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  1. If Fire Emblem Heroes didn’t exist I would definitely be spending my time playing way more on my switch or doing my nth run of OoT/MM/FE7. Actually, I don’t even think I’ve properly beaten any game ever since Heroes came out. I would also probably get back to drawing since that’s another thing I haven’t done since Heroes. As far as other mobile games go, I was never big on mobile gaming before Heroes with the only thing of interest being Grindblue Fantasy, which I only ever played in short spurts at a time before putting it down and picking it back up months later. Now I also have Dragalia Lost and I have an easier time playing that casually which makes it not nearly as time consuming as Heroes. I probably would’ve stayed a lurker on Serenes or at least not joined when I did because Heroes was a big push to getting me to create my account. If I could go back in time I don’t think I would’ve have changed anything. I, for the most part, enjoyed my time in Heroes and I’ve been completely f2p so it’s not like I made any terrible financial decisions with this game. I will say I’m overall glad Heroes came into existence. I’ve never seen so much interest in Fire Emblem before but now there’s so much more fanart, discussion, content, about not just Awakening/Fates but the whole series in general and it makes me really happy to see Fire Emblem become more recognizable.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Honestly I hope so because all current Ikes just seem very outdated and generic and he deserves so much better. Edit: with the exception maybe being Brave Ike. Pretty nifty and unique Weapon and B skill although I’m not sure how well those hold up in today’s standards
  3. Would you like to see any certain VAs in this game?

    I want Tomokazu Sugita to voice more characters than just Chrom. His performance as Oliver is the absolute best and I’d love to see more of him. As far as VA’s that aren’t already in the game, I want Mike Pollock to voice Anankos, Gatrie, and maybe Wallace. I also want Ranulf to get into the game with his original VA
  4. There was a whip sword in Aria of Sorrow so they could take some artistic liberties and have the Belmont use that instead and classify it as a sword. Or they could simply just classify the Vampire Killer as a sword and we’d just accept it as is and move on.
  5. Obvious choice of characters would be Piranha Plant, Duck Hunt Dog, and Game & Watch, with RoB as GHB and Villager as TT reward. Oh, and with Waluigi appearing as an enemy only unit. I guess they could throw us a curveball and add characters like Link, Meta Knight, Sheik, Mario, Peach, Bowser, Shulk or other characters of the sort but that seems unlikely.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    To the whales who like to stroke their own egos over having the newest stuff available while most others don’t, yeah I guess that might be fun to them. The problem is you don’t really “work towards” anything in this game really. You either have it or you don’t. There’s very little sense of progression going on in Heroes and I feel like most of it could be fixed if it stopped heavily time gating resources like coins, refine stones, and grails, added a skill shop and skill refinement to the game, and added a way to receive merges outside of the gacha. Only then will players feel like they are progressing and truly working for something.
  7. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Ahhh yeah! Naesala and Reyson are my most wanted Laguz from this batch and one is free while the other seems like a likely demote. That makes me feel way better about wasting an absurd amount of orbs trying to get Laevatein. I wonder if the 3ds beast units will have similar restrictions to the tellius ones when it comes to transforming because they could just transform whenever as opposed to having to wait for their transformation or having to take a loss in stats by using a Demi Band. Also, I hope Tibarn’s A skill is exclusive to him and not inheritable because that skill is just absurd. I don’t mind stuff like Nailah’s B skill which is just meant I counter the current firesweep meta (is it even considered that?) or her Gravity C skill which she can’t even apply from a safe distance the same way staff units can but Sturdy Impact is three big skills jammed into one slot (death blow, armored blow, and null follow-up) and that’s just excessive.
