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  1. Who's your best unit in any Fire Embem Game?

    I'm just surprised than nobody mentioned Hector yet. Blazing Sword, he's the best lord, and his stats always turned out good for my playthroughs. Should I say there Tier Hector and Tier everybody else. Jokes aside, his only weakness is his movement speed, which can be corrected with a pair of Boots.
  2. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    I think it's already accepted by the community that Eliwood and Ninian are the parents of Roy. Even storywise makes the most sense. My other votes are Hector/Florina and Lyn/Rath. Now I'm both really like Hector and Lilina, and I do find the Hector/Lyn ending great in Blazing Sword, I think Lilina would be a different personality with these parents. This is why I feel like Florina is more like a possible parent for Lilina. Farina reminds me more to Thany/Shanna with a more mature look. It's hard to find the right pair for Lyn, I don't think there was any hint for her in Binding Blade at all, but correct me if I'm wrong. But if I need to pick between Kent and Rath, I'd say it's probably Rath.
  3. Yeah, Binding Blade did have some of these issues. The maps were sometimes large, and while sometimes it worked(Ch.8), sometimes it became very quiet and a bit boring. On the characters at first I didn't mind the imbalance, but you know they need to change Wendy and Sophia to not suck too much even at the beginning, making their training more painful then what it should be. Talk about Wendy, it's disappointing to see that there is no good unit with the General class. Also it's pretty obvious that Rutger is the best character in the game, and even if you train Fir a lot more, she doesn't get better than he is; and she does need a lot more training.
  4. [COMPLETE][FE8] Void's Blitzarre Adventure - v1.1.1 RELEASED

    I just found a possible bug in the game while I was playing it this weekend. On the first map where ships with ballistas appear and you recruit Anna the Wywern Rider and fight against Grit, something happened that seemed very off. One of the ships from the north just swim into a fort on land, and then started moving 1-2 tiles on the ground. Not the usual terrain for ships to traverse through, so I though I should mention this to you guys. I made some screenshots if you need them.
  5. I have avoided watching that video so far, although YouTube suggested to me to watch that. Keep in mind I did this, because I thought in video games(where even 30fps can do a lot of cool stuff), and not YouTube. If YouTube have videos in 480p without blurring the image, then 60fps can make sense, we can have good video quality without going to HD setting - let us see those pixel graphics clearly. =) Although I'm not sure if YouTube team is going to bother them about this. They probably don't change the quality options just for nostalgia folks like us.
  6. Hi guys, I'm having a Gameboy Advance emulator on my tablet, and I want to try some good romhacks. So far 2 of them have captured my Eyes. Requiem looks interesting, but I find the early chapters very challenging. Looks like something I should play when I find Hard Modes boring. Void's Blitzarre Adventure looks like a new FE experience with the mechanics, lack of supports and poor characters and storytelling (which even the game admits). So far I'm having fun with this one. Any fun hacks out there without lunatic difficulty that I should give a try?
  7. As said the story of Binding Blade is not an outstanding one, but it's not horrible either. It does it's job and moves the game forward. Some characters are questionable, but overall they are likable (from my perspective). I didn't get to the true ending yet, because I missed some optional chapters by accident, but it's not like the game tells you when you succeeded getting the gaiden chapters or not. Talking about maps, I have a different opinion on them. 21 wasn't really my problem, so far I enjoyed that level. Some levels though felt empty after a few turns, mainly because the maps are bigger in Binding Blade, and once you are done with the enemy, there's not much to do. I generally have a dislike to desert maps, and I think this game takes the cake with level 14: fog of war, slow movement, flying enemies, time limit, sleep and silence, plus you need a map to find the buried treasures. 14x isn't much better, I don't understand when the floors appear or disappear. Sometimes we don't know how things work on a level, but I have the same feeling before every FE level (until reinforcements starts to pop in). I will go for another try to get the true ending. If you ask me, I'd pick the Lalum/Ilia route this time, although I find Nomads to be very useful.
  8. Getting into Hard Mode

    So, in the recent days I just made a second playthrough as good practice, visited the chapters on the alternate route, and tried to unlock the chapters after Zephiel (goofed up again, because my Elphin died, and I was not aware that I need him). Still a bunch of question came to my mind for Hard Mode earlygame, which needs answers(some of them are related). I appreciate all the help I can get from you guys. - How good are Bishops? Is it worth promoting one, or just go with my choice of healer? - What about experience? Should I try to focus training up my main forces, or spare some for hard to train units that I need later? (Thief) - In Hard Mode there are more reinforcements. Is it advised to defeat all the enemies, or try to spare some of my weapons? - We don't have shops in the prep menu on Hard Mode, but I do have a bunch of sword users. Good idea to buy ca. 20 swords early? - Should I worry about my stat growths, or I don't need to manage my level up records?
  9. The Sacae chapters

