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  1. FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

    Hi, I'm super noob at this emulator, ROM, patch, etc. stuff. So, I got the snes9x emulator. I downloaded a ROM file for FE4. I downloaded the lunar IPS patch and patched the FE4 translator successfully. I get FE4 running on the emulator. The intro started and everything looked fine. Once the intro music stops, the "New Game" tab pops up. I try clicking on it but nothing works. Press every single button on my keyboard but nothing happens. I cannot start a "new game" apparently. Does this mean my ROM isn't a good file? What do I do? Delete it, find a new ROM? Did something go wrong in the patch process? Sorry I am pretty bad at this. EDIT: Nevermind, got it working. Looks like I needed to fix the controls. Also, is there any way to play with my mouse? Would much rather click and move with it than using the keyword.