  8. Some Switch games are on sale in the e-shop right now

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been waiting for a decent sale on Octopath Traveler since forever. Just finished downloading Octopath Traveler and although I won’t get a chance to fully dig into it until tomorrow I’m excited to finally play it ^__^
  9. Fir just about needs the extra attack. It’s no fun doubling enemies if you all she deals are big fat 0s so definitely go for the +ATK one, especially because her RES bane won’t be an issue soon enough. While Fir’s SPD may not be considered as great as it once was, it is by no means terrible. Her speed can easily be patched up with a little team support. ———————————————— @mampfoid @mcsilas @Zeo Ok so I have been wanting to utilize Starfish for something and I was hoping to get some ideas as to who would use it best and what their build should be. My idea is building a Legault with it since he has the Spd to take advantage of desperation, has a decent Atk stat, and doesn’t already have a prf and therefore seems like the perfect candidate for it but I want some opinions before I commit to it.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I find it interesting that weapons and skills were updated to include beast units already but their icon doesn’t appear when filtering for skills. Beast Damage sounds terrible though. They should have just done what the Spanish localization did and named it Beast Attack. Questionable choice. I mean, def smoke technically is summonable just not permanently. It’s on spring Alfonse.
  11. Legendary Hero Battle - Azura: Vallite Songstress

    I like how I said I'd comment "a bit later" and now it has been almost a week since then... Yay! Shigure finally sees some action! That was something that was sorely lacking from his last clear but now it is fixed. Still, I feel like Elise was the real star of this map with all the pain she dishes out. Which is kinda funny considering you went "Oh and Elise" as if she was just there for moral support. I see you are still as defensive as ever. Gotta admit though, there's nothing else like seeing you go from seemingly being backed into a corner I love how you forced the terrifying green archer to back off by having the frailest unit block his path. I like to think it just couldn't bare the thought of harming Elise so they changed their ways and backed off. That axe cav sure didn't seem to mind though. Ahhhhh that Green Mage Cav! I see it got you in a bit of pickle there for a second with you trying to figure out where to go. Their range is just absolutely the worst. Leaves you with almost nowhere to hide. And it hits hard too. You managed to get avoid and survive it pretty well though. Great clear! Great to know you'll still be around then and yeah, I've missed quite a bit. Ooh and playlist on your sig that sounds fancy. It's like a carrying a medal detailing all your accomplishments. That's cool. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And now, for the reason I was selfishly late to replying... Abyssal Azura @mampfoid This is what has taken all of my free time as of late. My first Abyssal difficulty clear. Lewyn, an Evil Pineapple, and a gloriously beautiful Oliver, among many others lesser units, were sacrificed for this. So much grinding went into these Azuras because they too had to be more than mere dancers. Today, they were warriors. Now, were these sacrifices worth? Aside from the Takumi and quite a lot of overlap in the two Azuras skills who I was planning to eventually merge, I'd honestly say yeah, because you see, we weren't fighting for a simple golden accessory. No, it was way more than that. We were fighting for sweet, sweet street cred honor. Now, my initial was a going on the defensive. To turn my units into the walls they were never meant to be. That lasted a good whole hour before I probably said F that because let's be honest, unless this was a predominantly magical map, none of them can take repeated assaults from the enemy. The next strategy, however, was the one I spent my whole time and resources on thinking it'd be the one to bring them to victory. It was pretty much a copy paste of mcsilas's Shigure clear. It starts almost exactly the same as this one with Niles taking a sword to the face and killing Legendary Azura in the first turn but then I immediately switch to the defensive and take more of a Guerrilla Warfare approach the same way mcsilas did. And let me tell you, I became much more intimate with the map then I was ever hoping to become in trying to get that to work. I had gotten the AI manipulation down to a T for this map just through sheer trial and error. And you know what? It actually almost worked. They managed to get to the last two units but sadly, there was no way past one particular unit... The Green Mage Cav. The red mage was there too but he was of no particular worry. However, the cav could easily one shot all my team and once he gets to the pillar there is no escape. Someone always has to be in his range and it was just the worst. And the real kicker was that Niles could easily tank the cavalier and counter kill him but he was limited in how much he could pump his Res up and it all traces back to the beginning where if Azura ever does less than 5 damage she will refuse to attack Niles and will simply dance the sword peg to do her dirty work. And it's just so dumb because I could understand if she was doing 0 damage but the arbitrary less than 5 damge bull? AAAHHHHHH! That was so infuriating. Like why did Azura suddenly decide to become smart at that point. I really don't get but what it meant was that this particular strategy was doomed from the beginning and I had to start from scratch The final strategy, as you can see, was a simple one. No more defense, no more running, we take on Azura and her whole team by storm. Don't give them a chance to regain their composure and corner us. No, Niles and the Azuras corner them instead. The result was more than satisfying. That's enough of my ranting now so I'll leave you watch the results for yourselves.
