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  1. Share your FEW stories!

    Seen it numerous times. I'd have to guess it has something to do with having done a Dualguard or two that the game deemed worthy. Either that or because the only other character was already max level and couldn't get more experience.
  2. Really it makes me wish this game could be on Steam with workshop support. There's too many characters, and too many of those aren't MY favorites but are for the "world", so I know I'll never get to play as them.
  3. Share your FEW stories!

    during those in between moments I'll also exercise the jiggle physics if applicable. Like if I do something stupid and break Azura's armor, or I'm playing Lyn.
  4. Share your FEW stories!

    The moments when wrecking during an arena. "Robin is using lightning!" He's dead. "Quickly defeat Robin to stop the lightning!" He's dead! Characters says their "I've gotta do something" line Been dead for a while now. "Robin's been defeated!" Oh hey, you finally caught up! lol
  5. I'd say eggs in a basket. You can't just throw all the most popular characters into one game because then you'll be at a loss for the next game if the first does well. That's why we have SOME popular characters and not ALL the popular characters. Considering the presence of clones I'm surprised people aren't glad he's not here because now when he shows up next game he might actually have a unique move set.
  6. I would suggest 5 min onslaughts and just kill as many captains as you can
  7. There's shape shifters in every game. Could've gotten Killer bunnies from awakening or kitsune and wolves from Fates. For that matter I wish I could have awakening's manakete model and Nowi in this game.
  8. New Player Tips and Tricks Thread

    1. Always pair up your playable characters. Dual guards blocks damage and doesn't take many hits to charge. Dual attack (not the special) can get you a stun gauge when you might otherwise not get one. You can command a pair up before battle begins. Select a character to be the support, hover over their would be partner, hit X instead of A it'll bring up the list of targets, select the partner and there should an option to "pair up as support" 2. Critical hits (breaking a stun gauge) are generally the best source of damage. Generic characters and captains may die easy enough to normal/strong strings but heroes will need a bit more. Critical hits also trigger armor break. 3. Armor break is amazing. To prevent yourself from being armor broken dual guard protects you from damage and Armored blow (Tiki's skill) and Pass (Lyn's skill) don't stop you from taking damage but does stop you from "flinching" which is apparently the trigger for armor break on playable characters. 4. If you can help it try and have a character with a staff available as even if they aren't one of your playable 4 you can still command them to heal when necessary. The command is found the same way as the "pair us as support" command 5. Try to always have your playable characters doing something. Unless they are at a disadvantage they're pretty good about getting stuff done. At the very least while you are doing the other thing they can make their way to the objective and when your currently controlled group is done you can tell them where you want them to go next and then switch to the other group that still needs to finish their objective. Any npcs that I can command I usually have guard the base/allied commander. 6. Shadow Elimination, people don't tend to like it. Identify the shadow summoning mages on the map before starting, make sure you have a healer npc, command your playable chars to pair up and then start the battle. If possible choose people with slayer and/or advantage over the shadow. If you have the flexibility pick pair ups with a mounted character as they will be able to get to the shadow summoners and return to base to finish the shadows much faster than those on foot, even if they aren't the one you kill the mages/shadows with. Ignore everything but the mages at the start of the battle you can maybe take a fort as I've seen it distract the shadows but the mages summon another shadow pretty quickly and you don't want to deal with any more than 6 shadows. 7. Dodging is the greatest. As you get better at recognizing attacks instead of dodging away you can start to dodge into the attacks and be in melee range as soon as the stun gauge opens. Dodging immediately puts the character into a sprint so when you finish off a hero/captain dodge and you'll already be sprinting to your next destination.
  9. That was a nice touch

    Grief Arena Lv27 upon severely injuring Niles and Owain enters: Owain: The legendary Heir to the throne of darkness has arrived! Niles: Thanks for the assist, partner. I mean... Owain. Owain: Partner? So you have awoken to our bond, Broth-- (voice changes to less dramatic) Hey, don't walk away! Got a good laugh out of me.
  10. Discoveries on using the new bond crystal and arena fights: 9KOs is enough for C and B supports. Each battle takes less than 5 mins, about 3.5-4.5 depending on how long it takes to cycle through the prompts, so better than even a short onslaught. 2 9KOs arena fights was not enough to go from B to A but doing a full arena of 22KOs was. Now it may be possible to get enough champion kills in a short onslaught but I don't know that I can accurately keep track of all my significant kills so I'll let someone else confirm that. Either way you're looking at ~15-20 mins to get an A support vs what seemed like an hour+ pre bond crystal. Edit: Nevermind, that all got shot to hell. While all that information may work on characters with no support, if they already have some support things get wonky. Makes me wonder if having it equipped not only increases the rate support is gained but also applies it to all support levels or something.
  11. Hardest/Toughest Chapters outside of History Maps

    You don't have to defeat Xander, Ryoma, or Corrin in chapter 13. Just defeating iago will cause them to switch allegiance . Just scatter your allies, take a fort or two on the way to Iago and you'll be fine. Should also be noted that you can change a characters default actions in autobattle menu before starting a map. I have everyone set to do nothing if no orders are given so they don't go running off for whatever reason and stay put after healing, taking a fort, or killing a target.
  12. war god 2 needs navarre's silver item so that means war god 3 needs his gold item plus more silvers. Fang crest is probably similar.
  13. Free Update / Nov 16

    so which battles are the sword armor break and lance armor break hidden behind? edit: it's behind chrom and the entire fates crew, in case you were looking to get those quickly.
  14. Noble Lady of Caelin

    if you have a non controllable character with a staff you can command them to heal as well. For whatever reason you can't command them to heal the base(fort) commander, so just have them heal someone else and the aoe should get them. I always pair up so I only have 2 controllable characters so they're both bum rushing the *mages* so that's my solution if things get nasty. Also capturing a fort or two nearby sometimes distracts the shadows.
  15. There's no blood or nudity. No swearing outside of maybe a damn or two. Niles and Camilla are suggestive as hell with their lines, but not something a 5 year old is remotely likely to understand (I wouldn't think). For all intents and purposes I think the only reason the game is rated T is because you are slaughtering pitiful soldiers by the thousands, but it's not even remotely gory. And then Camilla because Camilla and Niles because he "volunteers to strike from the rear".