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  1. well me personally I enjoy fates mostly for it's gameplay and characters. I mean the story may be god awful but a good number of the characters I feel are at least decently written. They're fun, quirky, and all around pleasant I suppose. Really it's just a matter if the game can get me to care about the characters. It doesn't matter if the story is simple so long as I have a character or two I can latch on to.
  2. actually alm isn't the first exalt because SoV takes place between shadow dragon and new mystery which occurs 2000 years before the events of awakening. The first exalt fights grima 1000 years before the events of awakening so it just can't be alm.
  3. she isn't really any better as far as I can tell but she's cute so you know. My thoughts on alm are mixed. I feel he's a good example of a poorly written likable character. I mean he's not terribly written or anything he's just incredibly generic. He's a good guy and all but that's really about it he doesn't really go through any arch and just acts as a sort player surrogate most of the time. I'm probably not explaining this as well I could be but those are my general thoughts.
  4. unless it's tiki I usually just ignore the avatarsexuals. it's not that I don't like them or anything I just don't really care enough about them to bother. I mean flavia and basilio are cool but I just cannot pair them up with anyone.
  5. alright I'm probably gonna get started tomorrow cause I am exhausted right now.
  6. for me it's a little of both and depends on the difficulty I'm playing on. If i'm playing on say lunatic or conquest hard I'll mostly go for optimization. while on hard or normal I can be a bit more lenient and normally go for whoever I feel would be good together with both optimization and OTPs in mind. Though when comes to the avatar I just ship them with who ever I damn well please regardless of optimization because that really doesn't matter when it comes to them because the kids end up pretty good regardless.
  7. I’m game this sounds like fun besides I need an outlet to help improve my writing anyway also question about the theme. Can the character’s first day on the job be a result of an April fool’s prank? or rather can the job itself be a part of some elaborate prank?
  8. The various deres in Fire emblem

    I probably should thanks for the advice. I mean aren't we all I will say though that peri and tharja aren't really yanderes for different reasons. tharja may have the whole creepy obsessive stalker thing going on but what separates her from being a yandere is that it isn't hidden behind a cutsey and sweet outer shell. Peri is more a yangire rather than a yandere because peri isn't murder happy because of a clingy obsessiveness for her love interest but rather it's because of her up bringing meaning she is yangire because a yangire reasons for being crazy can be pretty much anything where as a yandere is crazy solely for their love interest. ugh why do I know this Ophelia is more chuunibiyo than kamidere but I can sort of see it. Also an add on to the deredere one would be sumia and to a lesser degree Cynthia.
  9. So after reading some posts on this thread I got to wondering how many dere types can we find in this franchise. Like there's the obvious Tsunderes like Takumi or Severa and Yandere Camilla but what about the himideres, kuuderes, mayaderes, danderes, etc. and how many can we find of each one? Let's have some fun with this. For a small crash course on dere types:
  10. to me it seems to be more a trope in anime if nothing other than to scratch that otaku incest fetish but otherwise I don't see too often in fire emblem which is a good thing. I think a better name for this trope would be cute little sister-esque healer. Because when you think about it those types of characters are almost always healers and they're almost in every game. You got mist, lissa, mary, elise, sakura, and Lachesis. Can't really speak for Fe 7, FE 6, or FE 5 cause I haven't played those but that seems to be the general rule.
  11. Things You Mean to Get to But Just Perpetually Don't

    I still need a license been trying to get one for while now but I can't seem to find the time to practice.
  12. A good soundtrack is a must for any good movie, game, anime, or T.V. show because it can help enhance a scene for great emotional pay off. However then comes the question on whether a piece of music should sound good on it's own and within the context of the scene it's in or is it better for the music to be amazing within the scene but not so great on it's own.
  13. Grima on retrospect

    agreed honestly with anankos I have no idea what they were going for design wise. He just looks so generic aside from the little ball of eyes in his face which I have no idea how that is supposed to function. Hell corrin and lilith have more unique dragon designs which is odd considering they're his kids so shouldn't there be some kind of family resemblance. I mean if they were going for a deteriorated mad dragon they did convey that but in the most boring and unoriginal way possible. which is weird because I assume Kozaki designed them both but when you compare Grima's design to anankos's design it really is night and day in terms of quality.
  14. I just recently started re watching naruto again and it's holding up pretty well to how I remember it. Though now I can see more of it's issues but I also have a greater appreciation for the things it gets right. Currently I've just finished Naruto vs. Neji in the chunin exams so things are going pretty well. In other news I picked up watching eromanga-sensei again from where I left off and well it's just as trashy as I remember. seriously the rate at which this show dives headlong into degeneracy is beyond words.
  15. Grima on retrospect

    Thank you and that's exactly my point. you see the problem here is that everyone is analyzing grima under the assumption he is a narrative villain which he isn't. if you do that, then you'll be woefully disappointed because as a narrative villain he sucks. He has no backstory(at the time anyway), motivations, ideals, etc. he just has the goal of killing humanity. which would normally be a bad thing if he was a narrative villain but he's a force of nature villain which don't need those things. Grima in it of himself is supposed to represent hopelessness. The hopelessness in trying to defy your fate, hopelessness in trying to fight on despite such dire circumstances. In this he somewhat succeeds. Now could have it been better? most definitively but I wouldn't say it's terrible.