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  1. Aether Raids General Thread

    Today I secured my T20 rank, so I'm not going to demote. My terrible day 1 got me worried for a while, and I still feel like I need to be better at offense. I am thinking about changing my defense, but when I see 3 successful defenses next to each other, I'm thinking it's doing the job.
  2. L!Azura and Duma would be nice for my AR H!Myrrh I already have, but always nice to have. L!Lyn I still don't have, so she's also welcome.
  3. I made a sheet of places and votes on Google to check how well units have ended. Since the results can only be viewed in mobile devices, I thought some people might be interested. But I'll also go with my analysis. Green are seasonals/legendary Yellow are 5* locked Grey are 4-5* units Brown are 3-4* units An interesting note that in the Top 100 we found a couple of units who are in the 3-4* pool, but there's a very reasonable reddit post about it, I'll just post the image of that. Basically the map was fixed, and you see the same units on the starting screen if you are not scrolling, which might led people to confusion. Now, after them being disqualified, let's do our analysis. Units in the Top 100 and being in the 3-4* pool: Camilla at #91 - usual Camilla crap as expected, judge it as you like. The power of this is fortunately insignificant Reyson at #93 - he's new, and probably people didn't realized he got demoted yet. Marth at #95 - honestly? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Soren at #98 - even bigger question mark above this than Marth. But hey, Tellius. Reinhardt at #100 - well, you can't go wrong with the Rein I guess. Have to mention the 5* units from the summoning pool Surtr #9 - I'm not really surprised, though I think he's still pretty bad for the game. Tibarn #10 - everybody loves Tibarn Nailah #16 - the perfect Veronica counter. Yes, please. Veronica #19 - as a potential free unit, strange. But she's still meta, so that's a bonus score I guess. Loki #25 - besides the looks, her staff can be useful in some AR matches. Some 5* units from the summoning pool didn't do well. From top to bottom, here they are Luke - honestly, even in CYL votes he didn't do too well. Potential demote from Gen1 5* pool Gray - not very exciting either. We just don't want to be pitybroken by him I'd say Siegbert - do people even know he's in the game? Olwen(both versions) - Rein at the top, while Olwen on the bottom. Ouch Thracia. Saber - cosidering that he recently got a nice weapon refine, this is surprising a little. But we didn't covered the least wanted seasonal units Summer Frederick Summer Innes Dancer Ryoma Summer Xander Hot Springs Elise Summer Elise Bride Sanaki New Year Takumi Hot Springs Ryoma Valentine Lilina I see a lot of Fates and a lot of summer units, especially male ones. Feels bad for Lilina though.
  4. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    That's it Black Knight Valentine card is sold.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    Today I failed again. A Legendary Azura kept buffing up a DC Sheena, and my units got cornered - I couldn't counterattack. This is bad.
  6. Arena Assault Teams

    You guys have pre-built teams for Arena Assault? I always build them on the run for the situation.
  7. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    @mampfoid Already? This should be an easy 9 orb collection tonight. Good job.
  8. Aether Raids General Thread

    I really messed up today in AR, hoping to get enough score if my defense fails. Already used up my Escape Ladder, and I barely made 200 points all day. I think AR is getting to me badly. It's getting difficult for me to find the openings, I'm losing units, and my team is failing to take on the meta. Maybe soon enough I'll drop from T20 as well. But not without a fight. I can't give up this hard earned T20 so easily.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    The bad streak of daily banner free pulls ended up with a pitybreaker. 5* Adrift M!Corrin(Atk+, Res-) - funny thing is, I have one copy of him with a complete reverse IV. Also a 4* Gaius to the combat manual pile.
  10. Character Select Convoes

    I had Soleil interrupting herself once. Soleil: Soleil is... Solein: Cool! Yeah, no.
  11. Who has the "worst art"?

    First of all. Raven - looks nothing like the guy with the brown hair Arthur - he's more like a cartoon cutout rather than a Heroes unit Rebecca - I like as a character, but honestly her eyes are freaking me out
  12. Official Pull Topic

    I spent 180 orbs on the Love Abounds rerun banner, the green orb drop rates were pretty terrible. I aimed for Lilina of course, but ended up with 2 focus units, which is a fair price. LA!Hector Res+, Hp- (you can't take her daughter without his supervision, mixed bulk coming right up) LAlina Def+, Atk- (I don't even care about her IV, she's finally home) And from now on, it's time to save up for March FE6 banner. I know the game will try to tease me, but I'm getting really low on orbs.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I went for the green on the Year 2 banner as planned. My hope was to finally get Valentine Lilina or Winter Fae. 5* Bridal Sanaki (Hp+, Res-) - She's new, her IV is not optimal, but a merge could fix it. Now I have all Year 2 Brides in my barracks. Great skillset.
  14. Really? He didn't feel like a bad unit to me, he can hit pretty haaaard. Added Hard Mode bonuses, he became a monster of his own.
  15. @Etheus Lol, didn't had to wait too long for this one. =) This is a tough one, as I like to train my characters and make them into good ones. I think Blazing Sword has a few characters that are interesting and have a good story for them, but in most playthrough they are not that good. Nino and Karla are obvious, but Rebecca can also join them sometimes. You know what, Wendy is also an interesting as a female armor knight(rarity), but oh boy she's painful to train.