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  1. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Fuck yeah, that’s kick ass. Funny that I could reach my tenth 10 summon without doing anything XD
  2. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Oh yeah, right, forgot about those. I’ll be able to summon 10, 12 times assuming I don’t get 500 wyrmites by then, not to mention my vouchers
  3. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Good god, this is taking forever
  4. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Hope to make it to 13000 wyrmites before the event comes
  5. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Exactly. She’s THE most known playable dragon in FE. And while having revealed Alfonse implies the rest of the collab roster will be FEH characters as well, dragons within the core lore of FEH have yet to play any central role in the plot
  6. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Tiki is best Divine Dragon Waifu
  7. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Indeed, FEH hasn’t really done anything to renew the experience. In finding myself playing less and less, something I haven’t experienced since just before the first brave heroes. Now it’s not the Fates overtaking the game, but it’s actually the lack of fun
  8. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Mainly light element, as predicted. Good thing I’m in progress to get the other light altar to lv 30. The banner is likely to include Sharena and Commander Anna as well, but I’m expecting other characters. Makes sense for FEH characters to be there, but I wonder about the dragons. Dragons have yet to play a central role in the FEH lore, knowing Askr and Embla being the patron dragons of the two kingdoms at most. I think they’ll instead go for my Divine Dragon Waifu to be the summonable dragon
  9. Dragalia Lost!

    My brother told me it has been datamined a third type of event called “labyrinth battle” or something. Maybe this is an evolution of it. Tower defense games are quite fun
  10. Dragalia Lost!

    New information came from the game’s notification: there will be a new cooperative mode of you defending the Halidom from the imperial forces, and also Alfonso will be indeed part of the crossover, albeit as a free 5 stars character, leaving still the banner roster, and dragon unknown
  11. Dragalia Lost!

    Yeah, no. Not trading my Fiyah Emblem for some rabbit-ear dude
  12. Dragalia Lost!

    Chapter 8 is coming. Thank god, something to look forward to before the crossover
  13. Dragalia Lost!

    Makes sense, but I doubt the event will have different elements as well. I’m almost certain we’ll be facing dark oponents and we must use light heroes
  14. Dragalia Lost!

    Oh, it will. Wyrmprint rates are higher than heroes and dragons, and it was not only easier to be swarmed by those each summon, but pity broken by a 5 star of those rather than a hero or a dragon. 5 star heroes are mid-high tier at worst, with eldeater, as negligible at the time it was (plus you only need to get one), and dragons you could always unbound them. Wyrmprint benefits are pitiful by comparison. They gave minor stat upgrades compared to weaps and dragons, even full bounded, and the tangible/mandatory passives (Great warm ones) are found in the store Well, eldwater is one of the rarest most useful resources, but increasing the amount obtained by dupes and sells, NOT to mention being easier to get them in banners in the first place, will make ten far easier to obtain. Useful if you prefer buffing your heroes instead I wa$ con$idering $pending cai$h with that 5 $tar$ voucher and u$e the extra total of 3000 diamantium to increa$e my chance$ to complete the banner. However, the fact that I have a total of over 10500 wyrmite$, 24 $ummon voucher$, and 4 of the ten$, I might not even need to $pend cai$h on it edit: what element do you think the crossover will be? It’s practically guaranteed it’ll be light, Fire a far second
  15. Dragalia Lost!

    I LOVE the change. No moar wyrmprints pissing me off by resetting the rates for 5 stars suckas and lizard gods, AND JUST IN TIME FOR THE FIYAH EMBLEM