    I'm doing my first run on the Sacea path. So far it was pretty good, I was able to promote everyone on my team in Chapter 17, except Chad(for obvious reasons). I actually had an easy time in this path so far. On 17, I had a good use of the forest and split up my forces, having 2 healers with me. 18 I kept my defenses at the bridge, and once I was able to, I made my run to the boss. A Swordmaster can almost kill him. 19 the Wyverns are scary with the Killer Lances, but you have a nice choke point by the gate. However Level 20 gives me problems now. There are many mages at the start with long range, and they can cast Berserk and Bolting twice, which hits very hard. Although their hit rate on my team is around 20-40, they still succeed with big frequency. Now Berserk wouldn't be a problem, but you can't reach any of these mages, and Resistances are overall low in this game. On top of that, it's a fog of war map, which is usually not my specialty. For reference, here's my roster: Lilina, Clarine, Alan, Lance, Sue, Shin, Fir, Rutger, Oujay, Dieck, Igrene, Chad. I'm keeping my flyers out of here. Could be hell on Hard Mode.
  10. Getting into Hard Mode

    Ok, so I did restart, but now I paid more attention to my level ups and I was more confident in my team than before. Because of the mounted units it was still a rollercoaster, and the HM reinforcement was an unpleasant surprise, but I did beat it.You might find my Chad overlevelled with Lv7,but he and Rutger have the best avoids with 37-39 base now. I also made an unnecesarry support between Ward and Lot, but I thought they could really use the extra avoid, My top units now are Dieck, Lance, Chad, Rutger and Allen. I hope Lugh and Thany will catch up. Btw, how good are Bishops? I'm still leaning toward Clarine, but Elen still has a chance.
  11. I did get into Hard Mode for the first time, and I already used some of the hints you guys gave me. While in Normal mode I haven't used Marcus at all, he is important to reduce enemy health close to a kill. A lot of time I had little gain from level ups, but Wolt by gaining a few points of Strength he's already more useful than in my previous playthrough. Enemy strength seem to be much higher, and they got much luckier with hits than I did. Also in Ch.4. (where I am now) they can even double me, scary. Maybe I'll give it one more try, but I'm leaning more toward to start over. What I'm thinking is to: - keep my formations more defensive, and take my time on the maps. - pay attention to my level ups, and try to get early Spd bonuses as soon as possible.(seems more important now) - plan out my supports in advance - try to utilize more of the characters. By the last one, I'll avoid Wendy, Sophia, Cath, Hugh. There are other characters I don't like, but I'll see how the situation goes for them. Wendy and Sophia are too much babysit for Hard mode I guess, and Cath and Hugh doesn't seem to be great units, you'll already have much better options with much better stats in their classes; at least I hope I can level Chad, his speed could be great. Any suggestion for Supports and when and where should I spend my Gold?
  12. Favorite of each Class/Criteria: BS Edition

    Lord: Hector(probably the best character) Cavalier: Sain Mercenary: Raven Myrmidon: Karla Fighter: Bartre Brigand: Hawkeye Knight: Oswin(great defense next to Hector) Pegasus: Florina Wyvern: Vaida Thief: Jaffar Bishop: Lucius Mage: Nino(yes, I like to train her) Archer: Rebecca(she can get better than Louise) Refresher: Ninian One Class Wonders: Canas
  13. First playthrough

    Hey guys, I'm just here to report that I successfully completed my first playthrough. Partial success, as I goofed up and didn't trigger the 20x Gaiden chapter and the game ended after I defeated Zephiel. Still, your posts gave me confidence in my team, and I am planning to do a second playthrough. Hard mode sounds interesting, but some early chapters(4,7,8) are still something I'm not playing properly in normal playthrough, there's just too many things that could go wrong. I'll give a chance to Cavaliers this time, in FE7 they just didn't seem to be end-game worthy(they didn't excel in anything for me). Here, I'll have a free spot instead of a Shaman.
  14. Other: Fae Cavalier: Percival Archer: Igrene Knight: Gwendolyn Cleric: Saul Mercenary: Dieck Fighter: Bartre Pegasus: Thany Thief: Chad Mage: Lilina Troubador: Clarine Myrmidon: Fir Nomad: Sue Brigand/Pirate: Geese Refresher: Lalum Shaman: Sophia Wyvern: Miledy
  15. First playthrough

    I made it to Chapter 20 Ilia route. I almost made all the promotions I planned, and the game is still able to give me the challenge(FE7 at this point was a walk). I need 1 more level for Tate before promoting her, yet she seriously lacks in Strength(maybe she's better in HM). The growth rates in defense part(Def/Res) is too low for my liking, so I guess it is a good idea to rely on good speed and skill(with strength being 3rd). It also makes dodging status spells more difficult.