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  1. Aether Raids General Thread

    Man it's Thursday night and I've only lost lift once this week... Should've committed to a flyerball sooner but hindsight's 20/20 as they say
  2. Not sure about there other applications but you can probably do some really nasty stuff with Cain and Abel on AR defense now. And considering that they were both pretty much worthless previously, I'd say this refine was a win for them. Even more so than Hanna and Perri imo since they just do the exact same things they did before just slightly better.
  3. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    Well that was a joke. Just used my default flyer team with no adjustments what so ever. Then again they didn't put any effort into Haar himself so why bother with his map
  4. Aether Raids General Thread

    Okay lets see. First off I'd recommend building/blessing Aversa. Alot of people, including in T20, don't bother Aversa proofing their map because of how annoying it can be and her ability to panic pretty much every ranged and alot of melee units helps a ton. Additionally if you just give her Axe breaker and a bit of team support she kills Surtr too. As far as dancers go, the only consistent solution is to just kill everyone before they can be danced and that's often not as hard as it sounds. For example, my "holy trinity" of AR is Eir (even in non light season, though that'll change), Aversa and Titania. Titania is there for triple tactics buffs and very importantly, she runs smite. Many standard "Cluster" set ups are protected from being player phased by traps, but when a unit gets moved onto a trap via assist it doesn't burn their action. Also important is that Eir runs Vantage. The general plan is to buff Eir to the point she cant get one shot, Smite her forward to kill a dangerous unit (priority depends on map but generally you want to kill a unit Eir can't one shot on enemy phase) and then she just rides Vantage through the rest of their team. This is all greatly aided by Aversa since many maps rely on visible buffs and even the ones that don't go overboard still often get hit by the -3 to all stats. Keep in mind you don't need Titania specifically. If you can give two +6s to your bait unit (in this hypothetical Eir) via double tactics or an Emblem buff, you can run a Link skill on your smite unit to get +6 to all stats. Also as far as long term considerations go, I would recommend seeking out units uniquely good for AR such as: Loki, Ophelia, and Nailah
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    What do you usually run on offense? Fortunately I've sought out a number of units specifically for AR so alot of maps just come down to very simple baits or a simple smite setup. While there are similarities, T20 maps have much tighter design at least from what I remember. I've also seen some straight up dumb stuff in T18/19 like running 4 melee armors, 3 of which didn't even have DC
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    I was forced to stop playing FEH due to some life circumstances for a bit so i dropped from T20 to 18 and man... it's just so easy down here. I almost don't want to go back... Almost
  7. Using the two existing Prf Staves we have (and other weapons in general) all of these weapons are ridiculously over-tuned. Wrathful/Dazzling each count as a full effect and both new units and the latest refines show that 2 full effects is still the generally accepted standard (with a few odd balls thrown in). While you might say that these particular units need very strong weapons, you can't overlook how many units get refines that are just marginal upgrades on existing play styles (e.g. Bartre, Oboro, etc.) and being a bad unit doesn't guarantee you a spectacular weapon, nor one that breaks the rules. As for some particulars: Wrys: Not much to say other than it having 3 effects, although I do like the idea of a sabotage effect on a staff Azama: I don't really understand the intent here. 50% of Azama's atk - his foe's atk is guaranteed to be a negative number and if you meant the opposite... that would actually deal way too much damage. Also 3 effects Sakura: We have a baseline of strength for base effect in Hinoka's and Camilla's prf, so there's no reason to think Sakura would get special treatment. Also I'm not sure about that Hex effect as with the exception of globals, everything that does have a range only goes to 2 spaces. Not Necessarily broken just unprecedented. Lucius: While on paper this weapon's effects line up with Thani, its worth noting that Thani is one of those oddball weapons that just gets to break the rules and I wouldn't expect many weapons to follow suit (Warrior Princess and sort of Niles' Bow are also exceptions). Additionally, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, there has never been a case of a Legendary weapon that canonically exists in fire emblem being given non cannon friendly effective damage in Heroes. If anything Aureola would just be effective dragons, but all the Elibe legendary weapons have had that stripped so I wouldn't even expect that much. I Also question if IS would make a pure combat staff as even if it's denied Dazzle on the weapon its self, you can always run it in the B slot. As strong as Veronica's weapon is, it doesn't contain an effect to make her stronger in a single round of combat like effective damage. EDIT:Actually going along with Icedragon, Thani's existence isn't so odd. Still don't think they'd put eff damage on a staff though.
