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  1. I think I actually remember someone else mentioning that, or something akin to that, in another topic some time ago, and honestly, I’d be down for that idea. It’d be the best way to introduce some variety in the Fire Emblem side of things in both, combat and character selection, without having to take up unnecessary space in the roster.
  2. Bowser, Donkey Kong, Ryu, Ken, and Wii Fit Trainer are slow? Also, Wii Fit Trainer is bulky? You must be joking, right? Surely you don’t mean that. Sure they aren’t Sonic or Captain Falcon but they are far from slow. They all range from middle of the road to faster than average. I think you’re letting their large size fool you into thinking they’re slower than they actually are. The likes of Link and Luigi who seem like they would be pretty agile are slower than these characters. As for the fist fighting part. Whatever. So he uses fist. Big whoop. The point is it doesn’t matter what he’s using, his moveset is wildly different from those mentioned and they’re isn’t really much to compare other then the fact they use fist.
  3. Pichu and Jigglypuff aren’t part of final evolutions (and neither is Pikachu but that’s the mascot) but yeah I see what you mean. You’re guess is as good as mine but I think it’s simply because they just seem more battle ready than their previous evolution and therefore they get in because of that. I personally wouldn’t be opposed to Rowlet or any other non-fully evolved Pokémon getting in instead but I guess the developers just don’t see it that way. I won’t disagree with Incineroar feeling like “just another Pokémon.” Kinda feels like Fire Emblem’s “just another sword dude” but I’ll cut some slack since most titular characters wield swords and only swords and there’s really nothing that can be done about that. Pokémon on the other hand just has so many unique characters at it’s disposal that it’s almost criminal that most Pokémon newcomers have been “bipedal furry of the newest gen.” I would really like to see what they’d do with something like Arbok, Toxapex, Haunter, Beautifly, or you know just some other non-conventional Pokémon instead. As far as repping a series outside of Pokémon, I guess it’s just like you said, they must feel some need to fill a quota, and I can’t say I don’t understand since it is like a mega popular franchise world wide and Nintendo probably wants to capitalize on that as much as possible or at least to the point where they don’t mind sacrificing a possible rep for another franchise. I will say one thing though, for someone who doesn’t “ooze moveset potential” I disagree and feel like they did a good job in making him stand out compared to other cast members. After all, it’s not like we had a wrestler in the cast before him so Incineroar is still bringing something new to the table.
  4. Litten (7th) and Incineroar (14th) are both higher than any of the other Rowlet or Popplio members. So you could argue that Primarina and Rowlet are carrying their entire line on their coattails meanwhile Litten’s line is more consistently liked. I think only the inclusion of the third stage starters are being argued for so I don’t know if Rowlet (1st) being more popular means much when Decidueye (15th) is still lower than Incineroar (14th). Based on the poll Primarina (3rd) should have been the one to make it into smash but I guess it’s kind of a moot point since I haven’t seen anyone argue for Primarina’s inclusion. So overall, it really just seems like people being salty about the inclusion of character they didn’t want over the inclusion of another character they did and has no basis on Incineroar’s popularity since he obviously isn’t generally disliked according to the poll or even the least popular one of the three third stage starters.
  5. Everybody’s talking about the Grinch leak being fake but I’m surprised that no one’s brought up (as far as I can tell anyway) that the Vergeben leak was actually real. I mean, the info was pretty consistent but I also thought it could just be like a really lucky streak, but nope, it was actually legit. Anyway as far as the reveals go, I’m so excited for Incineroar! Aww, he just looks so cool! Also, he has a suplex! Now if only there was a train to suplex he’d basically be a Sabin that lacks the k̶a̶m̶e̶h̶a̶m̶e̶h̶a̶ Aura Cannon. I was actually under the assumption that Incineroar was the most popular Alola starter but I guess he’s not seeing his negative reception. At this point though I’m questioning if there even is an Alola starter that is more popular than the other two Alola starters since there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus. Piranha Plant was such an out of left field announcement. I kinda like it though. It looks fun. I will say though, even for a joke character, Piranha Plant just seems so odd and personally think Waluigi would have been infinitely better as a joke character. Also, why not just straight up have Petey Piranha instead? Just feels like there were some really good choices for a Mario series joke character and they went for the one absolutely no one asked for. Again, I don’t hate it but the decision is all sorts of baffling. Seeing Isaac as an assist trophy was the absolute worst though. Ugh, makes wonder if they’ll even consider making him a dlc character now that he’s technically already in the game. Assist trophies in general seem to just have lots of fan favorites like Shovel Knight, Zero, Shadow, Alucard, Isaac, etc. I mean I know it’s unreasonable to expect all of them to be playable but gosh I wish at least a few of these were in the roster.
