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  1. Create-A-Hero Thread

    The crossover thread a while back made me want to come up with some Tales of units. Tales of Heroes: Colette: Chosen of Sylvarant Mikleo: Luzrov Rulay GHB - Jade: The Necromancer
  2. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    Non-bonus characters stop receiving buffs after the two initial runs so you can still have that challenge every run afterwards before the daily reset.
  3. Durability. Yes or no?

    I honestly don’t care either way. I never really noticed much of a difference since I never run out of weapons because I always stockpile on Irons which are more than good enough to get you through to the end of the game in almost any game. Fates? Iron. PoR? Iron. Blazing Blade? Iron. Notable exceptions being Awakening, in which money comes easily and there’s no real penalty on higher ranked weapons, and SoV, in which a weapon’s skills pretty much determines its value. I’ll go with weapon durability though because at least that provides a bit more strategy. Just make it so legendary or prf weapons have infinite durability. Or do it the way botw did it with master sword and make them breakable but have them restored after some turns or at the end of the battle.
  4. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    I love the how the tempest boost just skyrockets Marisa’s hp. Went in with Marisa, Jakob, Boey, and Bride Ninian. Marisa is the pseudo healer of the team. Boey and Marisa soak physical attacks and Jakob magical ones. Thanks to Ninian’s chill atk Loki won’t stop trying to heal units that don’t need healing.
  5. Granted, it’s not a huge increase. Very minimal indeed. However, an increase is an increase and I find it worth it. It’s rng anyway so it’s not like there’s a right way to do it. Besides, it’s not like getting more units out of it that way is necessarily a bad thing either.
  6. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    Aww thanks. Marisa can reach hp comparable to the inflated hp stats of enemy units and on top of that has pretty good defense. Give her some support from drive def and leave her on a defensive tile and she’ll never go down. She looks fragile but is really one of the more sturdy sword users. I saw the pull you did by the way. No Ninian but I’m pretty jealous of that Sonya. Jakob and Boey are units I’ve been wanting to use forever but just haven’t because they weren’t built. Thanks to that free Takumi, Boey is now the fortress he always dreamt of becoming. Marisa is amazing. I’m starting to understand the joys of using her. Talking about Marisa... yours is amazing! And so is your clear. That was close one near the end where you barely did enough damage to get rid of that red mage. Yeah, I guess Raven has some bulk to him. I think it’s because mine is -def that I think of him as fragile. Being able to survive a Reinhardt is hardcore even if Raven is a green. That makes one of us then. I have never watched RWBY at all. The only reason I know the mix I used is because it’s in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. If it counts as anything Ruby is my favorite character to use. I just dig her moveset. Maybe I should get around to seeing the show. Oh, out of curiosity how is your Joshua built? I’ve been wanting to do something with mine but there’s so many ways it could go that I’m not sure what to do with him. Close counter Boey is best Boey. His nature is +atk/-hp. I guess +def might be better for these purposes but I would like for him to actually kill stuff not just wall it.
  7. I do full summons for the first two sessions, sometimes even a third one, to build up the pity rate fast and also to gain some possible fodder. After that I start sniping. It is a huge gamble but it almost always works and gives me the unit I want but that’s just my luck. The reason I don’t snipe from the get go is because every time I have tried that I usually end up wasting a lot of orbs without getting a single 5* and no 5* is worse than one pity breaker.
  8. @Rafiel's Aria If I had to guess I would say you gave him Draconic Aura because it scales off the buffs from blade tomes. Smart thinking on your part. Either way nice Raigh you have there. I like the family theme you have going on. I’m personally thinking of making him earth so he can be with Lucius since I still headcanon he was the owner of the orphanage.
  9. @mampfoid @Humanoid @Rafiel's Aria @mcsilas Ok, one of the main takeaways I got was that Julius and Sophia overlap with Winter Tharja and I agree. I’ll probably still end up promoting them at some point because armored boots hp requirement makes them useless after taking any damage but they’ll have to wait for now. @Humanoid the reason I didn’t list someone like M!Morgan (outside of not having him) over Raigh was simply due to favoritism. I know most red mages are considered superior to Raigh. I just choose to ignore it. @mcsilas Lilina sounds like a literal blast and that video of @Frosty using her for the Zephiel clear definitely pushes me to build her but she’s a bit too specialized for my liking so I’ll wait on her. Not to mention I’m severely lacking in dew and if I did have some it would go to Lyn or Raven first. That leaves me with Raigh and Arvis. Arvis has ploys, recover ring, and is fairly cheap to build. Just slap fury on him and he’s good to go. I also like the idea that @Rafiel's Aria presented of Raigh being flexible. I already have swordbreaker on him and even though I’ll definitely replace his wolf tome that doesn’t mean I can’t upgrade and switch between weapons as needed unlike Arvis who’ll stay stuck to Valflame for the rest of his days. With that said I decided to upgrade Raigh.