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  1. The Ultimate Tutorial [V2]

    Wait I wasn't using the wayback machine. For anyone else as incompetent as me here it is
  2. The Ultimate Tutorial [V2]

    AAAH HELP What do you mean go to the internet archive I went there and I couldn't find it
  3. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Check the txt files. Nightmare needs to use txt files to open the dropdowns, so if even one of them is missing, a module that uses that txt file won't load and will show that error. Make sure you have all of the right nightmare files downloaded.
  4. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Either I am incredibly unlucky, or that doesn't work. (30 skill, 24 hits, .02% chance of getting zero criticals if the ring worked)
  5. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    So the weapon/staff editors and the ring editor only go so far because the code for items just ends there? Makes sense. Honestly, I don't even know if I'll be exceeding the 138 unique item limit, I just wanted to see if it was possible. On a more productive note, changing a weapon into a ring can be done. I can't find a way to change the top drop down on the weapon or ring editor to add more rings or remove weapons, but this way works too. You put in the hex code for the stat bonus (So finding all of those ring stat buff codes actually was worth something) and choose a skill from the list of weapon skills, but it ONLY works for ring skills, like Life or Steal. Or Bargain, apparently. Is there any way to make a ring that grants Critical to all weapons of the holder? I've been thinking of making legendary rings in a hack along with or instead of legendary weapons, and a critical ring would be cool. Redundancy on the skill shouldn't be an issue; you can already hold a defense sword and shield ring or a thief sword and thief ring at the same time in vanilla. Another side note, can an indestructible staff or tome be created? Broken weapons can just be given better stats, but broken staves and tomes cannot even be used or equipped. Rings cannot break, but also can't do anything to fight. The ring editor has an option to change it to a staff and select a staff effect, but that just glitches the menus and doesn't function as a staff. Durability isn't much of an issue in FE4, of course, but is it possible to ignore durability altogether on a tome or staff?
  6. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Is there a way to add a new weapon? I understand that weapons can be modded to have any different attributes, so I could make a Fire tome behave as Dark Magic, and I know that the player inventory can be modded to replace one of the many iron swords with, say, a Yotsmungand. However, there are only so many slots for items. Modding the starting equipment of a character shows options from 0x01 (Iron Sword) to 0x8C (Circlet) plus 8D and 8E, which are unassigned, and FF, meaning no item. But if I were to give two units a Yotsmungand, I would either reassign another player inventory slot (like Seliph's second Hero Sword) to Yotsmungand, or I would have two units working off of the same kill count and durability on the Yotsmungand, as both tomes are in the same player inventory slot. Editing Player Equipment.txt to include 0xEF and 0x90 gave a Fortify Staff and Iron Sword, like it said in Player Weapon Editor.nmm, but the module only goes down to 0x90. Adding 0x91 added an irreparable Broken Staff. Adding various other bits of code added swords, an irreparable Wind Tome, and a Shield Ring. No idea why or how to change that if Nightmare only goes to 0x90. Long story short, can I add slots in Player Equipment to modify from 8F to FE and 00, meaning I could give the player more than 142 separate items to work with at a time? And can I add specific items in Weapon List to modify from slots 8A to FE, meaning I could make new items without modifying the preexisting 138? Edit - Can I add new classes beyond the existing 72?
  7. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Yeah basically. There's only 7 stats to boost, so that's 2^7 = 128 possible combinations, but we still only have half of them available. TYVM for your help!
  8. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Not exactly. The Ring Editor has a list of bonuses, with code from 0x00 to 0xFF. 0x01 to 0x07 gets all of the standard +5 to 1 stat rings. 0x08 gives Str, Def, and Mov all at once. (The old list says Str, Def only) Holding 0x03 (Str) and 0x08 at the same time does not grant +10 Str, but my idea was that rather than holy weapons, certain characters might get unsellable holy rings that grant multiple stats all at once, . Also, removing the Naga patch did not change any of the ring code or modules. Neither module worked, both still gave a "dropdown list of elements" error, and 0x08 still gave 3 Move. I mean it's not too big of a deal, I don't intend to change the shields or animations and I'm not concerned with having a Mag, Skl, Def, Mov ring but not a Mag, Skl, Mov ring. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing a potentially important .txt or I got the wrong ROM.
  9. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Two Class Editors aren't working out for me. (Battle Sprite Position 2, Shield Sprite) All the txt files from both Lamia's have been patched onto the general modules. Project Naga, Headered, SMC, if that matters. Also, I wondered why half of the stat buff combinations in the Ring Editor were missing. I checked, and while there were still only 65 out of 128 combinations, I found Spd, Mov and Str, Mag, Skl, Spd, Res, Mov, but did not find Str, Mag, Spd, Def or Skl, Spd, Def, Res. A lot of the code also gave different stat boosts when I checked. Again, same rom if any of the prior information makes a difference. I have the full lists of new ring skills up here. If anyone should feel compelled to check them on a different rom, delete the parenthetical bit and replace the Fe4 Ring Bonuses.txt file in Item Editors. Fe4 Ring Bonuses (New by Code).txt Fe4 Ring Bonuses (New by Skill).txt