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  1. FE7 HHM Low-Tier Playthrough (Complete!)

    Aw man... And after such a great FE6 run too. I think I'm gonna cry, man. Your runs are so beautiful. Every time I think you've plucked my last heart string, you find another one to hurt me with. Thank you.
  2. It's really too bad for Margaret and Cecilia that they don't realize Ruben's not responsible for these two's appearance. Also, don't make the mistake of thinking FE8 is too easy. I just finished Chapter 6, aka Worst Fog of War ever, and the map was determined to chew me up and spit me out. Even when I had a perfect strategy mapped out, I had to play it over and over because I'd keep getting killed by a series of low% hits. And no one was safe from it. I lost: Eirika, Franz, Vanessa, Natasha, Colm, and Neimi on that map, once each, at least. And the map only deploys 10 units!
  3. Well, at least the misadventures of the Archanean Army are fun to watch, even if the fighting is... not so much. Loving the spritework though, you've got a good eye for color. Also, lol Margaret, you played yourself.
  4. Well, Ruben's certainly not a traitor, so whoever he's calling over is going to be an ally. I wonder who?
  5. ...I mean, I guess that's one way to make Ilia worth all the trouble it took to get it.
  6. I highly doubt you and I have the same tastes, Ruben. Frankly, I'd marry Katarina. She's so loyal! And then we'd adopt Nino and Amelia and Mozu and all the helpless little girls who need a home.
  7. Ruben you fool, I'm already gay! Brunja's just not my type.
  8. I hope Illia is the canon route-to-be. Just to make all that suffering worth it.
  9. Tate if you die I'll kill you. And your family. And your family's family. Oh wait. They're all already dead. Or benched. Which is probably worse.
  10. Raigh... no... you could have done so much more...
  11. Glad to see Humphrey the Humongous Asshole doesn't have total dominion over Lugh! Though, I'm not sure what Ruben and Ellen did to stop their combined dark magic attack. Also: NOOOOOOOO! WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS!
  12. B-best cav... Sophia... good level ups on lilina... why?! Why must the good die young?!
  13. Holy Horror Stories, Jeiganman! Raigh's being haunted! Or going insane. Send him off to Arkham, boys, we got ourselves another villain for the gallery.
  14. !!! Gonzales got Res! This is cause for celebration! pops confetti everywhere now if only he'd get some more skill
  15. Ow! Must suck to be Elen right now. But hey, at least she gets a sweet nickname out of it!