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  1. Ow! Must suck to be Elen right now. But hey, at least she gets a sweet nickname out of it!
  2. FE6 HM Low-Tier Playthrough (Complete!)

    Whoa... Everyone should read this LP. I always love a good and fun casual playthrough using whoever, but watching this one develop into an actually compelling character story about units prevailing despite awful starts is just. Whoa. Congratulations on doing something so incredible. Those edits in the finale(especially the Prism Cannon) were amazing.
  3. It really is a shame that you've gotten such good levelups out of this route when Treck, the Best Cav, is dead, and thus this timeline is forfeit.
  4. Treck......... Sleep well, brave soldier. You've earned your final nap. Please for the love of god let Route A go better I don't want to live in this, the Worst Possible Timeline.
  5. And thus, Ogier's luck runs out. Seems the only thing he had a skill for was dying. And y'know, I honestly expected much worse from this when I first started reading the update. I figured Lilina and, I dunno, a squishy like Sue or Elen would have also bit it. Of course, that might just be waiting for us on the horizon in the next attempt at this awful chapter. I'm sorry man, I know you like Bartre, but I don't think I can forgive this chapter's hellish design enough to choose B over A, despite this path giving us an actually relevant bard instead of Tangentially Significant dancer, and the Dad Master Axe.
  6. Wow, it's pretty great to see everyone doing so well, excepting Sue being Sue and Ogier being skilled at luck and lucky at nothing else :P . A shame about Wendy though. I've seen her turn out well, and I thought if anyone could make that happen, it'd be Mr. Demigod Matthis Maker, but I suppose nothing can save a unit in need of babying from her own atrocious bases.
  7. You should edit those two shots of Dorothy critting to make it look like she's infinitely twirling her arrow.
  8. I'm surprised to hear the general opinion of Lilina is low. Unlike Wendy, Lilina is a ranged unit, so her defenses are much less vital to her usability, and unlike Sophia, the chapter she joins in (but in this case, more so the chapter following it) is very easy for her to grind in. Plus, her best stat is easily the best stat for a mage to have! What she lacks in speed she easily makes up for in her capacity to nuke the enemy. Even her relatively low skill is compensated by Anime tomes' high hit, something Sophia will never have.
  9. 2spookyAxeboys Wrys's mastery of disguise continues! Remarkable! I kind of hope Lilina turns out. She's one of my favorite mages in the franchise, right up there with Nino and Lute. Plus, since this is FE6, she's only okay, so it's not like she's too overpowered for you to like or anything! ...right?
  10. Now I see what's going on, Etruria is after Humphrey, and thought that Ruben was him since they're both Tacticians! Kinda feel like calling bullshit on Marcus though. He's been a little too Gung-ho and Lance first to have suddenly grown a brain and recognized our local fatass as the shitlord he is.
  11. Anything Goes Birthright PMU

    Maid!Hinoka (A+ rank Azura)
  12. Humphrey is definitely talking about the dragons. He's practically parroting Zephiel's rhetoric. I'm eager to see where the Ruben and Sid Subplot will take us. Treck! I have faith in you, don't prove it to be misplaced! Really though, in FE6, a few bad levels are only crippling if they prevent you from getting more levels in the future. And with Axes Axes and More Axes awaiting us post-Chp. 8x, getting Treck exp shouldn't be too difficult if you can keep him alive. Like I said earlier, when everyone sucks, no one sucks, so good levels for Treck are sure to come, and if not, everyone else's levels aren't liable to be much better. Except Marcus. He's apparently determined to regain his FE7 Oifey status.
  13. Yes!! My favorite cavalier in FE6 well get used if he survives! I honestly, truly love Treck. He's got 3 more levels to grow than Noah, and his growths are frankly, quite passable for Binding Blade. If he proccs enough speed, he can easily overtake the christmas cavs. Plus! His most outstanding trait is his high luck, which is wonderful in a game where dodging crits is probably more important than ever. Also, like you said, he just Does Not Give a shit. He's more likely to fall asleep on his horse than he is to show emotion.
  14. So Sid's the Super Soldier's name! I eagerly look forward to hearing of his further exploits... assuming any more are had if the trainwreck continues as it has. To be fair though, this game is trying it's hardest to push your shit in.
  15. Oh dang, I hope we get to learn our mystery murdersoldier's name soon! The sprite of him as a cavalier looked very nice! Also, loving how the axe bros are turning out! I never had the patience to invest in them with their awful hitrates in my run of FE6.