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  1. I suppose that is how they did it in HW, but I guess it would be funny to me to see FE characters address that "issue" as everyone in Hyrule just seems to accept it lol
  2. Throw Hyrule Warriors and FE Warriors together? I would like to see how they manage Link's support conversations haha
  3. I already have the game so i don't need an entry, but to fuel the current discussion, should Lucina keep her cloned move set or get something her own?
  4. it's 25% at equal str/mag and I think I remember the formula being something like (50-|str-mag|)/2 so if str-mag=0 then you get 25 if the difference is 10 you get 20% (50-10=40/2=20) Pretty sure the difference between most mainstats is actually pretty high, like 20+, but if it's 10 or less it's probably not a bad choice. Edit: Means it could be good in early levels when the difference is small, but might fall off at higher levels
  5. I'll not get truly excited until actual news shows up but I'm happy the game is doing well.
  6. History Mode Missions

    I thought it was hard until I realized it barely mattered how many enemies were clustered around a villager, even when enemies had hero weapons. I would greatly recommend using Tiki over any other attacker because she can get her awakening gauge back via spending warrior gauge. Even with galeforce I imagine it can be difficult to perfectly maintain awakening throughout the whole battle and I think you need it. Your designated healer never really needs to do anything other than heal, though I would suggest a healer with high Str as they can potentially take out a lightning mage while you deal with the other two, something a Mag healer would not necessarily be able to do. Also critical focus is AMAZING. With permanent awakening comes permanent WTA and the yellow gauges break like glass when you have critical focus. All I had to do was spam Y with Tiki and she'd reveal and break the gauge before finishing the combo which ends up meaning everyone caught in the critical smash ends up dead. I told a detailed story in the DLC discussion thread, should be on the second to last page. That was my second attempt when I realized I needed a sturdy healer and should pick someone effective against everything. Your weapon attributes could probably be switched around. Basic attacks do a fair bit less than half the total damage of a combo so rainstorm could be gotten rid of and easily replaced with Critical Focus. Critical Focus, I think, more than doubles the "damage" you do the stun gauge. This means yellow gauges break like glass and lethality can happen more frequently. If you are going for constant awakening triangle+ might be a good idea but critical+ or pair up+(for all other missions) are the best selections there. Also specifically for these missions Lone Wolf from Navvare would be better than awakening since lone wolf is a 50% increase. You also don't need armored blow since you are stagger proof in awakening and could be replaced by luck +20 which gets you better luna damage and lethality chance. I'd also pick Armorslayer for Lyn as with awakening granted WTA pegasi shouldn't be an issue, only those with high Def. I also would have mountslayer instead of dracoslayer on Sakura since she hits with Mag against Res she should fear no dragon types. Seems you already beat it but I suppose others might glean some value from this hopefully. Really wish I had a capture card so I could show how I do things to help others out, but alas I lack such a thing.
  7. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    I don't remember if the named enemies were "shadows" or not. There was also Hinoka and Fredrick that spawn, some of which were pairs. Pretty sure Camilla was singular and not a shadow but I'm mostly sure it was hinoka, fredrick and tiki that showed up as pairs but I honestly couldn't tell you if they were shadows or not, though either way it's not like the one shadow mission where they disappear at low health so it probably doesn't really matter.
  8. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Tiki - 110 - Armored blow(could probably remove but I use her a lot in normal mode actually), astra, luna, lethality, luck +20, paragon(still leveling) - Divinestone - Dragonslayer (innate), Plateslayer, Pair up+ (I usually pair up), Critical focus, Amped, Armor Strike, Divining (mats man, need mats lol), Divine Favor Corrin - 106 - Luna, astra, armored blow (no interrupting my attacks damnit), luck +20, str +10(legacy, haven't removed), paragon(see above) - Yato - Plateslayer, critical focus, pair up+(above), divining(above), armor strike, Dracoslayer, Divine Favor. Tiki did the heavy lifting killing early dragons as human Tiki (hits res + dragon slayer = dead in 2 hits) and while I switched to Corrin to kill the first ax men she did little else throughout the mission. I picked Corrin because of her high level, decent defenses as a healer, and effective against axes. Hinoka could probably work since Corrin didn't really have to do much once tiki hit dragon form, just run from villager to villager for heals, and she has decent defense to not die while idle. Either way to be super efficient one could switch in Live to Serve so they heal themselves at each villager. Keep in mind damage taken by AI controlled