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  1. Red Deck Help

    Wow... I was not expecting this good of feedback... Thanks for all of your suggestions. Sorry that I used wonky translations, I play a lot of the old TCG and that's how they're translated there. Old habits die hard I guess... I originally was going to try to stick to Mono-Red just because I figured one color would make things easier to understand, but now I see the obvious holes that a deck like this runs into. While I thought the idea of running Mist could've been fun because it probably wouldn't be hard to hit a 4 stack with how many copies of Navarre and Samto I'm running, I think a White splash is more along the lines of what I was trying to do. Based on your suggestions, this is what I came up with: Decklist: I'm not sure how much of an improvement this second deck is, but hopefully it's not as bad as my first deck allegedly was. If there's anything else that could be done to fix this one, I'd greatly appreciate the advice.
  2. Red Deck Help

    After playing a lot of the old Fire Emblem Trading Card Game, I decided to start learning how to play Fire Emblem Cipher and wanted to build a casual deck to get into the game. However I'm a complete n00b and have very little idea of what I'm doing. I wanted to build a deck based around Samto who is one of my favorite characters in the franchise and I thought the fact that you can have Navarre transform into Samto was a really cool ability (even if Samto's card itself is pretty weak). This is what I came up with, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Decklist (old version) Decklist (version 2) Because Navarre can promote so many times thanks to Samto, I tried to build a deck based around getting critical hits. The idea is to use Navarre in the earlygame, promote him into either Navarre promotion, expend a bunch of Navarre cards on critical hits and evasion, then promote Navarre to Samto and finish the game with him. I use cards like Prince of Rigel, Alm and Heir of Aura, Linda so that I can draw into Navarre/Samto cards and Innocent Priestess, Maria lets me reuse the ones I've expended. The rest of the deck is meant to support Navarre/Samto. I know this deck in it's current form is probably pretty bad seeing how its the first (and only) Cipher deck I've ever built. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. What is it that People Love About FE5?

    Hey y'all. Thanks for responding! I think I went into my second playthrough with the wrong mindset expecting to hate the game again rather than giving it its fair shot. All your feedback has helped me view the game in somewhat of a different light and I hope that I can find just as much enjoyment as the lot of you have. I'm sorry if this post came across as "I hate this game so everyone else should." It's just that I never understood this game's cult following until now. Understand that if this is your favorite Fire Emblem I have no animosity towards you and I'm glad that you were able to get so much enjoyment out of it. I didn't notice that in the script... Guess when I was playing I was so used to Radiant Dawn escape maps that I just figured it worked the same.
  4. I recently started my second playthrough of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. To put it gently, I don't think the game is very fun. The new mechanics (Fog of War, Capturing, Fatigue, Dismount), while adding additional complexity, are designed to put the player at a disadvantage and don't enhance the overall enjoyment of the experience. The maps are also riddled with beginners traps, most infamously in Chapter 4 where the game doesn't tell you that if Leif escapes first, the entire rest of your army dies instantly. This is normally where the characters make up for things, but FE5 has among the least developed casts in the entire series. A lot of characters just don't have any more dialogue after they're recruited which makes the cast feel bland. However, despite this, most people who have played FE5 really seem to like it. When it comes to worst games in the franchise, most people usually talk about FE1, FE6, FE11, or FE13 and Thracia usually doesn't receive too much hate. I'm just wondering what it is that makes FE5 such a good game to so many people.