  6. Dragalia Lost!

    Took me 40 summons (3k wyrmite, 10 single summon tickets, and the full 10 summon ticket) but I managed to get Naveed! Also a 5 star wyrmprint but Auspex’s Prayer seems pretty crappy. Really sucks that I invested so much in Karl though. I wouldn’t mind using both in the fire team but the weapon overlap is a big issue only because it would require me to invest into making a duplicate weapon and weapons aren’t cheap. On another note, how is everyone doing with the raid? I’ve been attempting to do Special Raid but those AoE’s of the boss are brutal. I don’t mind the tornado one with the globes so much but that other one that it has charges fast and if you don’t book it as soon as it begins charging expect to have your party wiped or at least close to being wiped. The boss in general feels more unforgiving than last raid’s but I guess that’s to be expected.
  7. Just gonna throw out there the characters I want with no particular theme. Banner: Valbar, Forsyth, and Python. Add Kamui in there if it’s a 4 unit banner. TT Reward: Silque GHB Reward: Rinea or if possible Duma.
  8. Who do you think should be in the next batch of Blazing Blade heroes?

    Not realistic but... Morph Banner featuring Nils. Sonia: Green Infantry Mage wielding Fimbulvetr. Armored if they want to continue the random making obviously non-armored units into armors because extra bst. Regardless, she’s destined to be the obligatory waifu whale bait. Nils: Dancing Colorless Dragon. The non-waifu whale bait. The novelty of being dancer plus a rare colorless dragon is sure to get people rolling. Probably has a Prf that gives a boost to all stats. Or maybe just Filla’s might that instead of boosting all stats just boosts Atk and Spd by 10 (with Ninian getting Ninis’ Grace through weapon Refinery) Limstella: Infantry Blue Mage. Comes with Bolting which is the Firesweep weapon of tomes. TT Reward Kishuna: Infantry Staff. Comes with B slot “Magic Seal” which prevents any foe or ally within a cardinal direction from using magic. GHB Nergal: Infantry Red Mage. His Prf Ereshkigal absorbs the quintessence of defeated enemies to recover half of his maximum health. Another self indulgent but less coherent banner would feature Heath, Dart, and Harken as banner units, Isadora as TT reward, and Vaida with her Uber Spear as GHB.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Canas is white hairs in Spanish so he could work. Ignoring the fact that he is the "Dark Moonstone," moonstone is gem that is commonly white so maybe Valter could work too? As for red, Lukas the "Ginger Stud," as Python so gracefully once said, exists. If we're counting the armor, Ryoma and Hardin are also red all over.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Why not Silver Foxes Jagen or Gunter? They even come with Silver Weapons. What about Felicia? She uses silverware as her Prf. Lloyd maybe? His title is White Wolf and white is basically the same color as silver. Same thing can be said about Shiro since his name means white.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Might I suggest Shiro as one of your candidates? Doesn't receive the immediate defense boost like he does with Steady Stance but once he activates he'll get the defense boost along with a significant boost to his attack. Well, I'm actually more interested in the Devilish Bow. The permanent guard effect is something I really like but I'm not sure who would make good use of it. I figured that bulky archers like Leon (physical), Faye (mixed), or Niles (magical) would make good use out of it since it prevents them from being nuked by any special (unless the enemy is running something like QP/Moonbow/Killer weapon for instant proc) but I'm not entirely sure if it'd be better than the Slaying Bow Niles/Leon have or a Guard Bow on Faye. As for Atk/Spd Link, I did think of giving it to Marth to make the Best Buffbot™ but I only ever really use him in conjunction with Odin and his Prf already gives him an innate Atk/Spd Link so I decided against that. I figured maybe I could give it to Charlotte so she could buff herself but that would mean giving up on QR and since that really helps with canceling out any Wary Fighters she might run into that's not worth it. The thing with Atk/Spd Link is that it can make anyone into a great Buffbot thanks to the existence of the Tactics Seals but I'm just not sure who I would like to that with. Ah, actually, now that I think about it, Lloyd would make a good user because his Prf requires that he be near a tome user and with Atk/Spd Link he could buff himself and his partner even further and unlike some other units, he doesn't exactly need QR when he can easily Spd stack so I might do that. Not with this Niles since I still much prefer finding a use for Devilish Bow instead but still something to keep in mind for the future. Ah, you're so right. I remember doing the same thing too when I was learning English (not my first language in case you haven't noticed). Although to be fair, I didn't really have much of a choice on whether I wanted to or not, so it was basically sink or swim at that point. Anyway, I decided to take your advice and just roll with it and honestly, it's not as bad I imagined. It helps that a lot of the words are very... Engrish-y. Yeah, that would be the best way to describe it. Had to search up some things here and there, namely that apparently V can be written as ヴ which I was not aware of and was very confused as I was under the impression that you would just use the B family of Katakana for that, but apparently it's a matter of preference(?). Interesting to say the least. So thank you for your advice. ------------------------------- So I do not completely derail the thread with my tangents, I decided to finally redeem some of the free pulls that were waiting for me. The Ishtar and double Reinhardt banner got me a big ole' Effie. Don't really have anyone that needs Wary Fighter and doesn't already have it but I guess the partial Death Blow could be useful at some point. As for the Tempest Trial banner, I already have Dorcas and Myrrh so I pulled for the single red orb in hopes of getting Mia. Didn't get her but I did get Chrom which is fantastic because I have found myself using Aether quite a lot lately and there's still plenty of units who would appreciate it. Overall pretty decent but nothing terribly exciting.
