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  1. Wikipedia had the name a while ago, but not anymore. It wasn’t Maeda tho
  2. I think Lyn is the only dud, in comparison at least
  3. Maera is not directing it, so it probably won’t be Fates bad
  4. I’m cool with teacher and student waifus (the students look 3 year younger at most ) as long as they don’t add children, as I don’t any logic for them being here
  5. Ugh, took them long enough
  6. Choose Your Legends 3

    Binding Blade is one of the most broken weapons in the entire franchise, so it’s baffling how pitiful it is in Heroes. HOWEVER, it’s possible to give Eliwood not the forged a Binding Blade, but a stronger version of it, similar with Durandal with Blazing Durandal, Naga with Divine Naga to mention a few I think it’s more likely for her to be staff colorless, to her being descendant with Lehran. She could use his exclusive weapon as well, but that would keep her blue
  7. Well, I just hope FEH keeps surprising us. Other than the hot springs seasonal, the year started well with the surprise characters, with the laguz, Duma, and now Greil. Just how it used to be the first year
  8. Tellius-only seasonal? KICK ASS. Well, we got laguz shortly before, I just hope they now focus on other games. Just because Tellius is one of my favorite FE worlds, doesn’t mean I wanna tolerate any Fates-like favoritism
  9. ValentinesSpecial Heroes (Greil's Devoted)

    That sword doesn’t seem seasonal. The axe has a ribbon at least XD
  10. Got green. Got Christmas Chrom. Let down, then again, seasonals that year were mostly bad
  11. Choose Your Legends 3

    She almost shows her nipples XD. Then again, that’s the kind of character who uses sex appeal to distract you and later kill you over. Loki is rather scary, and the game doesn’t let you forget
  12. Choose Your Legends 3

    Let’s compare two other recent FE fanservices with Camilla -Tharja: her fanservice is hardly commented on her. Her main focus is her being a token evil teammate archetype -Loki: while her design choice also scream fanservice at the same levels, if not more, to Camilla, the game doesn’t waste time to remind you from the start that she’s a dangerous...... whatever the hell she is. The only instance of blatant attached fanservicey character would be Forging Bonds, but other than that it reminds you constantly that she’s a serious threat
  13. The first one would be green. I wouldn’t mind another PAAzura, and HHenry that I have has sucky IVs. The second has a good selection of reds, like Summer Divine Dragon Waifu
  14. I’ll get Surtr. I hate the guy, but credit where credit is due
  15. Choose Your Legends 3

    I don’t think so, but it’ll be kick ass if either of his version makes it. He’s one of my all time favorite characters