if it's going to be referenced frequently. I think Tellius makes bucks that trend, but even then, they're really just a different kind of shapeshifter in that game, I believe. I've watched a review marathon of the game, and read Hiimdaisy's comics about the series. I plan on getting Snake Eater 3D next time I'm at an gamestore that sells older games. Never finished it. I remember where I left off and the plot points up until then, though, but eventually college work had to take priority. Don't know why I never went back to it once I had free time again. That just means you can abuse it all you want when you stick a sword in his gullet. Thanks for the warning. I'm ready. And a greater chance for it to go to waste on someone that dies. Tia? Or Dude or Guy? Or all three? Fortunately, I have, and it is making sense so far. ...Mouse? Mouse?! The ferocious dragon was named Mouse?!?!? Is it just me, or does this guy look like a Jedi? Or a Lord of the Rings Elf? Seeing as the archanea character has already been joked about, I shall say that it is instead Lawrence of Arabia! That, or Laurent accidentally world hopped to different games, creatively uncreatively changed his name, and went on an adventure before finding his way back into his own world. Told ya they could make a Manga series about what he did with five years to himself in a desert. What is it with the sexism in this game? Does it really feel that way, or is it just a quick "this character is a jerk" card they keep playing? Mostly because jocks from high school movies don't have access to sharp weapons. It's the scar. Which means instant [email protected]$$. ....What? At the very least, he looks like a character that is supposed to have some grand death that continues the story. Sounds like the whole thing would have been an expansion pack if it were a computer game or DLC if it were released nowadays. I read the first part of the sentence, looked up, and legitimately thought she had a buck tooth. Then I scrolled back down and finished reading the sentence. I also spent more time that I should have trying to look for a Fire Emblem meme about buck teeth, but to no avail. Building off my earlier point, are they trying to imply the tavern keeper is a jerk? Maybe they're building up the reasons to hate of this guy so it will be satisfying to kill him later. People who also claim that they "understand how the world works" only know half the story. A rare skill. But rare does not equal precious. And she didn't attempt to sneak aboard a ship by hiding in a barrel or something? She's either smart or unadventurous. Eugen is like Mycen, except instead of ninja-ing his way into the plot, he joins conversations at will. Reminds me of how characters in Awakening (and maybe Fates) had a comment whenever you bought, sold, or forged something. It was small, but it added something to them. Now that I think about it, seeing characters try out weapons while shopping or commenting on each others purchases while browsing, is something I want to see now. It's a small thing, but it could work wonders. Runan doesn't take anyone's crap. Very much agreed. I would say that pretending to be a d*ck to test someones character usually works better when they aren't a jerk themselves, but overall, this is a nice scene. Interesting concern. Not going to lie that I'm curious of how this plot point will proceed. Richards eventually going to die, isn't he? Whether it's by our armies hand or someone else's is the question. Although given that Codha was spared, it might be best not to jump to conclusions. Barker? His name is Barker? ...Part of me wants to joke about it, but if you replace "prince" with a military rank, it sounds like something out of an 80's action movie, and I can't help but enjoy that. Sure. Blame the dead guys incompetence for your failure... ...Did we fight Admiral Vals already, or was that off-screen? No matter how reasonable story-wise it may be for that statement to be correct, I will always laugh at the attempts to justify a group of 10-20 people beating the crap out of a larger force in these kind of games. Agreed. I think Mustafa is the only "camus" that comes to mind that ever told his soldiers they could leave, but they stay out of loyalty to their general. Given the kind of man he was in the few sentences that established him, it's not hard to see why. That entire scene was well done in general, though. Ah. So this will be the first desert level. And Runan's reaction adds to the humor. For some reason, I want to see this moment animated. Dagon was the god of the Philistines, who were the greatest enemies of ancient Israel. Needless to say, the name is fitting for a bad guy like him. A big question in fiction is how those kind of groups get the manpower they need when they don't have many positives about them. ...Then again, historically looking at the heinous things the religions of certain cultures did, and how it was supported... Wait, witches are in this game? ...If they're anything like they are in gaiden/echoes... whoo boy... I think the bigger question is "how in the world did you get there?" Items and desert maps.
  10. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    He killed the previous holder of the title. Despite killing several other gods, it's the most fitting one for Kratos. If a ship containing boomerangs sank, would they still come back?
  11. Google image war

  12. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    ...Convinced Nintendo that westerners actually like strategy games, and that localizing Fire Emblem and the Wars series would be profitable. After the game was complete and shipped overseas, Arni looked for the office of Marvel Comics...
  13. Problem solving

    Transform it into a houseboat. Or just buy one. You've been defenestrated.
  14. Favorite fates/awakening child

    Laurent. I like the subtle differences he has with his mother, like how he focuses on helping people in his own way rather than doing stuff "For Science" and how he tries to be a little more understandable with his speech pattern. His recruitment conversation with Chrom is also my favorite in the game, simply because he gets straight to the point and how well it establishes his character. Gameplay-wise, he can easily become a magical nuke, the level were you recruit him can be accessed early on, and the level itself isn't that bad if you don't try to get the staff, which is optional anyway.
  15. You're talking to the guy that still reads old-time game manuals for fun, although being fair you had no way of knowing that. It was cool seeing a time when game developers showed their research about wars, weapons, vehicles, history, etc. Or when they used manuals to add backstory and lore to the story when they may not have been able find the space to do so within the game itself. Nowadays, video games developers rarely do that anymore. Probably to save on paper and because they can have that information available within the game itself. Awakening was the game that showed Nintendo that DLC could be profitable and well-received, which prompted them to put it in other games. To their credit, Nintendo tends to avoid the usual tricks that companies pull with DLC, and instead opt for the content to allows be optional. With that said, Fire Emblem Echoes DLC wasn't as well-received as in Awakening, for a combination of reasons. A season pass for only one wave of DLC, grinding maps in a game that already had grinding, extra classes that would really only see use with over-grinding or in the postgame that removed personal animations to boot, and while the story of the Rise of Deliverance DLC was good, it didn't hide the fact that they reused maps for it. In other words, it seems like the DLC in this game was added simply because it's a series tradition at this point. Whether it was a simple cash grab, them not having the post-game time to develop the DLC like they could in Awakening and Fates, or both, we don't know. I'm curious as to how you believe that removing quests would have given them more time to develop the story. Most NPCs simply share gossip or tidbits about the world in question, and while the relevance of quests ranges (sometimes they expand upon parts of the world, sometimes they're just there for entertaining dialogue) they do provide helpful rewards to the player in the form of currency, food, and even items like rings and shields.