  12. Legendary Hero Battle: Hector

    That Celica clear was really great. Right of the bat there's already a some close calls with Celica barely surviving the Archer and barely counterkilling the Green Mage Cav. Also, 11 damage after every attack!? That's pretty ridiculous, can't believe I didn't notice that before. Very reminiscent of SoV though. Smart of you to kill that Sword Cav in the counter. I figured you were just gonna lure him in and kill him safely from range using one the tome Celicas but then I saw were that Red Mage spawned and I figured you probably had to move Possessed Celica anyway because I figure it messed up the clear otherwise. ------------------------------------------------------------ Something about that Classical music and the Oliver & Co. clears makes me really happy. That Walmart Walhart being able to take on basically the whole army and still survive is real impressive. I mean 58 def on the enemy phase with a Brazen and Tactics Defense active!? That is beastly. Also, poor Hector. I don't think I've ever seen a Hector go down so fast and not even deal damage on the counter. Stahl made mince meat out of him. You made this look so easy and anyone who makes this map seem like nothing is awesome.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Robin is the real showstopper I agree with knowing Japanese being the coolest for sure. Actually, I figured I would try switching the language to Japanese because I'm taking Japanese classes so I figured maybe I could try to familiarize myself more by changing it but it wasn't the best idea. Like, I'm pretty good at reading the Hiragana and so-so with the Katakana but Kanji is were I'm stumped. I know next to nothing about Kanji and seeing as how there's quite bit of it I'm only able to read bits and pieces of it. I guess in the end it doesn't really matter because even if I did know how to read it likelihood is that I still wouldn't know what I just read means, especially if it's informal/slang, still, being able to read it would be a huge step up from not being able to. Thanks! Double the fun is the correct way of putting it because I'm still not sure what to do with the extra copy so for now I'm just using both. That's some great fodder. Any ideas as to who those Brazens are going to?
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Yay! You got like one of the best characters in the game and one that is right up your alley considering your constant use of debuff/buffing units like Morgan and Matt. Sucks you didn’t get PA!Olivia but hopefully she’ll get more reruns. As for me, well I couldn’t be happier. I saw Niles in the banner and knew there was no way I’d pass up this chance. I, however, was orb dry from a combination of being inactive and pulling hard for Flora (who I never got) and L!Tiki + L!Hector (I also didn’t get either of them). So I only had 9 orbs and was pretty skeptical of my chances of getting him. I grinded until I had a solid 20 and then did my free summon which only had one blue so I dipped after that. Next session was the same deal and gave me nothing of worth. The third session was the session though. My luck is definitely showing but I think that’s where I’ll stop. I’d like to get the others, particularly Mia because flying staff is something I’ve been looking forward to but I think I’ll wait until one gets added to the general pool and settle for free Dorcas as my other Halloween unit. A bit of a tangent but for once I think I actually prefer the English epithet. Casanova seems like a weird change but I guess Forbidden Tease doesn’t sound all that well in Spanish. The best thing I could think of that doesn’t sound strange would be “Toque Prohibido” which is “Forbidden Touch” or maybe “Tentación Prohibida” which is “Forbidden Temptation” but whatever I guess.
  15. Legendary Hero Battle of God, White Sage - Tiki

    You are... absolutely right. I was thinking of LordFrigid’s Hector. Although he didn’t have Brave Axe either he was just spd stacked. I guess I mixed up the two you. Oops. Ah I see. I’ve never been particularly fond of armors in Heroes (or in the main series for that matter) either for those exact same reasons so that’s understandable. Thanks! It’s nice to be back. Well then you saw exactly where Veronica needed that Defiant Atk. It was only necessary to deal with Dagger. I believe all I really needed was Atk +1 but I didn’t even have the fodder for that so Defiant Atk it was. Oh yeah, Odin is great and all but MVP was easily Florina and Veronica too. I did build her to be able to tank all sorts of damage in mind but even then I wasn’t expecting her to actually take as much punishment as she did. Initially I had her tank the archers too with the help of Iote shield but that Lance Breaker Brave Cav is what put an end to that plan.