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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Final free check-in for Ophelia gave me 3* Gwendolyn. Looking at my 112 orbs, mmmm I won't do it. She would've been fun, but I need to think about future banners.
  2. The music was ok for me for the trailer, also surprising. I don't see how it would play in-game, except cinematics. If they have an idea on how it would fit under boss and tap battle, without destroying the Heroes feeling, then I am open forit.
  3. Aether Raids General Thread

    Lessing as reward looks nice. Also I earned 280 lifts already, and ckecked my rank - 365. That means nobody started the new season yet, and that I am now in whale territory. This is going to be difficult.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @DarkAlf @mampfoid Thank you guys! Since Shanna, Abel and Klein seems to be my rarest pulls, it's not terrible. Also I don't have a +10 Reinhardt, so why not have an extra copy. Atk+, Hp-, I think my current version is more optimal.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    6710 points, I got another 180 lifts today when I really only needed 50 to secure my AR Tier 17. Fun fact, I used the same team most of the time. While having multiple teams prepared, I sticked with the following setup, so far they only lost 2 Reinhardt in all the runs - once because of my stupidity. Such a budget Lilina, not even perfect IV, but she was able to take down all the Surtr and Minizura I was facing. Axebreaker was very useful, and probably my best choice to inherit the whole week. Even though she is not a bonus unit anymore, she is still capable of tanking Veronica or Reinhardt if the enemy team has it. The fact that she is a dancer is a 2nd great value that helped me with adding her to the team. Great supportive bait character. Talk about Reinhardt and Veronica. Veronica is the meta right now, even when I have an Atk- version of it. The heal, the buff, and the fact that she cannot be countered is a great utility to my raiding team this week. Reinhardt is just, I mean ... Magic is Everything! But it's nice to have Reposition on him, so we can bail out if a trap was blocking us. Ephraim did not do much, but additional Reposition was very useful, plus he had the movement to get close to the aether pots. He also gave some defensive buff to Veronica and Lilina, not that it needed much.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Let's see what I get from IS on my birthday. 2 blue orbs, let's open them both. 4* Magic is Everything 4* Abel - you are a rare sight Neither is Ophelia, but there's a final chance left to get her tomorrow.
  7. Tempest Trial+ : Life is But Fleeting (Dec 18th)

    So it's confirmed: we get Christmas Cecilia, Drive Res and Fierce Stance. Drive Res I'll defineately upgrade, Fierce Stance is a hard to get skill, and Christmas Cecilia looks beautiful. Wonder what she can do with her dagger. Looking forward for this Tempest Trial.
  8. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    First of all, I love this - they all look gorgeous. Second, nice touch with the exclamation mark on the new skills. Fae, I called it. She might be the 3rd 180 bst dragon unit, and she is very supportive on defense. Probably will pick her. Ephraim prefers to go solo again, not sure how I feel about it. As for Eirika, she supports the strongest unit on your team, and also... FIRST ARMORED HEALER. Get ready for it guys, although it might not change much.
  9. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    That drawing is very convincing, but it's just one of the possibilities. I do believe that the left one is Fae, and if I'm right with that one, she can be most likely the next 180 BST armored unit in the game. Right one is defineately a lance or staff user, but my bet would be a lance user. It's really a difficult call, but I don't see the unit being a dude.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    Ok, so I lost 60 lfit only yesterday, and I got another 200 lift today, leaving me with 6610 lifts, 50 points away from securing AR 17. And tomorrow I can raid twice. I had an interesting setup to face today - Minizura in the middle with Hector and BSTiki on left and right, with a Savage Blow Veronica right above her. The setup was intimidating, I did not want that Veronica to attack me twice, then I noticed an opening - I can attack Minizura 2 tiles away. Luckily my Lilina was able to one-shot her, dance to her with my Minizura, and Lilina draw back, leaving only Minizura in the range of Veronica. This Minizura was trained to survive Veronicas, so my plan was a success, and after that I had little to worry about. Minizura and Reinhardt were strong against BSTiki, and Hector - well, Lilina had Axebreaker too.
  11. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    My first guess was it's Fae on the left. It has to be her. No idea for the other one yet.
  12. Your best & worst changes of 2018

    Since I came after the demotions, the best change that happened was the introduction of Combat Manuals, with Aether Raid as 2nd best. Worst thing that hit me was without a doubt Forging Bonds - I couldn't find any other mode this boring and uninspiring. 2019 can fix it.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    4th freebie ticket, since I got Lewyn last night, I went for blue - Ophelia looks fun. 4* Sully - how much I think? Draw Back fodder.
  14. Aether Raids General Thread

    You know what would be interesting? A defensive building which when destroyed, does a negative effect on the raider.
  15. So Tap Battle is back. Those ninjas were a nice surprise, but they are very easy once you saw what they did. It's a small change, but I really liked it.