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    @mampfoid No way. That was so cool! I was honestly thinking about how you would be able to solve this map seeing as the units are so far away and spread out not to mention the starting positions are pretty inconvenient too. I was initially surprised that Cordelia was the one to reposition and do nothing else instead of Takumi but it all became clear once I saw Roy reach the other end of the map. @Rafiel's Aria Lucius being used as more of a supportive unit this time is a bit strange coming from you. Raven can actually take a hit. Never noticed his def was 27 even with Basilikos. Mia and Micaiah just wreck all the armors. @mcsilas Well if all you're are missing is Tana and Myrrh that means you still have both Ephraims and Eirikas, L'Arachel, Innes, and Amelia. Hardly the worst units to be stuck with. Wish you luck on your clear. @Zeo I like how so far, everyone's clears have been relatively short and here I am with 7 minutes of a video. I decided to throw the team I'm planning to use for the upcoming Tempest. Better results than expected. This was fairly easy. Other than shuffling around some seals, the only thing I needed that my team didn't already have was seal spd on Jakob. Miracle on Ninian was simply there because I didn't have moonbow/luna fodder but it's already showing its worth over them. Strategy was fairly straightforward. Leave Marisa and Boey in the frontlines to soak up hits, debuff with Jakob, provide maximum support with Ninian, and back off as needed. The end of this was different than the how I first cleared it. The armor never managed to get on a defensive tile and therefore went down considerably faster. Not sure what went differently but oh well. Music this time around was "Varia 10 Years Later," "Ruby Mix (BBTAG Special)," and "Scraper Sky High"
  11. Out of curiosity to the Tharja glitch, how does the battle proceed once she’s gone? Is it just treated as her dying in battle? Edit: never mind didn’t see the video that got posted @Zeo @mampfoid @mcsilas @Rafiel's Aria and anyone else who might be interested. Now for my actual dilemma. I want a red mage for general purposes. The three I already have are Sanaki, Witch Nowi, and Bikini Tharja, but I’m not interested in building Sanaki and the other two don’t see much use from me outside of emblem teams. So I have 5 mages I’m interested in building but not sure which to promote and build. Hoping someone will convince me as to which one it should be. My options are: Lilina +atk/-hp Raigh +spd/-hp Sophia +atk/-spd Julius Arvis A build idea for Raigh not involving owl tome would be nice too because who knows when I’ll get a Katarina.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid I’m actually not sure. Haven’t really thought of that yet. Right now I just have her in a makeshift team with regular Eliwood, Minerva, and Donnel. I’ll have to do some experimenting before I settle on anything.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo Impressive luck! A flying Sanaki and a Chrom merge in just two sessions. As for me, my first session gave me this: However, this is a seasonal banner, and I don’t call quits till I get a focus unit. Ninian is my aim and because I have no self-control and I was not entirely satisfied with this I continued summoning. Around a 100 orbs later: Other notable units were my first Nanna and Oscar. Lancebreaker from Oscar is especially something I’ve been wanting and it turns out Nanna has drive def 2 at 4* so they are both premium fodder as far as I’m concerned. I’m left with only 2 orbs but that’s fine. Hopefully nothing in the Legendary banner will make me want to pull.
  14. @Zeo Sorry, I’m very late. You haven’t yet posted what you intend to do though so I suppose it’s ok if I give my two cents. For CC, I say you should give it to someone you intend to use often. It would be a waste if you give it to someone you’ll rarely use like ToD!Henry. I was gonna say Saizo or Boey out of bias but sadly they’re not candidates and Saizo would have been similar to Matthew anyway. My vote goes to Morgan. With his tome he could reach 34 def on the enemy phase with the set you gave him. Add in some support through the use of a hone or def tactics and it goes up to 38-40. Serra’s build seems like more of a meme build but fun meme build so that’s a close second. -def seems like a bad idea if you go for it tho. I would say -res to keep as much physical bulk intact. For DD, I think Faye makes the best use of it followed by Julius. Julius will be untouchable by magic but Faye is gonna be walling not just magic hits but everything ranged even without merges. I think Guard 3 would be better suited in her B slot because special procs will still hurt. I like the second build for Sonia. Magic tank and player phase nuke sounds too good. Blade tome seems like a better choice than Dark Excalibur but I understand wanting to make use of her prf weapon. I personally almost never switch them out.
  15. Special heroes of the 21st May

    Not that I wanna get caught up in an argument, but if we are going by supports, then Ninian can definitely be a Pegasus Knight. She can support with Florina after all so it’s possible she learned to ride a pegasus thanks to her.