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  1. I would like to propose a community effort to uncover who performed the famous Fire Emblem commercial song in the 1980s. The identity off the performers remains a mystery even to this day, and I dare say it may be one of the franchises greatest Unsolved Mysteries (TM). Early on I had initially suspected the world-famed Takarazuka Revue of being involved, but I am not entirely sure they would be the performer in the commmercial. For one, the Takarazuka Revue is all-female, and some of the voices seemed to this ear to be male baritone. So IF the Revue WAS involved, it would have to mean the performers lip synched the commercial while actual opera singers performed the parts. What does the community think of this theory? I mean, if Link was played by a teenage girl in the famed Zelda: Link to the Past commercial, it could happen.
  2. Is it any good?

    I have the soundtracks to both but is the game good?
  3. Voice Actor list for BS

    If anyone’s interested I found a list of them and have had it compiled for Years.
  4. Commercial song

    I forget the title but it’s by aiko, who also did two theme songs to the Crystal Chronicles DS Games Ring If Fates and Echoes of Time
  5. FE Japanese commercial song

    If it’s not already known commonly, it’s “LIFE is...” by Ken Hirai. First track on album of same name.
  6. General Warriors & FE Warriors Questions Thread

    You missed Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. My personal fave Warriors game. You get to make people go “HIDEBU-! *splat*”
  7. Which version is better?

    Torn on whether to get Switch or 3DS
  8. New to game. Need build advice

    What should I Build Corrin as? Any specific builds you find effective?
  9. Fire Emblem 4 Plot Summary

    Wow. Almost missed the Guy Fawkes reference
  10. Delete please

    Delete please. Mobile device double post
  11. New to series and here

    Pleased to meet you sll