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  1. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    That fake Micaiah also alluded birds, which happens for her to have taken the form of Micaiah's bird. Sure, I don't see Yune destroying the world or everything, but I remember if she were to be awoken by killing instead of the heron's song, she would have done exactly that. I'm sure Loki is responsible, considering being involved in the last paralogue, but guess we have to wait until this TT ending dialogue
  2. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    Is it possible for that goddess of chaos to be Yune?
  3. August/September Event Schedule!

    One week, one week only before getting my goddamn Brave Hero. Must survive until then
  4. New Voting Gauntlet!

    Since by the time this year's Legendary Heroes will be released, filling the roster for an appropriately themed Voting Gauntlet, that would be my guess
  5. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    I've started calling legendary Ryoma: "Ryoma Paloma" PD: Paloma is Spanish for pigeon
  6. Henry Appreciation Topic

    Henry is one of my all time favorite FE characters, but I'm not happy how investment has to be made to make him good. At least Halloween Henry is competent enough, but being seasonal makes him harder to obtain
  7. I didn’t see any CYL banner there tho. Only one of special heroes or something, unless that’s the brave heroes
  8. HEY, YOU'RE RIGHT. THERE'S STILL HOPE FOR MORE INTERESTING LADIES TO WIN THAT SHIT . In fact, chances are ridiculously high now, as Laegjarn didn't even appeared and Laventain was still rather underdeveloped (and still managed to score rather high despite that). That ain't the case now. Problem is, it's possible for two characters from the exact same game to win, as I kinda like my variety, but hey, as long as two more interesting characters than Camilla win, I'm not complaining XD
  9. Could dagger units become good now?

    The only dagger I see deadly enough to be at least viable in arena is Sothe. Dawg is ridiculously fast and strong, but careful with his poor defenses XD. Seriously, you don't want that guy attacking first
  10. Well, it's possible a Three Houses lady gets the spot, as did Celica (she's way older, but Echoes expanded her character greatly). But I have little faith Camilla won't win a spot for legendary heroes if the previous CYL are anything to go by. She has always been pretty high on the votes, and she only lost in the first because Lyn and Lucina are....... LYN AND LUCINA XD, and this year's she was close to win, but Veronica took her spot at the last minute. In contrast of the Muspell sisters, they didn't get top 10 in the votes. Loki has far more chances to win, but I doubt Camilla will be left out of next year's CYL
  11. There's also this green-haired girl that was released alongside Ares and stuff
  12. OK, Xander, and the walking Super Saiyan 3 hairdo, but seasonal Elincia and Micaiah? Fuck yeah, about time for some seasonal Tellius love. I take it
  13. The amount of alts a character possess is not my problem, in fact, I don't have major problems with alts. My problem lies with Camilla specifically, but that's a fire I don't feel like reigniting today. Saving that for her inevitable victory at next year CYL, or next alt, whatever comes first XD I still looks like Tsubaki to me
  14. For real, I'm really tired of her as well. It took me until the last seasonal to get tired of her . I'll skip this banner, saving them for next worthwhile legendary banner. Saved over 450 orbs as of now
  15. The right one it's definitely Xander, or his son, but most likely Xander. Many claim the left one is Ryoma, but that hair looks more sensible instead of the silly super saiyan 3 hairdo. It looks more like Tsubaki to me. Anyway, am I the only one thinking we should tone down the Awakening and Fates seasonal? I'd love having other FE characters being ridiculous and silly yo. Hell, I'd kill for a seasonal villain being more cartoony and hammy evil, punch clock type of villain, or playing the go karting with Bowser card XD