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  1. Finally caught up on this beautiful trainwreck! I don't think I've ever seen someone turn an LP so catastrophically played into a conceivable plot about the effects of such terrible decision making by someone with the power of tactician! Ruben, I salute you, and I would never emulate your strategies in a million years :P
  2. Trainee Units.

    is it really so bad to require a little bit of effort? I happen to enjoy the challenge of building up a unit until they're good, and my Amelia's have always outpaced Gilliam, Duessel, Forde, and Kyle, so shrug Kinda the reason I posted in this thread to begin with; I like the trainee units. Even Ewan who consistently ends up being trash.
  3. Just finished reading the entirety of Dakota's War Journal. I'm frankly amazed and in awe that you put together such a compelling and dynamic narrative from a plot that everyone can agree sucks worse than Rinkah's growths. You're an inspiration!
  4. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    I've paired Eliwood with Ninian not because of the canon pushing it, but also because I felt it was his most genuine and moving support. Sure, Fiora isn't so bad a match, but in terms of actually getting her to support him... Let's just say I usually stuck with Florina for my pegasus knight. I don't really like any of Hector's romantic options. Sure, the secret dialogues you can unlock in the lategame of HHM when you support him and Lyn are sweet as can be, but I've never been fond of the antagonistic relationship types. I get their concept, but I'm not fond of them in general. Besides, the other reason I don't pair him with Lyn... Florina. Lyn and Florina are the cutest couple ever. They're just the sweetest! I could die if exposed to too much of them they're love is so beautiful. Or maybe that's just all the I'm gay talking. :P
  5. I have a pretty big problem with Sacred Stones' plot mostly because Eirika's route is just so god damn sexist! Now that we've seen Echoes it's not the first time a female protagonist gets pulled into 'Too Naive to Save The World', but precedence doesn't make it better! And why can't we learn about Lyon's motives in her route like we do in Ephraim's? Everything is just so shallow in Eirika's route, especially the Lyon vs. Fomortiis internal conflict. It's just... sad. I get that Lyon lampshades it in Ephraim's route ("One path in which I am devoured by the Demon King, and another in which I resist him. I chose the latter.") but it again does not make it better!
  6. Howdy!

    In the entire series, that'd be a hard call to make. There's a lot of characters that I love a lot, but I suppose my absolute favorite would have to be Amelia. I have something of a weakness for the lovable young girls in the series, and Amelia and Nino are the most lovable and cutest~ Amelia's story is so tragic, so moving, and her potential happy ending in her Support with Duessel just makes me weep ;u;
  7. What to do about Amelia?

    I get that some people prefer immediate usability, but you know what? I just think Amelia's cute. And I love her enough to give her the time to prove herself. And I support her with Duessel so she can reunite with her mother because I'm cry I've always made her a Great Knight, for the same reason going into Knight, but I'm starting to think >Cav>Paladin might actually be more viable just because movement does tend to be a small problem at times for GK Am
  8. Pairing Ephraim and Eirika.

    I pair Eirika with Seth not because I enjoy cliches, but because I feel like Seth is just... the best guy for Eirika? As much as I'd love love love for Eirika to have romantic chemistry with the girls, I don't find her supports with Tana and L'Arachel to be very romantic, whereas her support with Seth just... oozes love and support, even if the circumstances are cliche. As hilarious as Ephraim's bumbling with the other girls is and as disconcerting as the whole face-touching with Eirika is, I feel like Myrrh is the best support option for him. Not romantically, but just as the girl in the army for him to be closest to. His support with Eirika is just... too much. I'm not down for Fire Incestblem. Frankly, his Older Brother Little Sister dynamic with Myrrh is probably the most natural relationship he can have in the game.
  9. I Just Realized Something

    I think the writers just didn't think about it when they wrote up Eliwood's parents. Giving them all El- names was probably just a throwaway decision
  10. Trainee Units.

