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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Got a 5* on the Halloween banner Sigurd, Hp+, Atk- ... I give up =(
  2. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    Hmm? I wonder what's wrong with Sigurd's art, first time I hear someone not liking it.
  3. My first run (mampfoid goes to know Hector & co)

    You can it's the same in FE6 and FE7. Well, you do get a preview of the map, so you can see if there's a door or a chest you need to deal with, but you might not need to open chests all the time. The only expection would be Chapter 5, where you have some rooms with locked doors, behind some of these doors you have treasure chests.
  4. My first run (mampfoid goes to know Hector & co)

    Not really, I wouldn't bother levelling them up. They can have good dodge, but since they can't promote, they'll eventually become bad. Plus you only really need them on a few maps for thief duties.
  5. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    On second though, add that one to my list too. Rebecca's art is so bad, I was discouraged to make a build from her.
  6. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    Arts from AKIRA(Hector, Olivia, Raven, Lon'qu) and Mendako(Arthur), although the new Olivia from AKIRA looks good.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Got 1 blue, went for it in hopes of Tana or Silas, got another copy of 4* Oboro.
  8. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    I went up to 4.5% on this banner for the 2nd time. I feel like I'm wasting too much orb to get a single Myrrh, and this is making me very sad.
  9. Oh, please. Anything, but this. Not another batch from my least interesting Fire Emblem game.Nooooooo.
  10. My first run (mampfoid goes to know Hector & co)

    @JSND Alter Dragon Boner Fir and Rutger have great dodging and critting chances, you just need to get lucky with the strength growths. Swordmaster is one of my favourite class in this game.
  11. My first run (mampfoid goes to know Hector & co)

    @JSND Alter Dragon Boner The only problem with the prep screen is that we cannot use the stat booster items there. Other significant thing is that Thieves don't promote, Rapier is not effective against Nomads, Swordmasters have higher crits.
  12. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    This made my morning brighter.
  13. The only complete translation missing from my life currently is for Thracia 776. Looks promising, this can become something amazing.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    I moved up to 4,25% pityrate on the new Halloween banner, still no Myrrh. Got 4 copies of Palla on the way... I feel like I'm cursed with this banner. =(
  15. Following the format of the similar topics, it seems weird that this is the only one missing. We should get Miledy, Gonzales, Rutger, GHB Gale, TT Zeiss Or anyone from the following really: Percival, Dieck, Tate, Sue, Lalum, Igrene