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  1. I did a fe8 no shop challenge, but that was a bit too easy so I'm going to do a harder game, fe6. Rules should be simple, just no shops in any situation. This is ch1-part of ch3 since I had to go in the middle of it. The first 15 mins is like me waiting for my co-commentator, the Amelia dude, unkirb (that's not his actual name but I call him that). Communication problems, but I'll get them fixed next video. Of course I'm also using rigging in this challenge and I feel like it's going to be a make bigger difference than SS.
  2. Why Nanna is a Bad Unit

    fuck is there a specific place for shiposts?
  3. Why Nanna is a Bad Unit

    Bad Jokes. It's what I do best.
  4. Why Nanna is a Bad Unit

    What the fuck is Pluto and planet doing in the same sentence.
  5. Why Nanna is a Bad Unit

    Yeah Ima be taking some real shit for Palla.
  6. Why Nanna is a Bad Unit

    I don't do weed. Instead I get high from all the units I killed in my fire emblem games.
  7. Why Nanna is a Bad Unit

    I'm only using smh for the stupid challenge, but since you asked, smh
  8. Why Nanna is a Bad Unit by A Boy Nanna cannot be mounted indoors which means she cannot look cool while indoors. Cool is also used for temperature. Temperature is measured by a thermometer. Thermometers are made out of mercury. Mercury is the first planet from the sun. 1st can be directed towards things like a race or something like that. What kind of races are there? Mario kart. What is in mario kart? Ditches that you can fall into. What else can you fall into? Pitfalls. Nanna is confirmed a pitfall. Pitfalls are generally things that most newbs do that are discouraged. Most newbs like Nanna but actually she's bad. The pitfall sign is yellow just like Nanna's hair. The sun is red and yellow. Using Nanna may result in the sun exploding and killing us all. This is why nanna is a bad unit. There’s more though. Nanna has the Earth Sword. Obviously the Earth is related to the Earth we're on rn. What does the Earth have? Oxygen. We breath oxygen. Oxygen makes water. H20. H20 can be related to a hose because close enough plus hose makes water. Hoses are green. the Earth is green. Clearly a sign of another flood coming to wipe out Earth if you use Nanna. Mercury is 1st. Earth is 3rd. Venus is between. What does Venus have to do with anything? Well if you think about it, Earth can be turned into heart and Mercury in a therometer has that big red circle at the bottom. Clearly this is the top half of a person with the Mercury being the brain that has everything. The mercury is trying to transfer to Earth but Venus is blocking the way. Venus is veing extremely not understanding super to Mercury rn and is being rood. so how can Mercury stop venus? Well he cant. But Earth can. When people die, ghostly forms of themselves come up with those little harps and onion rings on top of them. Clearly they're moving like air. Air is in wind. Wind can push things. We can use wind to push venus away. But we need to kill Nannas to do this. Mars is the place where people are like aliens are there. Well they are and they want shit from you. What kind of shit? They want the Earth Sword to suck life out of everything. We have to make sure no Nannas survive in order to prevent these aliens from taking over the universe because killing Nannas will result in losing the Earth Sword. Jupiter has a big red spot on it. That big red spot is actually a 3 headed Clifford who's ready to come and pounce on us anything. But we have our nukes to stop him. The 3 headed Clifford has made an alliance with the aliens on mars to get the Earth Swords in order to take over and absorb our nukes. But there's more to this. Saturn doesnt like Mars or Jupiter blocking the sun so he and FDR met in the British Charter during WW2 in order to create an alliance. Saturn wants our help to get rid of the 3 headed Clifford and the aliens from mars. He needs our credit card number, the 3 numbers on the back, the expiration date, and lots of fuel for the ring to create a plasma cannon to blast the 2 planets. But where would we get such fuel? From the ghostly people with little harps and onion rings of course. Nanna is the best candidate for this because we need to kill the Nannas anyway to prevent the aliens from Mars from taking the Earth Swords. Earth obviously wants all the help it can get so president Truman teleported behind Uranus and Neptune asking them to help fight the aliens from mars and the 3 headed Clifford. They say they would but they're so depressed from being so far away from the sun and action that they need some encouragement to fight. This is why we use those Nanna souls to help them feel better with their little harps. With your help, we can kill as many Nannas as possible to prevent the aliens from Mars and the 3 headed Clifford from attacking us and destroy them instead with the help of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Also Pluto doesnt count. Cause it aint a planet. And this is why Nanna is a bad unit. Thank you for listening.
  9. FE8 No Shop Challenge

    last part of the challenge. Just the rest f midgame to endgame. The making of these videos have gotten more sloppy, but it's done now. Also I did make many errors in this run and use weapons when I didn't need to. If anyone else want to try something like that, I doubt it would be hard to do it in less item uses than me. Dunno what I'll do now. Maybe another no shop challenge, who knows. Cya
  10. FE8 No Shop Challenge

    Chapter 9-13 done This one took a while, but it's done. I decided that I'll just stream the challenge on the weekends. Also spoilers: Ye I forgot to get Cormag, but I already saved and it would have been too much of a hassle to get him anyway so rip.
  11. FE8 No Shop Challenge

    Well yeah I'm trying to conserve as much as possible. I also prefer just using swords more than anything because they suck more than lances and axes plus more units can use them. Also yes I am trying to finish seize/kill boss maps asap, but early on, I want units like Vanessa and Franz to get exp to promote which will benefit me more in the future. Although my next post involves a lot less combat for seize/kill boss.
  12. FE8 No Shop Challenge

    I just decided to stream the run. Chapter 5 through 8 done. Tried 9, but failed and I have to redo it later. also ye the game volume is a bit too loud.
  13. Hello the 1 person reading this post. A while ago, I decided to try Sacred Stones without using the shop at all. No armory, SS, battle preps, or anything. This run will involve saving as much uses on weapons as possible since I can't buy any and also because rout maps. Also ye there's going to be a lot of rigging, this is just a theoretical run, not an actual run otherwise I would be dead pretty quickly. This is the playlist so far involving an intro of the challenge, and prolouge to chapter 4. P-3 are seperated into 2 videos. One is a slide video based on the details of the chapter on what I do and stuff and the other is gameplay. Neither has audio. 4 is details + gameplay + audio. If you prefer the ones before 4, the one in 4, or both, please let me know so that I can make these types of videos in advantage. The audio ones can only be made in specific days while the 2 video ones can be made anyway. I am currently working on chapter 5, but there's also a thing called irl so I cannot confirm when it will be released.
  14. ye you can't rescue mounted units. I don't think he can escape as a green unit, but I can't confirm that so maybe I dunno. Maybe someone has tested that
  15. So I know that Kieran and the others have to escape to be recruited, but I don't have Oscar and he's the only one who can turn Kieran into an ally. I was wondering if there is somehow any other way to get him otherwise I'm extremely screwed.