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  1. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    I’ve never been a fan of any of the avatar characters but that Grima is just the best! Grima and Duma Celica are units I want the most but I’m probably not wasting any orbs until I summon LA!Lyn (or at least till that banner ends) Also Betrayal is there? I didn’t see him in the trailer or any notification but I’m happy he is the free unit. edit: oops! He was totally in the notifications I just didn’t read it the whole way through.
  2. Leveling up Mist?

    @Aircalipoor thanks, I’m nearing chapter 17 (currently ch 14) so I’ll try to get Ike some more levels before then. @Interdimensional Observer Wow, some of that seems terribly arbitrary. Outside of the BEXP guide on Serenes I’m not really using a guide so I would’ve never even considered to “kill” a character to recruit them or a Jill a permanently betraying us. Also, it’s true that PoR hasn’t been terribly hard but it was a struggle to get all the treasure on Ch 13 thanks to the birds and the Black Knight caught me by surprise Ch 11 and killed Zihark (worst part was I expecting him due to that Heroes map I just didn’t know when)
  3. Leveling up Mist?

    I suppose it’s time to start using Mist and spamming staffs then because my Ike happens to be Strength screwed (only 9 str at level 14) and I’m not sure how difficult said battle will be. any other tips that might be useful for a beginner would also be appreciated.
  4. Leveling up Mist?

    Ok so I decided to go back and finish PoR, which I started a couple months ago and just left on hold, and I was wondering if I should bother leveling up Mist. I’m currently on chapter 12 and Mist is 10 meanwhile Rhys is at 17. The reason Rhys is over-leveled is because I took advantage of the bexp since I hate leveling up healers so I just dumped most of it on him before I got Mist. Should I just stick to Rhys and bench Mist or is there any reason I would want to keep Mist around?
  5. Should Reclassing Return / Unit Identity

    Why is there so much hate for reclass options? It’s something that never has to be used if you don’t want to use it. You can get by just fine without having to reclass anyone in fates or awakening or grind for hours (something that can’t even be done in Conquest unless you use DLC). It’s completely optional and pleases those that do like it. No one wants cases like Marisa again who comes much later than Joshua and has nothing to offer. How could you even argue that being a good thing? Or how the soldier class in SoV is the worst class to be in outside of obtaining defense promotion bonuses before using a Fork to change them to something like Cavalier which is just a better soldier.
  6. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    I did fail twice on lunatic but I did it my first try on Infernal because I was already used to how to manipulate the AI on this map. I’m really starting to like mixed teams thanks to this new one I’m working on. Too bad tactic skills are so rare compared to hones and goads (not that I use them often in the first place since I tend to run mostly infantry teams). Using Vector feels like I’m breaking some sort of rules.
  7. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    L’Arachel doesn’t need an Ivaldi upgrade though. At neutral, she can reach 54/41 offense with Ivaldi active, swift sparrow, and a spd 3 seal. That’ll go to 60/47 with a hone cavalry. And depending on her IV’s and if goads/spurs are used it will be even higher. Ursula and Olwen will struggle just trying to get close to that.
  8. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    Gunther. Poor guy has lower stats in everything compared to Frederick except resistance (which is a crap 18) Lloyd could use an upgrade to his Regal Blade too. Corrin’s Yato was left in the dust when Seigbert’s weapon was introduced. Leo. Brynhildr isn’t necessarily bad but he could use a boost. I might be biased on this but I think we can all agree Niles could use a personal weapon. Maybe something like Shining Bow? His personal weapon in Fates can’t kill anything but I suppose they could take some liberties. Tobin is in a weird place. He’s one of them slow sword users but he doesn’t have a personal weapon like Chrom, Seliph, and Alfonse. He has a lower attack than the 3 mentioned + Hinata and Laslow. Lower defense than Hinata. And can’t benefit from IV’s so Tobin could use an upgrade to stand out.
  9. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    It seems strange but there’s an explanation. The mage attacked Inigo because Matthew was able to double, activate bonfire, and consequently kill the mage, whereas Inigo could not. The same thing applies to Azura and Ayra. While Azura could have left Ayra near death, Ayra would have straight up obliterated Azura so she opted to attack Matthew instead. With that out of the way, I glad you did record it since I always look forward to seeing your clears.
  10. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    The non-meta units I’ve build are probably Matthew, Niles, Fir (needs DC), Florina (wip), Seliph (wip), Maria, and Serra. I’ve also put some bit of effort on both Corrins, Sophia, and Oliver, but I don’t know if those count.
  11. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    I let Lilina commit patricide multiple times now because I keep thinking that Vector’s 68 atk is enough to one-shot her. I forget the enemies have inflated stats
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    I remember having to play defensively with Nino and how hard that was but it was fairly easy this time around. I decided to go on the offensive with NY!Takumi and have a dancer back him while Joshua tanks hits. It went pretty smoothly. I can’t imagine horse or flier Emblem going as great tho but I’ve yet to try.
  13. I just went and checked to see how much storage it’s taking up on my phone and it’s 1.39GB with all the current updates. So it’s pretty sizable. It’ll fit on the tablet though without you having to delete anything.
  14. How Long Does IS Plan Things in Advance?

    Lissa can pass off as an armored unit but that’s about it. I wonder what skills they would have had if Heroes actually released on time. And if winter was the first one made is it possible that the New Years was the second one?
  15. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    I contemplated reporting it but I just find it really funny. Wouldn’t really mind if they decided to not fix it as long as it doesn’t affect arena.