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  1. Google image war

    Because Namekians reproduce asexually, so the technically don't have genders.
  2. Google image war

  3. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because it's always nice to catch up with a friend you haven't talked to in a while. People mention The Oregon Trail, but why does almost no one talk about The Oregon Trail Deluxe Edition, which is the best version of the game?
  4. Google image war

  5. Wacky extreme sports

    Taser Javelin Jousting on Horses. Two parties ride a horse (preferably, not the same one), dashing towards each other. At a marked point they throw the taser at each other. Depending on the rules, the winner is either the person that hits their opponent first, or the person with the higher hit:miss ration between a set amount of rounds. If the taser just so happens to go off, then congratulations! You've just ticked off PETA as well as any animal lovers in your vicinity. Volleyball, domino mask, stuffed animal, croquet mallet.
  6. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    It has connections to actual witches and pagan religions. Could a eunuch be able to find a unicorn, or would that be considered cheating?
  7. Google image war

    Now if you pardon me, I'm going to go apply some brain bleach right now.
  8. Who would you like to see in the next batch of cookies in Heroes?

    Thou have not heard of the glorious food known as marshmallow cookies?!? Don't blame you. They were my favorite food as I was young, then they weren't available in stores for several years, and only recently have they come back. I've never tried it, but it most certainly is possible to make them at home. Thing is, I could legitimately see a few banners that have Blustone characters. I already have a good idea what the first one would look like (Lantern as a colorless ranged unit, due to being the protagonist of several other games and for weilding a gun. Nene for more or less being a deuteragonist, to Lantern could be an armored axe unit due to the fact that she's more or less wielding a door and lead pipe as a weapon, and is nearly indestructible in the story and games themselves. Captain, being the protagonist of Blustone, might be an sword unit, but considering (as he learned painfully) that it's an electric sword, they could do something unique with that. And Tyltyl, due to appearing several times in the story and for being the first healer (a cook) the player gets.), and as I've said before, several of the characters could bring unique elements to heroes, such as melee-focused magic users as well as healers that not only have a reason for healing that isn't magic, but can also attack at close range. Ya know? I might actually make a topic later that summaries my thoughts how Blustone characters could be implemented into heroes. I've already rambled the reasons off elsewhere, so why not put them in the same space and go in depth about the chances of each character. "Questionable skin exposure" could mean so many things in that scenario. Although considering that Nintendo published the original Killer Instinct, which somehow had more blood flying than in the Mortal Kombat games of the time while still being rated teen (probably because the finishing moves, while brutal, didn't have gore, decapitations, or amputations), I wouldn't put it completely past them.
  9. Post a fact about the person above!

    Profile picture may have blood on it.
  10. Which of these would you rather do?

    I would stop the people that wish for your demise, no questions asked. WYR have a job on a flying aircraft or in an underwater base?
  11. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    The speed required to steal weapons is so high that it requires a thief to be RNG blessed just to do so on the average foe, and most of the enemies that you'd actually want to steal something from are so strong that it'd probably be a better idea to fight them with a normal unit instead of risking the life of your thief. I wish that Three Houses (and all future Fire Emblem games, for that matter) are built with permadeath and ironmanning in mind.
  12. Which of these would you rather do?

    An awesome shirt that's too big. I've been in that situation before, and later in life I've often grown into the shirt. Besides, if it's a t-shirt, then it being too large isn't that big of a deal (unless it could pass off as a dress. Then I'd have problems). WYR prevent World War 1 or World War 2?
  13. Names you like

    The first World War as a whole could have been avoided so many times, yet tragically every scenario that would have prevented the war was sidestepped by history.
  14. Wacky extreme sports

    Balloon Flyswatter Jousting Two people blow up hot air balloons, and hope that the wind is in their favor. Then then play a real life version of balloon fight, but instead of trying to pop the others balloon, you try to hit them with a fly swatter. Any birds you happen to knock out along the way count as bonus points. Fishing, legos, and a ninja mask.
  15. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    They probably don't give a crap. If anything, they just see it as another way to get more money out of (gullible) customers. One of them might. The rest would either tackle the president to the ground to forcibly get him to duck, take the bullet, er, shoe, as a human shield, or knock/catch the shoe out of the air like a ninja. This is a thing: Why is this a thing?