heroes does NOT count against damage taken for mission success. Once the early dragons, ax men, and possibly a pegasus or two caught by Corrin in an ax WPS died the next set spawned and I believe after Tiki killed the dragons the summoners spawned which I may not have had enough awakening to go dragon yet, or just hadn't noticed, but they died to her human form and lethalities. After this point I believe I had enough and went dragon moving to the top villager area because I believe the lightning mages spawned so I murdered the first one leaving the courtyard, killed captains gathered by that villager then hit the other mage in that corridor. Then I moved to the middle villager clearing it of captains and noticed the third mage that was hiding nearby. I think it was about this time villagers started showing their panic symbols on the minimap (don't wait for announcements, there's too much *hit going on) and I started telling Corrin to go heal. Details get fuzzy around here (good lord there's just so much *hit happening) but I was still rampaging as Tiki murdering things around the lowest villager. Rally captain probably spawned around this time which Tiki dutifully went to kill (though I lost my awakening around that time since I forgot to roar to get my meter back). I think I recall actually switching to Corrin to kill the Camilla that spawned plus a few ax men (since Tiki was running to the rally captain). I think she ended up back down there because healing went middle, top, bottom so she was back there. Anyways rally captain died and Tiki went dragon again killing stuff in places until the end of the mission. I think Corrin only had to heal 1-2 more times and the middle one did get into the danger zone at one point but I zipped there and distracted while Corrin healed. I wouldn't sweat the kill count, I think I had well over 2k by the end because of yellow WPS being all aoe and such. Just try not to panic, the villagers will NOT die instantly despite hero weapons being present on enemies. So that's my stats and story, do with it what you will.
  9. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    So I think I learned a little something about the escort the villager missions. Captains bunched up on the villagers don't actually seem to do any insane amount of damage (even with hero weapons). So long as you bring a healer you can control a fighting character to clear hazards without worrying TOO much about how many captains are clustered around a villager. I did Falchion's opus with Corrin (the healer) and Tiki (the attacker) and despite 5+ captains being clustered around a villager for a couple minutes each I only ended up using 4 heals through the whole thing. I think the most important targets to take out are the lightning mages, when they were active seemed like when the villagers took the most damage.
  10. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Has anyone found chrom's opus yet? His is the next I'd like to acquire.
  11. I think this puts menus inside of menus which would be even more laborious to get through to save currently 9(?) slots on the large convoy screen we have which doesn't seem worth the effort. Maybe I'm a simple man but your suggestion for handling clones seems more complicated than just having them out there as they are. I think a better option would be a custom roster list, you chose what order characters appear. If there's a field limit like axes only force those characters to the top regardless of how you've sorted your list and put everything back in order for the next time.
  12. If you liked Hyrule Warriors (which was my entry into the series) then you should find a lot to like, even if you don't happen to be a big Fire Emblem fan
  13. Also is it time, kills, or damage taken that's the issue?
  14. Well, that is... a thing

    Maybe there is something different about the DS version but there should be two attacks you get coming out of flight. A normal string attack (normally Y) that has her like skid into the ground and the strong attack (normally X) that has her slam into the ground. What you described sounds like her standing strong attack that changes based on how much the bar under her portrait is charged. It might be an effect of input/game lag that you don't fully launch into the air before pressing X causing a normal standing strong attack. Being on the DS might very well be a disadvantage. If the game has a Performance vs Quality setting on the DS definitely go performance. I did it on the switch and it made getting 2k kills easier because more would actually be rendered to be killed.
  15. Well, that is... a thing

    Also something to note: you don't need to be constantly attacking. I'll wait for the AI to open it's stun gauge before swooping in, if you know the attack you can even dodge INTO the damage frames and be right in their face as soon as a gauge pops up. for 2k kills in 5 minutes if you can use Camilla, use Camilla. Then just B,X,B,X,B,X all over the place. The attack is fast, unlike the pegasus dive bomb, and can be dodged out of pretty much immediately so you can smash into the ground again.I think I got as high as 3k in 5 minutes with her. Also important, don't worry too much about killing captains. You'll need to kill a few but focusing on killing the little mooks is better.