  8. Amelia got a Prf not because she was bad overall, but because she was very underwhelming when compared to other 5 star locked units of the same class. Elise has no real statistical advantage over units with similar availability and unlike the others, she has garbage fodder. If I pulled an Elise today, I would be pissed and that's not something I can say about anyone else that shares her class and availability
  9. I really hope they show some love to the lance Cavs in the next round. They all feel so same-y. Would also be nice to see them take a chance on adding another prf staff to the game. I get why they haven't bothered but it could be nice for someone like Elise. Other than that I'd expect at least one more "patch job" refine for an older 5 star they refuse to demote. Some good Candidates on that front would be Luke, OG Azura, and Elise. On a personal note, I'm holding out hope for a new Weapon for Clarisse and Legion. They don't really serve any purpose even if you're just comparing them to other free units.
  10. Sonya's refine is quite good. She lags a bit behind Ophelia and Lilina in raw Atk, but the Wo Dao effect will make up for it. It's also less restrictive team comp wise than Oph. While it's neat that Dark Aura is a reflection of regular Aura from a flavor perspective, I never liked that weapon so w/e. Klein can run double Chills and some cool quad stuff so that's nice. A lot of the old archers just blend together so it's cool another one of them gets their own niche build. Sophia's is fine. Though if you don't want to commit to, or are just unable to give her Null C Disrupt I would just stick with Owl Builds
  11. Given that Klien's "issues" are that he's just not particuclarly good at anything, I think a utility focused refine would be best for him. There aren't many Prf bows in the game and only one of them has any type of utility so I'd be a good way to make him stand out. Klein himself is a general if I recall so I'd fit nicely with him.
  12. I think if they worked him in earlier it wouldn't have been a problem, but now it's tough to add any new melee Cav to the game and get people excited because of how plentiful options are. If back in the day they added him as like an Axe Cav with Oscar's statline he would have been unique but now everyone has access to Groom Marth. There's just not much interesting to do with him as a unit and that combined with not having a very marketable design will likely keep him out of the game. He certainly has a shot at making the next banner, but I'd bet my money elsewhere. That being said, if he was a sword chick or something he'd have a much better shot.
  13. Yeah that's why my idea is to essentially give up on actually balancing the movement types and just make about resource allocation. I think it makes a good deal of sense too as man for man, something like a standard pike square was far easier to train, equip, and field than an equivalent number of mounted knights. If IS really wanted to rein in Cavs in particular, I'd probably best be done through map design. Think about how many maps in FE don't have significant amounts of rough terrain or anti Cav weapons. That combined with most maps requiring for whatever reason (route, kill stationary boss, seize) to cross the entire map over the course of the level, and Cavs' strengths are often put at a premium while their weaknesses go unexploited by the opposition
  14. I sincerely hope they don't follow the heroes model of movement balancing. In heroes infantry are supposedly propped up by a significant number of noteable skills locked to them and by not having vulnerabilities. But even with the game bending over backwards they're still bad. In Aether Raids (the only game mode centered around combat optimization) the only infantry you see consistently are those with prf weapons that no one else can replicate (i.e. Ophelia). Furthermore the introduction of the dragonflower system is a tacit admission by IS that infantry are still bad as they are the only type that can double dip. Locking Null C Disrupt, a long requested skill to infantry is another attempt to give infantry a reason to exist. Just having a few extra stats doesn't fix what's mechanically wrong with infantry and I would hoe heroes would teach them that.
  15. It could be way to balance the general superiority of Flying/Cav units. Lets say that natural weapon exp growth in this game is very bad compared to past titles, and thus units are very dependent on lessons/tasks to get exp. We saw that premoting to brigand, a weapon locked infantry unit, requires a C rank in Axes and an Intermediate seal. What if promoting to Caviler for example, requires a C in horseback riding in addition to C or D in a weapon type? In the trailer we see evidence of both a limit on the number or lessons and a personal stamina meter of sorts for individual students. If we assume lessons and training are in fact finite (could be something that changes depending on difficulty), it could be that while all of the crazy weapon/movement combos we're used to seeing in heroes are possible they may not be practical for all units are they will be very resource intensive to put together. The strength of the Swordsmaster vs a Sword Wielding Paladin, is that becoming a Swordsmaster would require a certain rank of swords (and likely mastery of the Myrmidon class since that's a thing) only, while the Paladin would require a very high rank in Riding in addition a respectable weapon rank. All this would put you in an interesting position as a player, as there would be a handful of "special" students you pick who get to do all the crazy shit, while everyone else has to take less resource intensive routes. This whole thing gets more complicated when you factor in personal aptitudes that seem to be in the Trailer. All that being said in order for this system to work, IS would have to properly incentivize players to use Armors for once. They could do something like the "Heavy Armor" skill from Echoes and have them take reduced damage from all ranged physical damage so they'd at least have the niche of not being able to get chipped out by harassers (something that could be really important if Canto is a thing in this game, Remember all of the enemy Paladins with Spears from PoR). Alternatively they could go all in and give them something like 40% damage reduction from all physical damage except eff Armor weapons.