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  1. Ouch. Slowly running out of mages here. But at least you still have Saul... Nah it's fine, I know you promote Lilina in the next chapter. Be careful with the horses. If it goes on like this, you will have axes and archers left, and Merlinus will be your dodge tank.
  2. What unit is the worst of their class?

    And honestly I'd rather wait for Niime than training Sophia again. But that's fine by me, both Wendy and Sophia are difficult units, but both of them get some love. For the record I had more resets when I trained Sophia, less when I trained Wendy. And I agree, in my opinion the first 2/3 of the game is difficult, giving extra difficulty to the first 1/3 on Hard. Earlypromotes and HM bonuses for the go. Ontopic, I don't think there is a thief as bad as Cath. Late join, bad stats, no promote, better alternatives.
  3. What unit is the worst of their class?

    I did that support triangle once, but Lilina is also a viable support for her. I feel like the game is even suggesting this to me, because they both have a lot of training ahead of them, but at least Lilina can start earlier. Having the 3 armor knight can be fun only in normal mode, we probably wouldn't use any of them in hard mode. There are a lot of sword and lance users, you probably need more than one. I think out of Sophia and Wendy, Wendy has better chances to become a better character. She joins earlier, and her growth rates are better balanced. If it comes to stat boosting, I'd do the same thing for both of them: 1 Secret Book at the beginning, because their Skill just doesn't cut at the time they join, also Sophia gets speed penalty for using any of the tomes. Yeah, I'd rather buy more lances. Some people say Sophia is better, because she can get a Guiding Ring for you, but that's the only good thing I got from her. Lilina is good if she's Lv.8 by the end of Ch.8x.
  4. What unit is the worst of their class?

    I see a lot of armor knights around here, and as I played a lot of Binding Blade, I know a lot about bad armor knights. But I think Barth is worse than Wendy. We know Wendy has bad bases, really bad. He has worse stats overall than his brother, who was there from the beginning chapter. She might also easily die in the chapter she joins, and that's a long ass chapter. So why do I think she's better than most people think? One word: potential. I call Chapter 8x the Wendy training ground, she can gain some well-needed levels and supports, and after a few chapters she can catch up with the others. All armor knights have to go through axeland when they join, they all have the same disadvantages in the game, but Wendy can grow out of it, just like Bors. Barth however has higher starting level, still having most of his stats on the bottom part, and his growth rates are non-existent. Barth is all Strength, Defense and HP with increasingly high chance to miss, hardly dodge, and basicly die to any mage that come across. Wendy can grow out of it, Barth can't. I like training my units, I know Wendy can get screwed by RNG, but with her potential she becomes better than Barth in time. Barth is just not worth training.
  5. Getting into Hard Mode

    Quick question. I'm up to Chapter 18, bough a bunch of Iron weapons without the Silver card, and I still feel uncomfortable economy-wise. Please tell me it's not possible to screw myself up this way, so far it looks like I'm going for a true ending. Oh yeah, and Lance died. Didn't want to reset at that point.
  6. Sophia's dead? I saw that coming... Actually I'd be more surprised if she survives this chapter. Don't worry Ruben, it's not that a big loss, just bury her next to Cath. But wows for that Lilina level up. How can you get so unlucky with her when she's the best character in the game? Although her Mag is already capped, so prepare that Guiding Ring you digged up last chapter. It will change your LIFE.
  7. Most annoying gimmick?

    Desert map in general. Going through desert tiles is the most tedious, and usually it consist the whole level, I just can't wait to get out of it. Of course it doesn't affect the enemy much, because they'll always bring all types of units that are unaffected by the sand. Your mounted units are the fastest on other maps, but here they move only 1 tile per turn, and it's annoying. Other units move only 2 tiles, so it's not much better. If I don't train my mages and flying unit, the game is just going to punish me by throwing in a desert map.
  8. I always have the same before Chapter 14, I bet it's not a coincidence.
  9. Hmmm, so there was 10 vote alltogether, but nothing new in the last few days. I'm going to wait and see if there are any more votes are coming in. It looks like most people suggest the same, but it can still change. :D
  10. Characters you wish you could recruit?

    For me, well... let me know if I should give a hint.
  11. I didn't talk about the characters, those are obviously upscaled so we can see them better on the map. Bridges, villages and other stuff are all part of the map design, which are most of the time look very consistent, but in this level it's just bad design.
  12. I'm still doing my Hard mode playthrough, and I'm at a point where I'm starting to enjoy it, but I'm taking it more slowly; trying to level up Gonzales right now. Also this playthrough looks good to reach the true ending, but we're talking about me, who know where I'll screw it up. I am also planning to have another playthrough after this. But I'm also thinking that each playthrough should have a different taste - tried normal mode, hard mode, normal mode with low tier units. I didn't do Ironman though, that usually makes things more intense at times. But I'm also curious about trying a randomized play, I haven't done that in Fire Emblem before. So the question is open, which one would you suggest for me to try first? I'll let you guys decide.
  13. Favourite Classes

    I really like Swordmaster and Heroes too. They have great animation, and also very useful. Great Speed and Skill, the stats I find the best in most FE games. My other favourite that is not mentioned here yet are the Generals. They have great durability, can do some nice counterattack, and they have very badass critical animations in the GBA games.
  14. 1000 ways to lose your job.

    18. Leave for 2 weeks holiday without telling anybody at your workplace.
  15. Enemies that frustrate you

    Anyone with a Killer Bow or a Bolting tome is a serious pain in my back. Berserk casters are a close third. Basicly any status spells can be annoying, but I still find it hilarious when my sleeping unit is dodging ballista shots.