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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Well this hurts 4.5 pity rate build up (so anywhere between 120 to 150 orbs) just to get Ephraim instead of Ranulf. Ughhh.... whatever he’s Special Fighter fodder and some flowers at least. Decided to summon the rest of the reds just to see if I could at least get Lethe or something Well I got Brazen Atk/Def which I needed but nothing too worthwhile otherwise. I’ll just stop here and start stockpiling again for some other banner. Worst luck on a banner I’ve had since the first summer seasonals. Oh yeah the seasonal. Well it’s a skip for me but my freebie was an Eliwood which I’ll happily take.
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    Not sure if you mean FTP or not but I was able to do it with Ike, Niles, Henry, and Brave Hector so yeah it’s possible. Henry one rounds Ephraim and Niles deals with Myrrh. Everything after that is tanked with Hector and Ike. Armorsmasher is easily resisted by any Lance armor and if you really have problems with it you could try Svalinn shield. Winter Cecilia is free and has amazing res, but outside of that, Sheena also has great res and Gwendolyn’s res is decent and both are 3* units so you can use them tank the magical hits.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Well I’m sure his parents wouldn’t mind at least. After all, they had to have seen their baby bottomless plenty of times when changing the diaper or bathing him. They’d be desensitized to it all.
  4. Tempest Trials+ is coming! (SPOILERS!)

  5. Dragalia Lost!

    I’m just gonna post what I posted right now at the Heroes forum: I will also that I’m looking forward to this new type of event. Just by the sound of it, it reminds me of tower defense games which I absolutely love. Played the hell out of Bloons and others when I was younger.
  6. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Going off of GBF knowledge, he’s probably the starter character with the rest unlocked as you progress through the story or obtainable via the event shop. However I might be wrong and the rest end up being actual banner units. Regardless, I’m prepared to summon if I need to. If it’s an event only, I expect Sharena and Anna as the only other characters. If there’s an actual banner, add Veronica or Bruno (not both) plus their dragon of choice (probably Loki or Feh)
  7. Special Heroes Arrive! A Season for Picnics! - April 19th!

    The way I see it is that Heroes hates male characters so much that they’ll only begrudgingly put them on banners if they have incomplete skill sets or crap stats or otherwise inferior to their fellow female banner mates. Or at least I would say that if it wasn’t for characters like Caineghis, Lewyn, Surtr, Hector, and maybe a few others I can’t recall off the top of my head that were the stars of their banners but cases like those are rare.
  8. Special Heroes Arrive! A Season for Picnics! - April 19th!

    It is common but it’s not really a tradition. KFC just really loves advertising during Christmas time because the Colonel looks like Santa I guess and so they push that image heavily in Japan to sell their fried chicken. ————————— Looking at Leo’s art again really reminded me of Lowen’s cipher art: Look at this man. The most prepared out of any Fire Emblem character to have a picnic and he’s excluded. Oh well, if they end up doing the picnic theme again next year I really hope he’s included.
  9. Dragalia Lost!

    Haven’t done the latest story chapter yet but I’m surprised to hear that there’s a new free story unit so soon. She looks great and another blind res character is a plus in my book. Thanks to the HMC wyrmprint not being mandatory for the new trial, I’m thinking of using the extra insignia for crafting the 5.3 lance for Jakob. Will probably wait on it since I already have the water dagger tho and rather use my sands on getting weapons for other elements at the moment.
  10. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! The download has started! Yes, finally. My impatience comes to an end.
  11. Special Heroes Arrive! A Season for Picnics! - April 19th!

    Woah! I’m impressed with his art! Channeling his magic through Veggie Burger though? That’s interesting. Likewise~ I’m even more impressed that there’s a third person who has knowledge of it.
  12. Welp, mine started downloading except that it’ll apparently take 37 hours to finish.... Oh wait, scratch that off. The error happened. Seriously, what’s the servers deal?! First it says that I have to wait till 7 for the fix and then they say that a maintenance is going on and shall be done by 8:30 and now it’s almost 10 pst and not only has it not been fixed but Nintendo hasn’t provided an update on the situation.
  13. Special Heroes Arrive! A Season for Picnics! - April 19th!

    I knew Felicia was secretly Bianchi with all those poisoned dishes she concocted in the My Castle kitchen.
  14. So jealous right now. Mine is still giving me an error whenever I try to download it.
  15. Special Heroes Arrive! A Season for Picnics! - April 19th!

    I like the theme and I love the twins and Genny and I also don’t mind that it’s more Fates because it’s characters that don’t have alts already but I really hate those new AR specific skills and also more seasonal armors due to arbitrary reasons is dumb and boring. Leo is free tho which is neat. Kinda wish it would have been one of the girls since I prefer them over Leo but whatever. Just hope he’s good stat wise. Not rolling due to lack of orbs and not wanting to support those P2W skills anyway but I hope to get Genny or Flora in my free pull. Felicia sadly has no place in my barracks since the Hectors and Amelia already fulfill all my Axe Armor needs. Also, why isn’t Genny riding on her deer? Would have been glorious.