  12. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Couldn’t “Brave” also refer to Bravely Default? (Tiz most likely) Or maybe even Brave Exvius? (Final Fantasy focused so Terra/Noctis/WoL/Onion Knight) Or possibly even something non Square related? I’m not sold on it being Dragon Quest just yet when the only thing we have supporting it is just “Brave”
  13. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo YAAAAAAYYYY! Your last Matthew! Congratulations! Nice Way to start the year. And nice Hrid+Azura I'm so jealous of everyone's pulls though. Not that I've had bad luck summoning or anything (well, not getting New Years Laevatein as my freebie is kinda unlucky I guess) but because I'm trying to hold on to my orbs until beasts arrive but seeing everyone's pulls and good luck makes me wanna summon now. The wait could not be any more painful.
  14. Legendary Hero Battle - Azura: Vallite Songstress

    @Zeo @mampfoid @mcsilas Aww, thanks! Feels good to be back. Yup. I prioritized the Devilish Bow because it just seemed like huge waste to not use such a fantastic weapon. Not to mention there's other sources of ATK/SPD link so I might eventually get my hands on that some other way. And I also love how Leon is now a DIY Halloween Seasonal of sorts. If IS won't give me one then it's up to me to make one. Yeah... not having animations on was a mistake. Even I was like "Wait, what just happened?" after Azura disappeared very anticlimactically. After an absurd amount of time trying to do her Abyssal difficulty afterward though she definitely deserved it. That is exactly what my Raven was thinking with not just with that armor but the sword cav too. I still can't believe that there was a time where I kept dragging Raven onto the sword cav three times in a row expecting the results to be different XP And yeah, Leon is freaking amazing with his kit. Thanks! The 0 are always so satisfying to hear but I guess I can't be too surprised since I did build him to take on the punishment. Galeforce in general is such a fun skill but Raven with his atk and spd make it so much better. To be fair, I feel like I'm pretty EP oriented too because having enemies go up and suicide on your units is super satisfying but you are such a risk taker. Yeah, I figured it was probably trial & error but I feel like your guess about firesweep going first because it's the safest option hit the nail right in the head. The same thing happened to me when I was trying for abyssal even though I was painfully aware that the green bow could have easily 1 rounded my units. I see, you have discovered my ultimate goal. A Leon that rivals your Matthew! Mwah hah hah hah hah hah! Honestly the Wii Shop should've been there the whole time since my confusion never went away. Thanks, great to see you too! Or at least that's what I want to say but you're retiring already?! I mean I knew it was happening but it still feels sad man. I was not ready for a goodbye. Are you still sticking around even after your done making clears or are you done with Heroes for good? It was amazing how quickly Morgan took care of Azura. He took her down as if it was him that had WTA over her. So many close calls in this one but outside of that it was a clean sweep. What a spectacular cross over! Matt and Morgan make this look like a piece of cake and they have tight knit synergy. Nice touch to have their respective dancers refresh only their respective teammate. Did you run into any significant problems trying to pull that off? Now that was a battle that is worthy of being the final battle. Matthew didn't even flinch despite all the incoming assaults and even Ayra held her own well. And the consistency in which Matt is able to spam his Aether is just insane. Not only that but your team pretty much became attached to that pillar and never came off. Your team was as much as a wall as any team can hope to get. It's cool that a seemingly useless skill like seal spd was the key to solving this. I'll truly miss your clears once your gone but thank you for everything and for letting me be part of your journey with Matt and Morgan. Also @mcsilas I'll comment on your video a bit later just let me take a rest off of this keyboard. I really should have replied back sooner rather than letting these stack up >_<
  15. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    Honestly, I despise Corrin, M!Corrin especially because I at least like how F!Corrin looks, but his alts this year have been on point. Both New Years Corrin and Adrift Corrin look pretty cool and I lowkey wish I had Adrift Corrin. I think you're a man with great taste.