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  1. I had the exact same experience 12 days ago. It's not like they look THAT similar, right? =)
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Today includes a free opening of 3* Olviia 4* Caeda And with that I closed my 15-day free summoning session with 0 amount of 5* gotten. Thanks for nothing IntSys.
  3. It's true. Cherche does look better with that moustache. Must be great to have a 5* +10 unit. I think once I pass the 100 5* mark, I'll start saving up feathers for one too. (I have my eyes on Lilina, but still have time to make up my mind)
  4. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    Since there are so many potentials to get feathers, I am not taking the competition for it. I will get the 50k rewards and probably go for some HM. As usual.
  5. So, today free summon is for Eldigan, Minerva or Jaffar... I already have Jaffar with me, and I do have a ton of 5* sword user... but to be honest, Eldigan is still more interesting for me than Minerva, because I love his story in Genealogy. Not to mention double Fury looks like an interesting concept.
  6. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    @Ice Dragon Whoa, that Masked Marth build is actually something I'm using right now... well, very close. Only have Luna, no Aether yet, and I need to upgrade my seal, but truly the same idea. (I also haven't decided on C skill yet)
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Sigurd... always a good summon. Congrats, I'm still looking for him.
  8. Building low tier units

    Hey, if I see them perform well in the training session or I have a fun build I want to try out, I'll give it a shot, but other than that, I'll stay away from this difficult area. In Tier lists I see Finn and Jaffar at the lower end, but I am for one see potential for them in some teams. But I think my biggest scrub is a 5* Seliph, something I bet a lot of people don't have. He is not finished yet, and looks like a waste of feathers so far, but with some investment, I hope he'll be as fun to use as his father on a horse. He has Divine Tyrfing, and I could give him Aether and Warding Breath right now, but I think Steady Breath would be better for him. Plus I don't have Deflect Magic 3 ready yet. I'll post a picture when he's ready.
  9. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    I noticed that Tobin replaced the 3.000 mark 2 orbs reward from the usual TT+ rewards list, yet we still earn 42 orbs. That's because the orbs moved to the 2.500 mark reward, replacing the 500 hero feathers. Nice move ISys, I could've easily missed that transition.
  10. I was surprised when I heard aForging Bond chest dropping in Arena. Then I saw it contains Arena Medals. Which doesn't matter until I find more RS and Dew income.
  11. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    Not a bad Tempest Trial, takes a lot of points to get my Arden unfortunately. My M!Marth(Reciprocal Aid), L!Lucina, HS!Xander, Linus got perfect score twice. I was thinking of using Walhart instead of Linus, but Linus already has Reposition. My overall Res is low, but the team got great mobility, and M!Marth is good offensive healer. I'm going to max the HM of M!Marth and Linus for sure.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    4* Priscilla from the free pull. Where are you Klein?
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Xander hp+, Res-, seems optimal. I probably use him a lot. Ryoma is neutral. I always open the unit I least want, however I do need dancers thank you.
  14. Makes me wonder what is the point of putting a second button there with the same function. I know they are for differebt thing, but it just looks silly
  15. Official Pull Topic

    I wanted Klein from Death Blow banner, didn't even get a colorless. Turned into a 3* Bartre, which ironically I'm getting a lot lately. Also 35 orbs went into the dancer banner without any 5* rewards.