    I've always made Ross a Berserker, Amelia a Great Knight, and Ewan a Druid because those are just my favorite classes out of their sets. Hero's great, but Berserker gets extra crit, and its not like when you have Axes you need swords anyways because even the dodgiest swordmaster dies to a Swordreaver/slayer immediately. I understand that Paladin's 8 move just knocks Great Knight and General out of the park, but I just like axes too much to stop myself from making Amelia(my baby child who i love so much) into a Great Knight. Plus, her Knight promotion gains help offset her generally low defense. Ewan I find is pretty much trash no matter what you make him into. I just make him Druid because as bad as Ewan is, Knoll is worse.
  11. Most attractive Fire Emblem Awakening Poll

    I think Gaius pulls off the 'dashing rogue' look better than anyone, and while there are plenty of handsome guys in the Shepherds, Gaius beats them out. For the ladies, I went with Maribelle. I just like her face.
  12. Pairing your Avatar.

    Even though I've all but exclusively played as a female avatar, my pairings have been pretty reaching. My first husband was Silas, for the same 'naturalness' that I bet a lot of people felt going into the game. It's not a perfect support but the childhood friend angle does do him favors, and he doesn't have an awful personality like some of Fates's characters. His other supports though... Silas stop hitting on my sisters My second was actually Gunter. I'm not an geezer pleaser, but when I saw that he was only marriageable in Conquest and that was my second playthrough, I felt compelled to give him a shot. Plus, he's a really sweet old guy even if Revelation tries and fails to make him a bad guy, and he reclasses nice and easy into Hero, which is probably my favorite class in the franchise. My Revelation playthrough I married Jakob, but I didn't actually like it. It was just a matter of convenience, getting his Evasive Partner skill to make me tankier. My real third husband was Kaze. I'm not sure how I felt about the support itself, but I do find Kaze as a character to be perfectly charming and appealing, like Silas. Guess it makes sense that the two have a support. As for my wives, though I've yet to really enjoy them proper, my first wife was Azura. However, most of my love for the pairing isn't from the game proper, but rather the fandoms take on the relationship. You know, actually doing anything with it. Azura's supports are so fucking bland in Fates proper with the avatar! There's no passion! No true romance! Give me my gay water wife My second wife is, perhaps predictably, Scarlet. What can I say, when a girl hits your type, she's your type. A freckled blonde badass in red that rides a dragon and doesn't afraid of anything? drools And not only that, her support is adorable as hell! She's such a sweetie! My third wife is Mozu. Her support with the avatar is alright I suppose, but really? I just love Mozu the character. She's so sweet, so dedicated, so damn good as an archer holy shit that I just can't help but want to give her the world and also lots of hugs and kisses because i'm gay
  13. Did you like My Castle?

    I know I might be treading old ground, but I really feel like the My Castle completely fails to integrate into the story in any meaningful way. For the same reason I don't like Lilith, it feels... tacked on. Unnecessary. And in terms of writing, just reeking of convenience. It's there because the developers wanted it there. Internal Logic be damned. As for its functionality, it's... okay? I mean, it does its job as well as anyone could hope, though some of the buildings seem unnecessary at best. I get that people like to imagine walking in on their anime crushes in a hot spring, but do we really need that in a game that's already being derided as Waifu Emblem II?
  14. Kellam solorun (or close)

    Kellam is one of my favorite Awakening characters, for some of the exact same reasons you stated about his class set. He's just a really fun character to fool around with, and his supports aren't so bad.
  15. Howdy!

    Howdily doodily, neighborinos! I've run into a bit of a drought in my social circles in terms of talking about Fire Emblem, so I figured joining the forum and discord would be a good way to branch out! My name is DeeDee, I love Fire Emblem, and I love so much about the games. I have about the same problems with it as I'm sure most everyone does, but that also means I can appreciate the franchise for what it is, rather than what I'd like it to be! I'm currently writing a Fire Emblem Awakening fanfic on Ao3! I'd also be happy to hear of any recommendations for fics or playthroughs of the game that other people here on the forum enjoy! I'd just like to say as one last thing, I hope you all enjoy having me, as I'm sure I'll love being here with you :D