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  1. I changed my post, since I had different opinion after more playthroughs. New ones are Archer: Dorothy, Cleric: Elen, Brigand: Gonzales, Shaman: Niime. That makes the result a no surprise: Other: Fae(7 likes) Cavalier: Percival(7 likes, turns out Alen and Zealot is noone's favourite) Archer: Klein(7 likes, also Wolt is bad) Knight: Bors(6 likes) Cleric: Elen(7 likes, Saul is close with 6 likes) Mercenary: Dieck(10 likes, no contest) Fighter: Bartre(8 likes, no contest) Pegasus: Thany(11 likes, top pick) Thief: Astolf(10 likes, and Cath is bad) Mage: Lilina(6 likes, Hugh is close with 5 likes) Troubadour: Clarine(8 likes, Cecilia has 7) Myrmidon: Rugter(9 likes, no contest) Nomad: Sue(8 likes, Shin has 6 and Dayan is bad) Brigand/Pirate: Gonzales and Geese tied with 7 likes each, Garret is bad Refresher: Lalum(8 likes, Elfin has 6 likes) Shaman: Niime(8 likes) Wyvern: Miledy(11 likes, top pick)
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Ever since this Bridal Banner is out, I couldn't save up my orbs. Went for only the blue ones, and still no Bride Ninian (no new 5 stars either). I'm usually going to open 5 at once, but now my summoning methods are changing. (although I still have less than 40 5*)
  3. Anyone else miss fog of war?

    The idea of fog of war was nice, but the way it was used was horrible, and I'm not going to miss it in Fire Emblem games. My point is: You can't see the enemy, but your enemy can see you and they can attack you anyway. I bet noone have completed a fog of war map on first try in difficult mode. I can only bring up GBA experience only. Binding Blade. Do I need to say more than Chapter 14? You couldn't move because of the desert, and couldn't see anything. Yet the enemy team was consistent of fast and strong flying and mage units. On top of that status staves from range you don't understand how they could see and hit you. Chapter 19 Ilia route. Appareantly the enemy can still hit you with a ballista from the other end of the map. Moving on to Blazing Sword for some nice examples. Dread Isle. You do bring Florina so you can recruit Fiora. But if you move to the wrong spot a Nomad run up to you from nowhere and kill her. Battle before Dawn? Everyone got screwed from Ursula with her asshole Bolting tome. On top of that she's in a different spot on Eliwood and Hector mode. Finally Sacred Stones. I didn't play this one much, but Chapter 6 is a map where you are on a time limit if you want to save the villagers. But if you move you get 10 enemy units in your face. Also the reinforcements are a pain in the ass. I might be ok with all of these maps, but because of the unfair advantage of what the AI has, these maps are just bad. At least without the fog of war I'd now what formation should I take for defense next turn. It's a No for fog of war, thank you very much.
  4. I was bothered by the words Paralogue and Xenologue. I though it's some term similar to Prologue and Epilogue that I haven't heard before, but I googled it and found this: Paralogue: (genomics) a pair of genes that derives from the same ancestral gene and now reside at different locations within the same genome. Xenologue: (genetics) A type of ortholog where the homologous sequences are found in different species because of horizontal gene transfer. What were they thinking?
  5. Durability. Yes or no?

    I like weapons with durability. Kind of makes you think more about which weapon you should use in some scenarios instead of always using the best possible one. Which makes me utilize Iron weapons more than I should, because they are easy to get, and have good durability. The only drawback is when I have special weapons, that cannot obtain in the game anywhere else, and there is no way to repair them. I think a repair would be nice if it comes with a price, and I don't mean gold, but performance. Maybe it loses might or max durability.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Collected the free orbs and tried free summon and one blue pull from bride banner. No 5* this time. I know Ninian's stats are overall bad, but I'll still try to go for her because of the novelty she makes for me. Better get good in chain challenges now.
  7. What the actual F!? I mean I know I play a 100.000 year old translation where the game is called Sealed Sword, Wade is called Ward, Deke is called Dieck and stuff, but that translation gives this guy a more reasonable name. His name there is Teck. I mean I know it's very close to Treck, but it's still a better name. Now it just feels like this is a mean to be forgettable, last minute addition generic boss. I almost feel bad for him. 69 avoid. That's the annoying part that makes you remember this boss, you really don't like to see that stat on Generals. He's carrying Sue so she makes them immune to Horseslayer, Rapier and Halberds. Also because I'm pretty sure the horse just want Sue to do the dirty work and doesn't give a single F! Overall I just like to wait out until the status staves run out, then regroup at the south and start blasting down the walls. At least these walls don't have 100 hit points, otherwise this would've been the perfect map to burn up your remaining Eclipse tomes. I actually only remember the Druids as the annoying part, the brave units didn't give me much trouble. But my real concern at this point is if I have enough weapons for the upcoming chapters.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Was really hoping for Ninian, all I got was Bride Tharja +Atk -Res. And now I'm broke again
  9. Ignore the other posts, it's just 18 page of butthurt western people associating what they see is what could be sexualized/pedophile/socially unacceptable, because they appareantly still play this game and they have nothing else to complain about right now. I just stopped reading this topic for this reason after an hour. Not everything meant to be wrong just because one group of people make a bigger deal about it than what it actually supposed to mean. Personally I would be happy to get a Ninian in my squad, Sanaki be close second. Saved 78 free orbs so far.
  10. You might be right, it can be a neutral, I was just not thinking about it. This build also looks cheap at this point, so I will give it a swing.
  11. Here's a better question that's on my mind right now. The new Ninian is a flying unit, riding a pegasus. And she can Assist with her dancing. While gameplay-wise I like this combination, how should I picture this? How do you dance on the back of a flying pegasus?
  12. Anyone who predicted first Tharja as a bride deserves a cookie. I'm glad I started saving up my orbs, should've started saving up earlier. 60 orbs will not be enough I fear.
  13. I have a Brave Roy Atk+ (not sure what is his bane 38, 52, 34, 26, 24), who's doing a lot of good work for me in chain challenges lately. Wonder what should I change on him to improve. Wpn: Blazing Durandal Asst: Reposition Sp: Galeforce A: Steady Blow 2 B: Desperation 3 C: Hone Cavalry Galeforce and Desperation 3 feels like a must on him.
  14. Special heroes of the 21st May

    I haven't though you guys will come up with anything from these vague silhouettes, but it seems like I underestimated you. Although I'm not convinced that your predictions are correct. If it's truly Ninian, what is that twirl on her right? It seems like part of the silhouettes hair, which is unlikely to Ninian. The Tharja guess looks more possible, but it could be another girl with short hair and slim figure in my opinion.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    I'm starting to save my orbs for something better, I already have a 5 stars Clair anyway. Opened 2 reds, the free one was a 3 stars to waste, but the other was a 4 stars Eirika I didn't had yet. I'll wait for the next week summoning event instead.(whatever that is)