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  1. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Yeah basically. There's only 7 stats to boost, so that's 2^7 = 128 possible combinations, but we still only have half of them available. TYVM for your help!
  2. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Not exactly. The Ring Editor has a list of bonuses, with code from 0x00 to 0xFF. 0x01 to 0x07 gets all of the standard +5 to 1 stat rings. 0x08 gives Str, Def, and Mov all at once. (The old list says Str, Def only) Holding 0x03 (Str) and 0x08 at the same time does not grant +10 Str, but my idea was that rather than holy weapons, certain characters might get unsellable holy rings that grant multiple stats all at once, . Also, removing the Naga patch did not change any of the ring code or modules. Neither module worked, both still gave a "dropdown list of elements" error, and 0x08 still gave 3 Move. I mean it's not too big of a deal, I don't intend to change the shields or animations and I'm not concerned with having a Mag, Skl, Def, Mov ring but not a Mag, Skl, Mov ring. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing a potentially important .txt or I got the wrong ROM.
  3. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Two Class Editors aren't working out for me. (Battle Sprite Position 2, Shield Sprite) All the txt files from both Lamia's have been patched onto the general modules. Project Naga, Headered, SMC, if that matters. Also, I wondered why half of the stat buff combinations in the Ring Editor were missing. I checked, and while there were still only 65 out of 128 combinations, I found Spd, Mov and Str, Mag, Skl, Spd, Res, Mov, but did not find Str, Mag, Spd, Def or Skl, Spd, Def, Res. A lot of the code also gave different stat boosts when I checked. Again, same rom if any of the prior information makes a difference. I have the full lists of new ring skills up here. If anyone should feel compelled to check them on a different rom, delete the parenthetical bit and replace the Fe4 Ring Bonuses.txt file in Item Editors. Fe4 Ring Bonuses (New by Code).txt Fe4 Ring Bonuses (New by Skill).txt