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  1. Yeah that's why my idea is to essentially give up on actually balancing the movement types and just make about resource allocation. I think it makes a good deal of sense too as man for man, something like a standard pike square was far easier to train, equip, and field than an equivalent number of mounted knights. If IS really wanted to rein in Cavs in particular, I'd probably best be done through map design. Think about how many maps in FE don't have significant amounts of rough terrain or anti Cav weapons. That combined with most maps requiring for whatever reason (route, kill stationary boss, seize) to cross the entire map over the course of the level, and Cavs' strengths are often put at a premium while their weaknesses go unexploited by the opposition
  2. I sincerely hope they don't follow the heroes model of movement balancing. In heroes infantry are supposedly propped up by a significant number of noteable skills locked to them and by not having vulnerabilities. But even with the game bending over backwards they're still bad. In Aether Raids (the only game mode centered around combat optimization) the only infantry you see consistently are those with prf weapons that no one else can replicate (i.e. Ophelia). Furthermore the introduction of the dragonflower system is a tacit admission by IS that infantry are still bad as they are the only type that can double dip. Locking Null C Disrupt, a long requested skill to infantry is another attempt to give infantry a reason to exist. Just having a few extra stats doesn't fix what's mechanically wrong with infantry and I would hoe heroes would teach them that.
  3. It could be way to balance the general superiority of Flying/Cav units. Lets say that natural weapon exp growth in this game is very bad compared to past titles, and thus units are very dependent on lessons/tasks to get exp. We saw that premoting to brigand, a weapon locked infantry unit, requires a C rank in Axes and an Intermediate seal. What if promoting to Caviler for example, requires a C in horseback riding in addition to C or D in a weapon type? In the trailer we see evidence of both a limit on the number or lessons and a personal stamina meter of sorts for individual students. If we assume lessons and training are in fact finite (could be something that changes depending on difficulty), it could be that while all of the crazy weapon/movement combos we're used to seeing in heroes are possible they may not be practical for all units are they will be very resource intensive to put together. The strength of the Swordsmaster vs a Sword Wielding Paladin, is that becoming a Swordsmaster would require a certain rank of swords (and likely mastery of the Myrmidon class since that's a thing) only, while the Paladin would require a very high rank in Riding in addition a respectable weapon rank. All this would put you in an interesting position as a player, as there would be a handful of "special" students you pick who get to do all the crazy shit, while everyone else has to take less resource intensive routes. This whole thing gets more complicated when you factor in personal aptitudes that seem to be in the Trailer. All that being said in order for this system to work, IS would have to properly incentivize players to use Armors for once. They could do something like the "Heavy Armor" skill from Echoes and have them take reduced damage from all ranged physical damage so they'd at least have the niche of not being able to get chipped out by harassers (something that could be really important if Canto is a thing in this game, Remember all of the enemy Paladins with Spears from PoR). Alternatively they could go all in and give them something like 40% damage reduction from all physical damage except eff Armor weapons.
  4. How do you think the routes will work?

    I'd say the first trailer was lore focused with some story implications. Learning about the history of the Continent and church is important but it doesn't tell us anything about what happens during this game.
  5. How do you think the routes will work?

    I wouldn't get your hopes up for this one. Maybe the reason thr game's been so delayed is that they wanted to be really ambitious and include 3 distinct campaigns or substantial branching but I feel like they would have made that clear. The marketing so far makes it damn near impossible to actually discern the true nature of the game's main conflict and that's very intentional. The story, in content or structure, is likely not a selling point here so they focused on what they thought was the biggest selling point i.e. the school stuff.
  6. Bold of you to assume this game won't have incest on top of student teacher relations
  7. Appreciate the effort. Probably going to open with the Lions since I'm a sucker for infantry lancers and Mercedes is best car girl
  8. It's also worth noting that many old Democracies had very limited suffrage. Maybe they are a Democracy in a loose sense, but only people who own a certain amount of land or have amassed a certain amount of wealth are allowed to vote. Could also be a HRE situation were a certain number a families are dubbed "electors" and they're the only ones who ever get to vote.
  9. Byleth showing up in pre rendered cut scenes doesn't bode well for this. The reason you never saw Robin or Corrin's body or face in cutscenes was to not have to deal with customized appearances, and thus only have to make one version of the scene. I think we could be looking at the least customizable Avatar yet since they seem to be struggling to put these together in the first place (based off the abysmal frame rate) and realistically they have to make a version for for M and F Byleth. I'm honestly wondering how even just hair color is going to work. That being said the game did get delayed, again, so who knows what's going to be in the final product.
  10. It could very easily be a RD situation where the circumstances of the plot cause playable characters to be in conflict with one another until the "true villain" is revealed. I suspect the choice of house largely just effects recruitment order by determining the side of the conflict we start on but we'll all get together at the end to fight some crazy dark mage or something
  11. Eh it's hard to say. Mid to high 30s would make a bit more what we're used to, but if this game has a loose reclass system like DS games having a large roster is partially pointless as the ability to class change replaces the need for a varied cast of units
  12. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    I'd bet good money that the choice of house is a sacred stones esq thing that only largely effects one act of the game (in this case the first act) and then the game's main conflict causes things to converge
  13. Both M and F Corrin were top 5 in their gender when the official pop poll for fates happend back in the day in addition to performing respectably well in CYL. People in Japan really like them. As for 3Hs marketing, no one wants to selfinsert into a world that's lame and doesn't contain things they care about. Byleths roll as self insert protag is already apprent, so it makes sense to focus elsewhere.
  14. Avatar protags in RPGs are wildly popular in Japan, and despite how much flak they get on forums like these, Robin and Corrin are very popular characters on the whole. That combined with Fates and Awakening's sales figures means IS has no reason to believe there's a problem
  15. It could also be a Great Schism or Reformation situation were the Church turns on its self and only one faction of the church are the "bad guys"