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  1. Free Update / Nov 16

    so which battles are the sword armor break and lance armor break hidden behind? edit: it's behind chrom and the entire fates crew, in case you were looking to get those quickly.
  2. Noble Lady of Caelin

    if you have a non controllable character with a staff you can command them to heal as well. For whatever reason you can't command them to heal the base(fort) commander, so just have them heal someone else and the aoe should get them. I always pair up so I only have 2 controllable characters so they're both bum rushing the *mages* so that's my solution if things get nasty. Also capturing a fort or two nearby sometimes distracts the shadows.
  3. There's no blood or nudity. No swearing outside of maybe a damn or two. Niles and Camilla are suggestive as hell with their lines, but not something a 5 year old is remotely likely to understand (I wouldn't think). For all intents and purposes I think the only reason the game is rated T is because you are slaughtering pitiful soldiers by the thousands, but it's not even remotely gory. And then Camilla because Camilla and Niles because he "volunteers to strike from the rear".
  4. There's a crest for that yes
  5. Yeah that's probably it. Perhaps my Tiki hadn't been as well equipped but I felt like I was struggling against a mage class even as the dragon. However a few recent runs have shown that despite having the awakening skill it was taking about as much effort in dragon form to kill a dragon as it did out of dragon form. Not to mention wrecking a Lissa and Caeda both of whom have high Res but lower Def.
  6. I've definitely noticed my playable characters get damaged but not seen damage stat go up so long as they hadn't taken that damage while controlled by me.
  7. However Tiki's damage stats are pulled together I'd be willing to bet she's attacking the enemy Res, not Def. Playing with her she is effective against manaketes, monsters, wyverns, knights, and great knights but weak against mages, mounted mages, and pegasus knights. This is despite her Str, for me currently, being higher than Mag and I would think if it were some kind of (Str+Mag)/2 agaisnt (Def+Res)/2 I would think any character with an excess of one stat but deficient in another would end up a decent average. Yet high Res targets are noticeably harder to kill than high Def targets. Anyone else notice similar or different results?