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  1. Ok, not gonna lie, Evil Ruben wanting to create Evil World where everyone's fucking insane and evil is pretty great. And even sensible! Of course he'd want to surround himself with the most powerful and backstabbing people he can if he revels in madness. And I liked the tie in of the Bishops, since as the boss comparisons go they stood out so much. Too bad Evil Ruben's favorite Evil Bishop lacked Windham's power. I mean, even if he had higher stats, he was an endgame boss vs. Windham's midgame boss status. The bad guys never win I suppose. Also, I love that Evil Ruben's final undoing was, once again, Ruben making a nuisance of himself. Never underestimate the power of a well-timed distraction! Can't say I was expecting Albertus to be a manakete. Wonder what his story is. I'm sure we'll get a taste of it in the epilogue, and I'm looking forward to it!
  2. So Humphrey is Ruben. And I bet Ruben's going to beat him by simply choosing not to be insane. If there's going to be any time travel, may as well tell predestination to suck it.
  3. Man, can I just say how much fun Albertus is to see? He's got so much personality for suped up super-generic.
  4. Let's play Binding Blade again - give me a squad

    Jeez, are Lance and Chad stealing all the stat ups from the others? :/ Just because I said Lot could make use of lck/def doesn't mean that's the only thing I wanted him to get >:/
  5. Let's play Binding Blade again - give me a squad

    Green Cav is best cav, as is tradition. And hey, if Lot's going to get hit a whole bunch, luck and defense will keep him alive to get hit another day!
  6. Let's play Binding Blade again - give me a squad

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but half the images broke, starting after Money is important! Speaking of, SHAME on you for neglecting that 5k! that's like, 10 iron swords that you'll need to ration to survive chapters 5 and 9.
  7. I'm not sure if I'm misinterpreting, but... You do know you don't have to Leave a unit on the switch, right?
  8. Let's play Binding Blade again - give me a squad

    Crap, I forgot about the silly convention that decided sacae and illia. I suppose I should change my vote to Chad, who is my favorite of the three thieves
  9. Let's play Binding Blade again - give me a squad

    Shanna! In my experience, she's terrible, but who knows? Flier utility reigns supreme, or so I've heard.
  10. Ruben thanks for being the best at being the worst lper ever. Your dedication to completing fe6 with no skills whatsoever is a sight to behold, and a trainwreck to watch. A beautiful, bloody mess that no one could look away from.
  11. Man, for such a bloody, terrible battle, you sure did spin it into a great story. It's hard to imagine what must have been going through Gale's head when he saw the state of his hostages, and to be confronted by Milady about Zephiel's intentions. Loyalty is hard to break when you don't know for yourself the truth, but the pain he must have seen on Juno and Yoder had to have had *some* effect.
  12. Wow, that was harsh. I suppose FE6 really does earn its reputation as one of the hardest games in the series. Apologies for your loss of a talented Sage, Hugh was really putting in work on your team.
  13. FE7 HHM Low-Tier Playthrough (Complete!)

    Aw man... And after such a great FE6 run too. I think I'm gonna cry, man. Your runs are so beautiful. Every time I think you've plucked my last heart string, you find another one to hurt me with. Thank you.
  14. It's really too bad for Margaret and Cecilia that they don't realize Ruben's not responsible for these two's appearance. Also, don't make the mistake of thinking FE8 is too easy. I just finished Chapter 6, aka Worst Fog of War ever, and the map was determined to chew me up and spit me out. Even when I had a perfect strategy mapped out, I had to play it over and over because I'd keep getting killed by a series of low% hits. And no one was safe from it. I lost: Eirika, Franz, Vanessa, Natasha, Colm, and Neimi on that map, once each, at least. And the map only deploys 10 units!
  15. Well, at least the misadventures of the Archanean Army are fun to watch, even if the fighting is... not so much. Loving the spritework though, you've got a good eye for color. Also, lol Margaret, you played yourself.